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Found 26 results

  1. Thenostheonmk2


    Malá anketa s ohledně otázky, na kterou se WG bojí zeptat
  2. Hello guys, just wanna give you some hints and tricks, which could help you, when you decided to play the CV rework. Trying to make just short descriptions. Note: I'm seeing this from an IJN view and this is not a complete guide. Autopilot with CV and AAA I recommend to chose a zig zag course with your carrier, which makes aiming harder for enemy aircraft attacks. Also switching the AA side is recommend. The Screenshot in the 'spoiler' shows, that the CV moves in zig zag to the east, while switching the AAA to the right side (to the south) AP bombing with different impact angles. The angle of the impact of the bombs depends on the angle of the plane. Take a look at the screenshot in the 'spoiler'. Steep angles of the plane leads to a better impact angle, thus thicker armor could be penetrated, while a shallow angle won't penetrate thick armor, but has the advantage not to over-penetrate thin armor. Aiming with AP - dive bomber against light armored vessels (depends also on the AP bombs) The first example is about a stationary Cruiser and where to start the dive. Look at the grey crosshair. The grey crosshair mostly shows, where the dive bomber will be in the dive stage, thus aiming in front of the cruiser would lead, that the stage after the dive would be directly above the cruiser. The next screenshot shows how it looks like, if you're above the crusier. The planes are not steep angled, since the dive is already over. Now showing an example for aiming at a moving cruiser, where to start the dive. In many cases you will have to accelerate, since cruisers are pretty fast. And another screenshot: this shows, that AP bombs penetrate dds (Kagero). Note: Not all AP bombs work against all light armor vessels, especially T10 AP bombers have a high penetration capability. Aiming with AP - dive bomber against heavy armored vessels Against heavy armored targets it's recommended to drop the bomb while the dive. I'm showing you a screenshot, when to start the dive against a stationary bb. The grey crosshair is directly above the BB. The next screenshot shows how it looks like, when to release the bomb. The planes are in a steep angle. Now an example how to aim at a moving BB. It just needs a little bit lead, look at the grey chrosshair, it is aimed at the tip/nose of the BB, since they're slow, and the BB will be at that point, when you start the dive. My general advice for AP bombing Generally I use the AP bombs only against larger cruisers and battle ships, because the ap bomb mechanic and penetration capability is pretty hard to figure out. The Shokaku can dive bomb dds, while the Hakuryu can't. Also I had the experience, that I divebombed a Buffalo multiple times and got only overpens, but in the training room, shallow or steep bombing - both lead to citadells. So it's still somehow confusing. Accelerating and slowing down When the planes are at max speed or slowed down, it will affect the dive. If a target is close, and the squad is accelerated, the squad will often shoot over the target, so it's more recommended to approach a target with normal spead, or slow down. Turning The turning circle is smaller, when slowling down. This is pretty good for Divebomber and sometimes for Torpedobomber. Attackplanes often need some more range and a longer approach. So in case of the attack planes after an attack run - instead of a small turn - I accelerate to get farer away. Dive bomber = Slow down and turn Torpedo bomber = Depends more on situation Attackplanes = Accelerate and turn then Keyboard and Mouse usage Keyboard is mostly for maneuvering (avoiding aa), turning and coarse movements. While you should use the mouse for aiming. The mouse control reacts only in a cone of ~45°, outside of this cone area, turning with mouse is disabled. Beside that, the right mouse is for looking around, but it behaves in the same way like it would be with guns, thus the airplanes will move to the spot, where you aimed, before you hold down the right button. Important: If someone gets more information about the AP bombs, just tell it! I figured out that the Hakuryu can bomb the Minotaur and Neptune in shallow and steep angle.
  3. …..Erm no. After my earlier issues with the rework and specifically the AA-CV interaction (or lack of it) I wanted to see if things were any better. I mainly went out in the Montana, Worcester and Midway to see what had changed from Round 1 to Round 2. I didn't go in any other ships - just the ones I'd previously used a fair bit in the different test phases. As a rule, I generally aimed to play as aggressively and gung-ho as possible in the CV - gunning for enemy AA cruisers and AA-strong BBs like the Republique at every opportunity. On the other hand, I would play very cautiously and passively in the surface ships - sticking close to friendly AA where possible, throwing the ship around as much as I could to throw off a CV attack's aim, etc. Here's what I've found. SURFACE SHIP EXPERIENCE... oh dear 1) Long-mid AA is stronger....IF it hits. I definitely knocked down around a dozen planes per match in the Worc and Montana - which is about four/five times more than the first PTS. However the basic issue remains. We run into a core problem with the rework AA - you can just drive around it. It really is as simple as it sounds. Anyone stupid enough to fly headfirst into flak clouds deserves to lose planes. Everyone else, just fly around it and immediately you negate 90% of the damage output of an enemy ship's AA defence suite. I noticed this both as a surface ship and as a CV player trying to attack said surface ship. 2) DFAA STILL doesn't seem to do anything? Not sure if it's a bug or just a simple lack of feedback - but my Worcester's AA seemed no different with DFAA engaged as it was without. I mean it was useless before and it's much the same now - so I suppose at least it hasn't gotten worse... The CV player gets no inkling that his/her planes are being hit any harder than usual by DFAA - it doesn't seem too different whichever side you're playing on. 3) Sector mechanic is pointless due to the speed planes move and the fact that most attacking flights will strike you and fly OVER your ship to the other (less defended) side. I suggest replacing the sector command with something more useful - like the option to play mournful music (Titanic theme for example) as your AA cruiser gets wrecked by planes. Other alternatives are available. On a serious note - it's a gimmick that doesn't really offer any noticeable benefit to you as the defending player - on a larger ship it just makes sense to ignore the thing entirely and keep all AA equally useless on both sides of the ship. 4) 2 v 2 CV games are pure hell. I don't really need to elaborate - suffice to say that your entire game feels like it is spent running away from planes. 3 v 3 CVs were not a pleasure I experienced - but I can't imagine it would be any more fun. CV EXPERIENCE...aka Farming Simulator 1) Carrier play remains the most mind-numbingly repetitive rinse-and-repeat process going. Do you get nice big damage numbers for little effort? Yes. Is it hard to do so? No. The purpose of a rework CV is to farm damage in ludicrous quantities - that's it. There really isn't much more to it than that - since countering a CV is now close to impossible and the option of supporting actions to help your team are non-existent. 2) Planes recycle quick enough to always have striking power ready. Losing planes still has no downsides - besides perhaps having to occasionally press a different button when it came to lobbing out another strike squadron. Bearing in mind I was sometimes being a berk on purpose and losing planes by yolo-ing AA cruisers - I NEVER found my Midway unable to form a full attack flight. I always seemed to have a plentiful supply of rocket planes (see below). So the stronger, effective AA (which it isn't if you drive around it) still has no real bite to your strike ability as the game plays out. 3) USN rockets really are a whole new level of idiocy. They seem even stronger now? With a flight of Bearcats and the ability to aim - you can pretty much tackle anything. DDs? Sprinkle HVARs on the poor sods and knock out modules aplenty. 3000 damage per attack run is perfectly achievable on an actively dodging DD-sized target. Hammer the superstructures of Cruisers and BBs - you get the added bonus of more damage, a few fires here and there combined with AA modules being decimated on top of that. I did 100K+ using just HVARs in most games. 4) Fighters are really, really, really, pointless. No change from PTS Round 1 - however this time I tried using them defensively over friendly ships to try and 'catch' incoming enemy air. In reality they are just too slow and dim-witted to attack enemy squadrons BEFORE they've dropped all of their ordnance on their target. Most enemy CV players kind of just flew around them anyway and I avoided most enemy fighter groups myself. We've got to the point where the opposing CV players can just flat-out ignore each other and go for surface ships all game. 5) AA is still no deterrence. As a CV player - you now have no targets that you cannot take down. AA Cruisers are no more capable than other cruisers - their reliance on long-range flak (of the 'drive around it' variety) is ironically their weakness. DDs can't do anything. USN BBs make lots of flak but fly beyond that and you don't really find yourself losing much HP. You really do have no incentive to plan your attack and select your targets in the way that an RTS CV has to now. -TLDR- So my conclusions are as follows - the CV rework is possibly the worst change to this game since it left Beta. It appears that every change up to this point from the various test phases to the most recent patch on PTS is just window dressing. The problems are everything to with the CORE of the rework - not just a few damage numbers tweaking up or down. I appreciate WG want to make the CV class more accessible, more fun and likely get more people playing it. However I think they've got it wrong. The rework will be unique in that it will antagonise everybody, whatever you currently enjoy sailing around in. CV players who currently know their craft will be treated to this new point-and-click adventure game without depth, strategy or finesse. Just fly around and bomb everything - nothing is going to fight back... not even the opposing CV can do anything to you. New players are likely to lose the will to live after a few hundred games grinding the new CVs - it will probably be more enthralling to visit the Dentist and have a few teeth extracted with some mole-grips. Surface ship players will basically enjoy being targets all game, every game. The CV will be the most powerful unit on anyone's team - everything else just serves to be rocketed/bombed/torped/immolated/flooded by the opposing CV(s). Because that sounds incredibly fun and entertaining doesn't it? If that's the 'vision' that WG have for WOWS - I'm out of here.* *I don't often post on this forum but the rework was enough of an issue to make me want to. This will be my last post on the subject, since I feel that this is all going to hit the live server whatever the player feedback tells them to the contrary. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to enjoy my last week or two of WOWS before 0.8.0 - I think I need to find another game to scratch that 'drive big stuff and make pretty explosions' itch in the meantime...
  4. n1T_GnoRT

