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Found 2 results

  1. anonym_XsRnEtVbrUSU

    [_TH_U] sucht Unterstützung

    Gemeinsamkeiten verbinden....ich suche für unseren Hobby-/Freizeitclan nette Leute jeglichen Alters aus der Region. Wer das Spiel auch als solches versteht und der Fun an erster Stelle steht sollte sich zu uns gesellen. Wir wollen gemeinsam in Divisionen Aufträge erfüllen und voneinander lernen oder auch mal so die Meere unsicher machen. Jeder so, wie er mag und kann. Privat geht immer vor, da wir selbst auch in Schichten arbeiten und Familie haben. Also zögere nicht lange und komm zu uns MfG Je
  2. Frigate "Sachsen" class (124) A total of three ships of the "Sachsen" class gives the Navy available. The type of ship - the "Sachsen" - was born on 4 November 2004 put into service. The commissioning of the last ship, the frigate "Hessen", took place in April 2006. Besides the "Sachsen" and the "Hessen", the "Hamburg" is set in December 2004 in the service. Frigate "Sachsen" (F219) The units of the "Sachsen" class frigates are designed as multi-purpose board with helicopter escort and area security. They have replaced the native to Kiel 103 B class destroyer. The home port of Wilhelmshaven units. The ships are since 9 January 2005 with the 123 in second class frigates Frigate Squadron summarized. Voher formed the "Sachsen" Class own squadron, the 1st Frigate Squadron. From 27 June, the frigates of the newly formed Flotilla 2 will belong. Sensors and effectors are optimized for the main functions of these vessels and association management association air defense. As with the frigate "Bremen" - and "Brandenburg" class is used to board the helicopter extensive Seezielbekämpfung and antisubmarine warfare. With the inflow of "Sachsen" class has the Navy on a particularly versatile and assertive naval warfare. Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 143 m / 17.4 m / 6 m Load displacement: 5,800 t Speed: 29 knots Power: 38,000 kW (52,000 PS) Arming: 1x 76-mm gun OTO Melara 2x 27-mm Mauser MLG 1x modernized FK system SEA SPARROW MK 41 VLS 2x Quad LC starter for FK system HARPOON 2x AMD RAM Starter 2x triple torpedo tube sets MKL 32 6x SRBOC starter ​Crew: 255 Soldiers ​Units: Name/Squadron/Homeport F 219 Sachsen/Second frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven F 220 Hamburg/Second frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven F 221 Hessen/Second frigate Squadron/Wilhelmshaven Videos: Life on board of the frigate Hamburg F220! (Sorry it's in german but you can understand it so.) Frigate Hessen F221. Source: