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Found 37 results

  1. Markos_Flytzanis

    Tech Tree SLAVA??

    Well i guess having those 3 ships coming up soon i guess the slava will be a tech tree ship and not a coal or even steel ship...i am asking because i have to save some coal for SLAVA and take later the THUNDERER which i already have collected all the required coal. Probably its too early to know but i had to ask...
  2. So, I'm well aware that WG has never given a two hoots for actual historical accuracy when it came to the Russian lines, but the relegation of one of the few actual built ships in the cruiser line to a premum (Kirov) still made me a bit sad and started me thinking about whether it would actually be possible to do a mostly historical Russian cruiser line with a consistent playing style. After a bit of research I came to the conclusion that not only was it possible, but you could go all the way from T1 to T9 using only real ships that actually saw service, and if you wanted to you could still do the fork in the line at T8. It would look a bit like this; T1 - Marti I know no one really cares that the Orlan is a paper ship, but for the sake of completeness, I wanted a real T1 contender and Marti has quite an interesting history, starting life and the Imperial Yacht Standart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_yacht_Standart T2 - Novik Nothing needs to change here. T3 - Bogatyr I think the game could do with a few more protected cruisers at T3, so I'm certainly not inclined to change this. T4 - Svietlana Again, real ships. Nothing to complain about. T5 - Krasny Kavkaz And now for our first significant change. The Krasny Kavkaz was a heavy modified Admiral Nakhimov class cruiser armed with four 180 mm guns and twelve torpedo tubes. She is roughly comparable to the Hawkins class only with fewer guns and more torpedoes. She is, admittedly, a touch under gunned for T5 but I don't think it's to the extent that she couldn't be made to work - just give her excellent gun handling and good torpedoes for her tier. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_cruiser_Krasny_Kavkaz T6 - Kirov We already know that the Kirov class can work at T6 thanks to the Molotov - all that needs to be done is the existing Kirov be tweaked such that's roughly equivalent and suitable to for this tier. However I would want to keep Kirov model so as to maximise the visual distinction between it and the... T7 - Kaganovich The final pair of Kirovs - aka Project 26 bis 2 - were a bit shorter, beamier and better armoured than the first four, and had the improved superstructure of the Molotov and Maxim Gorky. As such they can be made tougher than the Kirov and given better gun handling and AA defense. This might make here a bit more capable than is strictly realistic, but since when has that bother WG? At this point the line can split into light and heavy cruisers. For the light cruisers; T8 - Chapayev You know it, you love it. Nothing to see here. T9 - Sverdlov We already have a Sverdlov in the game in the the form of the Mikhail Kutuzov. I have not played her myself but I remember hearing that she was removed from sale for being OP as all hell at T8, so I'm sure the Sverdlov can be made to work at T9. Or maybe you put the Sverdlov at T10 and something else at T9 - it matters not. The point is that the Sverdlovs were real ships built in significant numbers that can be included in the line. T10 - Some made up paper ship You can put the Smolensk here for all I care - I'm only really interested in the built ships from the line. For the heavy cruisers we're going to have to accept some incomplete and paper designs; T8 - Tallinn That the Russians bought an unfinished Hipper hull is true enough and with twelve 180 mm guns the Tallinn is a logical follow on from Kaganovich. T9-10 - more paper ships This is where I'd put two of the 220mm armed heavy cruiser designs that we know the Soviets were toying with. Riga, Moskva, Petropavlovsk, whatever... Or maybe go with D. Donskoi at T9 - I don't really care. So, there we have it. A Russian cruiser line - including split - that reaches into the "secret project files" the absolute minimum number of times. Assuming we allow the Tallinn as a "built" ship, then I've only had to resort to three completely paper designs . Further, the thematic through-line from T5 through to the split is the 180mm gun, a weapon unique to the Soviet navy making the line is quite unlike those which revolve around 152 or 203mm guns. Thoughts and opinions are welcome. I'm not trying to say that this would necessarily be a better line than what we have been given in 0.9.5, but I did want to show that it is possible to come up with a line that is predominantly historical.
  3. Hello! The quarantine produced this, I was looking to learn new video editing programs and this is what I made. Hope you guys like it and be sure to leave criticism, I don't mind it. https://youtu.be/q9E0SnyklpQ
  4. BattleshipGunner

    Dmitri Donskoi and Moskva captain

    Hi I very recently got the Chapayev and it has a 10 point captain (usual stuff PT, IFHE, etc.) Since I want to keep my Chapayev (I put the Infernal camo on it) do I get a new captain? IFHE is mostly useless on Dmitri and the Moskva so now I'm kinda stuck. (Yes I know I won't have Dmitri for a while but I'd like to have an idea of what to do when I get there) Thanks!
  5. jieyaw

    Russian DD captain advice

    I would like some advice about captain skills in the Russian DDs. After a long break with the T7 ship Minsk, after I got fed up of trolly RNG not giving me fires, I have decided to grind for the Grozovoi, as I prefer the idea of a versatile DD rather than a light cruiser (Khabarovsk). I have still got my 11 point captain (I always keep my captains, including under 10-pointers, so I can get free captain slots), which I respecced to have no spec from the recent CV free respec. My captain I would like to aim towards is (in no particular order): PT (I am too much of a noob to use PM), LS (I am too much of a noob to use AR as well), SE (helps with heal as well), BFT (extra dakka dakka), SI (Grozovoi is a mini-Worcester in terms of consumables), DE (for those extra fires), AFT (for additional range and flexibility in engaging enemies). I'm not using CE, see guide below. TL;DR gunboat build, no CE. I would say that I am a slightly-above average player. However, I NEED HELP ON HOW TO SPEC MY CAPTAIN! I am unlikely to get to a 16-point Captain any time soon, so which 3-pointers should I go for first (please provide order/other suggestions, with reasoning). I have also read that BFT will set more fires than DE, if you can only have one. Grozovoi inspiration: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/9fbxrl/grozovoi_guide_harugumo_for_unicums/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body Thanks all!
  6. Marcanzi_1

    Minsk T7

    Comme une image décrit mieux que un texte : Sachant que je vient tout juste de le mettre full, que je suis un débutant sur ce style de jeu et que j'ai juste AFT comme compétence de rang 4 sur le capitaine. Ce bateau est petit mais il est teigneux. J'attends IFHE avec impatience, car les HE manquent un peu de pénétration sur les BB et croiseurs. Bon sinon il est très rapide, furtivité moyenne, PV moyen, puissance de feu faible mais 14,7km de portée avec AFT. Et j'ai dit qu'il était très rapide ? Il est plus lent que le Leningrad, le Minsk ne peut allez qu'a 48,7 nds max.
  7. Alamos80

    Russian BBs

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to express my view on Russian BBs. I understand game need to have multiple type of BBs and other ships. I believe there were a few surveys what most of us wanted. There was one particular question - which phrased somehow like this: Do you want real ships present in game? I know Stalin was great, Russians too. However around 1903-1905 I heard was the last battleship what was really made by Russians against the Japanese fight. After this even Stalin and the propaganda knew they can't make and upkeep even a single Battleships. I never even heard and seen any concept of Russian Battleship after that war between the Japanese and Russsians. Please provide real evidence to make me beleive this isn't became a fantasy/sci-fi game any more. I came here to play real ships. Captain Kuznetsov another great step on it to Over Power these not real ships. Many Thanks for the possibility to bring this theme on discussion on the forum. Hope others view will be present and objective against it.
  8. French destroyers vs Russian destroyers I would like to compare these two nations in this post; please comment about which is better. Speed: French is faster, though Russians still fast. French have improved engine boost. Health: About the same. Guns: Khabarovsk: 4x2 130mm, base reload of 5s, base rotation of 20s/180 degrees, base range of 11.24km, 900m/s Kleber: 4x2 139mm, base reload of 7s, base rotation of 10s/180 degrees, base range of 13.56km 840m/s Kleber has access to main battery reload, as well as improved AP shells, allowing citadels on cruisers at close/medium ranges. Torps: Kleber has 8km torps. Khabarovsk torps only for emergencies. Concealment: Khabarovsk: What concealment? (10km base) Kleber: Useable (7.98km base) Rudder shift/Turning circle: Khabarovsk: 11.1s, 760m Kleber : 4.8s, 740m Question: Which is the best nation to go for? I know that French can cap more easily, though they don't have smoke. Which is better at open-water gunning and wasd-ing? Which playstyle is more interesting? Please let me know your thoughts.
  9. Russian Battleships on Live: Initial Impressions, Tips! Good Day Everyone! Thursday began the test cycle of the Russian Battleships (or Bly*ttleships as I like to call them) on the live server. Those of you that were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to seen them in battle will surely have noticed this already. Here I want to give a quick run-down of my initial impressions of the ships, and what you need to look out for when fighting these vessels - as I know this causes a lot of frustration, not knowing what the stats of a certain ship are. In addition, I want to give my quick 2 cents on the changes made to the Azuma [dev blog here]. Gameplay mechanics of Russian Battleships: Russian Battleships have strong belt armour, reinforced deck (32 at mid-tier, up to 50mm at top tier). The biggest difference between existing lines is, however, the fact that their dispersion changes drastically at the 15km mark. Russian Battleships have increased accuracy below 15km, and have an accuracy debuff above 15km. This change makes them more effective while pushing, and discourages camping and sniping (finally!). In practice, the dispersion differences are really noticeable, especially at long ranges, and very close proximity. Another thing to note about RUBBs is the lack of torpedo protection. This is combined with the fact that they start of decently large, and become even larger and higher tiers. While most of them can be quite nimble up to tier 8, they will suffer from big turn circles and significant speed loss while manoeuvring. Finally, Russian Battleships get a limited consumable DCP. The cooldown time is reduced over the standard unlimited use DCP, but you have the risk of running out. Captain Build: I run a survivability build, with concealment and superintendent. the latter being very important for the repair party, as well as the DCP, since you actually have the threat of running out. Expert Marksman helps buff the gun's turn rate even more, this becomes useful at close ranges, where these ship's guns excel. Finally, I have expert loader, though this can be switched out for priority target if needs be. Tier 5: Pyotr Velikiy The Pyotr Velikiy is a very well armoured ship at tier 5. The deck is mostly 38mm except for a part in the mid section, she boats a 75mm fore-end armour belt, which becomes 125mm towards the waterline, the aft also receives a 125mm armour belt with the very rear of the ship having a slither of 19mm plating. Pyotr's main belt is 250mm thick and she has a turtleback. Her citadel sits quite high in the waterline. She's armed with 356mm guns in 4x2 turrets. She's fast for her tier, 29.5kn top speed. Due to the RUBB mechanics, her accuracy is better than her equal tier competitors. Bow in, she can deal very well with enemy vessels. Broadside she'll be susceptible for full penetrations from battleships, cruisers should aim for the upper part of the ship (25mm) or the front upper armour belt (75mm). If you get her rear you can easily citadel her through the 19mm of plating at the aft. Tier 6: Izmail Izmail, for all intents and purposes, is a worse armoured Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. She has 25mm standard armour, no armoured deck, she does however boast and improved armoured belt - 300mm in the mid-section. Her citadel is protected with a turtleback. Her guns are, unlike the Oktyabr's, 356mm, but do have a longer reload and turn time. Her maximum speed is a vast improvement to the Gangut-class, with a top speed of 28.5kn. Izmail is very prone to HE damage, as with her predecessor, she has the weak-spot at the aft of the ship, wherein a BB with a calibre of 358mm or higher will be able to overmatch and go right through to the citadel. Izmail is the weakest of all the Russian Battleships, only compensating for her shortcomings in sheer firepower. Tier 7: Sinop Sinop offers a few advantages over her competitors of other nations. She offers her captain 406mm main batteries in 3 sets of 3. She does this, however, without compromising speed and armour. Her maximum speed clocks in at 29kn. She has a strong belt, 300mm thick gradually decreasing to 125mm towards the aft and bow, with some upper sections of the ship being also 100-125mm. But just like all the other Battleships at her tier, she's suffering from the 25mm-standard syndrome, with only some sections of the deck - underneath battery A and C - having 35mm of armour. While she does seem to suggest a turtleback, the steep angle of the plates makes it negligible. Sinop's drawbacks are her massive size, and extremely flat broadside, the lack of deck clutter makes her susceptible to plunging HE fire. Tier 8: Vladivostok As we move up the tiers the ships become increasingly long. A prime example of this oversize mania is the Vladivostok. It does beg the question whether someone, for a laugh, at the soviet design bureau snuck in the photo of a stretch limo. We digress. Vladivostok is armed with 3x3 406mm guns, has a top speed of 29kn. Her guns turn fast, 30 seconds for 180 degrees. The noteworthy fore-section of the ship - which is almost as long as the rest of the ship behind it - is armoured with 32mm overall, and has a small section of 200mm belt. Luckily for Vladivostok, her citadel, which is protected by 200-370mm of plating and a turtleback, doesn't extend into the fore-section. The aft, similar to the bow, is protected by 32mm overall, and the 200mm belt that extends into it from the mid-section. The biggest drawback of Vladivostok is that massive snout. It's a perfect target, and will offer very little in term of protection against anything above a destroyer - unless the destroyer in question is using torpedoes - that will be willing to fire at it. Tier 9: Sovietskiy Soyuz If Vladivostok is massive, the Soyuz ate Vladivostok. The very first thing that is noticable about Sov. Soyuz is the very pronounced belt. It varies in thickness, 220mm at the ship's cheeks, to 390-420mm around the front guns, finally settling at 375mm for the citadel mid-section. Is quite proud of her belt, as she doesn't have a lowered citadel, or turtleback. Her front and aft are 32mm, both the deck as well as the plating. The deck of the mid-section is 40mm. She boasts 3x3 406mm guns, 2 at the front, 1 at the back these provide good angles and a quick turn rate of slightly above 30 seconds. She goes 28kn and clocks in at 88100 HP As with her tier 8 sister, her drawbacks are the massive size, flat broadside, long snout, in addition to the not lowered citadel. Tier 10: Kreml Kreml, just like Sov. Soyuz, doesn't like you being at her side. She, like the tier 9 ship, doesn't have a lowered citadel, or a turtleback. Her 430mm armoured belt stops above her torpedo bulges, underneath that is a juicy 70mm citadel torpedo bulkhead. This drawback in armour is compensated for by having 108300 hitpoints, sizable 457mm guns in 3 sets 3, and a top speed of 29.5kn. As long as your enemies are kept to the front of the ship, Kreml does fine. With a slight angle, Kreml has the ability to get her rear guns on target, as well as allowing you to bait enemies into firing at her belt. She, like many of her predecessors, has quick turning turrets, which allows her to fight in a closer proximity to enemy vessels. This combines well with her accuracy buff at lower ranges. Kreml rewards a player for getting stuck in, but punishes them even more for making mistakes. Her size doesn't allow a lot in terms of room for error, somewhat softened by her hitpoint pool. What of Azuma? In a recent update, Azuma lost her cruiser accuracy characteristics. Unfortunately I must report that this did the ship no good. She definitely feels a lot less accurate. HOWEVER, I can still confirm that she's a lot more accurate than the other Big Cruisers at her tier. The addition of hydro was good, as the arguments for the removal were somewhat suspect to begin with. After playing a few matches in Azuma, I still have to say that she's lacking. As she stands, with the initial changes to the armour layout, she feels like the weakest link. The buff to the heal was nice, but it doesn't replace good armour. I cannot recommend her over something like Alaska, or Kronshtadt. The latter which you cannot acquire anymore. If she receives her original 30mm of armour, I believe that this could somewhat be alleviated. As with the other Freemiums, Azuma should reward a player when played well, and punish a player when played wrong. I don't see how she could "over-perform", especially with the likes of Musashi, Missouri, or Kronshtadt. So if you want a Japanese Big cruiser, hold on to your Free XP for now, if Azuma continues to head into this direction, I'd say just collect coal and hope that Yoshino turns out to be better. If you have any questions about the RUBBs or Azuma I'd be happy to answer them if I can. Have a nice start to the week and I'll see you guys on the seas!
  10. FukushuNL