    About SALEM !!!

    My question is about premium ship: Salem Do you have any plans to give salem a legend module and maybe "buff" her a little bit ? After i had seen the winrates of all 3 sever: Asia,Na and Eu... and she is not very good at this time. Despite the super heal, salem is still getting punished pretty hard. Her radar is only 8.5km while the conceal is 10.65km, which mean she can be detected, focused by enemy destroyer all days and that heal won't help her too much. The Des moines gets the normal heal but the radar range is much larger, which keep enemy destroyer stay away. She can't be seen and that will help her invicible and ambush enemies more easily. so live longer When i bought salem, i thought she will become a second playstyle of des moines....but no! much more like a nerfed des moines and still need islands for survival. It's just not worth the grind. Just imagine, i saved 240.000 coals (180.000 coals when you have coupon) and get a ship which isn't having any economy bonues, the playtyle is the same like Tech tree sister ship even more worst cau des moines is better in that role :( Even Jean Bart is much more fun than Richilieu and having economy bonues too! So this is my point: I really want to make Salem like a second gameplay different to the des moines, more fun too play. Des moines is stronger because the radar is used for Offensive; Salem strengh is about the heal and the radar used for defensive. So then why not make salem like a open-water cruiser? You can give the salem A SPOTTER PLANE and LEGEND MODULE like the Des moines. Buff the HEAL which can heal up to 50% citadel damaged like Royal Navy cruiser. This will make salem more aggressive and more hype to play. An ECONOMY BONUES like T8 premium, or T9 premium (Not print credits like Missouri, but still have an economy bonues) , so that she can be a fully worthy premium ship ! The legend module more like des moines but remove the penaty (cause salem radar is sort-range and little duration) : –50% to time taken to reach full power when accelerating (improved acceleration) –20% to rudder shift time +8% to main battery maximum firing range. P/s: this is not my main account :p
  5. Torped1ne

    do we need roket fighters?

