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Found 10 results

  1. Hi WG, Sometimes I find myself wanting to retrain a 19 point captain, only, I don't need him retrained fully, just one skill, but of course, I have to pay 475 doubloons to retrain ALL the skills even though I only need to train one new skill. This is unfair, and a form of robbery or fraud. I put it to you WG that what this is, is illegal. I did not realise that WoWS was a pirate game
  2. I wanted to retrain a British captain but this occurred .. First Premium ship I bought and I can't even use it in a decent way.
  3. Currently there is a fixed price for retraining your commander to another ship if you decide to pay gold or credits. On the other hand the skill reset features price is depending on how many skillpoints the commander has accumulated. Can't we have the same for retraining? While this fixed price might be worth it for a very high Tier commander I guess there's not a lot of players actually using it for their lower tier commanders. Currently I usually just got a new commander since retraining for gold is way too expensive and retraining without means I'd have to wait for 'perks' like situational awareness. But I don't really want to drive my USN DDs without... not even just a single game so I'd rather get a new one for 10k. The credit option for retraining is therfore also quite useless on lower tiers. I believe this way you will actually increase the amount of people using this feature while not losing out profit on the higher tiers where people would have already used it for the current price.
  4. StanleyHTweedle

    Drop the retraining

    Guys @WarGaming. Drop the captain retraining mechanics. It's counterproductive. It's only 200k. It doesn't add up to monetization of the game. It just annoys people.
  5. ax3man

    Commander retraining

    Hello to all forum readers! There are many things lacking compared to WoT, since this is beta,but in this topic i would like to discuss one thing that is in WoT, but not in WoWs: commander retraining. As most of you know - in WoT, once you research a tank, you can start retraining your crew right away, even though that tank was not purchased yet. Unfortunately, in WoWs it is not the case: one must own the ship before choosing to retrain the commander, thus not allowing us to use premium ships to their full potential (retraining commander on premium ship while earning money for that brand new ship). Or... maybe this feature is hiding somewhere i have not checked yet? Please let me know if that is the case. What are your thought of this? Do you miss this feature aswell? Or maybe you think this is the way it should be? Please share your thoughts and discuss them
  6. Captain retraining is way too hard at 18+ points. To get from 18 to 19 points you need 10 million captain XP. To retrain an 18 point captain from one ship to another you need to get 5 million retraining XP. 5 million! Even if you pay 200k then half of it is STILL 2.5 million. The only option seems to be to retrain using doubloons. Video as proof: What gives? Is it supposed to be like this?
  7. so I unlocked the Duke of York and since the captain you get has only 3 points I decided to get Jack Dunkirk assigned to it. He was currently retraining on the Bellerapheron. When I assigned him to the Duke of York, he kept retraining and his skills didnt work. Once the retraining was finished, his skills still didnt work. I tired putting him in reserve and assigned him back to the Belleraphon, but one I put him back on to the Duke of York, his skills didnt work. I also retrained him on the black swan but his skills still didnt work on the Duke of York. Is there a way to fix this?
  8. GeneralSavage

    Commander retraining dilemma

    Hey captains! I seem to be a little confused right now. Let me narrate relevant information in points: 1) Found a 10 point Russian commander in reserve. (Fully trained) 2) Assigned it to Budyonny. Selected option to retrain for free. 3) Sold the Budyonny for quick cash. Commander sent to reserve. (Still retraining) 4) Bought Derzki. Assigned retraining Budyonny Captain for free. Started retraining from scratch. 5) realized I have an Oktyabryskaya Revolutsiya (premium ship- USSR) 6) Assigned Budyonny Captain (which is now in Derzki) to oktyalutsiya. 7) realized that Captain is NOT retrained completely. 8) assigned previous oktyalutsiya Captain back into it. 9) realized that oktyalutsiya Captain needs to be retrained as well. 10)assigned 10 point Captain back to Derzki. Still reading from scratch. I have learned the fact that premium ships can retrain completely for free. Anything that I'm missing here or is it because of too much vodka? Valuable inputs are much appreciated.
  9. HajosCs

    permanent camo re-use

    Hello, I like Your game (WoWships) a lot. However, I'd like to propose you some minor changes: - The possibility for players to change consumables, maybe even signals at the beginning of battles (after we know the participant ships) ex: in the first minute - the possibility to sell or compensate for a permanent camouflage if you buy a higher tier ship and sell the one for which the camo is. - the possibility to use the same cpt for elite ships for which they have been trained previously after they were moved and trained for a higher tier ship. (it helps if someone would like to keep a lower tier ship). Thank You
  10. valoaa

    Captain Retraining Help!

    This MAY be a silly question but... I have an 18 point captain on my Atlanta Which I moved to my Gearing... I then put the captain back on the Atlanta for retraining without penalty on premium ship thing I then forgot about it for a few days I then sold my Gearing Spent the credits. Now, the captain is still retraining for the Gearing for something like 185,000 captain XP! Which will obviously now not let me progress the final point on my Atlanta (I'm almost at 19...!) How on earth do I stop retraining without buying the damn Gearing again!? Surely there is a way.