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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I just got my tax returns and started spending them on unnecessary stuff like the premium CV Graf Zeppelin, my first ever CV. (Yea, I know I'm a "tier VIII premium n00b pls uninstall game!!11!!") One thing that really bothers me is the reticle of the torpedo bombers. It is so grey and transparent that it is (at least for me) often very hard to see. Especially when I execute a hard 180º turn to re-engage a target and also if it's worst case scenario, I'm flying towards the sun. The light makes the sea grey-ish, basically exactly the same color as the reticle. There are tons of UI mods for WoWS, I use some of them myself but I haven't been able to find a mod that changes the reticle of the aircraft to more visible and easier to see. So now I'm asking you fellow captains, can you link me to one or tell me the name of such mod if there is any? I would be grateful!
  2. I've seen many, many videos online of people shooting their guns before the aiming reticles are fully centered, while still firing accurately. A good example would be this video: So I'm wondering, what's going on here? Is this a bug or a feature? And if this is a feature, how can I do it myself?
  3. thunder3oo

    Points of view

    Last update brought many good things, however, I observed some problems. 1. While I was sailing Svietlana I shot at least two salvos of HE into an enemy ship (a low tier cruiser) that was pretty close to my ship. Those shells did no damage at all, like they were bouncing AP's. I've seen no problems like this one until the last major update. 2. Unrelated to the update. Bogatyr is a fun ship (I consider her to be better than St. Louis), but she gets many battles with CV's, while she has no AA. If in higher tiers battles you have reasons to ask cruisers (for example) to protect your ship with their AA, lower tiers cruisers can barely defend themselves, so there's no reason to ask for help, they can't give any. My suggestion is to keep her out of battles that involve CV's, since it's an uneven situation. CV's have the upper hand and Bogatyr can do nothing about it. 3. Also, since the last update something weird happens. I have an enemy in my reticle, selected (locked) as target (no matter what I sail, this is not about a particular ship). I move away from it, out of my guns range. If the enemy ship disappears from my sight (island or smoke between us), and later is spotted by me or another teammate, it appears out of my guns range with reticle locked on it, even I can't hit her. Was that intended, or is a bug? 4. With the introduction of weather, CV's and DD's are OP again. Planes and DD's are hard to spot, all you know is that you have your ship on fire/torped. 5. Another good ship is Budyonny (excepting her turrets - they are getting blown too often). I wonder why there's no fighter option to protect her. I've seen in Public Test that higher tiers ships have the option to choose the plane. Ok, Budyonny is a tier VI, but even so, her AA cannot be compared with Cleveland's (which are better and also better positioned, in my opinion). Not only she has to defend herself only with AA, she has no possibility (as Cleveland) to use a fighter for several minutes as spotting plane for discovering DD's or torps, which makes her very vulnerable. Speaking for myself, since the ship has enough gun range, I would enjoy a fighter and not a spotting plane for more range (which changes the view of the target by going above it, that's pretty annoying when you have to discover and target a DD who's close).
  4. I am not too young (56), and my eyes are a bit tired. I am not (yet) visually impaired, but I definitely suffer from a lack of contrasts and find myself pixel hunting, especially when in my carrier and having to play with the top-view map ... Well, for young and sharp guns, things look evident like mountains, but to me, it looks like microscopic pixels... My screen resolution is 1280 x 800, which is the most comfortable to me, and for everything. I would like to suggest 2 future improvements. My concerns are both contained in what I experienced 2 days ago, in heavy fog... Problem 1: The sizes of the minimap There are 5 pre-determined sizes for the minimap: I use minimap size 4 because size 3 makes things too small. I heavily rely on minimap, and most of the time, it shows only a garbage of red icons where I can not see if it is a fighter/bomber/diver or ship. I find minimap MUCH more difficult to read than in WoT... But as you can see above, there is a large size gap between size 3 and size 4. Unfortunately, as shown in my 1st image, size 4 overlaps with targets coming from right side of the map, and also on the aiming line. Problem 2: Aiming Indicators almost invisible in some (most?) environments. My 1st image is the extreme case, with fog from a destroyer. But fog should be on sea (and target, which is ghostly as it should). But it should not interfere with my ship reticles and indicators... Suggestions: 1- either: reduce slightly the size of minimap 4 so then it comes just below the aiming line, or better: add a free resizing button so then we can resize freely "our" minimap (position/size being recorded in our "preferences" file, server side if possible for having same comfort when changing PC login PC. 2- increase the reticle and aiming line visibility, with Hi Vis colour (yellow ?), and also Hi Vis colours for minimap col/line coordinates. Example below: I really do NOT want to rely on future mods for vision improvements, as I am against in-battle mods (which should be a total protected area, common to ALL players !) , and such mods would be unfair to players if all players have not the same vision quality...