    So we need them? The american ones look like too powerfull the jpn one not that relevant,their main porpouse is to hurt dd and light armoured ship but especially dd's which are more important for win the game. Now we need cv to be so efficent against dd? I think not so why do not remove them and make instead dive bombers more accurate and less rng depedant so that cv can counter bb's and cl/ca but hardly dd's. I would like to know your opinions
  6. Mangrey

    Rework of CVs

    Is there any thing new in the REwork front ? vid, dates ,progress of any sorts ? mang
  7. World of Warships Legends "The CV rework has nothing to do with consoles and is because of bla, Skill gap, bla bla, RTS, bla bla*".....................................What a bunch of *****. Majority of CV players told you so. Does everyone know now why WG has changed CV's? I mean the REAL reason.... Why oh why couldn't they have just had the guts to just say it in the first place is completely bewildering. It's not the fact that they are doing it...It's the fact that they fed us so much crap regarding CV's without telling us the REAL reason why. They had to leave it up to the players to tell everyone why CV's are being changed, the real reason. Basically to cater for the younger kids that spends daddies money. You put it onto console and the game gets dumbed down, always happens. Not tin hatted mate, it's business. If everyone understands that WG it's a business then things become alot clearer in everything that they do. This is no different. Consoles are and have been for a while the future, money comes from kids now with skins, DLC and what-not. Games like Fornite that my young kids keeps on repeating when coming home from school that makes me wanna chuck every computer we have out of the house. 4-5-6 year old kids talking about tooling each other up and parents letting them play it, under-age, not giving S***. WOWS HAS to be console friendly, they have to continue to make money as it's a business. Like high street shops that are closing down because of online sales. Those that don't adapt to the current needs, die. Like this new WOWS premium account. We don't think for 1 second that it's got nothing to do with them making more money in the long run which it will (if you read between the lines). They know their customers when money is concerned. Now i'm not against business making money or some sort of anti capitalist, but when it directly effects the game then i'm against it. Right now it's killing the game and driving alot of people away from it. But they are milking what they can RIGHT NOW, in the short term, before it becomes another game like WT where people are leaving in their droves. Do we think Tier 10 Clan Battles was anything to do with fairness? £££££ Do we think adding premium ships that they said they were never gonna bring into tier 9-10 was by chance? ££££ Do we think giving people a taste of tier 6 clan was them being nice? ££££££ MOST premium ships are BETTER than there silver counterpart? £££££ The new arsenal with coal and steel? £££££ New World of Warships premium account? ££££ Nerfs to ships like the Hindy and Alsare? £££ Even the Nerf to BB AP shells*? ££££ *They know what is selling and grinding and what isn't. We think they are doing us a favour. But their first thought is "what can make us more money". Very few decisions are made for the pure benefit of us. Those that have been has always had my praises but they are very few and far between now. Kids and young folk don't care about gameplay, just shoot, shoot, damage and damage, gimmick, gimmick. That is what this is turning into and i am very sad for it. The gaming market used to be for teenagers or old skool gamers that were brought up on consoles like the Sega and Commodorer 64 but as technology is the norm with my 6 year old knowing more about computers and smart phones than i do then that is where more money can be farmed. Look at fornite and how much money that is raking in? A console game that is aimed at YOUNG KIDS. How many older players play that game hummm? "Daddy, i want a skin that looks like i am wearing someones cut off face for my Christmas present, please". I mean want happened to a good old bike hey? I have loved this quote from someone commenting on WG as a whole: Conclusion : WG is a business they have all the means (and incentives) to influence matches to be profitable. Play Freemium games at your own risk. Total War arena was a total flop that cost them alot of money. *sigh* I first came onto these threads to help people out and give them some advice to new players. How can i do that now knowing what this has changed into? How can i hand on my heart tell anyone to grind the CV line in it's current form to casual players? Even more so when they bring this new dumbed down damage machine that is the new CV re-work. My Only advice would be "fly around and kill things". That's not even tactics. Cv's have lost all sense of tactics. The only choice is what method are you going to use to blow that ship up. Excluding CV's and Bringing a ship like the Stalingrad into Clan's and soon to be more tier 10 premiums (IJN and French) is the straw that broke the camels back. The last bastion of equal play in a equal environment has now gone, never going to return. Great for business, crap for balance (please see LoL). I only wish to highlight yet another debacle from WG regarding honestly and integrity and their current contempt for loyal players.. Scratch another one to the list (along with tier 9-10 premiums, GZ and ect..) What the hell has happened to this game i've enjoyed since Beta. So disappointed yet expected at the same time. I wish i could say positive things like in the past
  8. TomBombardil

    Worried CV Rework

    Allright. I, TomBombardil (CV'ish main, since early CBT), am worried about CV rework. I have watched, struggeld and "excepted" that WG keeps on shitting on CV and CV "Ballance". Not only have they keept buffing AA, intruduce % wise more AA ship (% even more "AA no fly zones"), and nerfed CV. They also sold nerfs as buffs. And made the UI progressingly worse. BUT thats not why im worrierd, since i dont have a high regard for WG (let allone WGCV). But THIS IS: Year of the CVtm, CVrework is a front for: "Year of the Console", get CVWoWp console ready. Since CV do need work (UI, AA, fighter rng, etc) All players (including CV players) agree on CV need a rework! I suspected this wouldn't go in the direction cv players hope for in general. But now there are "confermed" rumours: (Waterline) & Jingles. Here the CV rework is being "rumourd" as making CV's to WoWp & console ready. Now i dont wanne go in to the details. but my question to the CV communatie is: IS there intrest for an Cohort (jointly) response or put up some jointly protests? Can we (the CV players) make a common "cv fist" vs the WG hammer? and is it worth the effort? Best Regards, TomBombardil One of the first haka match everrhh, ps; this video brought me back to WoWs (quited it soon afther lauche) & i hate lineriding, refused to do it. Still bashing about lineriding occasionally. should have know better VS aerroon
  9. Bavi0014

    Carrier Rework Round 3. My notes.