    What a nose <3

    I think the Russian BBs are looking beautiful. Can't wait to start their line. Dunno if they are competative or not. I mean, I love those long E-Type-ish noses, but dunno if that is going to hurt them, apart from turning circles.
  11. Ich hab (ich weiß nich mehr wo ) einen sehr interessanten Screenshot gefunden: Handelt sich hierbei wohl um das Project 69 - Schwerer Kreuzer / Schlachtkreuzer Kronstadt. Hat anscheinend 9 x 305mm Kanonen in 3x3 Türmen. Ich bin ja mal gespannt, was da auf un zu kommt! Stats laut Reddit: Deck armor|30-90mm Citadel armor | 230-330mm Torpedo defense | 16% Max Speed| 32 knots Turning circle | 800m rudder shift | 12.5s surface detection| 15.7km Air detection| 13.8km consumable 1| repair party(BB) consumable 2 | damage control party(BB) consumable 3 | Spotter Plane(KOR-2)/Radar(Soviet T10=Moskva Radar 11.7km range/25s duration) Gun Stats 305mm/L50 B-50 Placement | 3x3 in AB-Y turrets Reload | 20s 180 degree rotation | 36s Firing Angle | 150 degree Range | 19.1 km sigma | 2.0 305 mm HE-36 damage | 4400 muzzle velo | 1020 m/s *305mm AP-36 * damage | 8200 muzzle velo | 900m/s penetration(5/10/15km) | 522/365/275 Quellen: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/77154-tier-8-russian-battleship-kronstadt-leak/page__pid__1731794#entry1731794
  12. Verence196

    The reviews: VMF Okhotnik

    VMF Okhotnik Other collected reviews: Alabama - Duca d'Aosta - Mutsu The new Russian premium tier V destroyer Okhotnik is upon us. Okhotnik is a paper ship, based on Russian Great War-era plans for a new large destroyer/light cruiser. Due to the outbreak of the Russian revolution and the subsequent Russian civil war, the plans did not reach reach fruition, and the ship was never built. As such it is a very large destroyer - sluggish, but carrying a very heavy gun and torpedo broadside. I'm really curious as to how this ship will behave at tier V. For crying out loud: Look at the rear of the Okhotnik! This thing carries a broadside totaling seven guns and twelve torpedoes! The reviews Armada (Wargaming) Flamu (with Jingles and Izo) LittleWhiteMouse Notser NoZoupForYou Yuzral Wargaming has announced that the Okhotsk will launch sometime within the next couple of weeks, and a couple of community contributors already have previews out.I'll keep updating the overhead as new reviews are released. If you find one which I haven't posted yet, please put it in a comment and I'll update the list.Note that the currently available reviews are all based on stats which are subject to change before release. Take them with a pinch of salt. Armada (Wargaming) Flamu (with Jingles and Izo) LittleWhiteMouse Premium Ship Review: Okhotnik Notser NoZoupForYou Yuzral Note: All credit for content goes to the relevant community contributors. They certainly have my personal thanks for all their hard work. =)
  13. LittleWhiteMouse

