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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, [Poll] How many lines with "Tier X" have you reset for the "Research Bureau" thus far? Table of XP needed for "Tier X" line reset: Using most excellent "WoWs Fitting Tool": https://wowsft.com/research Plain table (old but still relevant): I did 0 thus far... I have spend several hundred million Credits on ships in past 12 months and will really have to gather more before I start thinking about restarting my lines... Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I did similar thread with poll 6 months ago:
  2. Hi all, WG's new incentive for playing more - from WoWs v0.9.5 in June 2020 MAX of 20 "Steel" per day (600 per month) and from WoWs v0.9.6 in July 2020 MAX of 40 "Research Points" per day (1200 per month)... "ST, Update 0.9.5" https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/19?fbclid=IwAR1tM1P9Y9PghWbvPEJ4khFPFQAxc6yc5DHCs5jz7Hd96I0tPjYtVSe6u7g What do you think of this guys? I must say that I am very undecided about this... "Steel" was hard to get and you could, essentially, only get it via "Clan Battles " and "Ranked"... Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Hi, Noob question: I have just reset my first branch (Japanese DDs) and expected to receive my 20.000 research points. However, they have not appeared ... I am missing something? When do you receive the research points?
  4. Resolutlon

    Research Points and Research Bureau

    Hello, I am planning to reset a tier 10 line, how much research point will I get for regrinding the line? I am looking for the base number so I can calculate how many trees I have to reset and regrind to get to Ohio
  5. Hi all, What is the approximate total cost (FreeXP & Credits) if you do the "Flamu Method" for resetting the whole line several times consecutively without playing at all in order to get "Cobert" / "Ohio" ? Has any Forumite actually tried that? Leo "Apollo11"
  6. How about it, WG, let's see a "reset EVERYTHING" to get double research points for all trees at once -challenge for people who have all the T10 tech tree ships? You have my permission, go for it.
  7. Hi guys, I've been playing a few days and having a blast. Only problem i have is i don't know how things work, I've never played world of tank or planes. The question is I'm having a hard time finding is, what kind of points do you earn and what are they for? The money is easy but you have research points that you can use to get new ships in the tech-tree but how does this work? Can i spend the points i earn on all trees from destroyer to aircraft carrier or are the point i earn only for let's say battleship if collected on a battleship and where do i find how many points i have? Experience points? Also you get other point when a ship is a elite class then you can convert? Sorry for the really noob questions but i did try and find the answers but it's not so easy yet perhaps it's because we are still in beta. Any help would be a great help! Thanks, Nibiru.
  8. Crusherheads

    Ibuki - Research points - Zao

    Greeting's, i aint here to comment about the machine itself but the research points he earns. Not sure if any one has notice or probably is just me that even doing a "good game" you only earn around 2000-2400, "medium games" around 1500-1700 research points. The credits earn for this boat i find it quite okay, but what suprises me and makes me feel that the research points on this boat are "locked". yesterday i won and did a good game with rougtly gave me 450,000 credits but only 3900 points, i say to myself okay this game was "once a month match" but well. What i trying to reach or say is even with Izumo or a Destroyer at same tiers, i could earn alot more research points that this boat. And izumo you mostly earn research points by doing heavy damage and with destroyer the capping and damage are accountable for it. Theres games that i manage to do 70k-120k with ibuki and i havent yet surpass the 4000 research points. Ofc i using Premium but no flags. And me and friend with his roon on a platon we did a game with he earned roughtly 3800+ and me only 2500+ on a match with i has on top of the team score and he on 4º ... So its just me? Knowing Zao is a great machine and his popularity is at scale. Did appreciate ur opinions and thoughs/experience about it, i quite fine with this ship though the "research points earned" again seems to be locked or limited. Any ways thx for ur attention, and sorry for the moaning, i forgot to screenshot the games scores, but i will eventualy put to prove what i wrote above. P.s: Check the screenshot bellow, 170,000 damage and only 3900 research points and i won that game, that was my best games with ibuki so far.
  9. some of ships they are super bad and you can't do anything with them!!! but you need this suffer in order unlock better one. why you don't let people play low tier ship and get research points for whole tech tree? furutaka is most useless ship i ever see bad dmg bad fire rat bad torpedo bad reload time. i dont wanna play that for unlock aoba !!! if i need play one game or 2 game with it its was ok! but i need play that crapin 40 games i cant take it any more that ship is not my style
  10. daftapeth

    kawachi research bug

    researched propulsion on th kawachi the 400 research points were deducted, it came up in the log as researched, however i cannot buy it and it needs to be researched again...