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Found 2 results

  1. KillzoneGB

    Resahde and 3d shaders for 3d Users

    As you say reshade is a grey arear, but what about us users who wish to play this game in 3d. I obtained a shader to allow users with 3d tech to be able to play this game in 3d. The shaders was obtained from the CryTech 3 Dev team. http://reshade.me/forum/shader-presentation/2128-sidebyside-3d-depth-map-based-stereoscopic-shader This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. So you are free to share, modify and adapt it for your needs, and even use it for commercial use. Based on You can obtain the Hook and other shaders from https://reshade.me/ Other shaders i use with this package are, fake HDR, 3d depth of fog, improved sharper textures (else WOWS @ 4k the textures are Low res) 3d settings file you have created you might need to add the param`s to the ini file. i have set mine to use Top and Bottom rendering as this gives the best results. (tweak to you harts content) [3d.fx] Alternate_Depth_Map=30.000000 Stereoscopic_Mode=1.000000 Disocclusion_Power=0.025000 Adjust=1.000000 Depth=2.000000 Weapon_Depth_Map=0.000000 Depth_Limit=1.500000 Depth_Map_Enhancement=-1.000000 Weapon_Percentage=5.000000 Custom_Sidebars=1.000000 Perspective=0.000000 Disocclusion_Type=1.000000 Depth_Map_View=0.000000 Weapon_Adjust=0.000000,0.250000,1.001000 Depth_Map_Flip=0.000000 Custom_Depth_Map=0.000000 Near_Far=1.000000,1.500000 Cross_Cusor_Size=25.000000 Cross_Cusor_Color=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 Downscaling_Support=0.000000 Eye_Swap=0.000000 for further updates to WOWS, can you please do the following: 3d, sharper textures, Scaleable UI as the chat text and map`s are hard to read @ 4k. Anyhoo thank you for you time. ShaderFX_Code.zip
  2. Hello my fellow captains, with the recent changes to the mod-policy, an issue that has been present since the dawn of WoWS has risen to become a problem once again. Blur, WoWS has since CBT when i started, had a layer of blur on top of everything in the client. Blur causes a number of issues even for you who might not even have noticed it until now, i will explain further down the post. Until the ban of Reshade as a mod it was universally accepted as the solution to the issue of excessive Blur, to use Lumasharpen or other filters. Lets establish right away what im talking about for you who are not aware, this affects every level of graphics. Imgur's compression of high-res images adds JPEG artifacts sadly, images does not make lumasharpen screenshots Justice, refer to attached images or closer comparisons for cutouts to compare uncompressed screenshots. My graphics settings Vanilla Reshade + Lumasharpen Closer comparisons to outline differencies Lowest graphics settings Vanilla Reshade + Lumasharpen Closer comparisons to outline differencies My graphics settings with Aslains Fog remover Vanilla Reshade + Lumasharpen Closer comparisons to outline differencies If you cannot see any difference between the screenshots then rejoice! Also the last example is to show that the fog is in fact Not the cause of the Blur, the Blur applies to the fog as well, removing the fog gives a placebo that the blur goes away as its less slightly less noticable. Lets get another thing straight right away. Reshade+Lumasharpen was just a stopgap, a temporary user-applied fix until WG solves the core issue which hasnt even been brought up seriously yet, i wonder if they even are aware?. The reason to ban reshade is legitimate, Battlefield 3, PUBG an so on did get cheats injected through reshade even. and it shouldnt be unbanned, but WG must solve this issue of Blur now. This ever present Blur cannot be removed by any methods aside from Reshade, no graphics settings, no graphics control panel, no DSR or VSR, no monitor OSD settings. I have gone to lenghts trying to reduce the blur without injecting post-process filters. And i arrived at the sad conclusion. There is only one way to reduce the Blur on our end, and that is with post-process filters such as Lumasharpen. And only one way to do it sort-of without breaking the rules, HDMI/DP cables with built in post-process filters such as the 120 Euro mCable, but it has serious technical limitations, both to resolution and refreshrate. And is ridiculously expensive for what it is. The Blur is an inherent trait that WG has chosen to use, or neglected to remove for their titles using the Bigworld graphics engine. The cause or reason to implement a layer of Blur is only something WG can answer, which they have not due to lack of awareness. Blur usually is used on low-fidelity games to hide ugly graphics, however WoWS is a beautiful game, and the blur does the polar opposite, it hides how beautiful WoWS is, forces people to look at WoWS through a lens smeared in Vaseline. Some of you find the Blur hideous, others dont mind it. People like me with advanced motion sickness however become physically sick when trying to focus vision on something that is blurry, it causes eyestrain, headache, and nausea. For people like me, using Reshade was a requirement to be able to play WoWS due to the Blur. But even for you that dont suffer advanced motion sickness, you should feel the eyestrain, getting exhausted quickly when playing WoWS, you often get headache when playing WoWS and so on. Some blame the headache on the toxic community, but even here its the opposite. The strain on the eyes from trying to focus on something out of focus shortens peoples fuses, stress builds up, anger builds up. It affects people in negative ways without them realising it and turns people toxic. WG's Support claims that they cannot inform WG about the dawn of the apocalypse of Blur. Only the forum can, that is if any WG dev by chance reads it when the stars align and the red moon is out. Please help, the end is nigh.