    Premium Ship Review: Oleg

    Bogatyr in a sexy black dress. Quick Summary: A stock Bogatyr-class protected cruiser. Patch and Date Written: 0.6.0 - January 25th, 2017 Cost: Undisclosed at the time of publishing. Closest in-Game Contemporary Bogatyr, Tier 3 Russian Protected CruiserDegree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique The Oleg is a stock Bogatyr-class. Lert and I will go on at length about the difference between the ships, so I'll keep it short here. I was sorely tempted to compare her instead to the Aurora. The Pallada-class is very similar in play style in World of Warships and short of an obvious difference in speed, it would be difficult to really set them apart in terms of performance. PROs The Oleg is very soft skinned leading to many over penetrating hits from battleship-caliber, armour piercing shells. More hit points than the fully upgraded Bogatyr. Fast for a protected cruiser at 24.0 knots. Good HE performance, with 2,100 alpha strike per shell and 8% base fire chance. Great handling, with a tighter turning circle than her sister ship at 450m. Very easy to understand and with a very low skill floor. CONs Low DPM for a tier 3 cruiser with her 8-gun broadside and 9s reload. Agonizingly slow turret rotation made all of the more noticeable by her small turning circle. Guns will often slide off the target in a high speed turn. Her top speed, while perfectly adequate when top tier is severely lacking when she faces tier 4 ships. Short of the turrets, the entire ship has no more than 13mm of external armour plating. Much of it has 6mm. This makes her take high explosive penetrations from any size of shell that strikes her. A small portion of the citadel is raised well over the waterline (found just beneath the two large lifeboats behind the last funnel). This portion has less sloping than the rest of the citadel. Her AP shells are downright forgettable with poor penetration and requiring very short range engagements to be effective. No anti-aircraft firepower whatsoever. Doing the dance. The Oleg cannot win by rate of fire alone. Learn to WASD early and often with your cruisers. It will serve you well. If you ascended the Russian cruiser line, you've already played the Oleg. It's disappointing to say, but there it is. The Oleg is a stock Bogatyr with a few tweaks to her stat line. They can be summarized by the following. The Oleg: Has more hit points. Has a slightly smaller turning circle. Has sexy black camouflage. Good and we're done. Review over. Goodnight everybody! Huh? What do you mean that's not good enough!? Ugh! Fine! I've asked Lert to once again join me in this review to provide his views. Lert has more experience in the Bogatyr than anyone else I know and he's certain a better hand at it than I am. He'll even deliberately up-tier his cruiser to face bigger opponents like the good ol' days. Apparently baby seals aren't enough to sate his appetite anymore. I totally approve of this behaviour. The Lertbox Hello and welcome to another Lertbox. This time we're discussing the russian tier 3 Bogatyr class cruiser Oleg. Is it worth your money? Is it worth being in this game at all? For this Lertbox I will comparing her to Bogatyr, St Louis and Aurora. I feel these are very representative of the protected cruiser gameplay at the tier. (He better make this review good cause I dunno how many times I can repeat myself in saying this is a stock Bogatyr and be expected to be entertaining!) Options No surprises here. Low tier cruisers aren't terribly complicated. Consumables: Damage Control Party Module Upgrades: Two slots, standard cruiser options.Premium Camouflage: Tier 2 to 5 Standard. This provides 30% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. The Oleg's camouflage is pretty sexy looking. Firepower Primary Battery: Twelve 152mm rifles. Eight guns are mounted in casemates along the flanks of the ships, four to each side. The remaining four are divided into two, two-gun turrets on the bow and stern. Secondary Battery: Twelve 75mm rifles, with six down each side of the ship in casemates. Let's start with what was almost a deal breaker for me: The Oleg has horrible gun handling. It takes 30s to rotate her guns 180º. This is so slow that in a turn, your guns will slide off your target every single time. This is so slow that you're unable to shift fire from one side of the ship to another quickly because it will take so long for the guns to acquire their target. Yes, even the casemate guns bolted to the sides of the ship which can only face on side will take too long to rotate onto your target. This is so slow that you'll be using the rudder to line your guns up. It's that bad. Expert Marksman, the tier 2 Captain Skill, is almost a must. The Oleg has less main battery firepower than the Aurora despite having the same broadside of eight 152mm/45 Canet guns. This disparity comes from a difference in rate of fire. The Pallada-class cruisers reload in 8.6s while the Bogatyr-class cruisers reload in 9.0s. This places the Oleg third from the bottom in terms of HE DPM among the tier 3 cruisers. 140,000 - Bogatyr (B-Hull) 152mm 126,667 - Bogatyr (B-Hull) 130mm with Basic Fire Training 126,000 - St.Louis 118,800 - Kolberg with Basic Fire Training 117,209 - Aurora 114,000 - Bogatyr (B-Hull) 130mm 112,000 - Oleg 108,000 - Kolberg 96,000 - Tenryu But let's be clear here -- she's not that far behind the Bogatyr with 130mm before Captain Skills. The 2,000 DPM between them is the difference of 1 extra hit from the Oleg's 152mm rifles. In the real world with shot dispersion, the Oleg's damage is going to compare very closely with the Bogatyr until Basic Fire Training is added. To this end, the Oleg won't feel that far behind ships like the Aurora or an upgraded Kolberg. The Oleg's main battery is supplemented by twelve 75mm secondary guns. However, like most low-tier vessels, her secondaries are hamstrung by painfully short range -- in this case, a mere 2.5km. Their small caliber isn't too much of an issue against anything short of a Battleship. While it's possible to engage targets with these guns, it's never going to end well unless you already have the upper hand by a significant margin. Overall, the Oleg's firepower is pretty average with nothing really spectacular about it. She has only a modest a 10.8km range, her AP performance is hamstrung by poor ballistics and she can't out muscle any of her contemporaries in terms of raw damage. This might be acceptable if the Oleg had other abilities to supplement her firepower but as you'll see in subsequent sections, these advantages fail to materialize. While her guns are completely capable of doing damage and performing, the Oleg does not win any recognition for what she brings to the table as