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Found 5 results

  1. Die CHURCH OF RNGESUS [CORNG] sucht aktuell neue Mitstreiter für Clangefechte und Divisionen. Wir sind ein Clan, der in WoWs mit göttlicher Unterstützung die Weltmeere unsicher macht. Unser größter Trumpf ist unsere direkte Verbindung zu RNGesus, dem Herrn der Detonationen und Troll-Zitas. Wir sind somit das "Sammelbecken" für Alle, die dem Herrn RNGesus hörig sind (oder sein wollen) und ihm bei jeder Gelegenheit huldigen und lobpreisen. Wir suchen Spieler für unsere heilige Kirche, deren Statistiken idealerweise zu unserem Durchschnitt passen: CORNG Clan-Statistik Ihr solltet das Spiel regelmäßig spielen und gleichermaßen Interesse an Divisionsfahrten in Zufallsgefechten, sowie Teilnahme an den Clangefechten haben. Neben der spielerischen zählt selbstverständlich auch die soziale Komponente. Fragt uns und wir laden euch sehr gerne auf unseren CORNG-Discord-Server ein, damit Ihr mit verschiedenen Spielern von uns ein paar Gefechte spielen könnt. Dadurch schauen wir, ob Ihr zu uns passt und ihr erkennt, ob wir zu euch passen. Wir legen einen hohen Wert auf regelmäßige Aktivität im Discord. Auch wir spielen aus Spaß am Spiel. Allerdings wollen wir gemeinsam Erfolge feiern und uns stetig verbessern. Reine „Eipley4phun“ Spieler bzw. Aluhutträger sind bei uns verkehrt. Premium verbessert auch kein Matchmaking. Nur die Mitgliedschaft und somit die erhaltene Weihe durch die heilige Kirche des RNGesus verbessert das MM und erhöht die Winrate automatisch. Zudem wird die Chance auf den Erhalt von Supercontainern immens gesteigert (diese Behauptung vertritt nicht die Meinung von WG ). Also ziert euch nicht, bewerbt euch und werdet Anwärter auf die heilige Kommunion. Gerne könnt ihr uns anschreiben, wenn ihr Fragen zum Clan oder zu der Mitgliedschaft habt: Minomezz, belalugoisdead, Claire_Grube0815, Nalfein_71
  2. I'm hoping to have a civilized discussion about current high-tier CV gameplay. I'm not suggesting anything that would be yet-another-rework - I'm sick of those. I'd just like to see some consistency other than consistent losses and salt mine MM. I'm on a ~20 battle Essex lose-streak right now. CV mechanics seems to have become very heavily RNG-based. I don't want to have ships that are there as a nice fantasy only to make you lose interest and incentivize grinding other branches. I don't claim to be a good CV player, (going by overall stats, I guess I'm average - save me the "git gud kid" lecture, skills an practice will only get you so far on a less-than stellar PC with the current net-code and UI fluidity). However, I get thrown into matches where (1) my strafes are extremely ineffective, from every angle, while the enemy decimates me even on head-on strafes with few planes in their squadron; (2) my planes get chewed up by outer AA auras while the enemy seems to be able to loiter above multiple targets to line up good runs. I can't go spot because even destroyer AA wrecks my planes in a matter of seconds; I can't do much damage because even average T7 battleship AA widens my drops. If this was a flash in the pan, offset by meh games or ones where it's the other way around, I'd say "screw it, grind through, wait it out" - but loss after loss after loss it's the exact same symptoms from different people. I know that (1) people play strangely when they're focusing on weird achievements and that (2) the still new Steam users are making their way up to top tiers and they're offsetting baseline competence and may be throwing the meta off, but come one! Most of the time it feels like a combination of insane RNG disparity and a good deal of de-sync: I get pings of 30-37 ms, but enemy planes often dodge my strafes at the last second and I lose 3 planes as soon as their strafe appears to start (and I try to be tricky, but it's like they have a sixth sense or they see things a fraction of a second sooner). Visuals are jerky, even on reduced graphics (medium / DX9 / small object animations OFF). FPS drops when side-scrolling or setting up manual attack runs. (For the record, I'm running an AMD FX 8350 with 8GB DDR3 and an AMD Radeon HD 7850 - I keep my software up to date, clean and light - no bloatware utilities, no snake-oil optimizations, etc). I seem to be doing OK with mid-tier CVs like Hiryu or Saipan, it's higher tiers that seem to be a constant pain. On my Essex, I dropped from decent matches and a ~50% win-rate to constant utter sh*tshows and a 42% win-rate. I sold my Lexington, even though I bought her permanent camo, because of pretty much the same experience, constant up-tiered MM to T10, and not wanting to have my stats and memories with her tarnished (plus I needed the captain on the Essex). I know there are probably plenty of things I'm doing wrong, but for the last few dozen high tier games I'm getting punished ridiculously, while the enemy teams seem to get a pass. I suspect WG gathering much richer player-performance-related data than stat-tracking sites do, to then use for match-making. It would make sense. I figure it's well within the realm of possibility that seemingly equal teams are pitted against each other in fact in a way that one team has a clear situational advantage: (1) more competent players who are likely to lane with decent AA cover everywhere (2) better spotting, better charging, better surviving DDs (3) more accurate, more aware, quick-to-click-planes, competent hydro- and radar-using cruisers (4) non-campy/non-potato/non-lemming BBs. I started using Matchmaking Monitor to figure out what the hell is going on, but I don't mean to sound like a stat-whore. In fact if anything, MM seems to have tilted scales based on much more than the superficial stats gauged by tracking sites: below-average players charging better, benefiting from reduced damage, have better AA RNG while even our average or above average players do nothing but camp and disperse from the spawn and then are force to play defensive. Just to be clear, this would be par for the course if I'd see this randomly, every now and then, on any ship, but I get this almost constantly in CV, to the point where running in a division doesn't seem to balance anything either. It doesn't matter where I spot, it doesn't matter who I protect, it doesn't matter who I bomb, it's most often like an uphill battle while our team's just there for target practice. Could we PLEASE have lesser RNG variance for CVs??? At least for those that have lost their different loadouts. It used to be the case that you were at the mercy of MM due to the choice of loadout you made before hitting "BATTLE", but now you're at the mercy of MM setting you up for an "R"NG roast.
  3. MrConway

