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Found 6 results

  1. danmoore2

    My Clan Port Scaling Issue

    Hello everyone, are there anyone else out there having a problem where their clan port doesn't scale to fit the screen when accessed? I've attached an image to show what is happening with my own - I run the game in 1440p with scaling set to 100% but nothing makes a difference. If any WOWs admin staff read this is this something you have come across and are aware of or is it a one off in my case?
  2. Mikhail__

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Please just do it. How many people with good PCs have to struggle in Full HD before you change your priorities? Its 2017 and YOUR game looks alot better in 4K! Is it so hard to implement it? GTX 980Ti, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 can handle 4K on high-ultra settings + max AA. 4K gaming is common now. Especially in EU/US. The game can become interesting for many new players / rich paying customers with strong hardware. New group and income. Help me out and post your comments here to make it important.
  3. BigWoodFarmer

    UltraHD (4K) scaling

    Hello, World of Warships doesn't seem to scale the interface for UltraHD (3820x2160) resolution. It's really hard to read the writing and in-game information, like compass and chat text, also the mini-map is way to small on highest setting. Could there be an option for better interface scaling? I am sure more and more players will be playing in this resolution in the future. Thanks and cheers.
  4. Hello Fellow captains i want all of your opinion in the tier 6 CV (carrier line) line, the independence (US) versus the Ryujo (Jap) Just now i did yet again a battle that completly destroys my fun to play this line at all. i will explain on how its played and how many times this happend to me. I love my US carrier. My independence has a setup where i contineu to use the first deck, so i have 1 Fighter squad, 1 dive bomber squad and 1 torp Squad. i do this becaus ethe dive bombing squad gives me somewhat of protection against cruisers and destroyers but hardly to never has effect on battleships, I have the torp Squad for this and with the cntrl button kicked in as we all know its potentialy a 1 shot for me. the fighter squad is purly for escorting my 2 other squad but if i feel like i have the time then i will hunt enemy planes. the reason for why i did that is if i choose deck B then i get 2 fighters and a bomb squad. hardly dmg on ships but addaqate plane hunting. if i go for Deck C then i have no protection but good ship kill ratio. so both have a advantage and a disadvantage. its all about making choices Then we take a look at the jap counterpart and this happens to me ever battle where its 1vs1 cv. right of the bat the Ryujo has 5 planes in the air and i have 3. but since the fighters are not good enough versus my fighters i would say that balance in this is open for debate. The setup i see with Ryujo's now is to have 3 fighters, 1 topr squad and 1 dive bomber squad. adding 3 fighter squads together takes out my fighter squad with barly a loss of half of his fighter squad. so head on i cant win it. i cant hunt his planes because. 3 enemy fighter squads. i cant go offensive because. fighter squads. effectivly he has then the same setup as me. 1 torp and 1 dive squad. the disadvantage is that he cant hunt my friendly ships because he has more fighters to spreadout and protect. and when he spots my fighter well swarm battle basicly. then my dive bomber and torp squad has to fight cruiser planes as well (as he has to ofc do with our team) but since i need my fighters to take does out he can simply dedicate 1 to protect his squads and use the other 2 fighters to hunt my planes. The balance in this is completly wrong. not even surprise attack works. because if the other setup applies with the Ryjuo and i have seen this happen plenty of times to me before (so with the 3 torp squad setup) he simply groups all planes together and simply goes for me. i can take out 1 torp squad even with his one fighter squad on me but that still leaves 2 torp squads i can absolutly do nothing against. again, would i go with two fighter squads then i am ussles to my team. if i would hunt his planes then he simply spreads 5 squads out over the field and i can only get on 2 max in time. it completly becomes a cluserfudge when we are in a 2 cv versus 2 cv battle where the enemy has 2 jap CV's. ussualy it ends up we (as friendly CV's) just give up and inform the team we cant do anything against it besides picking a couple of enemy squads out of the air. but the effect is then its ussualy 6 pleanes versus 12. to top this up the enemy cv also informed me during a private convo he has more plane squads in stock as well. so when he loses a squad then its no biggy. he can launch ussualy fully upgraded 3 squads per type. where i get 2,3 squads. the bad thing is when i look at the ranger tier (tier 7 to come) then it presents the exact same problem. does anybody else has the problem in the US cv line with this? because if this standard presists then i rather sell my CV and invest in the russian/german tree.
  5. Xyrixer

    UI scaling for menus ect. (?)

    I've been playing wot in 4k resolution for some time and there are no problems because there is option for scaling menus. So then I heard that wow is now open so I rushed to test it I was suprised to see that wow lacked any support for high dpi monitor, everything looks so tiny that I cant see really anything. How is this possible in year 2015? I could somehow manage tiny menu buttons ect. but even in-game minimap looks like post stamp...that is hurting my gameplay big time. Otherwise game looks pretty sweet in 4k... I hope that UI scaling will be added asap. Meanwhile I'll just keep playing wot
  6. OrcinusStormborn

    High-DPI monitors and UI scaling

    The UI does not scale with resolution increase thus rendering anything above 1440 hard to use, meaning 4K and 5K are unusable on normal sized screens. Please add a UI scaling option.