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Found 6 results

  1. The Rewards in the Puerto Rico Directives are extremely low Dear @Sub_Octavian One thing that I miss in these discussions about the grind of Puerto Ricos directives is the low compensation for the effort if somehow a player manages to do it. I would say that they are downsized with 90% roughly vs other events. I will give you a few examples spread out: First stage: Trophy Year 12.000.000 Credits Reward 100.000 = Less than 1%. 200000/game =60 games =15 hours. Yes 100.000 credits fantastic! 2nd Stage: 5.600.000 Damage = 1 Special Flag Yes playing 56 fights w 100 K damage = 14 hours for 1 flag 7 th stage : EU 580.000 Commander points =250 steel. 2000 /game = 290 games=72,5 hours. One stage in rank generally is about this size of rewards, and it does not require even close to that amount of play. You do advertise that there are 2.250 steel but the hours is just is not enough even for a great player. And for me Free Ship is not that you must put in 1000s of flags at say 0,15 EUR/flag (Santa Mega Box) to have a chance. That is why above figures have not included flags, which btw does not help in Base XP directives. That you could do it to get it faster done is one thing but it is different to do it some amounts and that you must do it in hundreds if not 1000 at least to even move on the progress meter. To put in at least a few hundred to get some tens of value is not what I call a well constructed reward/effort required thing. So why has the reward vs effort in this event gone down so massively, not just the insane amounts of grinding necessary. It is easy to compare this event with past events and the difference is insane. Do not care in this instance of your statement that PR is for 1% possibly less of playerbase, here is the efforts /reward proportion in the various directives. Namely hours played vs the rewards, why such a huge slash? The values vs effort are hardly even symbolic, while earlier it felt like a reward. What is the point of constructing missions with 250 steel in reward if no player will reach that far or at least only the pros. This reasoning goes by the unlikely idea that you somehow have made the efforts required correct - naturally the efforts are 10x too high mostly to bring it down to levels that are managable even with my high level of play. I play 15-25 hours weekly at least, and have done so since I joined in october 2015 , and I do plan to play a lot during christmas but my joy have gone down surely 50% at least if not more after the PR announcement and the various discussions. One of the finest graphical ideas (The dockyard) used like this. If a player like me does not even have a realistic chance........Really wonder how many players if any at all non.bots or professional players even will reach Hall of Fame.
  2. thechopsm


    Could I please enquire as to why, when you work soooooooooooo hard to earn containers and select the item that you actually require i.e. money, consumables, resources for the armoury, etc, you nearly always get palmed off with stuff that you really DO NOT want (and DID NOT select) i.e. 1 of the item you wanted plus 3 flags and 3 camo? It really does make the idea of earning your 3 containers per day seem absolutely pointless, infuriating and the reward system a bit of a joke!!!!!! Also, and with this serious issue in mind, might it not be an idea to make steel and coal available for purchase? Grateful for your response to edited! Edit: Since we can't be sure that e-mail adress belongs to you, and it is forbidden to share peoples' e-mail address out in public according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) I removed the address.
  3. Jethro_Grey

    Clan Battles - Mercenaries

    I want to play clan battles for a while now, even before I had to leave the game for almost one year. Now even more so, but like many others who started late to the whole clan party, I struggle to find members. Recently, two players joined which make me very happy, but to play CBs, you need a big(ger) rooster as not everyone can play everyday due to real life and whatnot. When checking someone‘s stats last night, I accidentally clicked on his team battle tab instead of ranked. Which reminded me, back in the day, when team battles was the closest thing we had to clan battles, you could hire mercs to fill up your ranks. I‘d like to see this feature implemented for clans as well. The way it could work is, a member of a clan or a player without clan registers as merc and can get hired. For each victory, he not only gets the rewards from the battles itself, but also some oil and coal and possibly other goodies that clan members are willing to donate from the treasury of the clan that hired him. Would require some additions to the clan treasury. Exceptions are ships, doubloons, steel, credits or basically anything that could hurt WGs profits. It also would prevent clans and players with a thick wallet snatching all good/ available mercs and leaving smaller clans in the dust. To avoid clan hoping, a merc can only sign with two clans per Season, all other restrictions in regards to switching clans apply. To prevent clans from scamming mercs, they get all bonuses automatically after a set period. Same applies in the other direction tho, if a merc leaves the clan without fulfilling his contract, he only receives the rewards for the time he was active. For instance, both parties agree to have the contract run 4 weeks with a playtime of 20 hours. After playing 4hours total, the merc wants to leave. In this case, he’d only receive the rewards for the time played and not the 4 weeks. It might be a piece of work, but it could work and it would help smaller clans getting their feet wet in CBs while giving players of other clans a chance to play for additional rewards. Thoughts?
  4. Angloborn

    Coming back after 4 months in Canada

    Ahoy Captains! So After spending 4 months abroad in Canada, I'm back in Europe and I will start playing the game again. I wanted to maximize the rewards of coming back so my question is if there is anything besides the refer a friend program I should be aware of? Cheers everybody! Angloborn
  5. I have finished every single personal assignment on the submarine test server and I don't know how to claim these rewards on my main account. Pls help.
  6. kiowa

    Rewarding team play - When?

    Are the following teamplay scenarios rewarded currently in the game, and if not do you consider implementing such mechanics? - Teammate is in a smoke laid down by other player and makes damage to enemy ships. This damage should be awarded like "spotting" damage, sort of, for the player who laid the smoke. - Planes shot down by CV fighter while a team mate is under should yield more experience for the CV. - Hydroed and Radared ships should yield spotting dmg for the ships using Hydro and or Radar.