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Found 9 results

  1. moin zusammen, die neuen ribbons für aufgeklärte schiffe find ich cool. dabei wird nur deutlich, daß es mehr ribbons für aufklärungen gibt, als final nach dem gefecht als anzahl aufgeklärter schiffe aufgeführt ist. hier kann man sich über das wording streiten, ob ein mehrfach aufgeklärtes schiffe auch zählen sollte. die ribbons beantworten die fragen mit ja, die aufklärungsanzahl mit nein. hier wäre es glaub ich sinnvoll, ein konsistentes system zu haben. dabei frag ich mich nun auch, wonach die xp-vergabe für aufklärung erfolgt: nach ribbons oder dem counter der aufgeklärten schiffe. so richtig rund ist das noch nicht, aber die philosophie dahinter gefällt mir und ist glaub auch ein schritt in die richtige richtung.
  2. vipersocks

    Spotting Ribbons

    So, does anyone know if we get xp for spotting now or is it just a ribbon?
  3. andrija_kaser_1

    Awarded ribbons

    http://prntscr.com/jhn78s The awarded ribbons are blocking the captured zones as you can see. Is there any button that can fix this? I mean, its not really much of an issue but its a bit anoying Anyway this game is awesome and pls reply soon. Thank you. andrija_kaser_1
  4. Hi, there is an issue that has been bothering me for quite some time now. When playing DDs it happens that you sit in a cap just to: 1. block it, so the enemy can't cap or 2. contest it until the enemy ship is not blocking the cap anymore so you can secure the cap for your team. If this is just a matter of up to 30 to 60 seconds, you get enough XP with the "captured" or "Assisted in Capture" Ribbon. If the stand-off lasts longer though, every DD player faces a decision: 1. to continue trying to secure the capture point, this leads to a loss of XP for the player because he deals no/less damage while doing this even though he tries to help the team winning and 2. abandoning the objective to go hunting for BBs etc.. This leads to more XP for the player. I was thinking about the Idea of a "Contested" ribbon - which gives the player 30/40/50(or whatever) xp for every 20/30/45 seconds a cap is contested by both sides.
  5. So I only have 2 t6 french ships (none higher) on average i get around 50 ribbons per battle in the La G and 30 in the Normandie so if i was to do get 6 stars from french only twice (1500 RIBBONS) plus any ship twice (1800 ribbons) How many battles is this going to take? on the estimates above it would be 60 + Maybe I need to do this and it will maybe unlock the t7 but means I miss a lot of times 2's If I use other ships like the fiji where 100 is probably closer to the average I still need to use La G 30 times and others 60 times regardless this feels like a lot of battles. Which route are you alll choosing and which ships yield the most ribbons on average?
  6. To be fair it's most likely not a new thing to this patch, unless of course scoring 1 overpenetration for 8k dmg is a legit thing and works as intended Penetrations doing around 75% of their damage (while the only 2 supposedly legitimate scalings for a pen are x0.33 and x0.165 (and x0 if you count that)), single overpenetration doing up to 8 times it's damage (even tho the only scaling for overpen is x0.1) and many other similar situations have been happening in this game as far back as I remember (and no, it's not only me - I've seen plenty of videos and streams with these examples). Just that with the possible citadel it got a bit... ridiculous. And the cap resets are a thing aswell. So yeah, I mean you probably already saw it in the video. As for "correct form": 1. Description See above 2. Reproduction steps This is one of the most random things I've encountered. basically just keep shooting, it will pop up sooner or later 3. Result Well, any kind of mission involving earning a number of ribbons, or some particular ribbon (i.e. get 10 citadels) would probably be affected by this. Not quite sure how this would affect your score - I clearly reset the cap, but did it still count as a reset as an example. 4. Expected result Game working as intended ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 5. Technical details This particular game was played... around 1AM CEST on 6th September, that's as technical as I can get
  7. Horin728

    Ribbons irl

    So I had an idea, and I think it turned out pretty neat, what do you think? If anyone has higher resolution ribbons than those that are ingame I'd love to have them to improve on this, you can see that there are some flaws, but I know how to get rid of them, however having higher restolution base images would help.
  8. Let me get stright to the point: Playing A.S. loadouts, especially on USN CVs, is not rewarding enough. I'm not saying that they CAN'T do aything, I've had games where I've locked down an enemy CV and scorched lone BBs and went away with quite some exp and credits. And although playing AS at least semi-decently is very beneficient to your team, if you can protect them from enemy aircraft and spot the DDs and torps, you are helping your team a LOT, it doesn't pay well. The thing is, there's no reward for keeping your team alive, other than miserable shot-down ribbons and 1.5x for winning. I'm fully aware, that most of the things I'm saying are obvious for more experienced players and concepts such as spotting with fighters or sticking close to BBs in a CA is nothing out of ordinary. The thing is, you rarely see such behaviur in games. It simply comes down to the fact that, while it helps your team win, it is not rewarded directly. Therefore, many players will be more tempted to try to earn more for themselves rather than assist the team, even if in the end they would have gained more if the team had won. Now, instead of just asking for more credits and exp for normal shotdowns, I'm suggesting 2 new ribbons: Interception Awarded for destroying carrier-based bombers before they drop they loadout. Gives more exp and credits than normal shotdown. Not a lot, but more. Air Defence Awarded when: your Defensive AA Fire, catapult fighter or carrier-based fighters are attacking the enemy squadron during their attack. Gives some exp and credits. Shot down would be still awarded for destroying catapult-based planes, fighters and bombers after they dropped their bombs/torps. (by the way, these names are totally a subject to change if necessary, but that's not the point.) What I hope for, is that this would encourage CVs with fighter heavy loadout to prioritise these enemy planes that pose a threat to the fleet, instead of just swaticking to that one squad that is coming back to rearm. At the same time, Air Defence would encourage cruisers to stick with Battleships and protect them, as they are finally getting something out of it. At the same time, while it would not be a fortune, this ribbon would be something a player can see and feels rewarded with. Well, at least that's the idea. What do you think? Is it complete nonsense or would it actually help?
  9. While I really appreciate the fact that the new ribbon system provides a lot more information, I personally think the new ribbons look really cheap, like taken from a crappy arcade game (well, some haters might say that they fit perfectly...). The old ribbons looked somehow military and worthy and it was always a pleasure to look at the battle result screen and check what you've achieved. Furthermore I think that the new ribbons are too small regarding their in-game appearance, while simultaneously taking away too much of a player's attention, if you actually try to look at them, because there are so many different variations of similar looking ribbons (e.g. penetrations, non-penetrations, ricochets etc.). The old ribbons and achievements suited each other just fine. The new ribbons look like foreign objects to me and don't suit the old achievement icons any more, so if these new ribbons stay in the game, WG need to rework the achievements as well. For comparison: New ribbons: Old ribbons: