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Found 11 results

  1. Lennox73

    Researchable Modules

    Hi War gaming, this has probably been asked before but I cant see the answer. Why oh why aren't modules that have been researched from one ship for example the 420mm guns on the Freddie not then available for free on the Kurfurst? In tanks if you researched the engine, radio, guns on a lower tank but the same modules where used on a higher tier where then available to be used. Granted the amount of modules that are used on boats are slightly different, but there fore examples torps that are the same, guns that are the same. Just a small change i know but I do find its a tad annoying why I need to spend my xp on something that I have already researched. Anyway end of question Lennox73 (PS Go Sharks!!)
  2. Hey there, I'd like to get some answers why the C hull is worth buying on the battleship Fuso. The range upgrade is negligible for my playstyle, and the hull upgrade doesnt give anything but modifies +4 AA guns (how effective are they anyways? i never noticed my AA :| ) On top of that skipping can save a decent amount of credits, unless ofc there are some hidden details like different armor layout, better torpedo bulge, deck armor, etc...which are not listed anywhere in game or on wiki, i only found them on warshipstats site but the site still has some incorrect data so i dont wanna rely on it solely. Btw Fuso is awesome. Real Godzilla
  3. I like to look at future unlocks and plan the acquisition, etc. But why can't I look at the consumables and the possible modules I could mount? Shouldn't those get me excited as well? Is there a good reason not to show these? Gib moar eye candy!

    [Research] ... not fun

    Howdy, could not find a thread regarding this, so I apologize if this has been written already. For me the Tech Trees themselves are ok, but the way the game progresses within them is fairly odd. Take a look at the Kongo for example. You start out with a rather underwhelming ship which has a vastly lower main gun range than it's predecessor, the Myogi. However, the Kongo has more guns and other attributes which sort of make up for the "upgrade" from Myogi to Kongo. However, when one moves from the Kongo to Fuso, things are different. A fully upgraded Kongo is so much better than a stock Fuso that one could wonder why to bother changing the ship, other than to grind the way down the line towards the next ship. Much lower range, much less AA, slower... The step from one ship to the next should feel like an improvement, but it really is not in so many cases. How can this be improved? I do not have an immediate idea. The whole module research stuff would have to be changed, apparently. it would be great if the modules would offer a choice instead of being almost mandatory. Destroyers sometimes have that kind of choice when they can choose between faster or longer range torpedos. The could also receive higher calibre guns, faster traverse speed, higher range or higher fire speed. Similar choices could be added to other ships as well.
  5. I unlocked the Omaha, but have not bought it due to missing cash. I had enough Free XP to unlock the Omaha (B) module right away, though. So far I can see how much cash I will need to be able to buy the ship, but it would help if the unlocked module(s) would also be tagged with a price, so I can plan my purchase. Why am I doing it this complicated? I'd rather take the upgraded Omaha into a match than the default version.

    Experience, modules and odd choices

    As I am sure people have noticed themselves, there are some odd offers in the tech trees. For example, the majority of the Japanese destroyers can savely ignore improving the range of their guns as these usually are secondary weapons. Or a torpedo upgrade for American DDs which actually reduces their range by a kilometer but increases speed and damage. For some cruisers, I've met the odd offer where the speed and damage of the torpedoes could be increased ever so slightly for a comparatively high cost in XP and silver. Take the Japanese Tier 7 Cruiser as an example, here the increase of 3 kts and about 1000 damage cost 11.000 XP and 800.000 silver. Just seems like a total waste of funds to me. Question being, will there be more interesting choices in the future for all ships, including those whe already can play?
  7. Research vessel "Planet" class (751) The "Planet" is the most advanced research ship of NATO, which impresses with its innovative technology. It was built in the so-called small waterplane area twin hull design (SWATH design). The particularity is that the buoyancy is provided substantially completely by the submerged pontoons. In contrast, bear the slender struts that connect the two floats and hull with very little to lift. Thus cause waves that affect virtually only to the struts, not in a noticeable change of the ship lift. This results in an exceptionally smooth movement behavior, which allows the execution of research and testing work in strong winds and rough seas. The vessel will be the future of both the WTD 71 and the Research Institute for Underwater Acoustics and Geophysics in Kiel for sea trials are available. Due to the very high demands on its own radiated noise the new research vessel among other investigations of underwater acoustics and sensors is ideal. Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 73 m / 27,20 m / 6,80 m Load displacement: 3,500 t Speed: 15 knots Propulsion plant generates electric power: 2x 1275 kW plus 2x 1,700 kW Drive motors shafts 2, Permanent-magnet motors per wave 2x 1040 KW Arming:Nothing Crew:20 soldiers + 20 scientists Pictures: Source:
  8. Quetak

    Which TX next?

    Hi, On weekend I will have enought XP for research 4 T10 ships but I cannot decide which one buy first. Credits are my problem so it will take some time to save enough for another T10. My preference is one of those cruisers since I like cruiser gameplay but which? Which one would be your choise and why? Thanks for all votes.
  9. If you own a ship and have grinded up to the next ship in the tree, and sell the ship for the port to buy the next ship, is the previous (sold) ship' research researched/owned status and xp supposed to vanish and revert to an 'un-researched' ship with xp and upgrades removed? This confusing for WoWT or WoWp players as if you sell a vehicle, it remains "researched" and previously "owned" , you can buy it back for credits at any time . and its xp remains on the vehicle (even shown in the tech tree..)
  10. Research vessel "Alliance" class (753) The "Alliance" is one of the quietest research vessels of NATO. She has a mixed civil-military occupation. The captain and first officer are basically German nationality. The rest of the crew is made up of members of the NATO countries. The "Alliance" was commissioned by NATO as a research and survey vessel. The ship is run by the army and the navy out in the register of ships. The "Alliance" sailing under the German flag. Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 83 m / 15.20 m / 5.10 m Load displacement: 2,466 t Speed: 17 knots Power: 2,970 kW Arming:Nothing Crew:10 officers, 20 soldiers + 20 scientists Pictures: http://www.schiffe-n...e-8833752-1.jpg http://www.schiffe-n...e-8833752-5.jpg Source:
  11. daftapeth

    kawachi research bug

    researched propulsion on th kawachi the 400 research points were deducted, it came up in the log as researched, however i cannot buy it and it needs to be researched again...