    Random December Challenge

    Captains, Those of you that watched @Crysantos and myself streaming last week might have seen our spontaneous December Challenge already, if you haven't, here it is! Challenge: While driving the Bismarck detonate the HMS Hood or while driving the Hood get detonated by the Bismarck Battle has to have taken place in December 2017 Random battles only Friendly-fire incidents not admissible No shenanigans! The first person to submit a valid entry will win. Send your replay via PM to @MrConway and @Crysantos or to /u/_mr_conway_ on reddit Prize: FAQ: Do you know how hard this is? Yes Do you know how RNG-dependent this is? Yes Are you serious? Mostly Could you not come up with a better challenge? I blame @Crysantos and especially Twitch chat for this silly challenge If nobody wins the December challenge, we will issue a new one for the code in January
  4. M4rsh4L

    Desafío aleatorio - Diciembre

    Si sabéis algo de historia naval, supongo que sabréis qué le ocurrió al HMS Hood cuando conoció al Bismarck, ¿verdad? Si lográis recrear la historia (más bien el fatal destino) en una batalla aleatoria, y le enviáis la replay a los community contributor MrConway o Crysantos, tanto por mensaje privado en este foro o por reddit, ANTES QUE NADIE, ganáis directamente una tarjeta que incluye: Tirpitz + Atlanta + 30 días premium + 5000 doblones + 2 espacios en el puerto + 100 camuflajes de la comunidad + Bandera de la comunidad Hablando más claro, el desafío consiste en: Juega el Bismarck y consigue DETONAR al HMS Hood o Juega el HMS Hood y sé detonado por un Bismarck. La batalla debe ocurrir durante el mes de Diciembre. Sólo en batallas aleatorias. Sólo a barcos enemigos (fuego amigo es intolerable) Nada de Shenanigans (engaños, apaños, actos clandestinos, ...) Envia la REPLAY por mensaje privado a @MrConway y @Crysantos o por Reddit a MrConway . El primero en enviar la replay, gana. Supongo que sabréis que esto es casi tan complicado como acertar la lotería, pero si por un casual os ocurre ... Si no hay nadie que logre el desafío, el premio se colocará para el desafío del mes siguiente. Buena caza!! Fuente original:
  5. OK, I want to address the elephant in the room at the moment: some classes just aren't enjoyable to play at lower levels. This is where the new players come in, this is where the whales get their content, the poor bloody tomatoes like me. If the game isn't fun, we leave, and then the whales stop paying. Seriously, how is this not the rank 1 priority for the designers? TLR: low tiers suck, what do? The only class that has consistently hit the sweet spot at low levels is Cruisers. Cruisers are almost always fun. Rapid fire guns that are able to pen some oppenents with AP without the overmatching [edited]BBs have to worry about, possibly launch torps, all while protecting your fleet from aircraft and destroyers. They've got a defined role and are agile enough to actually dodge. They have enough armour to bounce some shots from Destroyers or, if well-angled, other Cruisers, but not so much as to make them invulnerable flat-on. Everything can hurt them, but they can hurt everything back. You never feel like you've got literally no chance in any fight. Destoyers: the weird is strong with this one. Destroyers are a very all-or-nothing class due to no armour, no HP and having to close to suicidal ranges. From my play, you either go big or die like a dog, thanks to lack of spotting information. It's actually a lot of fun to buzz around like a mosquito. You've got a nasty bite with your laser-guided torpedoes (unless you're low-tier Russian), you've got an invisibility cloak because Bigworld engine, you've got terrible/great guns depending on country. You'll win vs BBs every time unless the RNG decides to screw you, and CVs can only beat you if they have spare planes buzzing about about above them and they luck out. So you're a sure win, what's wrong? One-hit kills aren't fun. Anyone who's played WoT can tell you that. You're also insanely reliant on whether your opponent has That One Skill that lets them know if they're spotted, That skill determines whether you kill them with ease or get an actual fight if you're a torpedo-chucker (ie, you've got a torp range longer than your spotted range). If you're a gun boat, better pray its a BB or CV you're