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Found 63 results

  1. [SPAM-] Sexy Pantsu Armored Militia Team SPAM- est un groupe multigaming avec comme socle commun wows ouvert sur les jeux suivant GTFO /HALO / BDO et Monster Hunter pour l'instant. Liste des Responsables du clan Responsable discord : Youti_God_of_Pantsu Modérateur discord : Elitefatal / In_the_Navy / UnicornGall / Nardof /NoSkill_All_Luck/redspirit69 Notre hymne Objectif du clan Pour le FFA/opération/coop : Play for fun Division loufoque Aucun entrainement Aucun style/méta de jeux imposé Pour CB wows : Clan battle : récompense ligue tempête Les bonus wows Critère de recrutement - Discord obligatoire Il est recommandé pour une meilleure intégration dans le clan wows d'avoir : - stat en progression - 3500 partie mini - 5 tier 8 non premium - Présence discord 2 jours mini - Pour participer au CB avoir un Tier 10 croiseur ou CA + stat moyenne (53%) Période d’essai 2 semaines pour avoir le tag ingame Toutes les autres candidatures seront étudiées Ouvert au recrutement aussi sur GTFO /HALO / BDO / Monster Hunter , vous n’êtes pas obliger d'appartenir au clan wows pour rentrer dans la team SPAM-. Diplomatie / extérieur Pour infos : - Ce n'est pas la peine de nous proposer des entrainements . - Nous accepterons toute confrontation fun avec règle drôle ou autre. Sinon le discord reste ouvert a tous les autres tant qu'ils respectent les règles établies du discord de clan. Conclusions Nous ne pouvons pas croire ce que nous ressentons quand nous sommes sur wows, Nos folies font disparaître la tristesse, Alors prenez vos navires, n'ayez pas peur de montrer votre talent, Spamons le monde avec les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel, Propageons nos créations et noyez le forum de nos délires, N'ayez pas peur d'essayer un angle différent, Parfois, les idées peuvent provenir des yolostyle, Nous serons votre guide, suivez-nous dans une aventure, Nous allons conquérir les esprits et étonner le monde ensemble, Nos bêtises ressemblent au paradis, Un tel yolo skill est un joli cadeau à voir, J'espère qu'un jour nous partagerons des souvenirs, Tu spam le monde et nous jouerons nos mélodies.
  2. Knutorius

    The Last Salvo Phenomenon

    It's something I have witnessed a lot lately and which I find quite interesting, though in reality very frustrating. You know that moment, where you've fired a couple of shots at the enemy, released your massive load of torpedos (#balanced) , dodged massive amounts of incoming fire, made it out alive, laughed the enemy in the face.. And that moment you go undetected, or made it out of range, hid into smoke.. Out of nowhere a last, devestating salvo of pain arrives on a cloud of anger.. ..delivering citadel hits, fires, destroyed modules, massive damage and you're like What the f#+k!! I almost made it! Where did that come from?! arrgh (pain!) What do you think, gents? Has that happened to you?
  3. Hello People! After 4 years playing this game, I started to realize some little aspects that may be hard to find if you dont stop to think about them...It all started with Puerto Rico and the way that WG shutted it up our asses and didnt even apologize...than I went back to some Poker on line games and realize that at start I was winning a lot and as I was getting up the ladder I started to loose to lower levels and newcomers… And it strike me like a bolt...why not? wich is the best way to get players hooked if not by winning at the begnning of a game? Do you all remenber the first devastating strike? Wow!!! What a feeling...Great we are good at this, ...so you spend time, you spend Money, you belong to the community, they own you! But in their business program, they are so sure you are stupid that they take it a little further, and do something they told you they wouldnt: sell you a crappy tier x for a lot!!! of Money...than some little slaves came and try to justify it, no way! was too visible...WG never stood along with their blood(us) and never show their face...big mistake, made us all feel like cannon meat. The good thing was it also made some of us to keep an alert on the way they run this game. So it comes to a big mistery called RNG...why do you strike a ship with a salvo and it goes down at 16 k? why you cant get a citadel at 4 K?....Easy answer: what happens to players that continously loose? they will look for something else, no one likes to be a looser in real life, and in a virtual game? WG made a process that newcomers players have na advantage...so when you miss all this citadels at 4 k, wasnt you...its the game running its own rule of survivance, keep the players comming, and the Money too! Aside of all I have been keeping the records of my dayly rates win/defeat...shall we have another article about that?? Everybody would be surprised…(just a hint; for 3 and an half years my stats are the same….got it on papers, after 15.725 battles still alwayas 48.25...no more no less! I have never been soo balanced in my real life...Thank you Wargaming!!!
  4. As per the title, did any of you experienced "funny" bot behaviour? Almost like being "flagged" by the game? Targeted WAY more than usual and under quite "strange" circumstances?. I'm asking because..... it seems to me that I got somehow "flagged" by the game:) And it doesn't "started" yesterday, but it is ongoing for quite some time now and even if for a while made me smile, ....got kinda annoying... Come on WG, 'm not doing even half of the things that I could.:)... Be nice!!:): )...
  5. This is long post, but I think it’s worth the read. If you want to just check it fast, look only at bolded text First few words of me. What I’m not happy with is how WG have changed to aggressive and hostile marketing as their primary goal. Every event and action seems to be aimed at milking players instead of upkeeping a good game and considering the players their customers. This is combination of several factors: First, but perhaps least, massively overpriced things. RNG. RNG and then some more RNG. Recently almost everything has been RNG based. First of all, this is bad in general. Having different reward for the same work is just plainly bad. Unpredictability of what is needed to be done. When rewards are tied to RNG there is no way of planning how much time and effort you need to contribute for a given reward/event. Whole system have changed to gambling. Unclear and unnecessary complicated mechanism that are made to confuse and obfuscate customers to spend money. WG has been also forcing early spending on players. Being able to compensate with money afterwards to fulfill missions is one of least toxic things here. It allows players to pay some (often too much) to not waste their effort when they for some reason they can’t finish the directive/mission. Practically impossible to do missions belong also to this category of misleading. Time gating everything is bad. It changes lot of otherwise good and nice events to grind fest that no longer are fun. Double points for overlapping events that can’t be done same time. Media talk and explanations that degrade players and which show either WG is out of touch with many players or they don’t care. Or care only enough to come up with sorry excuses. We could also add commander reset mess milk up here. Combination of these is very toxic aggressive marketing scheme. Not good kind of marketing where customer feels appreciated and is happy to give away money, but bad kind of marketing where customer no longer feels like customer, but milking cow that is milked to it’s death. System is made to take advantage on peoples gambling habit, force to early uncertain expenditure to milk with sunken cost and confuse the real price tag. System where every ”free gift” comes with a hook. I might not have been ”whale” level customer, but I have given my fair share of money to WG. At least I was a happy porpoise. I was clad to give when I felt I was treated as a customer and WG was doing their best to make a good game. For few years they were doing well. Recently I have not felt like an appreciated customer. I have felt that marketing has taken the front seat. It feels like direction of the game, decisions, events and even balance choices are dictated by marketing department, not by game designers. I’m pretty sure somewhere there is a excel sheet saying current system is bringing in more money than older system, but I’m not sure it has column for player happiness. I will continue to play, because I like this game, but my expenditure have gone down fast. WG, you have good game here, try to keep it that way. Do not drive your customers away with aggressive hostile toxic marketing (and badly balanced ”improvements”, I’m looking at you subs). Give me a reason to give you money, and I will happily do it, but first you need to refind early company that loved their game and loved their customers, not the marketing excel sheet. If you treat your customers as a milking cows we are going to fight hoof and horn to protect our udders. Keep us happy and let us feel appreciated and we will give you money freely. ps. I would appreciate if some someone from WG could forward this feedback to higher ups. Better yet also comment here on your point of view of above things. @MrConway @Crysantos
  6. Karma /ˈkɑːmə,ˈkəːmə/ noun (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. In plain words, Karma can be broken down to: "Do good and good will come to you". I'd like to see this mechanic finally implemented into the game, and I have the following suggestion: Let Karma influence the chances of the various randomized reward systems in the game. Examples: Super Container drop chances, early access ships drop chances, chances to get to rewards from various slot machines, maybe even augment the amounts of coal and steel given each day, similar to clan bonusses. All of us (including the devs) want a healthy and non-toxic community, none of us likes to play with bot-players and AFKers, and pretty much all of us are fed up with the low drop-rates and/or lacklustre rewards of the recent directives/events. A system that rewards teamwork, good gameplay, politeness and general helpfulness could improve (not solve!) many different issues that are plaguing the game right now, in what amounts to a win-win situation for everyone: Players try to be less toxic (although the WoWs community is already pretty civil, in my opinion), and some may even try to play better. For that, their rewards will improve, and in turn there will be less reason to complain. A big circle of awesome. And all of this will fit into the basic definition of Karma, as stated above, and will not influence the skill based systems, or the basic gameplay, in any way. This should also be about positive reinforcement, not punishment, so if you sit at 0 Karma, you won't notice a difference to the current RNG. Karma's influence should also be just big enough for players to notice a difference, but not so big that it can be abused (like two mates upvoting each other until they get a SC every drop or something) - I am sure the devs can work this out by looking at their spreadsheets. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?
  7. Sturmsee

