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Found 5 results

  1. FukushuNL

    Brittish heavies

    Content discussed is still super early in developent, testing and is WiP! People are probably still assleep while the US CCs are uploading the RN Goliath early previews, as I couldn't find a post discussing the first version of the RN T10 CA, so I'll give my impression here. I'm a bit underwhelmed, to be honest. I am a huge fan of the RN CL and DDs, being respectively my number 1 and 2 line in the game, but might the RN heavies stay like this, the CAs will imo join the RN BBs in being lines I care about the least. As with Flamu, I can't really see the niche the RN CAs will fit in and I thought I heard WG say that they only create new lines if they found a niche for a ship line. And I presume I might believe CCs when they say the american heavies, French cruisers and Japanese cruisers of T10 do most things remarkably better and have utility to boot. So I am curious, I know it's early days but WG doesn't release a ship to the ST and CC without any purpose for said ship, so what does WG think the RN heavies will bring to the battlefield? Anyone wanna take a guess?
  2. urbanstep11

    panasian or RN dds line?

    Hi!!!. I want to start a new dd line and i dont know which of these choose. Im not new playing hybrid dds so what do you recomend to me and why
  3. BattleshipGunner

    CVs - IJN or USN or RN

    Are IJN CVs worth continuing? I've got the tier VI Ryujo but the rockets on it do next to none damage, AP DBs dont seem as good as HE DBs. the only good armament they have is the torpedoes. Now, I know I'm no where near ready for tier X gameplay, but does Hakuryu do well compared to Midway or Audacious?
  4. Dauntless71879

    HMS Exeter Tier V

    Is there somewhere that explains why HMS Exeter is Only T5 in Game? Did I Miss a Page 'Cause that puts it below Not Only the Graff Spee In T6 (also in the wrong Tier) which is below the even Leander in T6 that doesn't seem to make sense? :<?
  5. Tuccy

    Battle of the Espero Convoy

    First surface engagement between the Italian and Allied units in WWII - a small convoy of Italian destroyers carrying antitank units to Africa was intercepted by the 7th Cruiser Squadron. Order of battle: 7th Cruiser Squadron (VAdm John Tovey) 1st Cruiser Division HMS Orion (flagship) HMS Neptune HMAS Sydney HMS Gloucester 2nd Cruiser Division HMS Manchester HMS Gloucester 2nd Destroyer Squadron (Capitano di Fregata Enrico Baroni) Espero (flagship) - Sunk Ostro Zeffiro Result: Allied victory - Espero sunk On the flip side, remaining destroyers escaped and ammunition consumption halted cruiser squadron activities for some time, leading to delays in convoys to Malta.