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Found 4 results

  1. Episparh


    Today I got a Hood mission from a container. A ship I already have in port - when completed I was compensated with credits! Just keep this in mind when you try the new loot boxes!
  2. I mean, what is this sh*t? 9/10 matches: The only or one of the few TVI cruisers in the match filled with 10 f*cking Bismarcks or Tirpitzes. All those retarded potatoes just keep sniping from 19km, and what the hell am I supposed to do with my 13.9km (!) range? If I even want to shoot at something I have to get so goddamn close that all Battleships and their mothers weill stop doing whatever they were doing and instantly delete me. What for? To bring my extremely mediocre dpm to bear? I know this ship works well close up but try closing in on a Bismarck or a Tirpitz... so much fun! They only way to have fun in this is to get into a T VI match, which happens pretty much never because of all this ****ing german BB proliferation. Or you have a match with T8 BBs and T6 cruisers - basically free food for the BB potatoes. I am really not having fun in this damn thing. Am I really supposed to play the Belfast/Fiji 24/7 if I want to have fun playing cruisers? Because that gets boring pretty fast. I am never getting a T6 premium ever again
  3. szsteve_2

    Santas wanted

    Had some people wanting to get me something for Xmas and not needing anything really I directed them towards the Santa Wanted offers, and was subsquently given 2 x lots of 5 sets of the 5 Euro gifts. Out of the 10 x 5 Euro packages given, I receieved NINE (9) camouflages!!!!! Seeing as how for this package they say the prizes are "Doubloons, Camouflages, 180 Days of Premium Account,Ishizuchi, Atago or Prinz Eugen" by the laws of averages this isn't correct. Would have been better just taking the money and buying either the Atago or Prinz Eugen (which are the 2 items I really want from the game currently) than just being scammed on camouflage which they were clearly looking to push onto most people. Did anyone actuallly get anything decent from this what I can only describe as a scam??? Ishizuchi Atago Prinz Eugen Ishizuchi Atago Prinz Eugen
  4. Hentai__Senpai

    Battle of Jutland Flag

    Hello there WG! I saw that the Warspite and the Campbeltown are being sold bundled or unbundled, with the bundled version comes a very nice flag (Battle of Jutland Flag) and it got me thinking. We players that own either the Warspite or the Campbeltown or maybe both could get a personal mission for getting the Flag, because some players already own both ships and can't buy the bundle. Well, this was just a though i had when i saw the sale. What do you forumites think of this idea?