    Carrier Rework Round 3... Feedback from me and what I think needs to be improved. I don't know where to post the feedback from the rework but I just did it here After being apart of the Rework testing then I found out a lot of stuff for the people wondering. 1: The Torpedoes were very different... USA having the best.. The carriers of the 2 nations of course were very different from each other... USA of course focused on the Fighter squadrons... With them having a highly damaging one or a lot... The problem though was that when you reached the last tiers of each carriers in the rework between IJN and USA... Then it clearly showed that USA was easiest to play... IJN was lacking A LOT to be balanced with the USA Carriers... The IJN didn't have a change in how many torpedoes it could use at attack one over the course of all the carriers it had in it's tech tree... It was always 1 per plane... While the American torpedo planes had 2 on each plane..and a lot of planes used while attacking... Sadly enough then the Japanese side needs to be fixed on their way of carriers... Even if the Japanese focused on the torpedoes then it should be shown in the gameplay of the Japanese Hakuryu 2: The fighters were very different in the end The fighters were fine in the start.. each side had a balanced term of rockets that they used each time... and it was great.. You couldn't see any difference between each other until the Tier X carrier... The fighters for the Hakuryu of course was just as the american side... But of course then due to Americans focusing on fighters then yeah... But it still had a big difference between each side... The americans used A LOT MORE rockets than the Japanese did... which was also a probem 3: Bombers Gladly then the bombers were fine... Both sides were balanced and yeah 4: Planes used in an attack Even though we see the amount of planes used in doing an attack.. then Americans use a bit more... I think the Japanese still does more damage..but this should be optional In general then it needs improvement for balancing.. What we know so far then we already know that the Americans focus Fighter planes.. even though the British should do that... And that the Japanese should focus on torpedoes.. even though they don't... They pretty much focus on nothing it seems as... I of course show no hate towards Wargaming... But this is mostly my notes to what needs to be improved Oh and uh.. A lot of stuff that I have written here might be wrong.. Since I haven't tried the rework in some time since they closed.. but yeah... I hope balancing will be improved... It's a problem which needs to be fixed as quick... Bugs: I have only encountered around 3 bugs.. but can only remember two 1: When spectating someone's carrier and not squadron.. then I have seen that some planes take off from a group.. out in the sea and gets teleported onto the runway of the carrier.. a bit weird and hard to describe but yeah.. 2: When I spawned in then the camera was just stuck to the air at where I was spawned..and not the carrier.. but when I spawned in my squadron then it was fixed. Improvements: 1: When spectating a person's squadrons.. then we need to be able to see it up close.. since when I spectate then it's mostly almost from a far... Maybe make the camera a bit closer 2: I have also found out that you can use the mouse to move... instead of WASD... The mouse though needs to be 360* in movement since it seems that you have to look forward and use the (around 80*) degress of angle that you can move the squadron wtih mouse 3: When spectating carriers then we should also be able to see all the squadrons on the carrier instead of there being none.. a little boring 4: And the last one is pretty much is to make the planes on the carriers to have their back wheel onto the carrier..instead of floating.. I of course know it's gonna be done in the publishing of the carrier rework but yeah... And for those that read all this long text,... Good job!
  10. so, this hit me on the interessting info thread. question to me, as i absolutely think about scrapping like almost the whole of my cv fleet when the rework hits, what is about all the effort we did put into the progression of the commanders? for me this includes 1 captn with 19 pts., 2 with 14 and 1 with 13, so at least 4 in whole. in doubt might 2 more 19pters..... that's a lot of elite commander xp, as like all of em i pushed from 10pts on with elite xp. and i really have no need at all for any of them in other classes (aKa don't need anymore captns in the nations, rather would have put the elite xp on other lines/captns). besides ur opinions on this, i'd really would like to have a statement on this before anything is set in stone, even be it "that's a neg". edit: the progression logic is the wrong way round imho!!! it should be possible the keep the highest and scrap the ones below, not the other way round! this way i have to keep shokaku if i want to hold haku as well, while if i not own the ranger i can hold my midway though. atm it not seems possible to scrap shokaku and keep haku.... as said, imho, that's utter bollocks! edit 2: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/cv-rework-changes/ • "All the commanders of aircraft carriers of even tiers retrain and move to new aircraft carriers of even tiers." • "All the commanders of aircraft carriers of odd tiers retrain on the new aircraft carriers at a lower tier and are moved to the Reserve." • "All aircraft carrier commanders reset their skills." • "All the permanent camos of carriers on even tiers are replaced with similar permanent camos with the addition of new aircraft carriers from even tiers. [...] When you exchange or sell permanent Camos you will be reimbursed in the full value of doubloons." @MrConway
  11. Tworax

    CV Rework is the killing blow

    I got into World of Warships nearly 2 years after launch.. EVERYTIME I finally get somewhere in this game you guys change something again. 1) Grinding Iowa you bring out Missouri. By the time I catch up in the game Missouri removed 2) Grinding Shokaku you bring out Enterprise, Graf Zeppelin I have to play against.. again by the time I catch up ships are removed. (not going to buy a premium ship while still grinding the main line) 3) Grinding Yamato and by the time I get there you've changed its physics, brought out better ships and I'm at a disadvantage again 4) Grinding DD lines and by the time I get to T8 you've filled the game with radar 5) Joined a clan, organised some clan wars and by the time we finally get going guess what.. you change everything again Basically you cater to a small group who happend to play the game from the beginning and have succumb to boredom and endless moaning Players like myself left with the feeling we've missed out on the best parts simply because we not there from the start. People are always going to moan about a game with premium or paid content but I find spending 100€ a year absolutely acceptable. And after grinding a line and playing many games I think a premium ships are okay too. Just not when I'm constantly on the losing end because I started everything later. Now your planning to change CV game play I feel I've had enough.. As soon as I made it to Midway I heard the news of everything getting dropped. It wasn't me who was winning every game playing solo CV, I had to catch up on a steep learning curve. Cost me alot of time ingame and out and then once again your going to drop major content in favour of someone else than myself. There would have been many viable options in solving CV problems from locking T9 and T10 until skill level improves in some manor to fuel gauges for planes spotting. In any case I'm the one losing out again A this point I feel that looking for a game that resets itself every year with 17, 18,19 is actually the better deal for me. I've learned my lesson on getting into a game thats already been running for a few years that for sure. I wish everyone the best of times with the new Gameplay, its probably fun. Only without me
  12. CptBerry

    Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    Not sure if this has been posted already but there is a leaked full coop game of the cv rework
  13. Greyshark

    Lotniskowce Royal Navy

    Niedawno została pokazana nowa linia lotniskowców, jak można się było spodziewać, brytyjskich. Oto one: Są to: HMS Courageous HMS Audacious HMS Implacable HMS Indomitable HMS Hermes Od razu rzuca się w oczy brak HMS Ark Royal, więc pewnie premka. Jak myślicie, na którym będzie tierze? Jakich samolotów można się na nich spodziewać? Ogólnie bardzo mnie cieszy wprowadzenie tej gałązki, od dawna na nią czekałem.
  14. CptBerry

