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Found 4 results

  1. Just finished a ranked battle and went through the end screens. Saw 15 doubloons spent on Engine Boost II. But I never purchased that? So what happened? Well I had one free EBII left and equipped that with auto resupply on, end of round the game resupplied EBII Using doubloons. I guess this just got answered: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/57561-059-consumable-auto-resupply/ Both!!! Award to WG for making the most convoluted ingame GUI I've seen: This is as far as I can see this is what happened: I chose the freebie without thinking about the gold/silver setting (as it was a freebie). Because I had selected "resupply using ingame currency" AND since it was my last free one AND I had not prepared by selecting silver instead of gold (not noticing it was my last free one) the game defaulted to taking doubloons. And seriously - it's not like we don't spend money in this game - you HAVE to make everything default to doubloons making bs like this possible. Why not let things default to silver? I allready spend gold on: Premium, Ship slots, Captain retraining, Captain redistribution AND ship slots. I think the microtransactions is working out quite well without using crap GUI settings to siphon a little more. BS Confirmed!
  2. BJEagleDK

    Resupply GUI update ?

    EDIT 2018-04-30: I think I need to clarify that what I am suggesting as shown under A for signals is a resupply option per signal. Or maybe just redesign the whole thing and have a combined resupply screen, for all camouflages, signals and consumables. Much like the "Service" screen in WOT but with radio-buttons for "only from stock" vs "purchase for silver" vs "purchase for doubloons" selection for each item (where applicable). P.S.: it would probably make sense to rename Consumables to Equipment, since the word consumable spans all things which is consumed including signals and camouflages...
  3. Hi, Pretty simple, this one. I have 625 doubloons but don't want to spend them on camo's & consumables. I select the upgrade consumable and choose to pay in credits. I select re-supply and un-tick the in-game currency option. I do the same on camos (22.5k to pay for Type 5 on my Edinburgh). Every single time following a game it will remove all of the consumables and camo's. The only exception is the signal flags but I have stock of those. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? At first I thought I was forgetting to select it but i'm just not. The more I read the more I realise there are numerous, long standing known bugs in the game so this might be one of them. Thanks, Me.
  4. Hi all, Please make sure that you check your "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" because flags are now Doubloon chargeable! This is thread on Reddit: Leo "Apollo11"