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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I used my free XP to regrind the Russian DD line (I have close to 4 Mio). Why the Russians? It's the only line where I have just one ship, the Khaba. So It seemed a logical one to grind. I had to regrind from to Novik to the Storozhvoi and then up to the Khaba. For the Minsk I didn't require to get the B-Hull to get to the Taskent. It took me 707.990 Free XP to grind this line. Some of my clanmates, who do a regrind by playing, said proudly ;) that they were close to tier 8 already. In my case getting to tier VII was 140.990 free XP so getting to tier 7 is 'only' one-fifth of the way... they still have some way to go. 10k for free, 20k first grind, then each grind 10k. This way you need 4 regrinds to get to the Colbert 57.000 research points, in free XP 3.083.960. The next ship assuming the Ohio will be in the same Research points category will take you probably take you 6 grinds (even if you have 3.000 RP left from the Colbert). 6 grinds is a LOT of time or a LOT of free XP (4.25 Mio). Ps and then I am not counting the credits.
  2. Dear Wargaming, Can you please explain this utter nonsense: "If a player had Commanders with a specialization for Udaloi (Tier IX) before the update release, then the Commanders will be retrained to have a specialization for Tashkent (Tier IX). In addition, a Commander with 65,900 Commander XP (9 skill points) and a specialization for Udaloi (Tier IX) will be added to the player's account." The Udaloi is not changing. It is not being replaced, just moved to another line to which you are adding a different T10. So why other than a nasty means of forcing me to part with my money (500 gold) do I have to retrain my existing Udaloi captain back to the Udaloi that he was in already before you mucked about? I already paid 500 gold to move him from the Trashkent to the Udaloi, why do I have to pay to move him out of the Trashkent to the Udaloi again? Also, I have an 18 skill captain who you intend to replace with a 9 skill captain. So is this you giving me a choice between spending 500 gold or dropping all my built up captain skills on training up a cpatin to be vaguely competeitive in high tier games? I get that to increase sales you feel the need to screw up another set of ships, but I have capatins in my Khaba, Udaloi, Trashkent, Kiev and Og that I am happy with and who should remain in the ships they are in. Which brings me to another point. The captain skills best suited for the Trashkent are completely different from those required to maximse the Udaloi. I already paid 350 gold to reskill the captain (long before the big skill rework), why should I pay again to reskill the captin to suit the ship that you have forced him into without my agreement or approval? Appreciate WG care as much about their customers as I do about rats in the sewer, but for once to be treated like you want people like me to keep spending €200 a year on your service would be nice.
  3. As usual there isn't much details about the new versions of these ships when they get shuffled around. From what I can gather both gets a torpedo buff. But that essentially leaves us with the Tashkent as the Rus T9 gunboad DD, and the Udaloi as the Rus T9 support DD. The tashkent wasn't really famous for being a great ship at T8, I have a hard time seeing a slight torpedo buff making it a good T9 ship. The Udaloi on the other hand IS a good T9 DD and seems to get a straight up buff in this patch. So what's the point of the Tashkent now - an annoying free-xp triggering grind for the Khabarovsk? I guess what I'm asking is - are there any interesting buffs to the Tashkent this patch bar a minor torp-buff. We all know the IJN "gunboats" aren't really - well; gunboats except the t8, with the t7 one being a great torpedo-destroyer, tier 5 and 6 being nerfed torp-dds with nerfed guns too whereas the the T9 torpedo destroyer is a good gunboat. So I guess I'm won't be shocked to learn that the Tashkent will continue to be meh. I was however thinking about getting the camo for it but I tink I should pass. Any info?