    CV Rework Feelings Poll

    Now that we've had a few days to think about the CV footage, how i everyone feeling on the (REALLY EARLY) footage. Obviously we all need things are going to change but I still want to see how everyone feels about it so far from what we have seen. Please don't kill me
  15. The proposed carrier rework looks like this: This gameplay is very different from the current carrier gameplay. This is not what I expected when I bought the product of premium carriers from the WG premium shop. Will WG offer refunds for customers who are unhappy because of these changes?
  16. Carl_XII_Ostiz

    cv gamplay suggestion before chaning

    hi captains sorry for the bad english and i will try to make it short. 1. deleat fighters alt (straife) attack and just have them enter fight mode and not being able to straife anymore then we wont have these unicorn cvs owning potatos cvs 2. tweek dmg /floding and the drop range for torpedos with a white line so you se how far you need to be away in order to make a hit and make it longer so bbs have a chanse to evade some torps if possible make it far away for bb middel for crussiers and short for dd so you might be able to hit others ships. 3. for bombs might need some teeking don't know about this one leave a comment for bombers if it's good or bad 4. as the leaving a fighter over a dd to make him spotted al the time have it so on other players radar/cpu have it so it dosent render in and only shows on radar until they come close enough this way you can still spot a dd but people will have a problem to actuly hit it and for dds you keep ship spoted with out being in danger and your torps are a real pain for bb player s don't compain to much on a cv and remember a cv was over powerd in real life and i understand that it need to be some what balanced in a game but right now i see the dds as overpowerd cause you never see a cv in game as much as a dd. and yes theire will be skill diffrent but it's the same with dd bb and cruisers but theire are so many on these ships so you don't realy see the skill betwen them as you see in cv and yes a cv does realy hurt and thats why i think you should tweek the dmg on torps and bombs before doing the rework and try this if it's possible or you might have already try i don't know. just a consern cv player since beta coming with a suggestion and yes i play all classes im not just a one pick player Mvh lillmulle and remeber to leave a comment what you think about these have a nice day and weekend peace out.
  17. NOTE: I posted this earlier in the suggestions thread but since (1) the OP there is not updated and people in the recent replies are talking about submarines, (2) other people have made similar posts outside of the suggestions thread and because (3) it's now an active topic of discussion & focus of development, different from all the hypotheticals and wishful thinking, I decided to make a separate post. I love the preview, and I'm really eager to see some of what was shown brought to any testing environment ASAP. I've been playing CVs, and I can say I'm mediocre-ish: got a solid grasp of the fundamentals, I've had my moments and some luck. I've been paying attention to the constant drama surrounding CVs, and I'm pretty sure I understand WG's position in all of this. However I do think some sort of compromises ought to be considered: - MAKE FIGHTERS A DEPLOYABLE, NPC-like, drone-like blob, that receives commands to either escort your strike squadron, or be sent around the 3D world (not the minimap) to fly combat air patrol (CAP) over an area, over a friendly ship, or stay "home" and fly CAP over your carrier. This could be done by having a radius around your strike squadron, within which you can POINT & CLICK (or press a key) to set the fighters' target location or object. Maybe add a good amount of cooldown time, for how often they can receive a new command. "Summoning" fighters out of thin air just seems kooky to me. - NERF ALL CARRIER PLANES' SPOTTING ability by having enemy vessels spotted by just carrier aircraft (including the strike craft) ONLY APPEAR AS "OUTLINED" SHIPS to the rest of your team, giving a rough location on the minimap, but not visible in the 3D viewport - no target lock, no aim-assist mechanics, someone has to go and deal with the threat the old fashion way. This would negate the current, much lamented mechanics of CVs planes being omnipresent & spotting those ships which really don't want to be targeted. Realistically, I imagine that a group of planes trying to avoid AA and focusing on their attack runs would have a really hard time walking friendly artillery onto its target in the chaos of battle. - ADD LOW, STATIC CLOUD COVER - plumes scattered over the maps (maybe randomized?), to give planes a hiding place. The concealment on these would work both ways - diminish the effect of incoming enemy AA, but the planes would lose sight of all enemies around them. Make RADAR penetrate these clouds or maybe add a separate AIR RADAR consumable. Also make CYCLONES limit planes abilities in a similar way, or even more (affect accuracy, speed, maybe get damaged, etc). This to add to the feeling that you're controlling an air asset, navigating through different features, not just a Z-clipped surface asset. Also because the airspace looks bland with the current "skybox above, water texture below" situation. My main reasoning about fighters and spotting here is that instead of completely removing some features, we should keep them to retain an authentic feel to the CV role, but nerf them to the point where they require luck and strategic foresight, instead of who's got better ping / RNG / clicks per minute. The same goes for people's concerns on the Twitch stream regarding CV sniping and side-rushing DDs: you won't be caught with your pants down if you pay attention and have a bit of foresight. What do y'all think?
  18. Bonjour, bonsoir à vous tous. Pour commencer: 1) j’espère ne pas poster au mauvais endroit 2)Non il ne s'agit pas d'un post ouin oui/réaction à chaud ou autre, seulement d'une proposition d'équilibrage. Vous connaissez tous (j’espère) les compétences de commandant BFT et AFT. En soit la compétence ne pose pas (enfin selon moi) de problème sur les destroyers et croiseurs. Le problème est pour moi centré sur les cuirassé orientés secondaires. Oui je parles de vous Bismark/FdG/GK et autre Alsace/République. Je ne joue pas CV, mais les streams/vidéo et autre screens avec des montant d'avions abattus sur des navires pas prévus à cet effet nous montres que ces navires qui sont pourtant sensé être faible vis à vis de l'aviation deviennent capables de découper des escadrons avec une "certaine facilité". Je me suis donc demandé si un rework de AFT/BFT ne serais pas envisageable. D'une part une version AA et de l'autre une version secondaire (soit en crééant une version AA et une versio Secondaire, soit en devant sélectionner le bonus de notre choix). Les bonus apportés serait très proches de la version existante de la compétence mais plus précis. Version AA Version Secondaire Bien entendu on ne touche pas au bonus de portée de la batterie principale pour ne pas impacter les navires comme les DD (Gearing, Akizuki ou autres...) qui prendront toujours AFT/BFT version AA, idem pour les croiseurs qui se monte AA qui garderons AFT/BFT en version AA. Les navires les plus touché seront les cuirassée, on ne verras plus de GK secondaire avec des l'AA (81.8 dps à 2.4km, 257.4 à 6 et 163.7 à 6.2) et des secondaires à 11.6km ou des République secondaire avec des secondaires à 12.1km et de l'AA (402.6dps à 5.4km, 43.6 à 6km et 165 à 6.2km). On verras ne pas non plus de Montana monté AA (même si ça se fait pas trop) avec de l'AA (95 dps à 2.9km, 159.7 à 2.9km, 418,4 à 5km et 207.2 à 7.5km) et des secondaires qui portes à 7.6km. Peut être que le rework des CV apporteras aussi un rework de l'AA et des compétences de commandant, mais pour le moment voici ce que je propose. J'espère avoir était assez clair et compréhensible. N’hésitaient pas à faire vos retour, poser vos question, continuer la réflexion. Bonne journée et bon jeu à tous. Ah, oui aussi, désolé si il y a des fautes de français/grammaire trop flagrantes ou quoi que se soit n'hésitaient pas à me le signaler.
  19. This was originally a Reddit post to take stock of the current situation with carriers. Uniquely to this class, many high-skilled players are dissatisfied with the very existence of carriers. Personally, I first agreed with CVs mixing up the game and there being plenty enough counter play opportunities. But as I got better I realised that those "counterplays" generally weaken one's gameplay a lot by denying many of the normal effective choices. CVs hardcounter concealment based playstyles and force players to stick together, which does not work out well in random battles. On the other hand I also unlocked every tech-tree carrier with a super unicum rating and therefore have some insights into the complaints that CV players have, especially regarding divisioning and the state of anti-air. CVs are balanced on a much higher power level than any other ship class This is a simple fact that many CV players don't want to acknowledge since it is seemingly contrarian to their own perception of AA being too powerful, but in reality both points are valid at the same time. As it stands, CVs are the number one class in spotting (by a laughable margin), dealing damage (even though a few individual ships like Conqueror are ahead... for averagely skilled players at least), and dealing killing blows. They dominate every statistic - they even lead in average XP by about 15%, despite having extremely diminished multipliers compared to all other ship classes. Without those multipliers, the difference in XP would be astronomical and show much better how superior CVs truly are. Ultimately, CVs have a much higher impact on the win rate of their team than any other individual could have. CVs' biggest strengths don't even show up in the stats. While players generally fawn over damage numbers, win rates, and