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Found 6 results

  1. Hallo Gemeinde, ich bräuchte Euren Rat (Stand 14. April 2019). Mein Kohlebunker ist gefüllt, und ich könnte jetzt die Salem kaufen. Da ich aber bereits die Des Moines habe, bin ich nicht sicher, ob sich die Anschaffung lohnt. Als "filthy casual" sind meine Kohleeinkommen natürlich überschaubar, so dass es eine Weile dauern kann, bis ich wieder so viel zusammen habe. Daher bitte ich um Eure Meinung: Sparen und auf andere Schiffe warten? Und welche? Oder zugreifen?
  2. Amun_RA

    Salem or Yoshino?

    Please help me. What ship should I buy first with coal? Salem or Yoshino? I don't have DM researched yet. Worcester is my only tier 10 cruiser yet. I would also like to play ranked with them, so I guess Salem would be better in ranked? I managed to get rank 5 last season. Also, I don't know yet when Yoshino will be sold. The problem is that I want ships with unique playstyle and Salem seems too similar to the DM. Thx!
  3. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Jean Bart or Salem?

    I've got around 225k in coal, so am thinking about which coal ship to pick up next, I got the Musashi on Xmas day (thanks to a super container with 15k coal inside), so I don't have an active coupon I have got to the Lyon on French BB line, while it's a definite keeper I don't really fancy any of the higher tier ships in the line. I've recently been playing some of the American cruisers, mainly in operations to grind modules/commanders, on the Pensacola/Helena atm and more likely to pursue higher tier US cruisers than French bb's I guess some other considerations are; Which is most likely to be removed from Arsenal first? Perhaps I should wait for the next coupon, which is worth 57-60k coal at these prices Should I wait to see what other coal ships, if any, are announced, pretty sure I heard a YouTuber mention one but can't remember what it was.
  4. PanNickt

    Salem - perm camo stats?

    Hi, do you know Salem's perm camo stats? Is it typical for X tier (+100%xp, +20% credits, -50% cost after battle) or not?
  5. HMS_Britannia

    Whats going on with the salem

    Does anyone know what is happening with the salem, its seems like a very similar ship to the des moins so shouldn't be take that long to balance her I would not have thought, does anyone know how, and when we can get our hands on her?
  6. Bonjour Capitaines ! Nous continuons l'ajout de nouveaux navires avec cette fois, un croiseur de rang X américain: le Salem ! Salem Le Salem est le frère du Des Moines et l'un des derniers croiseurs lourds produit dans le monde: Bonne journée à tous !