    The Truth About Ranked

    This Ranked season was the worst disaster I heard. Let me get this out first: I am NOT opposed to MM radar ship imbalance, not to SMOLs, nor CVs or to making whales happy at some cost to everyone else. This is also NOT about the last star and the behavior it incentivizes. All good. There is a lot to be said about all this. Not now. But WG whatever you did to Ranked, you should own up to it, let us know and then move on to a better future. I know some feel that it was always bad, I am not talking about the same bad possibly, and if you have decided to only play to 10 and then stop, you would obviously not have seen the C-beams, right, not this time. And if you remember the first Ranked season, you are also of no help because hopefully you are a sunicum. I am talking for the normal to good players. It’s possible that there is no fix. Maybe nobody understands the ML anymore that drives MM. But honesty about what happened might be the best way to, well, keep players in the game. Everyone I know is frustrated to the hilt about this Ranked season. There is always frustration with Ranked, of course. But it should be easy to see in your stats that I am right. Maybe if you look at it as "retention" its awesome that people are held within one rank zone forever. They keep grinding and the game alive. I sure payed real money to try to find different angles. But you lose them. If a poster here feels like piling on, and we are just all bad for whining, and have bad stats, hold it. No matter if you are so good at it, or just co-incidentally fit the luckier patterns MM rewards in your play style, or play at the right times of day: it’s not about you. I guarantee the confusion these weeks was common place. It was always toxic. It wasn’t senseless. And Gulv, this is not about WR. Particularly not about your WR. Try for once not to pull it there. I can explain WR to you another day. Ranked or not, most people can’t carry if the entire team tanks, even if they are decent players. My last 4 games in Ranked saw my team wiped out 1:7, 1:6, 1:7, 3:7. It was just a funny, fitting cap. Even if I was the worst player, this makes no sense. And I did, in all four, play with and for the team, with success on the wing we were, without outnumbering the reds. If you can't believe this, fine, don't, go away. It was just a fitting end to it. Nothing that I can do to end the losing streak. If it proves one thing for good: MM is not random. Of course it is not, because random would mean you would have different numbers of each ship type in every game. Of course you expect MM to NOT be random in that regard. It does not end there though. And how is it that the reds tend to have more radar ships more often? Really just an illusion? The problem very likely is that MM is ‘too clever’ but according to the stats seems to be doing a great job. It does not. At least not if making players happy is a goal. You are letting your AI crush a great game mode blinded by the numbers. I had streaks of 10 wins straight, statistically an impossibility if MM was in any way ‘fair.’ And streaks that long losing. The Ranked explainer video refers to losing streaks. It recommends to change the ship. Did work for me for 10 battles or so. The clip does not mention winning streaks. But why is this even a topic? By what logic do I fare better just by changing the ship? Could be benign. Could be a hint to why it’s so broken. Like not admitting some ships are OP and trying to find a clever way to prevent everyone using only that ship. This is just an example, I am not assuming this is the case. Just illustrating there could be good reasons. Or just forcing you to invest more in ships. I did. So this might cynically mean that 'it worked just fine.' But can you just say what the rules are? The feeling everyone seems to have is that the outcome of a match is predetermined going in. If it’s decided against your team, you will just not be able to score. I don’t quite agree, I think I can sense meanwhile where the occasions to turn the tide against the odds are. Before everyone and their dog start dying. But it only works when there is at least one more decent player in the team. I would not be surprised anymore if in fact there was a meta-RNG going on that decides which team will win on a much higher level than shots fired. One guy reported that of his 20 pals who always make it to #1, this time only one managed. Winning had become a complete gamble with no relation to your play left. But maybe we are all just stupid. Maybe sometimes MM switches to put you into an abysmal team and does that until you managed to preserve a star by scoring best. To filter out bandwagon riders. Wouldn't that make a lot of sense? Again not saying this is so, just making the point there could be good and smart reasons to do things. Could even be smart to not tell people so they can't duck it somehow. But don't be too smart. Who is to take it seriously then. People whine about MM a lot. But after thousands of games you start to have a feel how a SHIMA should melt under your hits, or a BB should light up. When it just doesn’t happen and others in the same game report the same feel of impenetrable opponents — it sure feels like RNG is, let’s say, dynamic. There are games where you hit but just don’t score. And then its reversed and the reds fall apart. It’s too extreme to be fun because of course it taints your wins, too. There is hardly a way to prove any single notion of this. Also, I can