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Found 8 results

  1. So, lets get back to one of the most controversial skills ever involved into WoWS, and WGs decision to leave it in the game, although A LOT of playerbase specifically said they don't want that abomination in the game. First things first, for those who don't remember, when the skill was introduced, there was a huge uproar on the forums / reddit / whatever, and (IMO) for a good reason. People tought that it will be a last nail in the coffin for any attempt of sneaky play, ambushing your opponent, popping out from where he doesn't expect you, doing some weird thing alltogether etc. And sadly, it was. IF someone chooses to use it that is. Now, whats the biggest problem with the skill? As people allready stated, its a form of built in wallhack, so you cannot play hide and seek anymore, because you are (more or less) always detected in one form if your hunter or your target has RPF. So, lets jump to the second part of the story. After all the initial uproar, WG in all their glory came and said, "don't worry, everythings fine", although as I said A LOT of people once again didn't belive them. And in their infinite wisdom, they released the skill as it is, completely disregarding a metric ton of videos showing them how that skill can be easily abused to blind torp, to hunt down dds, to prepare yourself for people ambushing you etc. But who cares what people say, right, and there we have it, RPF is in the game. Then comes the third part, and somewhat more recent one. After people were still complaining about the skill, and it was in the game for some time, WG once again came to extinguish the fire (by pouring gasoline ofc, how else), and shared they wisdom and sekret stats with us regular plebs. Long story short, they have decided that skill is fine, and doesn't need any changes. Reasons? "Well, in our infinite wisdom we checked our sekret stats and found out there isn't that much people that are using that skill, so its fine." So, if there is not enough people abusing something broken, then it means its not broken right? RIGHT? No, not really, but hey, lets pretend thats the case. Now for the fourth and final part, and the main reason for this topic ( that was just lenghty intro): Since CB finished just some time ago, Christmas, NY and everything is over, lets get back to this thing. WG said its fine because not a lot of people are using it (they have stats about it). Now, can you share that wisdom with us once again, and tell us how much teams from lets say top 20 clans had one or multiple ships with RPF included? There is no way in hell someone can once again tell me its perfectly fine skill, when it was MANDATORY for any higher level gameplay. Even if you were not part of CBs yourself, you had numerous streams / vids etc showing that top teams had RPF on ALMOST EVERY ship they had in the game. We played CBs, we got to league 1 in Typhoon ( or whatever the name was for 1/1) and we had RPF in every team that played CBs. So WG, now check the stats again (if you can), check the amount of teams using RPF in higher lvl competitive gameplay, and consider if it is just a tad, just a little bit on a strong part when every team considers that its mandatory to have it on multiple ships. @Kandly @MrConway Could you be so kind to share the insight of that stats with us, and to give us some more info tl;dr version: read only after bolded part
  2. Should All Radar, Sonar Hydro and Smoke be removed ? I think it would add to more fun gameplay with the need for these. The constant smoke I have seen makes it totally unfair for other ships in the game. If you have 3 ships all using smoke they take it turns to use that smoke from each other and effectively wipe other ships away. In T7 matches the BBs have no location assistance, even when they do get it the CAs are already wise to it and move and before you have a chance to lock on they have reassembled to another locale smoked and off they go again. The gameplay mechancis are flawed with this. The fun is not there, it is not a level playing flield especially on T7 ranked. The Belfast is a T8 ship with its capabilities and far outweighs a ship such as the Myoko in firepower and stealth.
  3. I am currently undecided on the build of z46 and z52 captain skill selection and would like to take some advice from DD captains here. From most of the guides I see on the KM DD have the builds of SE, TAE, SI, CE, PT, LS, AR, PM which makes sense totally. But as a DD hunter with 6.1km concealment, I really would like to take RPF in my build. If works really well with my Loyang. I am thinking of trading out SI + PT to get 4 points for RPF, because usually I find that 3 consumables are enough for randoms and if I ran out of them, I always have the option to transform into pure scout+torp boat in the late game. Most of the guides and builds on the Internet do not use RPF. Has anyone tried out similar DD hunting build with both RPF and SI+PT, and in the end preferred RPF instead of SI+PT? What build do you find the most effective on z46 and z52?
  4. MrWastee

    post your rpf results

    well, gone on my first ride with rpf in t2 testground (yet i refuse to assign skills on the ships i really use ). maybe not the greatest sealclubber match ever, but indeed that not is the really important part of that skill. the important part is, that it is a brainfake lol.... it really accurately showed me the direction of the nearest foe, while it jumping warned me that i not positioned proper and someone else was flanking me. several times it told me this.......... I WOULD'VE BEEN DEAD MEAT WITHOUT THIS SKILL, WHILE PAYING ALMOST NO ATTENTION AT ALL ON MINIMAP.......... M A K E I T G O A W A Y dammit , SKILL DESERVES TO COUNT !!! btw: the first dd was hounted to death with me and another dd. he had absolutely no chance whatsoever. it sucke* and felt ugly and dirty!!!!!!!!
  5. Warderer