experience as measurements, spotting and zoning are concepts that are extremely difficult to quantify in World of Warships. DDs for example always were at the low end of all the usual stats, and yet were the most impactful class at the very least until radar became as powerful as it is now. That is largely because they give their team the spotting advantage, and because their torpedoes are an immense threat that force the enemy into suboptimal plays even if they never score a hit. You will frequently find superior forces turn around because noone is willing to push into the enemy destroyer who could both permaspot and torpedo them. But CVs, which already are at the top of damage, kills, and experience, also are the masters of spotting and zoning. This is why they are played even in competitive, which is filled to the brim with AA. They have the ability to threaten enemies with spotting and instant kills across the entire map. It doesn't matter which flank you're at, the single enemy CV can still threaten you. CVs enhance the radar problem While currently all community talk seems to be focussed on radars alone, the presence of a CV makes radars more potent. The frequent spotting of both torpedoes and DDs by planes makes it much easier for cruiser players to track the enemy DD's location. Carriers often force CVs to use their smoke to drop vision, which then makes them easy targets for radars. While in a CV-less game it is often possible to use the fact that enemy radar cruisers do not know when you are within their range for a while, this becomes exponentially more dangerous when there are planes on the map. And the same positions that you may use to evade enemy radars will often isolate you from your AA allies and therefore make you easy prey to a cross drop. The balancing of other ships is done without CVs in mind. CVs break the balance. This especially affects two factors: Concealment and AA. Many concealment-based ships like Shimakaze have virtually no counterplay to CVs besides falling back to their team, even though the entire gameplan of a concealment-based ship is designed around the polar opposite, of finding those far-up positions. This also affects many cruisers, as for example IJN or French cruiser players may gamble for non-CV games to use hydro for aggressive moves. The fact that CVs are exceptionally good at spotting enemy torpedoes adds insult to injury. These ships are perfectly fine in non-CV games (sometimes even on the weaker side still), but the presence of a CV just flat-out destroys their impact on the game. As for AA specialist ships, WG knows that these ships also have to be viable in non-CV games. And with ships like Montana, Des Moines, Worcester, and Minotaur they certainly accomplished this design goal. The problem is that this makes them ridiculously powerful in CV games (even though the fact that they're often stealth reliant counteracts it to some degree). Theses ships are often designed to be less powerful in straight-up confrontations as a payoff, but still have their tools and tricks to stay relevant when there is no CV to counter. And in a tragic twist for DDs, AA ships also often carry radar with them - partially because both radar and AA are commonly found on more modern ship designs, and partially because radar is also frequently balanced by the exact same payoffs that ships trade in for their AA. This falls back to the "CVs enhance the radar problem" point - DDs are truly fucked in those games. Active counterplay to CVs is awful. Since CVs already counter concealment based playstyles, your only option is to stick to other allies - which often leads to terrible lemming train games. The level of play it takes to spread across the map and be safe against CVs is far beyond random teams, especially since random and ranked battles have far fewer AA specialist ships than competitive. As far as evading an immediate drop goes, it's an incredibly shitty situation. Skill alone doesn't let you dodge a cross drop or dive bombers. Often even doging a CV will still get you killed as you are forced to broadside the enemy team while being spotted. This is quite unlike doging for example BB shells or torpedoes, as good players can prepare their positions in a way that angling against the incoming threat will also give them a save position against the rest of the fleet. As mentioned in the balance section, the CV presence affects some ships worse than others and forces them into severely diminished, powerless roles. There is no real way to counteract CVs with skill, only being close to AA helps. Your only alternative is to gamble on the enemy CV not being good enough to notice you at all, which is often a statistically viable approach but awful in terms of gameplay. It's pretty much like detonations: if you win your dice roll you are fine and get to play as normal, but if you lose it you simply die. AP bombs are some of the worst mechanics in the game. I mentioned some about counterplay, and dive bombers are even worse at this. While torpedo bombers allow for some degree of doging and minimising damage, dive bombers are pure clicking and there is no evading a capable drop. Now for the old USN monster HE bombs this already could get pretty ugly, but most players simply prepared for the inevitable 10k blast plus multiple fires. With AP bombs the ugly was turned up to 11. The fact that you can simply leftclick a ship and delete it on the spot is just ridiculous. Players get punished purely for bringing the wrong ship. Their total power balance is completely irrelevant, the design itself is awful and needs to go. CV divisions are absolutely broken. The main problem here is that only the players who division with the CV know for sure whether there will be a CV in their game or not. So they get to bust out the most insane AA they can find and get a guaranteed major advantage. No other type of division can reliably replicate the winrates that a good CV division can. But there are some even worse divsions by abusing tier differences. Some divisions "anchor" their surface ships by queueing with a lower-tier CV. A T5 CV with two T6 BBs for example is practically immune to getting T8 matches, so the BBs will never be bottom tier. Other divisions do the opposite: Queueing a T9 CV with T10 AA guarantees the AA advantage even harder, and will easily defeat even other CV divs. The only real counter to a good CV is another good CV. This is quite unlike any other ship class. No matter if you are in a destroyer, cruiser, or battleship, you have the means to impact any other enemy ship class, and therefore directly outcarry a good player on the enemy team. Unless that player is a CV that is. The most you can do to that is to deny a small area, if you even are AA specced to begin with. If you truly want to check an enemy CV's ability to spot and assassinate people at will, you need to be a CV yourself. The result of this can be seen in player winrates. CVs have the most hilariously lopsided winrates of all classes. There are almost no "average" CVs. The vast majority is deep in the red (an incredible part of it below 40%), and a significant part of the rest at super unicum winrates. Also WG already acknowledged the problem with the removal of manual drops on low tiers (however shitty of a "solution" that is) and by making CVs the first class that was perfectly mirrored in tier and number. And hands down, many games between two good CVs start by both devstriking a DD on the other team. Whether those DDs missplayed or not, this is still a level of influence far beyond that of any other ship class. So how can all of this be fixed? The answer most certainly would not be to simply increase AA or nerf plane health. CV players are right in their criticism that there is a huge amount of total death zones in the game already. CV gameplay is already unbearably binary between easy kills and no-gos. If WG were to maintain the fundamental CV mechanics, they would probably have to dramatically change CV loadouts. A few CVs are much less bad on the mentioned issues than others. Essex for example is unable to cross drop and relies on its dive bombers for damage, meaning its much worse at spotting. It's also more balanced towards an AA role than towards dealing damage, meaning that both CVs are less effective than usual. For a CV it is almost hilariously bad. But the solution here shouldn't be to bring Essex up, but to bring all the other CVs down to this level. To diminish their ability of spotting by making them rely on every single squad to deal damage. AP bombs should just be removed entirely. There is no reason to have them in the game. They make it strictly worse. They are not very enjoyable for most CV players either with how situational they are. CV queueing also definitely needs to be fixed. I am not sure why WG still allows for tier differences in divisions at all, but they should be removed for CV divisions at a minimum since these abuses are fairly common already. Another CV queue issue is the double CV matchmaking on low tiers. Having a T6 CV vs Saipan is one of the dumbest experiences in the game, especially since Saipan is already a hardcore sealclubber as T7 CVs are pretty much either premium CVs or total noobs. But of course WG announced a full-on rework. Speculations go towards a more "action oriented" playstyle that could revolve around closer micromanagement of fewer squads. First of all this would reduce the oppressive spotting power that CVs currently have. It could even go as far as CVs not sharing their spotting with other ships anymore, akin to spotting in a cyclone. But there could be other goodies in there that make patterns of counterplay clearer. For example the gameplay could revolve around having to strafe the enemy AA with fighters to make it easier to bomb them, which would give the target a clear warning and some time to improve their position. Or AA could be restricted in its firing arcs while being stronger when they do have a good angle, giving targets more options in positioning against incoming air attacks.
  20. Salkeaner