imagine a situation where manipulating MM and RNG to keep newbies happy enough and prevent people from all sailing SMOLs might make perfect sense. Fair enough. But you completely f* it up. Whatever you tried, it did not work. From what I hear, you are losing more folks than you are successfully trapping in the grind. Once it becomes clear that it’s too badly rigged, there is little incentive left to play. People now give the tip to only play to level 10. I know how fast my clan mates have learned to give up on Ranked. I can imagine that it might be very hard to judge how well ML works and you might have created an off-kilter feedback loop, it is obvious, where. I know you do the survey. I just hope enough people will speak up and bring the prior degree of survivable radioactivity back to Ranked. Or if you keep it the way it is at least tell us what the rules are.
  8. I mean seriously... what the F is going on with all the "chances" of getting something lately? Why is WG forcing the gambling so much upon the players? I'm perfectly fine with premium stuff and the need to pay for it. You have a XXXXX ship and it costs XXXXX doubloons. There is an exact price for that particular ship or whatever it is (doesn't even need to be a ship). But when you're buying premium containers with doubloons (real money) and you get a freakin' chance to get a ship or something else... that's just nonsense. I'm not even affected personally because I would NEVER EVER gamble with such BS offers from WG, thank you very much. But it does strike a nerve when this is becoming a standard way of pushing the "new exciting stuff". And then they will gladly repeat how they listen to the players and try their best to make the game the better place for all. Bunch of BS. Nobody ever asked for RB, nobody ever asked for gambling with virtual boxes for a chance of getting something. Just drop it FFS. Come up with a simple system where you know exactly what you're getting and how much it costs. Then the player can evaluate if that's worth it or not. It's fair and square. And we perfectly now that those chances are slim to none anyways. We had plenty of players (even on YouTube) opening dozens and dozens of boxes during last 'French Destroyer" update and getting nothing out of it. Then you have to purchase bloody premium boxes for "a better chance" of getting something. Then you chances probably increase from 0.2% to 2%. Yeah, we can only assume that based on our experiences because you'll never give us even approximate chance % of getting something. TL;DR: Premium stuff for real money is fine as long as you know what you're getting for that specific amount. Forcing gambling for "a chance" or "a better chance" of getting something with stupid (premium) containers is a bunch of BS.
  9. When talking about "RNG", "chance", "probabilities", etc., many misinterpretations are made. "That is only natural". Mistakes are made, imo, because the math regarding 'random' is different to what most people know and correctly use every day. This can lead to frustration and anger about RNG, MM, fire chance, etc. Plz, let me try to explain how to avoid this... NO WORRIES... i will not bother you with boring math. With all things "RANDOM" ... to avoid frustration may I suggest you simply try and remember that "all things random" are strange, counterintuitive, and that the 'chances' are other than they appear. If you look at them the same way you use everyday math, they seem "deceiving". You might even feel like someone is cheating on you. Actually it's more like a 'misunderstanding'. As a 'rule of thumb' what can help to avoid frustration: simply lower your expectations, e.g. when you look at the numbers. Drastically! Basically that's it. It's that simple, really : ) Oh, ... and don't get into the math if you don't need it for work, school or science. Or, of course, if you feel so inclined ; ) (I wouldn't have, but for it's too late for me - and now i have Statistics Stockholm Syndrome aaaaaaaaaaaargh ;->) More? Ok, here's a simple example (No worries, still not explaining math. Promised! For those of you who have been frustrated by statistics and numbers on probabilities: I hope you can now avoid frustration and have more fun - with the game and elsewhere. For those of you who, like me, have some understanding of stochastic, statistics and the math 'behind it': I hope you can now understand a little better how people get frustrated and angry, and be less frustrated by that and have more fun - with the game and elsewhere. For those of you who are (probably, haha) far more proficient in this field: I hope to have at least entertained you a little and not embarrassed myself to blatantly ; ) Fair seas and good hunting. Regards, HentaiSquirrel (xkcd.com)
  10. As the topic says, I've bought 14 premium French DD containers, all of them containing a few dubloons, ingame cash and some camos... I have also received 20+ regular french DD containers for doing missions etc. NOT ONE SINGLE mission to get a friggin DD! Is it just me and my luck being absolute crap, or is the chance to actually get one of these missions st00pid low? Needless to say, without one single friggin French DD, I will never get any of the "freemiums" you get for completing orders and buying crates or "Legion of Honor" bundles. I'm actually feeling quite a bit more than annoyed about this right about now This is fu**ing bullsh*t WG! Do not expect me to buy any more stupid crates or other premium stuff in a while
  11. bzerkur