    DDs - Concealment expert or RPF

    Hello everyone! Lately i have seen a lot of destroyers on the high tiers with RPF. I have always thought that concealment expert is a must but lately, i get absolutely recked by RPF. Which do you think is better? My only experience with DDs comes from the slightly OP Fletcher and i am thinking of getting the Gearing and trying out RPF on it. I am used to playing the Fletcher very passively. It used to be a great gunboat/torpedo boat mix but with all the hydro, radars and planes on high tiers i play it mostly as a torpedo boat.
  6. So everyone that I know and that has half a brain has now tested the RPF skill. And they all pretty much say what I already knew. Or, factually, that the Radio Positioning Skill strips the game of one of its better mechanics - the finesse of spotting and searching, and of using skill and situational awareness to find and kill concealed ships. It's not that big of a deal. That's what I've heard some say. They're wrong. There's this thing called the law of smaller numbers, or namely, that those numbers eventually add up to one very large number. Or in this case, random crutch mechanics designed to rectify broken parts of the game's general meta (the way smoke and spotting works in the game) eventually add up to a skill-less meta made up of one button actions and passive in game assistance that are misleadingly labeled as "captain skills". It's called lazy developing basically, and I've already seen this ruin one promising title called World of Warplanes. World of Warplanes was easy to play, and hard to master all the way up Beta update 3.1. And then they decided to make it easier to play, with barely anything to master. The idea was to attract less skilled players into the game, but it spectacularly backfired because even causal players get bored of a game that has a skill curve flatter than the Earth had back in the 15th century. And so now they want to mess up ships the same way. And they also say that those who oppose implementation of such skills as RPF are actually the minority. As an educated and intelligent grown up that has already invested lots of time and a fair amount of actual money into the game, all the way from the Alpha Test to now, I say: LET'S FIND OUT. Let's have ourselves a good old fashioned boycott! What's this boycott thing and how do I participate? Well first, you post in this thread saying that you support the cause, and then: - You stop playing the game This means you don't log into the game nor do you play a single battle. - You stop making purchases of WG's in game and premium shop offers You don't buy anything both in game or in the premium shop. I'm just curious to see how many will sign up and if we really are a minority. Maybe this will backfire in my face spectacularly as well, but I would rather try something than go through another WoWP. Anyone interested?
  7. Dark_Havoc

