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Found 4 results

  1. GreenReleaf

    Assist Ribbon

    Hey, i See so many complaints about solo-, ego-, camper- and survive at all cost -players What if a fellow teammate could give you a "assist" ribbon. Lets say you get 3 ribbons every game, it would really help promoting better gameplay. DD smoking cruisers, spotting enemy, block caps. CA shooting planes, detecting torps, and radars at good timing. BB tanking dmg, pushing enemy fleet back to protect or contest caps. CV spotting and protecting fleet Good focus fire. responding to allied commands etc.
  2. Im not sure if the game gets constantly worse or the ribbons seem to get more weird all the time, but its totaly frustrating. What is also weird is that Fiji (one of my most played ships) i start to have the biggest problems with the penetration damage. Today 2 matches Fiji, and i get like robbed 30-40% of the Pen damage (which is a huge amount imo) Here the 2 examples: So i made 44.332 damage with guns. The Citadel is probably only like 1~k damage, because he was very low at that hit, so we can dismiss it from the calculation. 8 Overpens are 2480 damage, so we can substract them, which leaves 41.852 damage for Penetrations. 65 Penetrations should equal 66.495 damage. So im missing 24.643 damage roughly, a bit less most likely because at some point half damage penetrations do happen certainly. But to the game on hand we were 2 man Fiji division, and we both were shooting the Gneisenau/Scharnhorst. While my Division mate did like 6k salvoes, mine were 3k... With equal amounts of penetrations! Earlier i had no problems with this, but since a couple of months it gets to a point were its unbearable to play that ship. Basicly had to quit play Fiji Btw that Cleveland 33 hits for not even 6k damage, he was angled yes, but i aimed at the superstructure and i did get more than 6 pens worth of damage on him. 2nd example: 40.324 damage by guns. 4 Oveprens = 1240 damage which leaves us with 39.084 damage for the penetrations. 69 Penetrations worth of damage is 70.587 damage, so im missing 31.503 damage, even more than in the first match. We are approaching the 50% mark! (45%) Algerie takes the cake, same division again 2 Fijis he is broadside to us, my divmate did 7-8k salvos, mine again like <3k.. Best salvo was 11 penetrations, which should be more damage than i made total on him. Saturation can hardly be an issue there on the center broadside. (btw yes, the DD ate all 3 torps for 7100 damage lol) I mean, everyone gets 0 damage pens, sure there can be an explanation about ribbon bugs. But >35%? Almost 50%? How? Why? Is it me? I could understand against angled targets, but mostly i target broadside, unless i dont have anything else, or the threat is too high, then u gotta take the angled ship. But as i said, mostly broadsides in both games. If its a bug then PLEASE fix it somehow. Its totaly frustrating at this rate. But on the other hand as i mentioned its mainly Fiji the problem. Neptune is ok for me, but there is also a higher ROF so it might not seem that bad that u would notice.
  3. Basically, as per the Title, I believe secondary shell hits should get a banner indicator, and for a few reasons:(My own creation as to how the icon could look like):-Judging how well your secondaries actually do their job. Especially with the new secondary gun skill modifier coming up in next patch, and with all the modifiers players have allways been able to add to their secondary armament, its really hard to tell how well your secondaries are actually doing their job, aside from looking at the post battle results screen. This would let you clearly see "Did me adding that module/skill really make an effect? This battle gave me the good situation for it and I saw a large improvement!"-When I was a new player, I had no idea I was dealing any damage with secondary guns until spontaniously recieved kills when I was near other ships. This was me as a complete noob of course, but as for WG's intention to make things easy to comprehend for new players, this could be a small step in that regard.-This is especially notable for Captains who have specifically enhanced their secondaries, notably the Izumo, Yamato, and any hightier BB that has, or even Cruisers, significantly enhanced their secondaries for maximum performance. (Even for the lolz the Kiev DD has a secondary turret with a 5km base range) Even carrier captains who increased the performance of their secondaries for self defence against DDs. "But banners are for things you directly do with guns, torpedoes, and aircraft!"-Yes, partly true, in the aspect that secondaries are AI controlled, but, you can designate targets, and all modifications in the port/captain you do, aswell as the notable new captain skill "Manual Control of Secondary Battery", also, the specific and intentional act of getting in secondary range is you controlling them. "But its the AI that would be giving you ribbons which is weird" -Your ships AA already does that, the AI killing planes and giving you ribbons for what it accomplished. Overall its just giving the player some useful info, etc.Is there anything else you guys believe warrants their own banners? (I have a duplicate forum thread on NA server)
  4. PPKinguin

    Critical Ribbon?

    A quick explanation please? So Critical Hit Ribbons are for hitting modules on a ship, but you can incapacitate or permanently destroy guns and such without getting the ribbon and sometimes I get the ribbon and didnt do any damage or touched a module. So please explain what that Critical Hit ribbon does?