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Found 2 results

  1. The question is clear. How can a DD escape from air rocket attack? A DD has the option of meneuvering against bombers and torpedos (I dont understand why WG developers hardening the bombers though.).But... What about rockets? According to my game experiences i can definitely say that DD's have nothing to defend themselves from rocket attacks. Smoke? No. The time you have after rocket planes spot you is not enough to set smoke and change your position in it. So the CV can easily aim on your position and hit you with at least 7-8 k dmg. Beside that, usual of DDs have only 3 smokes but CVs do not have a plane limit. ( Please do not sing about their limited planes because the limit over 90 planes means they are unlimited) AA? Definitely not. One of the best AA is on Grozovoi and that makes only kill more planes. But loosing planes has no negative results for CV play. Same fire power, same speed, same ability to spam new planes... So killing planes with AA is not a way to escape from air attacks. When i play with a DD, i have to avoid being spotted, air attakcs, HE shells, torps etc... If so, what a CV player have to avoid? I know that CV player is not have to worry about loosing planes, sneaking DD attacks, gun fire, air attacks, being set on fire... There must be a way because this is a game and in a game the opponents should have equal oportunities against each other. And if i m not in a missunderstand, WoWS is a game in which opponents should also have equal oportunities..So what is a DDs option against CV rocket attacks? Please clarify me.
  2. Randathamane

    So, The carrier rework then...

    Here is a simple poll for the community regarding the aircraft carrier rework. Simple question, is it better now or has it been broken?