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Found 6 results

  1. Bonjour, Ceci n'est pas mon travail mais la traduction d'un guide réalisé par Shanara (vous trouverez l'original ici) Je me suis contenté d'en faire la traduction donc si vous pouviez remercier l'auteur originel.... Je l'ai traduit car étant complètement novice dans ce type de navire je cherchais quelque chose qui puisse m'indiquer les bases. J'ai trouvé ce guide bien fait (et surtout le seul dispo dans une langue que je maitrise). Si vous pouviez rajouter vos propres conseils et commentaires je tacherais de les intégrer en fonction du retour de la communauté. Attention : Les attaques manuelles ne sont plus disponibles avant le Tier 6 Bonne lecture
  2. WG, just dont. for real this what bugs you? the fact that I can control my ship and my units? So they 5% or less this is the end of the world??? the RTS is what we love and learn. if I wonted 1st person shooter air-unit, I would have play WoWp... https://replayswows.com/replay/33215#stats
  3. Major_Damage225

    BBV/CAV implementation idea?

    So before you all go ''major is drunk again'' i have a idea i had today i would like to share with all you wonderfull skippers here and get your opinion on, so please bare with me on this. So i had this idea pop into mind, CV's gameplay is getting a 180 right, Tone was in the game long ago right, and i know some CV players will miss the RTS style of gameplay those had, we also know WG has a hardon for gimicks yeah, well how about these few ships mix all of those things together, now...before you ask me ''da heck you on about''. A new way to implement IJN Tone, IJN Ise, IJN Mogami CVA (renamed as one of her systers of course) in my mind would be to give these ship the ''gimmick'' of being able to choose from first person ship use via M into the soon to be old RTS style of gameplay, so you use you ship normally blasting away then tap M and go top down using you squadron/s(a example of it being in WoWs Blitz the Ise) So you get a few new ships with a gimmick that would give you a window into the old CV gameplay and since they cant field a crapton of aircraft it wouldnt make them OP or gamebraking. I was thinking: Ise BBV - one squadron of 3 fighters and one squadron of 4 DB's Tone - 1 Squad of 4 Fighters and 2 squads of one or 1 squad of two scouts. Mogami CVA - ''insert your idea here'' Now how mutch time this kind of thing would take to program and code i dont have a clue since im no expert (my idea of programing is plugging the comp into the socket ) I would love to hear your ideas of squadron/deck setups, how you thing about sutch a thing, would it be good or not? (or should i go back to fishing ) Sound like a win win for all to me. I'll go hide now just in case
  4. Hello Captains! I've been playing WOWs for a while (tier 7) and I think it is time to speak my mind about the game and invite thoughts / provoke developers to think more like players. (Special thanks to Jingles for great videos and insight) This game is fantastic - contains a lot of detail, easy to play, challenge to master - it almost gives a feeling of life achievement. Unfortunately human factor during the matches is a bit disappointing: Most of the players tend to play with BB's with a false and selfish safety reasons. In this downscale environment of WoWs maps, this makes a horrible, pain-inducing experience for cruiser skippers and destroyer jockeys. I have given up playing with BB's two months ago as no team and no player deserves to get nailed just because of BB's not forming a line, not able to withstand fire and unable/unwilling to interrupt opposite BB's blowing up team members one by one. I even see many BB's waiting others to engage which can only be described as ..... On each tier I hoped to have more coordinated teams - instead I watch the same blunders. May be it is the nature of war. I'll speak my mind anyway. WoWs should decide between having more players online with less loyalty or less players with more loyalty. Some more changes must be made in order to keep players motivated and even forming a better community than it is now. In short there must be more tactical obligations, more restrictions, more survivability and more score bonuses. (There is no better developer team in other games - terrific job in every update) * Maps can be more vertical, some of them with less distractions giving space... Maps should be bigger. * Land Masses and objective areas (caps) can be larger (or some may require a specific type and/or number of ships to be captured) and forcing teams to move fast on larger distances (like Battle of Suragao Strait) keywords: Denying, Delaying, Racing, Ambushing * Initial deployment (start-up) can be changed - BB's in line, cruisers in a surrounding line, dd's in front e.t.c (historical references could be applied) (Put BB's in front if none of these are applicable!) * Cruiser and Destroyer HP's must be improved if Wargaming doesn't want WoWs to become bumper cars in an amusement park... * Carrier CAG should be improved, prices and required xp for next tier should be lowered. Cruisers should be relieved from choosing between Defensive AA and Hydro-Acoustic Search. * Noone accepts in-match divisions and we don't even know what to do with it - in-match division system is practically useless - Matchmaking system can assign a player (or more) as the "Commodore" and some kind of formation slots on the sea may appear near his/her ship (keeping in that boundary may give some bonus xp just like "defended" - name it as "kept in formation") I think this one will increase competition and coordination vastly. * Mastering/Focusing on one type of ship should also be awarded. (I am aware and very fond of Campaing tasks) * Close range torpedo shots are a joke. Hollywood tought us minimum 1000 yards is needed to arm a torpedo (hohoho) really please change this in favor of BB's or show me a historical example of dd's launching fishes from less than 2km's against cruisers and battleships. Thanks for reading if you had, double thanks for developers if they have read... Pro's and Con's to my suggestions are sincerely welcomed, I know it sounds like a wishlist
  5. lolmanz117

    Looking a Clan/community

    Hi i'm josh i'm 19 I play a number of game's from world of warships too any RTS game and are looking for a Clan/community to join i'm on regularly on some sort of game though the day if i'm not out training i play for fun but also to win at times so i can be serious when the time is needed just looking for someone to direct me in a direction of Clan/community Josh
  6. I really enjoy playing aircraft carriers in WoWs using the tactical overview map as gaming interface - as a benefit it is the only mode that plays really smoothly on an old laptop I have which can't cope with the full 3d experience! So, does anyone know of another real time PC or Mac (or even iOS) naval strategy game that plays in a similar way? That is, having a map type display with no advanced 3d graphics and playing out in real time (i.e. NOT turn based). I know there are plenty of hex mapped, turn taking games out there but I can't seem to find any real time ones... I would be particularly interested in WW2 based games...any ideas?