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Found 2 results

  1. Looking at the missions and armory in the NA client for this event atm. The directives will give you enough American tokens to get the first three bundles (camos and signals), but if you want that golden eagle camo for any of the ships or even the Florida, you will have to buy the random bundles for 1k dubloons per drop for a total of 64k dubloons, as each "bundle" drops 1.5k American tokens (except the Minnesota one). Alternatively, you can spend 400 Recruitment Tokens for 200 American tokens ( totally NOT worth it!). The first bundles are filled with useless stuff, not worth 300 tokens let alone 3k or 4k. It should be noted, that the last directive mission requires you to have Florida, Minnesota or Kansas to complete and get the 400 tokens. In my opinion, a total rip-off event, of which we had plenty, however up until now, it was always possible to get those "national flavor" camos - or at least some of them - without forking out a single penny. WeeGee went full Ebenezer Scrooge on this one, which we should respect. Following WGs example, i'll go Ebenezer Scrooge as well, and go buy sh*t on steam.
  2. NyronGT

    Praise the Tachi!

    I feel almost obligated to set this topic up in the name of Tachibana! This ship deserves attention! Essencially, you can treat this topic as a...group? sub-community? for praising Tachibana. "But it's such a rip-ofF, U cloning Dauntless' topic! U no original!" No one said i was...Tha hell am i doing with my life? Answering made up accusations...whatevs, i lost my sanity long ago. ... Where was i? Ah, yes - more ripping-off. So, to whomever's got the ship: prove your loyalty to Tachi by posting an image assuring your ownership of this destroyer and your name shall be honoured by expanding the following list! Tachi Bros: zFireWyvern Spellfire40 Kurbain KL_7 creamgravy Sonic_157 ZombieCheeze Trainspite Shaka_D Egoleter SBS Ictogan Allied_Winter _Alie_ Agantas FM6a WolfGewehr Stribog2033 Wargael GeorgeT1012_gt Praise the Tachi!