    Battleship RNG

    Hi all, I play alot of battleships and for the most games seem to do jack damage and scoring very few to none at all citadels on cruisers sitting between 5 and 15km away even with most of my ap shots hitting (ie: in the montana fired 3 volleys at a broadside hind at 10km scored 18 pens with 8k damage total). But then there are those game occasionally where it doesn't matter how bad my shooting may be I will pretty much score a citadel with every volley. is this happening to anyone else and am i doing something wrong?
  12. WujekJeff

    Nasze "osiongniencia"

    Hej, W związku z zamykaniem płacz tematów, proponuję podejście z humorem do tematów, które na co dzień nas frustrują w WOWS.
  13. KapteinSabeltann

    Has the North Carolina guns changed?

    So I'm just going to ask. Lately, and subjectively to me, the North Cals guns seems unreliable and inconsistent. I feel almost more confident in my Bismarck guns then I do in the North Cal's. I am talking entire games with bad performance, and at easy targets - like broadside cruisers and BB's at sub 15-KM ranges. I havent read anything of any changes to her announced by WG, and my personal experience with her isn't very high. I had a friend test her and he was getting really frustrated in games coming back supporting my experience. I'm partially reminded about the issue with the Missouri where ppl started complaining about her, and WG dismissing it but the complaints kept piling on until WG started looking at her in order to see if something was indeed off. I don't know what the conlusions rgd that was but it sprung to mind when I was losing patience with NC guns. Anyone experienced US BB players that can weight in and enlighten me?
  14. "Good accuracy makes landing consistent salvos quite easy" This is blatant misleading publicity Accurate? This can only be a bad joke. Consistent? This is true. You will consistently miss salvos. Richelieu is more accurate and consistent. Alsace is more accurate and consistent. Republique is not accurate. It's not consistent. You cannot go bow on like in both previous tiers. You have to give broadside to fire more than 4 shells. flanking would work with this ship but since you can't hit anything with it, it's basically useless. Correct Tiers: Tier X Alsace Tier IX Richelieu Tier VIII Republique By saying Republique is "accurate" and "consistent" you can only be making fun of us, right? From what i'm experiencing, with every type of tactic, it just feels MUCH inferior to Alsace and Richelieu. Am i missing something or this ship is a crap Tier X? OK I've learned to play it by now but it's not better (or worst) than Alsace, just different.
  15. Mangrey