a gunship. Rivals: Versus the Bogatyr Against a bone stock Bogatyr you actually stand a chance in an Oleg. Similar range, similar broadside with the same guns, similar reload, similar speed, same armor profile but more hit-points. It's when the Bogatyr starts upgrading though that Oleg is left choking in the dust. The B hull gives Bogatyr a heavier broadside, the FCS gives the tech tree ship better range and the 130mm guns give her a better fire chance. Plus, if the Bogatyr player has the 130mm guns mounted and AFT researched, he can keep you at arm's length without ever allowing you a chance to shoot back. The best (and only) way to handle a Bogatyr is when the latter is distracted. Get your fire in, while he's concentrating on other things. Try not to be the easy target, because he outguns and out-ranges you. The Oleg, doing what she does best: Providing supporting firepower into an engagement from the second line. She doesn't have the DPM, armour or hit point total to trade blows effectively. Maneuverability Top Speed: 24.0 knots Turning Radius: 450m Rudder Shift Time: 7.1s This is probably the best bit of news about this ship. The Oleg is, for a tier 3 protected cruiser, both fast and maneuverable. Her 24.0 knots isn't a blistering top speed by any means, but it does give her longer legs than most of her contemporaries with the exception of the Tenryu and Caledon. Her turning circle is also very tight at a mere 450m. This is a marginal 10m improvement over the Bogatyr herself, though she loses out on rudder-shift time. Still, she is very wiggly and this can be used to help dodge incoming fire and attack planes. Her top speed really feels lacking when she's facing tier 4 ships, though. She's easily outpaced by every other cruiser found at this tier and even some of the Battleships like the Ishizuchi and Myogi are outright faster. Being kited is a real risk in this ship, especially if the Oleg is fool enough not to silence her guns and turn away to drop back into concealment. A second drawback is that the Oleg WILL out turn her turrets. Firing and maneuvering just isn't possible as your guns will slide off their targets. Even with Expert Marksman, it's impossible to keep her guns tracking an enemy while she has her rudder hard over at full speed. Durability Hit Points: 24,100 Citadel Protection: Layered armour, with a 13mm outer hull and a sloped 70mm citadel deck. Min Bow & Deck Armour: Between 6mm and 11mm. The Oleg is an experience and credits pinata in her matchmaking spread. Hit her with anything and rewards leak out. She can be penetrated almost everywhere even by the smallest caliber HE shells and her bows can be overmatched by even 88mm worth of AP fire. You're simply not going to bounce a whole lot in this ship. Though she has more hit points than the Bogatyr, it isn't an appreciable gain over her sister ship, nor is it anywhere near enough to allow her to make up for the deficiencies in her DPM against vessels like the St.Louis. The Oleg shares the raised citadel weakness of the Bogatyr. There's a small section behind the funnels, found underneath the large lifeboats mounted there where the citadel rides significantly higher than the waterline. The only defense the Oleg has is to use terrain and her maneuverability to attempt to avoid fire. Rivals: Versus the St.Louis On paper, Oleg looks ok against a stock St Louis. You have a heavier broadside, slightly more range and are a hair faster. But that's where your advantages end. Even stock, a St Louis has more hit-points and better armor. When the American fighting lady is fully upgraded however, you're in trouble. A heavier broadside, much more hit-points, better armor, similar range and only a little bit slower, she'll outgun, out-tank and out-brawl you. It helps a lot to know where to aim on a St Louis. While she has better armor, that only covers her machinery spaces. Her extremities and superstructure are still soft, and that's where you should put your HE. Other than that though, the best you can do is pray that the St Louis driver is a worse shot than you are. She will outlast you in a direct slugging match. Concealment & Camouflage Surface Detection Range: 10.3km Air Detection Range: 5.7km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 8.8km Concealment Penalty while Firing: +4.56km (versus 10.8km maximum range) The best that can be said for the Oleg is that at least her surface detection range doesn't outstrip her guns. It's a very near thing, though, and something for players to be aware of. In the claustrophobic maps found at tiers two through four, there's not a whole lot of room to use range to hide, but there are a plethora of islands behind which cover can be found to break line of sight. Make judicious use of these to keep your Oleg not-sunk and to control the engagement. Anti-Aircraft DefenseYou can find it by reaching down and grabbing your ankles. It's down there somewhere. Just keep looking. Rivals: Versus the Aurora Finally a comparison where Oleg comes out at least looking equal to her competitor. Where Aurora has slightly more range, she's considerably slower. Where she turns better, she has less hit-points. The differences are small though, except for a 5 knot speed difference. Even the armor scheme is close to the same. With Oleg's superior speed you might try to kite Aurora and rain down fire from range, but she can turn better to avoid your fire, and return fire from just outside our range. Conversely you might try closing the distance to knife fighting range and bringing your secondaries in, but you're not walking out of that trade smelling of roses. In a 1v1 duel between these two Russian premium tier 3 cruisers, it usually comes down to who is the better shot and who manages his damage control party better. Both ships are underwhelming compared to their direct rivals, but between the two of them I would still choose Oleg. Her 5 knot superior speed cannot be underestimated, it gives her an edge in flexibility that Aurora simply cannot match. The Oleg is utterly reliant on friendly ships to shoot down aircraft. With it's good agility, it can be an annoying target for inexperienced carrier players, especially for torpedo bomber strikes. But don't get complacent. Overall ImpressionsSkill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / DifficultSkill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme Game play doesn't get much more simple than that found in the Oleg. The only complexity to this ship is the choice of ammunition, the use of range, terrain and maneuver and the optimization found in the correct choices of Captain Skills. This is one of the ship's greatest strengths. It's also one of the ship's greatest weaknesses. There's not going to be a whole lot that