    Mechanika Radiolokacji

    Mityczna Radiolokacja, dawniej nazywało się to RPF (z ang. Radio Position Finding) - umiejętność, która miała zniszczyć klasę niszczycieli uniemożliwiając torpedowanie. Zdolność kapitana, która wywołała mnóstwo kontrowersji wśród graczy i wielkie protesty. Jak działa? 1. Na których okrętach będzie działać RL? Działa na wszystkich okrętach z wyłączeniem lotniskowców. 2. Jaka jest zasada działania radiolokacji? Umiejętność ta daje nam dodatkowy znaczniki wskazujący nam wyłącznie kierunek do NAJBLIŻSZEGO okrętu wroga. Na całe szczęście lub nieszczęście (to zależy kto korzysta) jest to informacja dość niedokładna. Dostajemy informację o jednym z 16 kierunków: Jak widać między każdym z tych kierunków jest dokładnie 22,5° . Wskaźnik RL ma tylko 16 pozycji i tylko je wskazuje. Dobrze to widać w przypadku, gdy wrogi okręt płynie po za zasięgiem wykrycia, ale dość blisko nas. Wtedy wskaźnik wyraźnie przeskakuje z pozycji na pozycję. Jednocześnie namierzony radiolokacją wrogi okręt dostaje informacje, że jest namierzony. Jeśli sami jesteśmy namierzani mamy tym samym informację, że jesteśmy najbliżej okrętu posiadającego kapitana z tą umiejętnością. 3. Jaka jest dokładność radiolokacji? Jak widać wskazania RL różnią się o 22,5 stopnia. Zatem możemy się pomylić o 11,25 stopnia. O jakich wartościach w metrach mówimy? Z prostych wyliczeń trygonometrycznych (hihihi) wynika, że na każde 1000 metrów odległości od celu będziemy się mylić o 199m. Dla typowego spotu niszczyciela mówimy o jakiś 6-8km odległości od celu. Wtedy jeśli wycelujemy działa dokładnie na wskazanie RPF okręt może być 600-800m w prawo lub w lewo od punktu celowania. 4. Triangulacja. To trudne słowo oznacza metodę wyznaczanie pozycji przez PRECYZYJNY pomiar kątów z 2 lub więcej pozycji. W teorii grając w dywizjonie możemy wyznaczyć dokładną pozycję wroga. Porównując 2 wskazania RL możemy wyznaczyć odległość od celu. Z racji błędu będziemy się mylić i to dość dużo. Dla przykładu jeśli oba okręty będą znajdowały się od wroga w odległości 10km to dzięki RL wyznaczymy wrogi okręt w obszarze 1kmx1km - jak widać dla obiektów wielkości 100m jest to ogromna powierzchnia. W dodatku w grze nie podamy koledze DOKŁADNEGO kąta... podejrzewam, że odczytując wprost z mapy mamy szansę na podanie kątów z dokładnością 30 stopni. Co powoduje zwiększenie błędu 3-krotnie. 5. Praktyczne zastosowanie Wszytko to oznacza, że praktycznie nie mamy szans strzelając z dział na trafienie po samym wskaźniku. Jeśli chodzi o torpedowanie też nie jest za dobrze. Trzeba zebrać informację nie tylko o kierunku do celu, ale także o kierunku poruszania się. Strzelanie na RL ma porównywalną skuteczność jak strzelanie w ciemno w dym. W większości przypadków przeciwnik się porusza, w dodatku rzadko kiedy po linii prostej - w końcu ma informację, że jest namierzany. Jeśli jest problem z trafieniem po RL to po co tu używać? Radiolokacja mocno przydaje się w sytuacjach, gdy pole walki się przerzedziło i musimy znaleźć ostatnie jednostki wroga, walczymy z samotnym niszczycielem. Przydatna jest też w wypadku bitew klanowych i rankingowych, gdzie ilość okrętów jest mniejsza - można ustalić na początku gry jakie zamiary ma wrogi zespół. Jednocześnie doświadczony gracz WIE, gdzie może pojawić się wróg, w którym miejscu i czasie spodziewać się niszczyciela, krążownika oraz gdzie MOGĄ znajdować się BBki. 6. Podsumowanie Z pierwszych informacji RL miało zniszczyć balans. Jednak obecnie w bitwach losowych RL spotyka się dość rzadko. Na początku bitwy jest dość bezużyteczny, gdyż w większości przypadków i tak dobrze wiemy, gdzie może się pojawić przeciwnik. Znaczenie RL rośnie wraz z topnieniem sił własnych i wrogich. Pod koniec bitwy może pozwolić na ustawienie się tak, aby zminimalizować szansę na zaskoczenie i zmaksymalizować szansę na zniszczenie przeciwnika. Trzeba się mocno zastanowić czy umiejętność tak droga (4 punkty) jest tego warta. Nawet jak nie macie RL, a wróg ma - dostajemy informację zwrotną. Można wtedy przyjąć, że celują w nas jego działa lub płyną do nas torpedy. Dziękuję za uwagę! Powodzenia w grze!
  8. Butterdoll

    RPF in cruisers

    Well, until now RPF never were use in cruisers (at least that I know of)... And for some time now I'm thinking about it. And I know that only "spots" the general position of the ship that's it's closer to you And I would like to ear your opinions because it's a skill that demands 4 points, so not very cheap. the advantages I got in mind are. 1) they will never suspect of the cruiser when you are in a flank with other ships or with a dd close by. (general use) 2) it would helps triangulate the ship position more accurate, when you are with other dd. (general use) 3) when the cv it's in danger of a lurking dd, or other ship. (specific use) 4) It Will help if a red ship enter your lines, and if it is a dd you will have much less trouble in the cat and mouse game. (specific use) 5) With RPF together with MM information you can buff your concealment, you can "see" a ship's there and if you can't spot to a certain point that only can be certain ships (that will spot you first like dds, cruisers and some BBs) and then it's up to you what to do. (general use)