    Burn it all

    So after watching this: how can Wg still think that fire aint OP as f**k, it makes the intire game stall. (It motivates camping) Mang
  16. These screenshots are taken from my latest match. As I am grinding the Legendary Modules for each T10 I have, I might as well get some tasks done along the way, that I didn't do before- but there's one in particular I feel, I simply can't get by. Get 12 fires or floodings, be at the top of the scoreboard on your team, and WIN. These are the criteria. And while they might seem fair to most, every last one of them comes down to how lucky you are, and not how good you are - because a crap team almost always = a loss, fire flags etc. for more fires are still RNG based, and so on. I follow Flambass, Flamu, Jingles and so on on youtube, and I noticed Flambass had some severe problems with this task as well, because he almost always got 2/3 criteria per match, but because of either RNG or less-than-average player decisions, he either lost the match, didn't get enough fires or floods etc. - and he's a much better DD player than me... :D I'd rather have those "win" criteria removed from those kind of RNG based tasks with more than 2 criterias, so that even if you lose, but had a game like the one I had with almost 300k dmg, enough XP and fires/floods, you don't get 'punished' further, for having bad luck with the MM :P Killing 2 DDs in a CL/CA and getting a win in the same game is WAY easier than this :D And I know - it probably sounds like I just want the game to be easy to get through, but no, I'm fine with most aspects of the game and its mechanics - but considering how seldom games like these occur for the avg. player (and me too with the fire/flood numbers, not to mention the dmg) it might be something to look into :) So just a suggestion. not ordering WG to do anything specific :P
  17. JymmBlack