separates an experienced Oleg pilot and a great Oleg pilot. The Lertbox Welcome to the most superfluous ship in World of Warships. Yet another Russian premium ship, at a tier where one already exists, and offering a playstyle that is done better in the free tech tree ships. Oleg offers nothing that hasn't already been done better before. She doesn't really offer that great captain training, and did we really need another premium Russian cruiser? Mouse's Impressions: Dirt simple game play -- often devolving into simply trading damage. There are a couple of ways to include sister ships in the game -- this isn't a very interesting way of doing it. Not different enough from the Aurora to matter, IMO. Her awful gun traverse was almost a deal breaker for me. Expert Marksman is a must-have. The Oleg has it pretty rough. Her big sister Bogatyr is arguably one of the best tier 3 ships in the game. I had high expectations for the Oleg as a Bogatyr-class premium. She looks really sharp in her black and gold camouflage. However her performance is admittedly lacking. She's not a bad ship, but she's definitely not a great one either. She's just the sister ship of a vessel already available in the tech tree, accessible simply by not unlocking any improvements. This is probably a big strike against her for some players, especially when she doesn't offer anything new in terms of game play. The Oleg doesn't follow the example of the Missouri or Texas which are an improvements over the Iowa and New York respectively. She also doesn't have a gimmick in the way the Lo Yang incorporates a Hydroacoustic Search to the Benson. She's not even like the Shinonome which now offers a weapon configuration no longer available to the Fubuki. I mean, if we thought the Prinz Eugen was pretty blah for being so similar to the Admiral Hipper, well at least the Prinz Eugen compared well to an upgraded Admiral Hipper. And on top of that, she had a baked in bonus with her premium camouflage. But the Oleg doesn't even have that going for her. And worse still, it's not like there's a drought of low-tier Russian protected cruiser premiums. The Diana and Aurora are so similar in play style as to be almost comical. Taken in isolation? Yeah, the Oleg is an okay-ish premium if you absolutely must have a low-tier cruiser to help train Captains. But she's not good and she's not special. Would I Recommend? No, I wouldn't. For a start, the Oleg isn't that different from a stock Bogatyr -- meaning if you really wanted to try this ship out, play a stock Bogatyr. The differences are so minor as to be near trivial. On top of that, there are comparable ships in and around that Matchmaking spread. While she's objectively better than the Aurora grace of her speed, that doesn't make her a "good" ship. For Random Battle Grinding Mouse: I did earn Confederate medals very easily in the Oleg. But then again, I earn Confederate medals very easy in an Aurora, St.Louis or a Bogatyr so... yeah. Nothing special there. So overall? Nope. Lert: No. She barely makes more than a tech tree ship, and she doesn't offer that much in captain training. If you really need a captain trainer or credit grinder there are better options out there. For Competitive Gaming Mouse: No, the Bogatyr is hands down better. And free. Lert: Ha. You make good joke. For Collectors Mouse: The Oleg is a well storied ship and for those interested in Imperial Russian Naval History, she's a little gem. Aside from that? Meh. Lert: Maybe. Oleg's combat history is actually quite extensive. She fought at Tsushima and survived, she fought in World War I and survived, finally meeting her end in combat in the Russian Revolution, being sunk by a Royal Navy torpedoboat. All that still doesn't make her a good ship though. For Fun Factor Mouse: Meh. I love riding on a sleek, black vessel as much as the next girl but I didn't get my jollies on the Oleg. Lert: No. There are tech tree ships that offer the same play style but are more fun to drive and flat-out better. Plus, they're free. Fire is a huge problem for low tier ships. Proper use of your Damage Control Party is paramount to survival. How to Equip your Oleg Recommended Modules As a low tier ship, the Oleg doesn't have a whole lot of options to choose from. Take Main Armaments Modification 1 in your first slot and back that up with Damage Control System Modification 1 in your second slot. Recommended Consumables There's only one consumable here. You'd be wise to upgrade to the premium version of the Damage Control Party. Fires will be everywhere and the shorter reset timer can really help mitigate the damage here. Recommended Captain Skills The essential skills for the Oleg on your first pass through the tree are: At tier one, Priority Target. This will let you know when it's absolutely imperative that you start wiggling your tush. You should be going semi-evasive anyway to avoid torpedoes, but this is less of a concern at lower tiers. Follow this up with Expert Marksman at tier two. You'll almost be able to keep your guns on target while turning. At tier 3, Demolition Expert is probably your best choice as the rest of the skills are pretty lackluster for the Oleg. And finally, at tier 4, Concealment Expert is your best choice to let you go gun silent and sneak away when things get scary. Other useful skill include: Preventative Maintenance (T1) and Last Stand (T2). The Oleg loses her engines and steering gears frequently and each of these skills can help with that. If you take Last Stand, you won't necessarily need Preventative Maintenance, so make it an either-or choice. High Alert and Adrenaline Rush are both good skills from Tier 2. The former will reduce your reset timer on your Damage Control Party to as low as 54s if you're using a premium consumable. Adrenaline Rush will help accelerate your DPM as you take damage. And you will take damage in almost every game. Skip Tier 3 skills. Vigilance would be the only other one worth while here. None of the other Tier 4 skills are particularly useful for the Oleg though there's two interesting choices at least. Inertia Fuse for HE Shells is curious. There isn't enough 25mm armour at tiers 2, 3 and 4. Most Battleships have 16mm of armour on their decks and extremities and your 152mm HE shells will handle that just fine. However, the decks of all of the IJN cruisers found at this tier are vulnerable if you take this skill, letting you land citadel hits against them. If this feels like a worthwhile investment for you, go for it. It's a lot of points to spend to help against one specific enemy. Radio Location may look appealing and you can certainly consider it but you won't get much use out of it in low tier games unless you come across an Isokaze seal-clubbing division.
  14. Z_OnkelE

