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Found 12 results

  1. Just as the title says. If someone missed her previously, she's available in the premium shop again. Since she is rarely seen on sale, it is a good opportunity to add her to a collection.
  2. What do forumites think? I'm sorely tempted as each of the ships has a distinctive feel to it, is powerful in its own right, and the Azuma's on my "to get" list. On the other hand, I don't need any of the ships for crew-training / credit grinding and £171 is a lot of money. At an average of £43 per ship, that's £128 to lay down for "ships that aren't the Azuma", and I'm starting to get to the point in my grind(s) where free-xping Azuma seems at least possible, even if it will take a long while.
  3. Greetings folks. I could not find a solid answer on this one, so I thought to post one myself. Is there a SITREP on the sale of premium aircraft carriers Kaga, Graf Zeppelin, Enterprise and Saipan since it's been a month since the CV Rework hit Live already? A logical explanation could be that WarGaming will put them up for sale when the Royal Navy CV line will be released (along with their tier VIII premium CV "HMS Indomitable" which I'm very eager to open my wallet for.) My problem was that when Kaga got released I did not have the money available to buy her (RIP Shipfu) and when Graf Zeppelin got released I did have the money but it was awfully bad before WG put it off-sale and totally buffed her to the Heavens of Grognak. Kaga is still the one premium ship, out of around 60+ that I already own, I really itch to get into my port the day before yesterday, and I still regret I didn't cut down on my nourishment balance in order to get a Paysafe Card to get Kaga on the spot. The CV Rework has got my ears pointed as I like the way it's going, but I'm genuinely interested to know when these reworked premium aircraft carriers will be put back on sale. Please let me know if you have any usable intel! Let 'em have it! ~ Sirion
  4. DanSilverwing

    Half price upgrades

    Hi everyone, I just noticed that ship upgrades are (for me, I assume for you too) half price this weekend until about 04:00 on 26/11/2018. That means this is the ideal time to buy if you have been putting off expensive additions to new;y acquired ships. Or, if you bought the Armada package and have a whole fleet to equip.
  5. Turin7

    Duca d' Aosta

    Greetings fellow captains, I was very excited to see the first Italian ship introduced into the game, but unfortunately I missed its sale as I was taking a break from WoWs at the time. Anybody knows approximately when we may see her back in the shop? Thanks in advance and good hunting!
  6. hjsteg

    Armada bundle on EU

    Today a big bundle containing 45 ships was released in the premium shop. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/7415/ "The legendary Armada Bundle is back once more! Forget last year’s Armada Bundle, this year is our biggest and best deal ever!! A metric shipton of savings can be made here with 45 ships spanning all nations. Pretty much every Premium ship can be yours to own in this bundle, with a tastey 54% discount. You will also receive 45 port slots and a Custom Flag." As I have most of the ships in port already, will I get a full refund in doubloons if I buy the package, thus doubloons with a "tastey" 54% discount?
  7. Hi all, Current Japanese BB sale ("Mutsu" and "Ishizuchi") differ from "Summer Sale" regarding Doubloon compensation if you re-buy the ship you already have? On Reddit there is interesting thread: "If i buy the ISHIZUCHI on the web store and already have it what do I get?" Apparently the people who bought the two aforementioned Japanese BBs did not get the full 100% Doubloon compensation like we did during the "Summer Sale"... strange... contradicting reports... Any clarifications gentleman? Anyone bought one or both of those two and already got them from before? Leo "Apollo11"
  8. Link_L_Zero

    Marblehead is on sale for RU

  9. Tyrendian89

    Rounding is hard I guess...

    don't really know where to put this, so I'll just leave it here for now... just noticed this little gem of a bug with the discount we get on low-tier USN and IJN ships... take a look at the price we currently pay for the Phoenix
  10. Sorry if this has been answered already, but I couldn't find it via search function. Since I only play WoWs and not WoT / WoP, I do not have much experience with WG premium shop sales. I noticed that some ships are available in some regions and some are not. It would seem that no region ever has all ships available at any given time. I understand that this is reasonable from a marketing perspective, but the question is, will all playable ships be available on all regions sooner or later? Or are there certain ships which are tied to events or promotions which will only be available to those participating there? Iwaki Alpha and Arkansas Beta would be obvious examples for ships which will not be for sale, at least not anytime soon. How about Diana, Mikasa, Marblehead (and whichever I forgot) ? *cough* ...and how about discounts? */cough*
  11. I don't want to doublepost anything or break any posting rules, if i do; merge this topic into an existing topic. The big news came out; Tirpitz is for sale .... in a bundle . But what will hapen when the sale stops? Is this the only big time you can buy it? Or will it be available later to buy it without a bundle..... I would like a serious answer please. I don't want to be greedy or anything like it, but i think it is a waste of my money to buy this overprized bundle. kind regards, Robilo
  12. Blue_Qbe

    Premium Shop Sales

    Hey guys, just like in topic i'm asking about discounts on premium ships and premium accounts. Is it worth buying now or it would be better to wait for Wargaming Anniversary. If so, what could we expect?