hunting, Exciting sometimes but, rather like the invisible TDs in WoT, not always fun to play as and not fun at all to play against. Battleships, on the other hand, have none of these things that make the previous classes fun. They fire twice a minute, and are totally, completely and utterly at the mercy of the RNG. I've just come form a game where I straddled another battleship at tier 4 front and rear from one turret at 3 km, broadside on, and also nailed a dodging cruiser at 21m (admittedly for no damage because screw me apparently). It's atrocious how unreliable the guns are. Suposed fixes have done jack to this problem. Secondaries are even less accurate and completely beyond your control. Add the facts that they're lumbering brutes that steer like barges and apparently spent their entire operational careers on fire, it doesn't make for enjoyable gameplay. Cruisers eat BBs for breakfast unless A) the cruiser captain sucks or B) citadels happen. And RNG is what decides the latter, not the player. You can aim all day and fire with pinpoint precision, but the computer is the one deciding whether it'll let you get the big numbers you play BBs for. It removes your sense of control. Thanks to the slow-firing, unreliable guns, once a Cruiser or Destroyer closes to within 10km, Battleships never feel like they're going to win. It's going to be RNG or others incompetence that lets you win, not your skills as a captain. I actually want to enjoy BBs, they're what brought me to this game, but when you basically can't determine where your shots land, it's not fun. Finally, you should never get no damage on any ship when firing a 14" gun straight through them. Reduced damge, yeah I can see that, but none? If I lob a 14" shell through the entire length of a Destroyer front to stern at 2.5km, it should do more than make a dinging noise. What am I firing at them, pillows? Carriers: these are either God Of The Sea. or uttely pathetic wastes of a slot. No inbetween. Tier and upgrade difference screw this class beyond every other, and performing perhaps three-to-five actions per minute (which you can do and still be a contributor to the game) doesn't really excite anyone. Locking Fighters in combat once they get caught just screws lower tiered oppostion or the Japanese, because apparently WG forgot how to balance countries again. Torpedo Bombers are just better than Dive Bombers and anything is better than having Fighters, certain carriers are worthless (Bogue, looking at you), aircraft kills make little-to-no XP and they're the only class that can run out of ammo, because reasons. The loadouts are another problem. Fighter loadouts might be better for the team, but they're dumb for the iniividual as they give sod-all XP and only screw over CVs and (once they've swatted down the opposition thanks to the crappy fighter mechanics) Destroyers due to permanently spotting them. Unless you've been paired against a higher-tier CV, in which case their bomber-gunners will kill your fighters and you're now useless. Suicide loadouts are terrible too, as they just give free (if crappy) xp to any other carrier captain who brought a "balanced" loadout. Add all this to the fact that they're the only class to have entire ship classes designed to screw them. Sound fun? Me neither. Also: Why is Situational Awareness still a Commander Skill? Seriously, this is stupid. It's supposed to be a always-on ability of the Radio Operator in WoT for years now, and that Certain Other Tank Game shows how it works very well. Make knowing if you're spotted a standard thing. Despite having some training as a Games Designer, I have no idea how the Devs are going to address these issues. I just hope they do listen to feedback, since that's what this is. These semi-rants are from me and a few other people who I've tried to introduce to the game, but they can't stand some of the classes and feel like they've no real control, They don;t progress past Tier 3, maybe 4 before just quitting due to rage over bad mechanics. I've been playing WoT for about 4 years now and am willing to give the devs the benefit of the doubt for now, but it's getting hard now a Certain Other Tank game is online and showing progress and a Certain Other War Game is gearing up for its naval expansion. Anyone else got thoughts on how to improve low tiers?