    Oleg in the EU shop.

    Hi everyone! Apparently we have got yet another Russian cruiser: the (B)Oleg - a Bogatyr-class cruiser at tier 3. Quick review: pass (if you are not an extremely collector-oriented player). She has the bad 152 mm guns of that class and thus does not even qualify for proper seal-clubbing. If you want to go for that: buy the Bogatyr back, for free*. More guns, higher fire chance, higher shell velocity and more guns! (for the prize of calibre, but that does not stand out actually) Have fun! (*about 70k credits actually)
  15. With the ongoing development of the game, I expect that we are sooner or later going to see a tree of Russian / USSR battleships sailing down the server. I am sure that I am neither the first, nor the most qualified, to make a guess as to what they are going to be like. I am curious as to which stray thoughts on the matter might be about. To start off a discussion, here are some of mine. Most USSR ships so far have had excellent guns, across all the lines. They have better range and shell velocity than their peers, they have good AP and HE damage, and they have good or even excellent accuracy. Their destroyers - but not so much the cruisers - have balanced this with slow turret traverse. It would be reasonable to expect some take on this feature to appear in a future battleship line. I find it likely that USSR battleships will have better range than their counterparts, at least in the lower to mid-tiers. While I don't believe that the accuracy will be any better at close range, it might be a bit better at maximum range. This might be balanced out by slower turret traverse and/or weaker armour layout. An alternative to longer base range might be access to spotter aircraft at lower tiers than their peers. With better stats at long range, speed might suffer. They would not have to be able to close the distance as fast as, say, a German battleship, and they would prefer heavier armour to speed as a defensive measure. They might possibly have good turning characteristics, at least at the lower tiers. They would likely have the biggest (i.e. worst) detection ranges of all the battleship lines. On lower-to-mid tiers we will probably see pre-dreadnoughts and dreadnoughts like the Imperator Nikolai I, although presumably with more balanced stats. From there on might follow the Arkhangelsk and the Novorossyisk, built in USA and Italy but on loan / claimed as reparations respectively. These will probably have the same stats as their national counterparts but with better main armament range (like the current Murmansk light cruiser outranges the Omaha). As for the higher tiers, having googled a bit for actual historical information leads me to hypothesize that we might see some really big USSR "only on paper" battleships, with lots of armour and hit points, bigger than the Yamato but with weaker guns. Something along the lines of the Friedrich der Grosse and Grosser Kurfürst, but more focused on medium to long range than close-quarters brawling, maybe. Future USSR battleships will not have torpedoes. I hope. Please note that these thoughts are not based on any kind of actual game information, from Wargaming or any other source. And they are certainly not suggestions - I, personally, see no great appeal in a possible line of "sniper battleships" that would further discourage battleship drivers from seeking to be in close contact with the enemy. And so, over to the community. Any thoughts on this?
  16. Hello, today I come to this forum seeking an advice from a seasoned captain experienced in both Russian and USS DDs. I'm at tier 6 in both lines and what I have gathered so far is this (feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken): USS DDs: Ruski DDs: What do I have to look forward to in both lines? - Looking for play style tips as well. Which line is overall better in this meta? If you could only pick one line, which one? And lastly, which of the ships in the respective branches did you enjoy the most? Thank you for your time, here's a random ship Catpain.
  17. I guess RU DD fans will have to rejoice. .
  18. gravelbelly


