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Found 28 results

  1. Lenin – a good ship in a questionable meta? With carrier planes leering at your team, waiting for any unfortunate soul to drift off far enough from the blob so they can make it regret opening the game again in 4 weeks, and Battleships - sitting at maximum range so as not to scratch their paint job - lobbing shells that take 20+ seconds to arrive but still manage to citadel perfectly, the Lenin stares you straight in the eyes and asks: “Do you want the power to push?”, and you answer yes. It’s crazy, and definitely not the right time, but you agree nonetheless. Knowing full well that you will most likely not come out of it alive, only by the grace of your team will you perhaps survive - a fool’s errand. You still take to the helm of this steel behemoth and steer it into the fray. What Lenin offers: 63200 Hitpoints, 45mm of deck armour, 32mm front and aft with a 100mm belt. A flat citadel compared to Vladivostok, no turtleback. 3x3 406mm Main Batteries. All of them mounted in the bow. 2 are super-firing, one behind the 2 mounts, similar to Nelson. The elevated mount has a 360 degree turn radius, while the 3rd gun receives worse firing angles due to the obstruction toward the front. 180 degree turn time is 30 seconds. HE and AP alphas are 5850 and 13100 respectively. Her AA suite is made up of standard LR 5.8km mounts with 128 DPS and 5 flak bursts and MR 3.5km with 358dps and 9 flak bursts. No short range, so there’s a 1km window of no AA. Maneuverability is on the better side, with a top speed of 29.9kn (Sierra Mike). The rudder’s 180 time is clocked in at 13,5 seconds. A fully concealed Lenin has a surface detectability of 13,1km and an air detectability of 8.9km. Smoke concealment after firing guns is 16.1km. Captain Skills: Skill tier Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 First Pick Priority Target Expert Marksman Superintendent Concealment Expert Second Pick Expert Loader Jack of All Trades Basics of Survivability Fire Prevention Third Pick Preventive Maintenance Full survivability to make the most out of a push with 2 points in EM for quick turret traverse. Modifications: Rudder shift and concealment for the ability to get close and maneuver more reliably when there. Gameplay and Analysis: Lenin is the first premium BB for the Russian tree. As such she is also the first tier 8 premium battleship to boast the new Soviet gimmick: accuracy increase below 12km, accuracy decrease above 12km. This, packaged with the front mounted guns, good side armour, decent maneuverability, and relatively small superstructure, make her ideal for situational pushes. This is what Lenin offers. Whether her captain makes use of this or not, is the main determining factor to the kind of performance the ship will have. Lenin likes to be close to her enemies, that’s where she works best and that’s where she should be. Sadly, however, being close to your enemies is not an ideal place for a battleship. For all the HE focus fire and the destroyer torpedoes, there is no place a battleship wouldn’t rather be. That’s not even taking carriers into account. Piloted competently, a player can make Lenin work most of the time. If one is selective, singling out ships to “push”, Lenin will provide the reliability to make it work. That is pretty much how she performed during the first few test iterations, and that’s the way she performs now. Absolutely atrocious at range, very good at close range – as long as you don’t get focused down. And that’s a bit of a problem right now. Perhaps she’d perform better a few months back, who knows? For me – a non BB player – Lenin is a ship with ups and downs. On good games you can easily go above 100k damage, on really bad ones you average around 50k. And let me tell you, I got more bad games than good ones, but it’s not entirely the ship that is to blame here. You see I am a very impatient player, BBs combine everything I dislike: slow and lumbersome gameplay, and inaccurate RNG based armament. Sure, there are games where you can do very little to prevent it from going bad, a full team blob rush on one flank for instance. You can’t single out a ship to focus, you cannot get close to the enemy because they’ll shred you to pieces. So you’re stuck there, kiting away for most of the game, knowing full well that it’ll eventually end with you running out of HP, heals, and team mates. But other times there really isn’t any reason other than getting bored. And I did do that quite a few times. Either that, or pushing a little too hard. Which happens… sometimes. The easiest work around to this is for me is to play in a division. This also enables you to take more risks when advancing in the right direction. Pros: Strong guns, good penetration Good armour layout and strong deck Frontal gun layout ideal for playing to the ship’s strength Decent maneuverability Cons: 3rd gun fire angles doesn’t allow it to fire most of the time terrible long range performance, lacking flexibility Large non-turtleback citadel, flat broadside Conclusion: So there she is in all her glory. Difficult to solo, fun when it works out. Sadly for me, the drawbacks, in combination with the fact that is a battleship, means that I will probably not take her out a lot. With the current meta in the game, I feel that it’ll cause me more grief than joy. Don’t let that be a deal breaker though. If you enjoy this type of gameplay or are looking for a new flavour of BB, and have a few clan mates or division mates to play with, this ship might be for you. If you’re still unsure, you can wait for the Vladivostok, which is essentially the same ship, but offers a more reliable citadel, a more usual gun layout, and a lot more hitpoints. GIVEAWAY CLOSED. WINNER: Shyrant ON EU Lenin giveaway
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Yuzral and this thread is a one-stop for all of my (decent) World of Warships videos. Here you will find previews, the occasional review and gameplay commentary delivered with observations and the occasional round of gentle mocking when I do something stupid. Enjoy! ​Opening this compilation we have a Hiryu facing off against 4 enemy ships in Ranked. Someone's losing a star...
  3. Strefs

    USS Indianapolis - Review

    USS Indianapolis As a special event for patch 0.7.5, players were able to pick up a USS Indianapolis by completing tasks in a marathon. To those that have been wondering whether it’s worth taking it out of port, or to those that perhaps been wondering whether it’s worth the odd 30 euros, here are my two (euro)cents on this iconic piece of history. History Built as a Portland-class cruiser, USS Indianapolis was one of the last cruisers subjected to the Washington Naval Treaty. She can be considered the “step-up” from the Pensacola-class of cruisers. The Portland-class ships were purposefully outfitted as flagships. USS Indianapolis herself, is a quite famous ship, unfortunately not as much for her service than the way that she met her end. Indy served from the North Pacific to the South Pacific. She participated in numerous battles, earning her a total of 10 battle stars. During her final weeks, she was tasked with a top secret transport mission. She carried Uranium for Little Boy from California to Hawaii and from Hawaii to Tinian. After the delivery, Indianapolis was to continue on to Leyte. Just past midnight on July 30th, Japanese submarine I-58 torpedoed Indianapolis. 2 torpedoes struck the vessel, the first one setting the AVGAS tanks carried by her on fire, while the second one ignited the magazine. Prior to sinking Indianapolis did manage to get a distress signal out, but without confirmation, Navy officers decided to ignore the distress call, due to navy regulations, fearing the possibility of an ambush. The vessel sank rapidly, with the loss of 300 lives. The remaining - some 900 men - would float for the next 3 days before being found, enduring the burning heat of the sun, thirst, hunger, and perhaps the most violent shark attacks of all time. Out of 1196 crewmen, 317 remained at the time of rescue. In-game rundown Indy has a hit-point pool of 32500, with armour ranging from 13mm on the superstructure, 16mm aft and front, to 22mm midships. The Citadel is protected with a 100mm armour belt, 146mm at the thickest in the protrusions going to the barbettes which are 38mm, and 16mm-57mm below waterline. The citadel deck is 63mm – All in all just about mid-range T7 squish. Indianapolis’ main armament consists of 3x3 8 inch guns, arguably the best at her tier, with a reload of 14.3 seconds and a training speed of almost 26 seconds. She also receives 8x1 5 inch secondaries that work DP. The AA suite is good, consisting of short range Oerlikons, mid range Bofors, and the aforementioned 5 inch batteries. She is decently fast, at 32.5kn, and has a rudder shift of 8.4s, making her quite maneuverable. Concealment fully spec’d goes down to 10.8, which is good for a ship her size. Consumable Choice Indianapolis gets access to standard US Damacon, a choice of either t7 hydro or defensive AA, as well as a long range radar. This is to serve as the highlight of the ship, and elevates her "uniqueness" among other t7 premium ships. Captain Spec I’d strongly recommend taking superintendent at tier 3, and concealment expert at tier 4. I’ve not noticed my engine getting knocked out too often, therefore I’m personally going to put forward Expert Marksman at tier 2, due to the slow traverse of her guns, although your mileage may vary. Gameplay and Analysis I did not enjoy Indianapolis too much to be quite honest The downsides as a flexible cruiser outweigh the upsides: Pros: • Strong guns • Long range radar • Decent concealment for a ship her size • Mid-range AA is strong Cons: • Very large target • Highly susceptible to both HE and AP from most ships • Long reloads Conclusion Indianapolis is a ship labelled “commit” wrapped in a “don’t commit” package. She is equipped with a radar - one which outperforms other ships’ radars at that tier. This is all well and good, but I just don’t see it outweighing her biggest drawback - her squishy nature, combined with her large size. Everything about her screams “make yourself as hard to hit as possible”, which, to my understanding, doesn’t mean go towards the cap circle with only a destroyer to support you. Unlike other radar cruisers, she can't do it while being stealthed, and doesn't have the armour to minimize the effect of enemy fire, should she want to put herself in harm's way in order to get a radar off. She’s not all bad, of course. With good use of islands, thinking ahead, and being aware of your surroundings, a competent player can make this ship work. Her guns are capable and her AA is good. Get in, get out, wait for your consumables to get off cool-down. Use that rudder and good speed to your advantage and to position yourself well. But boy does she not make it easy. Therefore I can’t really recommend this ship. I’ve had my ups and downs in Indy, and I really value her for her historical significance, but she just isn’t something I’d take out for a spin regularly. So for collectors, a definite yes. For the pure pleasure of playing, not so much. Congratulations to __Helmut_Kohl__ and HMS_Argosax for getting the last word-hunt. The solution - GOTTAGOFRENCH - was a combination of words found, 1 in each image, and the word go, written in a different font in the text. I’ve taken into consideration what has been said on last week’s post, and I’d like to try a new format, a bit different, and perhaps easier. Some of you might be familiar with the game say-what-you-see. Players are given a few images, and from them they need to make a word. As an example, the image below: Makes the word firewall. I'd also like to mention that in some cases, words that sound together like another word, can be used, so be imaginative (the letter I followed by a screaming face could for instance be ice-cream). For today’s “riddle” we’ll play a round of say-what-you-see. Again, we have one Super-container for the first person to get it right, and 4x10 subscriber camouflages for those that come in second. TODAY'S RIDDLE: hint 1: a type of sandwich, a loving parent, something you find on your internet browser (and different software), letter(s), a woman with a handbag, a gender symbol, a universal sign found on many plastics nowadays, and a man doing something hint 2: it's 2 things to do with current affairs in world of warships!
  4. Grüße ihr Seebären, mein Name ist Luckyrounds und ich spiele World of Warships jetzt seit der closed Beta. Meine Begeisterung und Erfahrung in diesem Spiel habe ich letzte Woche zum Anlass genommen, meinen alten Youtube-Kanal, welcher noch aus Battlefield 3 Zeiten stammt, wieder aufleben zu lassen. Auf meinem Kanal https://www.youtube.com/Luckyrounds erscheint in der Regel täglich ein neues Video zu World of Warships. Da mein Kanal auf Youtube noch in der Startphase ist, freue ich mich natürlich umso mehr über Feedback von euch. Was gefällt euch gut bzw. woran muss ich noch arbeiten? Am liebsten direkt als Kommentar zu dem jeweiligen Video. Natürlich könnt ihr mir auch hier im Forum die volle Breitseite an Kritik auf mich loslassen Ich werde dieses Topic auch dazu nutzen neue Viedeos, welche ich frisch hochgeladen habe bekannt zu machen. Grüße Luckyrounds
  5. Muy buenas. Si ya con anterioridad nuestros compañeros han hecho sus respectivos reviews e impresiones sobre este acorazado, ahora me toca a mi. Espero que os guste y que podáis salir de dudas (si tenéis alguna). Antes que nada, vamos a dejaros con un poco de historia de este acorazado. En el blog de world of warships, podéis encontrar un enlace con "El hundimiento del Tirpitz". Tras la historia, vamos con el review del barco. Características técnicas: El tirpitz posee estas características: Vida: Siendo el acorazado de tier VIII que más puntos de vida posee hasta ahora, el Tirpitz resistirá el daño sufrido en la batalla. Su artillería no es tan amplia como por ejemplo el North Carolina (que posee una gran artillería) pero cuenta con torpedos. Veamos su artillería de primera mano: Su batería principal está compuesta por 4 baterías de 2 cañones de 380mm cada una. Su alcance es de 21.4 km (sin contar con el avión). cañones principales http://i.imgur.com/CEplTUp.jpg En cuanto a su batería secundaria, nos topamos con 8 baterías de 2 cañones de 105 mm por un lado... cañones de 105 mm. http://i.imgur.com/sAFru4V.jpg ... y con 6 baterías adicionales de cañones de 150 mm. cañones de 150mm: http://i.imgur.com/xpTKRrg.jpg El Tirpitz también cuenta con tubos de torpedo. En concreto, 4 a cada lado de 533 mm. Su antiaérea no es muy fuerte. Cuenta con 12 baterías de 1 cañón cada una de 20 mm... AA de 20mm 12 x 1 : http://i.imgur.com/SBA9cUG.jpg ...7 baterías de 4 cañones de 20 milímetros... AA de 20 mm. 7x4: http://i.imgur.com/EXwyPNw.jpg ... 8 baterías de 2 cañones de 37 mm... AA de 37mm . 8x2: http://i.imgur.com/wEYyMS6.jpg .... y 8 baterías de 2 cañones de 105mm... AA de 105 mm 8x2 : http://i.imgur.com/3unvnHw.jpg Los torpedos, con un alcance de máximo de 6 Km y una recarga de 90 segundos son perfectos para luchar contra barcos que vayan a colisionar o contra destructores que se acerquen al barco. torpedos: http://i.imgur.com/ZhpKaQH.jpg Tienen un daño máximo de 13700 y su velocidad es de 64 nudos. Otra característica que lo define es su maniobrabilidad . En contraposición, su ocultamiento no es muy bueno (véase la tabla de abajo para compararla con los otros barcos). Comparación con otros barcos de su mismo nivel: Ayudandonos con la imagen publicada en Wargaming en su blog podemos ver las características in game del Tirpitz. Tabla comparativa entre los acorazados de nivel 8 en máximo desarrollo. Barco Supervivencia Artillería Cañones AA Torpedos Maniobrabilidad Ocultamiento Tirpitz (premium alemán de tier VIII) 85 69300 61 Alcance, 21.400m en batería prinicpal. 47 16 Alcance de 6 Km 45 30.9 nudos. 850m de radio de giro en cículo. 20.9s en girar timón. 21 detectabilidad en superficie, 16.4 Km. detectabilidad aérea 14.8 Km Amagi (tier VIII japonés no premium) 82 66300 (-3.000) 67 (+4) Alcance, 18.100 m en batería principal. (-3300) 57 (+10) No (-16) 43 30.4 nudos. 870m de radio de giro en círculo (+20). 25.6s en en girar timón(+4.7). 20 detectabilidad en superficie, 17.3 Km (+0.9 Km). detectabilidad aérea 13.7 Km (-1.1) North Carolina (tier VIII americano no premium) 82 66000 (-3300) 68 (+7) Alcance, 23.300 m en batería principal. (+1900) 79 (+32) No (-16) 37 27.9 nudos. 760m de radio de giro en círculo(-90). 28.6s en girar timón (+7.7). 30 detectabilidad en superficie, 15.7 Km (-0.7). detectabilidad aérea 11.7 Km (-3.7). Como podemos ver en la tabla anterior, el Tirpitz es un barco que tiene características únicas. Por ejemplo, el barco es más maniobrable y posee 4 torpedos situados en los laterales del barco con un daño máximo de 13.700. Esto hace que, los típicos choques entre barcos sea tedioso para los enemigos a menos 6 kilómetros de distancia (puesto que ese es su alcance máximo). Su velocidad es buena y su artillería mediocre comparado con los otros barcos del tier. Su ocultamiento es pobre. Valoración personal: Personalmente me gustó bastante el Tirpitz. Es un barco ágil para ser un acorazado y sus cañones, aunque dispersan mucho el disparo y es complicado tener bastantes aciertos sobre un barco, me agradaron bastante. Mi golpe con daño máximo fue 1 golpe en ciudadela a un acorazado a unos 21 - 22 kilómetros (usando el avión). Mi daño máximo fue a un crucero a 11 kilómetros con 2 golpes en ciudadela consecutivos en la misma andanada. (destruyendo el mismo en el acto). Para usar los torpedos tienen que estar muy cerca por lo que no he tenido la oportunidad de usarlos al 100 %. Eso sí, me he dado cuenta que son muy dispersos y ocupan una buena área. Los antiaéreos son pobres comparados con otros acorazados (North Carolina). El pobre ocultamiento hace que tengas que tener mucho cuidado en tu posicionamiento. Puedes ser presa fácil de varios barcos si te pintan. Teniendo en cuenta mi pobre experiencia con los acorazados a partir de nivel 6, puedo decir que una cantidad de los impactos (aunque no acierte todos) suelen ser en ciudadela. (no sé si es por habilidad o por la caída del proyectil). Por tanto, es un barco que recomendaría si no quieres tener un acorazado sólo si eres preciso en los disparos puesto que cuesta acertar bastante. Si lo que te gusta es la potencia de disparo, creo que el North Carolina será tu opción. Su farmeo, es bueno, como cualquier otro barco premium. Aún así, es un barco histórico y mítico el cual, personalmente estaba deseando de probar y de ver en este juego. Espero que os guste a todos. Enlaces de interés: Por último, y no menos importante, os voy a dejar una serie de enlaces para que veáis el barco en juego. Cada uno de ellos hecho por nuestros queridos Contribuidores! hugoelmensajero. Sabran. j04k SekMaster lucariooo Espero que disfrutéis tanto como yo!
  6. A commentary on the new upcoming premium for the soviet line. Ultimately a nice and very fun ship to play.
  7. iChase

    HMS Warspite Review :)

    So after playing the Warspite quite a bit, I've concluded she's a pretty awesome ship video for your enjoyment
  8. In the latest episode of Foghorn, I take a look at what's included in Patch 0.7.8 as it hits the Public Test Servers: I've also made a separate extra video (in 4K resolution) with some additional detail on the new UI scaling feature for anyone using a larger-resolution monitor: If I've left anything out you were curious about, please do pop a comment in underneath and I'll see if I can find the answer... o7 Captains! -StatsBloke
  9. The Perth, the first Royal Australian Navy addition to WoWs, is a Leander-class ship equipped with HE and a rather unique smoke. WG is obviously testing out something new here, and I really wished it would work, but the realization is simply quite mediocre. First game is T5-T7, second at 12:25 with T6-T8, with an AA demonstration at 25:20. Finally at 27:35 you'll find my recommended build. This review ended up rather long, maybe because I really wished this new ship would work. I love the idea behind it, and the concept of a more mobile smokescreen is fantastic and could open so many more tactical options. However the slow blooming rate of the smoke, the massive cooldown on it, combined with how vulnerable the ship is outside of smoke with its 12.8km range, leaves me unable to seriously recommend this premium to any of my viewers. Yes the ship will be stronger in a division with teammates willing to smoke it up, but then again, which ship isn't!?
  10. HAMLET12111

    ( Peticion ) review sobre el Warspite

    ( Peticion ) review sobre el Warspite Pues eso, hago esta peticion para la gente que tenga este barco, me gustaria saber vuestra opinion sobre el. Ahora que esta de nuevo a la venta, creo que es interesante para todos saber si merece la pena comprarlo o no. Estoy viendo algunos video-review sobre el y me recuerda un poco al Arkansas beta americano. Os dejo uno estos videos para el que no lo conozca, como yo. Un saludo y grax.
  11. Crucero BUDYONNY tier 6 sovietico ( Video-Review ) Informacion tecnica ; http://shipcomrade.com/ships/budyonny Modulos ; http://gamemodels3d.com/worldofwarships/vehicles/prsc106 Modelo 3D ; http://gamemodels3d.com/worldofwarships/vehicles/prsc106 Esquema de módulos ; http://gamemodels3d.com/worldofwarships/vehicles/prsc106 Videos ;
  12. Elbschlucker

    A recent review of captain skills

    When the rework of the commander skill went live I did a review of the skills and since the topic is archived I post a new topic. This will be a review of my review and my new opinion on how those skills worked out for me. My old opinion is in gray. So here we are: LEVEL 1: Priority Target: rather useless skill, knowing the number of enemy ships aiming at you gives you no advantage whatsoever. You should know when you're the priority target and often if you are the priority target you did something wrong in the first place and can't do anything about it Still rather useless, Accidentally I kept it on my American BB captain. I see no benefit of this, especially as a BB I have to expect to be aimed at any time and the maneuverability can't help you. If the reskilling is on sale sometime this skill will be exchanged. Preventive Maintenance: powerful skill (the most powerful Level 1) for cruisers and destroyers who suffer most from module damage. BBs (maybe if your main guns are fragile) and CVs not so much as with the first modules do not get damaged so often and for the second you should stay out of the fight anyway. I use this one on all my ships and still see this as the only viable option on level 1 (unless you're a CV). The problem however with such "math" skills is that you do not have real feel what this skill does. Over many games you may get the impression: "yes I do less often loose my steering" but in a single battle you do not know if the skill helped you and a hit you just received would have otherwise disabled a module... Expert Loader: Not a real option as it is most of the time useful to just fire the rounds you have just loaded and switch with the next reload. Nothing changed my mind here. Aircraft Servicing Expert: must have for CVs. More HP and faster servicing are just good. Also here. The effect of 5 % HP and -10 % servicing time is noticeable but due to the way "HP" works on planes you have the "math" problem explained above. Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft: I like this one as it brings lone BBs the opportunity to better defend themselves and since there is no better option. I kept this on my Amagi as she often gets the attention of the enemy CV and the two catapult aircraft are good. This skill is the exact opposite of "preventive maintenance" in terms of feeling. Here you have one plane in the air without and two with the skill in the air. This type of skill is what I would like to have for all skills. Dogfighting Expert: Another pure CV skill. Might become more interesting with other nations CVs but for a slight more ammunition of fighters sacrificing HP and servicing time? No. My old comment was misleading as you can skill both this and "aircraft servicing expert". The 10 % more ammunition are noticeable here, the fighters of my American CV can stay longer in the air. Incoming Fire Alert: Useless, keep your eyes open and you can ignore this one. Nothing to add, I tried it on my Russian DD and forgot to re-skill it. Useless. Evasive Maneuver: Misleading name. I thought a long time if it might be a good choice for my IJN CV but realized that the speed loss is just too severe, resulting in way longer servicing time (return flight) and therefor attack potential. Also this skill has no effect on the attack run where most of the planes are shot down. This skill is harmful. Enemy CVs who had this one suffered a lot since my planes could easily catch up and with the manual fire control devastated the returning squadron. Overall: bad composition of Level 1, 3 out of 8 are CV only. DDs have no real option and the other basically only two 4 useful ones (PM, ASE, DCfCA, DE) 4 garbage (PT, EL, IFA, EM). LEVEL 2 High Alert: A classic, mainly useful for BBs and cruiser as the other two classes want to avoid using this so often. I would narrow this one down to BBs only. The 10 % aren't that noticeable Jack of All Trades: A good alternative and useful for every class except CVs as it can boost your HP recovery (BBs), AA fighting capability or DD hunting (cruiser), smoke or fast movement (DDs). Found that that I use this only on my New Orleans where it helps to get the AA consumable faster up again. But also 5 % are even less noticeable. Expert Marksman: The must have for every ship with poor gun traverse. Can be skipped if you can play your ship with that bad traverse. I use this on a lot of ships. Was it buffed? I thought the traverse speed upgrade was less than 3 deg/s as it is now. Torpedo Acceleration: Useless skill as I found out, the 5 kts are barely noticeable the 20 % less range are! Changed my mind here: The long-range Japanese torpedo boats benefit from the 5 kts and can compensate the rather large 20 % less range. Eight kilometer range is still more than enough to stealth-fire. Smoke Screen Expert: I do not see the big benefit of a bigger screen, either you move around to cover your team or stay and then the 20 % are not much. Never tried it out and still do not see the point of why I should. Expert Rear Gunner: While there where 3 options on level 1 this is the only pure CV here, maybe High Alert if you're bombed often. CV only skill, not very noticeable but the only option really. I never feel that I missed something in my Ranger. Adrenaline Rush: A BB or last ditch cruiser skill (maybe Gunboat destroyer can benefit from it as well). Can be confusing with Repair Party II as you constantly change your reload time. But interesting option as in BB you can be more risky and do not repair but benefit from a faster reload or repair and lose that bit of DPS. Only now as I write this I saw that I use this on my Amagi, never realized it... This speaks for the skill. Assuming 99 % damage you receive a 19.8 % reload boost which translates into a 5.94 s reduction in reloading. So 24.06 s instead of 30 s (depending on how it is actually calculated, correct me if someone knows more) for my Amagi which isn't that much. It is more for a standoff where it counts who fires the follow-up salvo. Last Stand: A classic, the must have for all fragile cruisers and aggressive DDs. Must have for knife fighting DDs. Found that my fragile cruisers are better in not getting hit at all than relying on that skill. Overall: much better than level 1 but for Torpedoboats is nothing to go for. Beside SSE, which might be useful in ranked battles, I found use for all skills. LEVEL 3 Basics of Survivability: A very strong skill. Good on every type of ship the no brainer if you dislike the other skills. I found that I rather use other skills of this level and compensate this skill with the premium consumable. Having one consumable more (Superintendent) is more worth it. Survivability Expert: Feels not so strong compared to other skills, mainly useful for DDs as this skill gives you flat HP, might be an more interesting option if it would be percentage based. Nothing to add. Use it on my gunboat Japanese DDs. Torpedo Armament Expertise: Finally something for Torpedoboats. IJN DDs click here. See above and as an alternative for CVs who are willing to sacrifice AA for better torpedo bombers (if you use them) Emergency Takeoff: A clear nerf for CV hunting DDs as they are not be able to suppress such CVs. This skill is very strong in some rare circumstances but most of the time it is useless as you can extinguish the fire or wait until it burns out without much punishment (except as said a DDs is hunting you). Nothing changed here. As a CV if this skill is handy for you, you're doing something wrong. Basic Firing Training: A BB skill, regardless of nation, competes with BoS on this level. Interesting that is is listed as "Support" as it boosts your aggressive play (secondary buff) and keeps fighters away. The 20 % damage for AA is good selling point. Still wondering what is the "support" part. I forgot to include all those pesky DDs that benefit from this skill. Mainly BBs and low tier cruisers love this skill. Higher tier cruiser who really want the best AA, make check here too. Superintendent: A good all rounder for every class except CVs. Also "Support" is rather weired as only DDs and AA cruiser are getting more supportive others can be more aggressive. Maybe the best skill of all level 3. If you survive long enough this is really helpful to have another HP replenishment or another smoke screen to disappear into. Demolition Expert: Do you like spamming HE? Yes? Here you are. Nothing to add. A bad "math" skill, you never know if the shell that just started a fire would'n have without the skill... Might be interesting for aggressive CV players that only have dive-bombers as strike aircraft. Vigilance: For everyone who is frequently running into torps and will still do even with this skill. Map awareness is more useful that this skill. The black sheep of level 3 skills. Overall: Feels much more balanced but gives you the feeling to miss a lot of good stuff. What I mean is that all skills here give you all bonus with no drawbacks. Even though Evasive Maneuver is a bad skill, in my opinion it brings exactly what I think off, sacrificing something for another thing within a skill. More well rounded than I initially thought off, if "Vigilance" gets buffed it might become an option: Two ideas for the concept of vigilance: variant 1: + 25 % to acquisition range of torpedoes + 5 % rudder shift time variant 2: + 25 % to acquisition range of torpedoes and aircraft detection LEVEL 4: Manual Control for Secondary Armament: I like this one, clearly specializes people who want a powerful secondaries armament. Really powerful on my Amagi and exactly the sort of skill I would like to see more. You sacrifice the ability to fire to both sides and have to manually select a target but gain a lot more single target damage. Fire Prevention: A BB Skill, now buffed with a reduction of total fires. I rarely have more than two fires on my BBs. A more elaborate use of the repair party can save you the skill points here. Inertia Fuse for HE Shells: So far I do not see the point of this skill, either you fire HE for fires or AP into the weak but strong enough parts. Also completely useless for most British cruiser. Haven't tried out the Inertia fuse yet. Seems to be a real buff for some cruisers and DDs. But again, good type of skill gaining something but lose something instead. Can be compensated by skilling DE in level 3. Air Supremacy: Good for IJN CVs and US CVs who really want a lot of planes in the air. Might be more interesting with future CVs. Nothing to add here. Advanced Firing Training: This and MCfSA for your dream secondaries. A very powerful skill, creates the german BB secondaries plague ;) Manual Control for AA Armament: Alternative for all AA specialists, sacrifice range for harder hitting AA? or get both. Without that skill long range AA barely shoots down any plane. Look at your AA setup first as you might not get a huge buff out of this if your AA mainly consist of medium range guns of a caliber less than 85 mm. Radio Location: Oh the controversial or just hated skill. In its current state a very strong skill, especially for non AA cruiser as they do not find much alternatives. My idea to optimize this skill (except from removing it) is that is only active if the nearest ship has selected you as the primary target. This gives players the opportunity to avoid beeing detected if they wish so. A DD waiting behind an island can wait undetected for the surprise attack as long as the DD does not lock onto the target for a torpedo bearing. A gunboat DD can still fire undetected but must be aware that the enemy may then take a bearing on him or keep the guns silent and escape undetected for repositioning. The way Radio Location is right now the impact is rather slim. Other skills are more useful in casual games. Due to the removal of stealth firing (oh bless you WG) this skill is even less good. It becomes very powerful in late game when positioning and mind-games come into play. Concealment Expert: Still the must have for every DD and certain cruisers. Is a bit watered-down due to the mentioned stealth-fire removal but still very effective for all ships with already good camouflage as you can decide even better when to engage and when to disengage. Overall: 50 % are gun driven skills. It is lacking the versatility part. There should be more skills than MCSA and IFHS. Best Elbschlucker
  13. Verence196

    The reviews: IJN Mutsu

    IJN Mutsu Other collected reviews: Alabama - Duca d'Aosta - Okhotnik The new Japanese premium tier VI battleship Mutsu is upon us. The reviews Aerroon Flamu iChase iEarlGrey LittleWhiteMouse Notser NoZoupForYou PointyHairedJedi Yuzral Now that the Mutsu is on sale, community contributor reviews are a valuable source of information for potential buyers. I enjoy watching these, and I'm sure many others do as well. I therefore thought it would be useful to gather all the major ones in a single easy-to-see overview thread like this.I'll keep updating the overhead as new reviews are released. If you find one which I haven't posted yet, please put it in a comment and I'll update the list. Note that the Mutsu version currently on sale has improved reload, rudder shift and turret traverse from the preview version. Aerroon Flamu iChase iEarlGrey LittleWhiteMouse Premium Ship Review: Mutsu PointyHairedJedi Yuzral Note: All credit for content goes to the relevant community contributors. They certainly have my personal thanks for all their hard work. =) Other collected reviews: Mutsu
  14. HAMLET12111

    Mikhail Kutuzov Review - ( Video )

    Mikhail Kutuzov Review ( Video ) Datos tecnicos ; http://wows-numbers.com/es/ship/3762206160,Mikhail-Kutuzov/
  15. Preview o Review? Saipan - Portaaviones U.S. Premium T7. -Saipan review en texto; Saipan review en video;
  16. This is a brief game review of WoWs. General gameplay and POV If any of you remembers the mother of all MMO navy games, Navy Filed, was top down isometric 2D. As strange as it might sound, that created opportunity for interesting gameplay more than WoWs 3D over the head POV point and click action. You had to master your fire lines, their point of intersection, the range, your speed, target speed and time of flight of the shells to be able to hit. Same for AA fire, which was manual overall. (I actually installed NF, 10 years ago, to play with AA guns) All those thrills are nowhere to be found in WoWs. Yes, some speeds have to be taken into account when firing. Sad shadow of navy play. Instead you can play hide and seek battleship behind a corner style. It's not arcade, it's ridiculous. And the guts to say (in the 0.4.1 update video) that one map or another is styled after one or another coastline WW2 action is also ridiculous. It's offending to one's intellect to have navy battles this way. Technicalities Lag. It's inherent to a beta release to have issues like this, but knowing how they denied it in WoT for 2 years and then failed to address the problem for the rest of 1-2 years then yes, it's a big problem that will probably plague WoWs for a looong time. Nasty. The game engine and general aspect are Okish. Nothing thrilling, nothing outright wrong, just a big "meh, ok". Balance For tens of battles (100? something like that) in CV I never got a balanced game. It's either my IJN CV vs american full-of-fighters CV, two IJN vs two AM, one vs two or finally just my CV, no opponent. Not a single balanced one. And the Am fighters vs IJN torpers, it's boring. Hide and seek again. And then the balance decision changed the gameplay dramatically in 0.4.1, making my tier 4 CV unplayable. Just like that, blip, one line of grind just vanishes from play options. Just like that. Not gonna complain , why would I, I simply stopped playing CV. Not cool to lose that grind on a blind balance. Conclusion Instead of filling the gap that NavyField 2 created (there's nothing to see there either), Wargaming made one of those 5$-for-a-dozen game. It's just not about navy warfare, this one. And no thrills either, no gameplay depth, no eye candy, nothing. Just a big "meh". Not happy, we'll have to way who-knows-how-much for another dev to even begin to have another navy title, for a hope of navy play. Till then I salute you, have fun.
  17. Strefs

    The Smith in preview

    The Smith Hey everyone. Welcome to the second last instalment on the Grand Naval Battles ship previews. Today we are looking at probably my favourite gameplay-wise. You can go and check out the other ones I did, currently we have: "What is the Smith?" you may ask. Well, to put it simply, it’s a Sampson with one more gun and a lot less torpedo tubes. At least that was the first impression I had of it. Here I have listed a table with all key differences. Basically, on paper, the Sampson does everything better or on par with the Smith. Later, we will be having another look at these two again in detail. First of all however, I want to focus on the Smith itself. Like in my previous previews, we're gonna have a shakedown of the ship itself, then move on to a short conclusion of the given stats, finally follow up with a verdict and some gameplay. Pros: -Very good concealment. The concealment comes close to that of a Japanese destroyer. 5.6 Kilometres aren’t enough to drop your torpedoes concealed, but allow you to get quite close to your enemies before they can shoot at you. -Great Rudder shift time 2 seconds is a good rudder shift time, beating the Sampson’s by 0.7 seconds. -Large number of guns The Smith is able to fire 4 of her guns in each direction at a time. That’s 1 more than the Sampson and a lot better than the Umikaze. -Great torpedo reload At 11 seconds the Smith has arguably the fastest reload of all torpedo bearing ships -Good Turn circle The Smith comes very close to the Tachibana in terms of turn circle, putting it in second place out of the tier II destroyers. Cons: -Slow for a destroyer It’s 28 knots wouldn’t probably only look good on a cruiser. It’s however manageable with engine boost. -Low count of torpedo tubes The Initial payload the Smith can launch is a lot smaller than most of it’s DD counterparts, Therefore a player has to be quite precise with his torpedoes, as he can’t fan them like with other destroyers. More on that later. -Low amount of hitpoints Even the Storozhevoy beats the Smith in terms of hitpoints. You can’t be shot at for too long since you will die very quickly. -Short range on her armament This is probably in combination with the small calibre. 6.5 kilometres doesn’t leave a lot of engagement space. -Tiny calibre on it’s main armament (76.2mm Main guns) The guns which otherwise would be secondaries (like the Umikaze’s) are considered primary on the smith, the Sampson’s guns are 30mm larger than the Smith’s. With this, penetration and damage output drop as well. AP penetration and fire chance are very low as well. Conclusion: This ship can’t fire concealed, not even with AFT, which can push the gun range up to 7.9 kilometres by the way. The guns are nothing I’d go gunboating with, but can be quite useful when dealing with enemy destroyers and finishing enemies. Overall the first impression feels like the Smith is very much a Kamikaze boat. But so are most Destroyers in low tiers. The Smith and the Sampson Like before stated, the Smith seems to be like a slightly worse Sampson. However, I can tell you gameplay-wise, both ships are very different from one another. The Smith doesn't play like any destroyer I've had. The Models: The Smith's waterline profile sits a lot higher than the Sampsons. This means you are a bigger target for incoming fire. This handicap is only really significant for the bow of the ship, since unlike the Sampson, the Smith doesn't have a lot of mid-ship objects on it. Therefore, it is in fact harder to hit the Smith from the side over the Sampson. The smokestacks are more spread out, with only the 2 and 3 one being close to each other, meanwhile the Sampson carries 4 lifeboats and has cram tightly packed smokestacks, which make it susceptible for HE hits. The weaponry placement: The two ships only share the position of 3 of their guns, these being the front placed, and the front-mid-ship guns which can only fire into one direction. Therefore, the Smith can fire 4 guns each broadside, while the Sampson can only fire 3. The torpedo tubes on the smith have a similar layout to it's mid-ship guns. It has one single tube launcher that can fire in both directions towards the aft, while it has 2 single tube launchers which can fire in each direction respectively. The Sampson has 2 twin tubes for each side at mid-ship. Torpedo Armament of the Smith and Sampson The Sampson can fire 4 Torpedoes in one salvo in each direction at a time, while the smith can only fire 2, the Smith can, however fire her torpedoes twice as fast: Torpedo launches over time Final Conclusion: Is it better than the Sampson? No, it's not. There are clear problems with this ship, it's hitpoints, it's speed, it's armament. The Sampson beats the Smith in every respect. The Smith however, has the unique torpedoes. While firing a whole bunch of torpedoes with a single salvo has a huge damage output, once you fired, you have to reload. While other ships would have to wait a significant amount of time before you can launch torpedoes again. And what if your target dodges your spread completely? You see these kinds of problems don't affect the Smith, at 11 seconds reload time, you're basically firing your torpedoes as some ships would with their main guns. This allows for some very unique gameplay, here is a screenshot of my very first match in my Smith. For the Smith, it doesn't matter whether you miss with some torpedoes, because you can just fire again and again, at some point you will hit your target. You force enemy players to spend their whole time dodging your torps, or get hit. It's not unlike a gunboat at higher tiers, you're the annoying mosquito, that constantly harrasses other ships. Everyone wants you dead. Which is why the bad concealment-torp range is a big problem. You need to make islands work, get your positioning right, use your engine boost to position yourself close to an island and close to the enemy, pop your smoke if it gets dangerous, don't manfight. Surprise battleships that don't expect you coming around the corner. You can bait people with your guns to come into the little trap that you prepare with this nasty little strike package. Use. Your. Torps. I know this might sound like a nobrainer, but your guns are not worth the effort once your enemy is torp range, you can pop some shots at them, but you should really be focusing on your torpedo launching. This is how I feel the Smith plays like. Rapid torpedo launching is it's game, and islands and smoke screens are it's best friend.This is why, for me, this is the best out of the lot. Katori gets all the collector points, but gameplay-wise, the Smith takes the crown. So If you are wondering what you should do with your diamonds, prioritize the Katori if you're a collector, take the Smith if you want some unique and fun gameplay. Or take both, since why wouldn't you if you can! I have read very often people saying that previews and reviews don't really reflect the gameplay of a ship since the reviewers only show the ship at it's best. Therefore I have picked an average gameplay video to present what a match in the Smith might look like. How did you guys feel about the Smith?
  18. Ok, have had Hood since release (I know, I have more money than sense, hey ho) I am an average player - average win rate about 49, recent 53 the recent win rate is down to the hood, I find this better for me than the Warspite as it seems to suit my style, Current stats on the Hood for me are: Battles - 223 Win Rate - 55% Average results; destroyed - 1, aircraft 2.8, xp - 1372 have had some fab games in the hood, much better than in the Scharnhorst (prev best ship), at least 3 krakens and generally seem to play better. Massively tanky if you use her correctly, guns are meh but work when you are used to them. Against high tiers often seems to pay to use HE due to the high number of shatters/over pen that hood seems to get. Have tried a number of different set ups for the captain and modules; have tried full AA set up; main battery set up, steering gears, aiming mods, secondary set ups. for me the set up I have settled with is; main armaments mod 1 secondary armaments mod 2 damage control mod 1 propulsion mod 1 The rationale for this set up is; guns are meh therefore going down the aiming/main mod 2 route doesn't really make that much difference. The secondaries and the addition to the AA does make a difference in the right place/time. The propulsion mod I settled late on having tried steering etc, hood seems a bit sluggish in its speed up (not top speed, acceleration) and this makes a big difference in battle. Captain skills have gone with (after trying a few different): Preventative Maintenance Jack of all, Adrenaline Superintendent AFT and Concealment I agree with the other reviewers, not OP not UP but interesting and think works for me, better that others at the same tier - even the Scharn. What do others think?
  19. Easyway

