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Found 3 results

  1. FAP_pt

    Italian Ships SAP

    After playing until tier 7 with Zara its been extremely annoying finding SAP almost useless, in my last game even DDs can rebound theses shells, and then we have to wait for 14 secs to another shitty salvo and pray for not being wiped out in one BB shot. This picture illustrates the efficiency of SAP, 24 hits, 6 000 damage. An average of 250 per shell.
  2. GM_DaVinci

    Navi Italiane: Proiettili SAP

    Penso che WG debba adeguare le attuali navi italiane Premium coi proiettili SAP, per rimanere nella unicità della nostra linea. Voi che ne dite???
  3. I recently got into a heated debate about the functionality of SAP on a fairly frequented stream and would like to once more fully explain my stance. The question of SAP versus DDs comes up simply because of SAPs inability to overpen and relatively high alpha damage, thus dealing large amounts of penetration damage to DDs, quite probably too much damage. So, let's get into it: - Currently, T10 Italian Venezia has a SAP alpha of 5200 DMG. Thus when one SAP shell hits a DD (and doesn't bounce), it deals 1/3 of its alpha damage: 1733 DMG. Indeed that is quite high, more damage for example than any AP shell from a BB that would hit a DD (with the exception of Khabarovsk and Harugumo). - During testing, SAP shells used to have a 10% damage limit, similar to the current limit for BB caliber AP shells (Yamato's AP shell for example does 10% of its alpha 14800 DMG to DDs: 1480 DMG). During that period, Venezia's single gun would deal 520 DMG to a DD with SAP (if it didn't bounce). You'll notice that such damage was on the other hand pretty low in the absence of HE or even hydroacustics search consummable on italian cruisers and that's why the limit was removed. - Now, as the streamer suggests a 30% limit of SAP to DDs, let's look what that would bring. 30% wuld bring triple the damage it was during the 10% imit, meaning 1560 DMG per SAP shell (if it doesn't bounce). You will notice such damage - while nominally lower than the current situation without limits - is functionally as destructive to DDs as having no limit at all. Now I would be extremely grateful if someone was able to explain this to our beloved King Potato since I clearly failed. ON THE OTHER HAND, if I actually do make some basic math error, please do point it out so I finally understand why there is such a huge misunderstanding. Thank you. (As an aside, I am personally not opposed to a different limit of SAP damage to DDs. Current 10k salvoes of higher tier italian cruisers to DDs is somewhat crazy. Heck Venezia can get up to 25k DMG to DDs in one salvo of SAP if all 15 shells were to hit.)