    Kommende Änderung an den US CVs

    Auf Reddit ist ja schon der erste Post dazu aufgetaucht. Unser Bärchen hats ja ausch schon im Gerüchtethread verbreitet. Da das Thema Carrier so oder so zu einer Debatte führen wird, können wir auch gleich hier damit Anfangen. Den Bildern nach, bekommen die US CVs nur noch 1 Setup. 2/2/2 Midway 2/1/2 Essex 1/1/2 Lexington So weit ich das mitbekommen habe, bekommen sie auch die Option auf AP Bomben. Außerdem gibts nur noch T8 TBs für die Nation. Von DWTs ist bisher nichts bekannt. In einem Bild sieht man wie das Jägerupgrade gestrichen wurde. Das könnte der erste Teil des kommende Reworks sein, welches dann 2025 abgeschlossen ist. Was genau kommt weiß man noch nicht. Die Frage ist, schlägt nun das Pendel in die andere Richtung aus? Momentan ist ja die Haku der bessere T10 CV und die Midway um einiges hinten dran. Könnte das Verhältnis nun in die andere Richtung kippen? Die Frage ist nun, ob eine 2/2/2 Midway gegenüber einer Haku mit 2/3/3 nicht zu heftig wird. Aber wir werden sehen, wie sich das ganze am Ende niederschlägt. Ich frage mich nur ob sie die IJN auch auf ein Setup reduzieren werden.
  21. I heard that WG is planning on a CV rework in 2017. Does anyone have info on this?
  22. Any ideas? Comment below. Regards.
  23. _FTD_