    I am really enjoying this ship. I liked the Nurnberg, but I feel that this one is better. Range is nice, rate of fire is good and it's accurate. AP and HE not the best, but it's consistent, so that balances out. It is relatively fragile, I've been hit for massive damage, so I'm a bit careful about going in too close, but I do like dueling with DDs. What are your thoughts on this new ship?
  19. KinGITscheins

    Kiev Balancing

    The Russian T VII DD Kiev has a little balancing issue Today I unlocked and fully upgraded my Kiev, the russian tier VII destroyer, as always. In the first battle I began to notice the small HP pool that this ship has. A little comparisson to the other russian DD´s: - Gnevny : 13.900hp (t5) - Ognevoi: 15.500hp (t6) - Kiev : 12.800hp (t7) - Tashkent: 19.600hp (t8) (all values fully upgraded) -> So as you may have noticed the Kiev has the worst hp values of the russian mid to high tier dd´s. Of course the Kiev has strengths like its incredibly good guns with flat arcs and big range, the good firing angles and the high speed (42,5 knots). But it has also weaknesses. It is a clumsy ship, because of its huge turning circle and relatively long rudder shift time and very short range torpedoes (4km). It is also a very huge destroyer wich makes it an relatively easy target to hit, if you can estimate the speed. And it has literally no hp, at least it feels like dying too quick. The Kiev would be perfectly balanced if it would have like around 17.000hp. But the small hp pool (i mean even a t5 has more hp than you!) makes this ship a bit unbalanced and sometimes puts me on tilt. Moreover when playing russian dd´s you need overall more "skill" to be useful in a game.
  20. Hayashio

    So there's an Udaloi skin...

    Behold the Udaloi. BUT ALAS it doesn't have a Premium skin. To the rescue comes me, whatcha guys think? I made this. It's not a normal skin. it's camo. Opinions?
  21. Hi all, I have been sailing my Tier V / VI / VII ships over past few days (Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Monday) and I must say that I see only 1-2 Russian/Soviet ships per game (and if that - in many many games there are none).... Have you guys seen the same? BTW, there is one current mission in which in 3rd stage there is requirement to sink 5 Russian/Soviet ships... I simply can't do that... (And I don't want to hunter-kill solo that one ship that occasionally shows up because I don't want to ruin the chances of my team winning the game!) Leo "Apollo11"
  22. LordMaddyzzz

    How to Play the Izyaslav 2.0

    Episode 7 of my how to play World of Warships series online now! hope you guys enjoy. if you did please leave a like and maby an subscription
  23. Amonhep

    New Soviet Cruisers models video

    I found this Russian video showing tier the new tier 2-10 Russian Cruisers graphical models, plus it shows a t5 Soviet Cruiser at the end called "Profintern." YOU CAN MUTE SOUND BEFORE WATCHING! Tier 1 Орлан - Orlan Tier 2 Новик - NovikTier 3 Богатырь - BogatirTier 4 Светлана - SvetlanaTier 5 Киров - KirovTier 6 Будёный - BudyoniyTier 7 Щорс - ShiorsTier 8 Чапаев - Chapaev Tier 9 Дмиртрий Донской - Dmitriy DonskoyTier 10 Mоска - Moskva The first tier 2-4 cruisers will have 130mm guns, but they will be much worse than what are on Soviet DD's in damage and velocity. The tier 5 Kirov will have 180mm guns but with "older" shells and will fire only 3 rounds per minute. Tier 6-8 ships will have 152mm guns and the tier 9 will have 180mm guns. Basically Soviet cruisers will low caliber guns (until tier 10) with paper armor but will have high range, plus high rate of fire. Except for tier 10 which will have 220mm guns that will have 2nd best High Explosive DPM after Des Moines, but 20% worse AP DPM than Des Moines and 17% worse AP DPM than Hindenburg. Soviet cruisers will have (at least from tier 8) a "radar" consumable, which instead of detecting torpedoes will detect ships in increased area for 30 seconds, including those inside smoke (this will make it harder for DD's to play out of invisibility). NOTICE these things can be subject to change!
  24. LordMaddyzzz

    The Mighty Murmanks

    The Mighty Murmansk! A video Made Possible by (OMNI) LordMaddyzzz