    Calcul du RNG

    Question : j'ai cherché (peut-être mal) mais je n'ai pas trouvé la formule de calcul du RNG dans WoWs. Est ce qu'elle est connue, et disponible quelque part ? J'imagine que oui, je me souviens que dans Eve par exemple les mécanismes gérant la façon dont les "touches" se produisent était parfaitement détaillé (je vais pas m'étendre là dessus, ne serait ce que parce que quelqu'un comme @Daide ou n'importe quel membre des SN-FR pourrait faire un exposé magistral sur le sujet !). Si quelqu'un sait où la trouver, je suis preneur.
  18. Howdy captains First off i would like to apologise to anyone i have insulted lately, and there have been more than a few, the reasons for this are the reason for this topic. As we are no doubt all aware each individual players game experience will differ from everyone else and my own recent experience has been somewhat lacking. As an example - my last game just a few minutes ago went as most of my games go lately. I was in the Belfast which as we know is a terror for DD players and OP as hell....so game starts and with a DD spawning near me we rush towards the nearest cap, our DD to cap and me to support and try to kill the inevitable DD. On the way i notice that ALL of our BB are still sitting in the spawn or rushing to hide behind islands and our other CL are waiting for enemy to be spotted. As i am in a belfast i am not too bothered but then RNG comes into play. Enemy DD is spotted and i engage, our DD eats torps and dies then i kill enemy DD but lo and behold i am spotted by a CL and see a few enemy BB pushing forward so i smoke and am nuked when enemy Belfast radar's me and 3 enemy BB say thank you and goodbye Belfast. This my usual game lately. Enemy teams generally seem to push forward together and my teams sit and wait in so many games. Its just RNG and i freely admit to being an average player and frequent potato BUT....is this experience shared by anyone else and if so what can be done. I await your replies captains and once again SORRY if i have insulted you ... its just frustration.
  19. I'm hoping to have a civilized discussion about current high-tier CV gameplay. I'm not suggesting anything that would be yet-another-rework - I'm sick of those. I'd just like to see some consistency other than consistent losses and salt mine MM. I'm on a ~20 battle Essex lose-streak right now. CV mechanics seems to have become very heavily RNG-based. I don't want to have ships that are there as a nice fantasy only to make you lose interest and incentivize grinding other branches. I don't claim to be a good CV player, (going by overall stats, I guess I'm average - save me the "git gud kid" lecture, skills an practice will only get you so far on a less-than stellar PC with the current net-code and UI fluidity). However, I get thrown into matches where (1) my strafes are extremely ineffective, from every angle, while the enemy decimates me even on head-on strafes with few planes in their squadron; (2) my planes get chewed up by outer AA auras while the enemy seems to be able to loiter above multiple targets to line up good runs. I can't go spot because even destroyer AA wrecks my planes in a matter of seconds; I can't do much damage because even average T7 battleship AA widens my drops. If this was a flash in the pan, offset by meh games or ones where it's the other way around, I'd say "screw it, grind through, wait it out" - but loss after loss after loss it's the exact same symptoms from different people. I know that (1) people play strangely when they're focusing on weird achievements and that (2) the still new Steam users are making their way up to top tiers and they're offsetting baseline competence and may be throwing the meta off, but come one! Most of the time it feels like a combination of insane RNG disparity and a good deal of de-sync: I get pings of 30-37 ms, but enemy planes often dodge my strafes at the last second and I lose 3 planes as soon as their strafe appears to start (and I try to be tricky, but it's like they have a sixth sense or they see things a fraction of a second sooner). Visuals are jerky, even on reduced graphics (medium / DX9 / small object animations OFF). FPS drops when side-scrolling or setting up manual attack runs. (For the record, I'm running an AMD FX 8350 with 8GB DDR3 and an AMD Radeon HD 7850 - I keep my software up to date, clean and light - no bloatware utilities, no snake-oil optimizations, etc). I seem to be doing OK with mid-tier CVs like Hiryu or Saipan, it's higher tiers that seem to be a constant pain. On my Essex, I dropped from decent matches and a ~50% win-rate to constant utter sh*tshows and a 42% win-rate. I sold my Lexington, even though I bought her permanent camo, because of pretty much the same experience, constant up-tiered MM to T10, and not wanting to have my stats and memories with her tarnished (plus I needed the captain on the Essex). I know there are probably plenty of things I'm doing wrong, but for the last few dozen high tier games I'm getting punished ridiculously, while the enemy teams seem to get a pass. I suspect WG gathering much richer player-performance-related data than stat-tracking sites do, to then use for match-making. It would make sense. I figure it's well within the realm of possibility that seemingly equal teams are pitted against each other in fact in a way that one team has a clear situational advantage: (1) more competent players who are likely to lane with decent AA cover everywhere (2) better spotting, better charging, better surviving DDs (3) more accurate, more aware, quick-to-click-planes, competent hydro- and radar-using cruisers (4) non-campy/non-potato/non-lemming BBs. I started using Matchmaking Monitor to figure out what the hell is going on, but I don't mean to sound like a stat-whore. In fact if anything, MM seems to have tilted scales based on much more than the superficial stats gauged by tracking sites: below-average players charging better, benefiting from reduced damage, have better AA RNG while even our average or above average players do nothing but camp and disperse from the spawn and then are force to play defensive. Just to be clear, this would be par for the course if I'd see this randomly, every now and then, on any ship, but I get this almost constantly in CV, to the point where running in a division doesn't seem to balance anything either. It doesn't matter where I spot, it doesn't matter who I protect, it doesn't matter who I bomb, it's most often like an uphill battle while our team's just there for target practice. Could we PLEASE have lesser RNG variance for CVs??? At least for those that have lost their different loadouts. It used to be the case that you were at the mercy of MM due to the choice of loadout you made before hitting "BATTLE", but now you're at the mercy of MM setting you up for an "R"NG roast.
  20. dersu