    Bastion Poll 2.0

    So, because the simple yes and no made people struggle apparently, I decided we go with a new fresh 2.0 version of it. Now I know that most of the people will most likely vote for the rework, the problem with that is that they expanded the map pool to 3 maps now for testing a game mode, this is a disaster and I can't stay neutral when it comes to this.
  24. Hi all, I really think this demands new and separate topics due to extreme importance! From most excellent thread "Some interesting info from RU": http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-from-ru/page__st__4560__pid__1302547#entry1302547 What do you guys think about this one above? Are there any clues what they intend to change / rework this time? Leo "Apollo11"
  25. Hello all. It was months since my last wall of text and topic of DBs and USN is something that was in my head for a long time. Brace yourselves. First things first though: Who am I: Avid carrier skipper since first days of closed beta. Supporter of hyper agressive carrier gameplay. Self proclaimed suicide carrier during beta. Abuser of some broken mechanics in the past ( ) and enemy of others.(to hell with edge humpers). Licensed damage whore and statpadder (72% winratio on CVs and some nasty records). Someone who clearly writes and analyse the game more than plays. Holder of an opinion that CVs as a class are still in beta and their state at the release was biggest mistake WG did regarding this game. Why even talk about DBs?: USN CV line since release had huge issues with balance. Both midway and essex were regarded as OP ships by all experienced CV players since day one. They were shadowed by the IJN line at the time, but everyone knew their power even then. Torp walls that USN are able to set up are something which showed up at the start of beta and are the greatest tool carriers can have. At low tiers are they are balanced by plane speed and by low number of wings, but on tier IX and X both of those limiters are lifted. In fact torp walls are so strong that in my opinion most OP CV in 0.5.2 was Langley and with speed buffs lifting that limiter up and adding fire the OPness of tier IV USN will be even more obvious. So how to adress the issue of Midway and Essex? Some of you might say it would be good just to nerf their speed or get rid off the second TB. Problem with those is that both of those limiters are already present for other ships in USN Line and almost all of them perform worse than their IJN counterparts. WG in 0.5.3 got rid off second TB and gave buff to DBs as recompensation, but this is not enough. Why 0.5.3 is not good enough for USN: DBs are still just RNG machines without satisfing gameplay loop Doesn't adress issue of huge initial learning curve for TBs Throws low tiers out of balance by lifting speed limiter How to fix it and what you should have in mind: We need a proper DB rework and whole USN line should switch focus from TBs to DBs. From tier IV to tier X everything about USN should be about DBs. That rework should have in mind stuff like: USN was designed around dealing with big targets. They should have huge alpha and damage potential against capital ships They should be not effective against light targets, but they should not be completely useless against them There has to be strong element of skill required to perform exceptionally well Well performed DB drop should have huge impact There has to be clear way of evading those attacks. It would be the best if low tiers were to be easier than higher. My proposition how to accomplish it: Basic principle is as follows: Your DB drop will become more precise the earlier before the drop it was ordered. So the circle of drop is changing it's shape according to your mouse position and plane position constantly. The further your mouse is from the plane, the better drop will become. The instant you click your mouse, the order is locked and planes will fly to perform the drop with locked precision. You can still issue new orders but if you change manual drop place, the precision will change again according to the distance. Auto drop has constant precision value and is similar to how it works right now. Simple, right? Why this is good idea: You increase skill celling and give options for experienced CV players to lessen effect of RNG. You punish immobile targets very hard People who actively evade will have chance to lessen damage. CV will be forced to drop bombs with either auto or less precise drop. Light vessels like DDs are impossible to hit with that manual system so any buff to DB damage will not affect those light ships. Since you have capital ship punisher you can introduce AP bombs and citadel hits from them You have decent enough gameplay loop that can replace TBs. Should be easy to understand when seen on screen Perfect long drops should be really fun to do. Fun!! Other changes regarding this system: First of all that system should work only for the USN DBs. IJN DBs are fine, they can hit DDs with manual, they are fire machines. Nothing wrong with them. Main gameplay loop for those carriers are TBs so making DBs more complicated would be counterproductive. Since focus switches from DBs to TBs, the damage potential of TBs needs to go down from tier IV. On tier IV it should be something like 3k per torp from 9k. TBs role should switch from damage dealers to the flooding machines You can make them easier to use (smaller drop circle) since their damage will be lower. You want them to be easy, but not impactful. Well placed torp wall is fun enough to see even without big damage numbers above it. Auto drop stays the same as it is. Lessen impact of panic for USN Dive bombers. The circle should be bigger, but not worthless bigger. Currentnly USN DB when panicked on auto have slightly bigger radius on auto, just apply same thing to manual drop. The main counterplay for those is movement anyway. Rework all setups for USN to support this DB focus. USN would have something like Langley 1/0/2 in this situation. (Optional) Introduce AP bombs with ability to citadel hit. If you don't get good penetration their damage would be lower than HE. With that manual drop you have direct corelation between skill and damage. (AP bombs could be affected by panic more to balance their power). So Langley would be something like 1 Fighter 1 HE DB 1 AP DB. Issues with idea: Most likely require engine changes (constant change of the cricle drop) and as such would be expensive and will take long time to develop as did inverted spread. Does not support easy to learn. Currently people rarely manual DB drop, but it's because it's not worth it and since focus is on TBs. With switched focus they might find manual DBs as hard as manual TBs. Still those DBs might be even harder to do manual Final Words: I do strongly believe that system like that or any system that would support TB to DB switch for USN is required for that nation. Carriers were always most underdevelopted class and it shows with each patch. Only in 0.5.2 I finally saw shape of IJN line, but that only highlighted how broken USN is. Changes in 0.5.3 are step in the right direction, but without something BIG they will stay a mess they are. As IJN were improved with introduction of inverted spread as USN needs their own "inverted spread" to happen. I want to stress that I don't want carriers to be OP again, but this change is something to make whole USN Line a bit more consistent and fun. Damage values can be easily adjusted. Mechanics and feeling of the game can't. I hope you people like it. Drop a comment if so or if you hate this idea. I know stuff like this doesn't bring a lot of attention and there is not a lot of space to discuss, but even If this is just ravings of a madman I hope some of you enjoyed my vision or will look at the issues of Midway, patch 0.5.3 in different light. Cheers and good luck on the high seas.