    König / Bayern Quick Impression

    Hello everyone, I will try to express my impression of new German battleship lane that arrived yesterday and try to provide some info for newcomers. Yesterday have been arrived long time expected German Battleships, i have jumped to tier 5 because long queues and simply lower tiers are messy with lot of new players and total domination of destroyers. ***König: Turrets rotation speed is total disaster, its faster to turn ship then turrets and its annoying in one hand, but also course changing gives you nice benefit vs destroyers and long range Japanese battleships, its so hard to hit this ship with torpedoes so after few times playing my minekaze i just gave up, and switched torps to some easy targets. Maneuverability: This ship is really really agile. Guns with 305mm are not so impressive, ( comparing to 356mm Kongo/New York/Fuso/New Mexico ) may be good for cruisers but vs other battleships you will have hard time to hit citadel, but that's minimized by reload time and HE switching for extra lightning up, it will be the best option in most of the times against heavier or properly angled opponents. Also i was concerned about 16km shooting range, but this isn't too much big deal, since in this tier u get really fast in shooting range. Anti aircraft protection is the weakest spot for this ship, if CV decide to send torpedo bombers on you, there is 99% chance that you gonna eat at least 1, and they know it, so stick around cruisers and other ships. Speed is not the best on start, 21.5 knots, but still faster than rest of battleships except Kongo, and after upgrade 24 knots are more than decent. _____________ Captain Skills: I have used Basic Survivability cos you will get on fire 24/7, even battleships shooting mostly HE shells on you, Fire Prevention for the same, Vigilance for 25% extra torp spotting range, and after that Basic and Advanced Firing Training, for close combat, cos...you are brawler and secondaries are decent on this ship. Modules: Main Armament Modification, Aiming System Modification for extra sniping and ofc Damage Control System _____________ Overall: Great ship, absolute cruiser nightmare, with 6 guns and more than decent dispersion this ship is little Fuso on steroids, its chunky, got decent armor and maneuverability is just brutal. Guns and reload time is great to delete any cruiser that forgot about you or drive in straight lane for more than couple of seconds. I have decided to keep it, at the moment i can say that this is maybe the best Tier 5 Battleship. ***Bayern To be honest how much joy i had with König that much i was disappointed with this ship...i just don't have too much fun playing her. This ship got really big guns, 380mm with shooting range of 16.1km or 17.7km which is ok, but dispersion is crazy, i got feeling that shells flying as they like, even with Aiming Systems module to hit something is lottery. The feeling when you hit some ship is just...different, you deal lot of damage but no citadels, no incapacitation, just raw damage. Speed with upgraded engine is 25 knots and maneuverability is also really nice, still faster than other battleships up to tier 7. AA Defense: Like with Tier 5 German Battleships, AA is really bad, and CV's can make you lot of trouble. Captain Skills and Modules: I have used same like with König. Overall: I just wanna skip this tier as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, hope that you liked this post, this is my first impression of this 2 ships, maybe i forgot something, maybe you got different impression, put reply if you like to add something. I will post quick review for Tier 7 and 8 this days. Fair Winds and Following Seas, Easyway
  20. MarkGFL

    HMS Warspite Review & Gameplay

    Hi folks As WG EU kindly gave me access to the Warspite for a few days I thought I'd share my experiences of the ship with you. I know a fair bit has already been written and said about how poor the ship is, but its not all bad news. And remember, this is a premium ship and therefore supposed to be not quite as good in some aspects as the regular ones you have to unlock. If it was super, everyone would accuse WG of playing the pay-to-win card ;) In its favour: + it makes good money + it turns very well, almost like a cruiser + it has very hard hitting guns + its good at dodging torpedoes with practice + secondary armament and AA is decent + it looks great! Not so hot: - top speed is nothing exciting - gun range is lacking a little - turret traverse rate is very slow - possible armour issues on the citadel So its probably not going to appeal to everyone, depending on what you are looking for. Know what you are getting for your money, and think of it as more of a heavy cruiser than a battleship, and you won't be too disappointed. More details, examples and gameplay in the video below.
  21. DeleteCV

    Royal Navy T9: The Fierce Neptune

    At this point in the tree the RN incredibly gets even squishier, but now it actually has something to show for that fragility. Great AA, fast reload and great torps makes the overall damage output strong enough to justify just how vulnerable the Neptune is. As usual you'll find my recommended build at the end.
  22. Hey There! JustforlolzFYI here- YouTuber, blogger, streamer, gamer, father, husband...but mostly just a regular guy with a kick for anything with big guns. I write the Wartime Blog (wartime-blog.com) and you also might have already bumped into my videos on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/JustforlolzFYI) about various tank and ship games My videos are mostly fail/LOL compilations, reviews and guides, so if you are looking for some lighthearted but informative videos, come and check it out!See you around