    San RNG

    Abro este hilo para poner casos en que el RNG nos odia: Un shokaku con dos escuadrones de nakajima B6N pillan a un enterprise parado detras de una isla y le meto nada menos que 7 torpedos con los dos torpederos...y sale vivo!!...os recuerdo que este torpedo hace un daño máximo de 8567... Sacad conclusiones:
  21. So, this just got online on the portal: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/vive-la-france-pt-1/ With the "Viva la france" collection, among other things like camouflages and signal flags, players can get randomly awarded a special mission to unlock the tier V, VI, VII or tier VIII french BBs. The ships will be fully researched and come with a 3 point captain and a port slot. WHY ON EARTH IS THIS A THING!? What happened to just playing the bloody game, starting at the low tiers and progressing up until you finally reached the tier X? Why do people have to start their grind as high up as tier VIII? Oh and of course you can increase your chances to get those unlock missions by throwing money at WG, because naturally they will be selling special collection containers in the premium shop.
  22. RANT ON: THE most stupid game EVER; because the game obviously decides who has to win, AND U CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! Call me Tinfoilhat, call me whatever, i dont care. this is the MOST BS IVE EVER SEEN IN THIS GAME. Im [edited]done with this BS. If someone thinks, that this is BS also, then this thread served its purpose. For everyone else: I dont care anymore. Done wasting time with a game that deliberately screws u over /RANT OFF Did i mention that all idiots were on our team anyway... WIth any less effort we would have lost SEVERAL MINUTES earlier. Byebye Edit: Oh yes: Flame on plz!
  23. Hallo World of Warships Gemeinde, unser aller Hobby, World of Warships, bekommt täglich Zuwachs und darunter sind viele Spieler die noch die eine oder andere Information über ihr Schiff und das Spiel generell gebrauchen können. Getreu dem Motto "Man lernt nie aus" und auf Wunsch vieler Zuschauer verfolge ich nun eine Tutorialreihe mit den gewünschten Thematiken. Vom RNG, zum Panzerunglayout über Kapitänsfertigkeiten der verschiedenen Schiffe und Klassen schlagen wir von Video zu Video auch Brücken zu Kartentaktik und Schiffsaustattungen. Jede Woche sollte ein weiteres aktuelles Tutorial dazukommen, das, hoffentlich, hilfreich und interessant ist. Diese Tutorials sind in erster Line an Anfänger gerichtet, aber sollten dennoch nicht plump und nichtssagend sein. Mit jedem weiteren Tutorial gehen wir weiter in die Tiefe und erklären Spielmechaniken die Wargaming nicht Ingame zeigt. Sollen euch Fehler auffallen, seid so gut und kommentiert sie auf Youtube unter dem betreffenden Video, denn hier kann man sie nach geraumer Zeit keinem Video mehr zuordnen. Ich werde sie dort hervorheben, damit jeder sie sehen kann. Vielen Dank dafür. Ich werde den ersten Post in diesem Thread immer aktuell halten, sprich jedes neue Tutorial wird ganz unten angefügt solange es geht, den zweiten Post reserviere ich, sollte es eine Begrenzung pro Beitrag geben. ;) LG Andre
  24. I'm done with this, I'm getting detonated or permanently lose moduls daily by now and the fact that DDs get overproportionally often detonated makes it even worse. Before anyone here comes saying hurr you have flags durr.. No, just no. You can't use them in every single game you play because you simply don't have enough and never will have and there is no flag against permanent module damage. Both those brain damaged """"mechanics"""" are a totally worthless RNG shitfests for people with extra chromosomes and the fact that the devs still keep that trash in the game makes me wonder how many chromosomes they have. WG wants to push their games into "esports" but at the same time refuses to remove that useless RNG TRASH from the game. Good job, really. This isn't even up for discussion. Neither of those """"mechanics"""" requires any skill whatsoever, there is absolutely no point in keeping them in the game other than to reward some braindead potato with an occasional kill. Seriously, remove this disgusting trash. Don't rework it, remove it. No sane person wants to keep this disgusting RNG fest in the game.
  25. Masterman77

    World of Warships s Masterman77

    Ahoj lidi, Máte rádi RNG/Funny Momenty z World of Warships? Pokud Ano mám pro vás dobrou zprávu. Můj kanál vám muže přinést plno videí z World of Warships. Pokud máte nějaký replay mužete mi ho zaslat na mojí emailovou adresu. Email: masterman77@email.cz. Všechny vaše nápady, názory na video mi vždy můžete napsat dolů pod video na YouTube a já si velice rád přečtu. A budu se snažit aby další video bylo lepší než to předchozí! Taková menší ochutnávka: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_2yNqVVJAg