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Found 18 results

  1. Hello and welcome once again everyone, today's video features the brand new addition to the research bureau if you want to know how to get the Siegfried it can be unlocked in said research bureau for 47,000 research points. It's a real feast of new German heavy cruisers right now in game with the addition of Ägir and Siegfried in update 0.9.5. The Siegfried boasts 6 (six) 380mm guns basically the same guns as Bismarck but with cruiser like dispersion and is comparable to the Ägir in terms of hulls and similiar playstyles and tactics. Playing a well armored cruiser with battleship size guns has proved to be a ton of fun in recent weeks and Siegfried is definitely a fun ship. I hope you all enjoy the video and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7 I'm uploading content every week to You Tube and you can also find me now on Twitch also under the same name you can find both links here below. My YouTube Channel link once again is Carbine Carlito You Tube You can also find me on Carbine Carlito Twitch
  2. Hi all, Analysis for number of "Special", "Research Bureau", "Steel", "Coal" and "Free XP" high tier ships on WoWs EU server... Source ("ProShips.ru") - they have the highest number of unique Player IDs per ship most likely because they count every possible battle type - some other sites only count "Random" battles... https://proships.ru/stat/eu/s/99999- Special: "Puerto Rico" = 14.476 "Benham" = 9.612 Research Bureau: "Ohio" = 4.112 "Colbert" = 2.535 Steel: "Bourgogne" = 3.488 "Somers" = 2.998 "Stalingrad" = 10.122 (was also reward for Ranked Clan Battles long time ago) "Neustrashimy" = 513 "Black" = 6.428 (was also reward for Ranked long time ago) Coal: "Thunderer" = 20.279 "Smolensk" = 42.023 "Salem" = 23.267 "Marceau" = 1.856 "Yoshino" = 20.630 "Georgia" = 26.836 "Jean Bart" = 41.238 Free XP: "Hayate" = 455 "Smaland" = 2.186 "Missouri" = 27.265 "Musashi" = 33.967 (was also available for Coal IIRC) "Kronshtadt" = 20.981 "Alaska" = 32.306 "Azuma" = 11.984 "Friesland" = 14.442 Did I , possibly, forget some ship (and different availability)? Discussion: I must say that I am absolutely astonished with the number of "Puerto Rico" ships the "Smolensk" numbers show that she was the most popular purchase of all time closely followed by "Jean Bart" the scarcity of "Research Points" show the rather low count for "Ohio" and "Colbert" and, similarly, for all other "Steel" ships no other numbers strike me as unusual except, possibly, really really low number for "Hayate" and "Neustrashimy" Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Added "Benham". Fixed info for "Stalingrad".
  3. Resolutlon

    Research Points and Research Bureau

    Hello, I am planning to reset a tier 10 line, how much research point will I get for regrinding the line? I am looking for the base number so I can calculate how many trees I have to reset and regrind to get to Ohio
  4. @quickr I totally stole this from you: Add perma camo's as RB rewards, please.
  5. I am not particularly fond of the feature itself, but in general I like to play with low-mid tier ships too, so why not do it through RB. Actually, I'm not planning to reset the IJN BB line for the very reason I am playing most of them from T2 to T10 (the exceptions of T3-4-9) on a regular basis. Plus, at the moment I'm sitting on 1.8mil fxp, and neither of the FXP ships appeal to me that much. Forgive my possible ignorance, but I haven't found anything on the questions/issues below: - I tend to keep my ships and captains along the line --> if I reset a line and the commanders will be sent to reserve, what happens if I don't have enough 'slots'? Will they be lost, or kept in an extended reserve? - Once I get the ships back, I guess the captains will need to be retrained for their ship - I guess all upgrades including legendary ones (I would be gutted to lose them) will be moved to the inventory, and can be mounted back for free - Also, by the same logic the permanent camos also remain in the inventory... Many thanks & o7
  6. Hi all, How many "Tier X" lines have you reset for the "Research Bureau" purpose thus far? News: "Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up" https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/research-bureau/ Reddit source: "FXP needed for each Tier X ships (and how much you need to spend if you don't want to regrind 6 lines for an NTC ship)" Table of XP needed for "Tier X" line reset: Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I did 0 thus far... I have spend 200M Credits on new ships in past 3+ months and will have to gather more before I start thinking about restarting my lines...
  7. posted and reposted yesterday, but i think it might deserve a discussion on it's own, as it goes beyond the "NO" and in doubt just doesn't get noticed in the flood of posts these days.... so, feel free to discuss or let it fall down into the abyss of this forums if u think it's a worthless attempt --> i can see u guys (WG) won't scrap RB, i call it set. as far as i dislike, i can accept though. what i can not accept is to have to regrind a whole line to achieve something that is not connected DIRECTLY to such a regrind! the ships one can earn in RB are totally in that definition 4 me, so a big nono already. i can see as well the logical link to have the legendary upgrades in the RB. BUT (and that's a big one, created by ur very own decisions over the last year), i absolutely please u guys to introduce a way to earn without having to regrind whole lines. same goes for the rb points in general! make em conncted to RESEARCHED status of a ship, as that's what makes the most sense. so, by playing my just unlocked yamato, i would start to earn rb points parallel to elite ship xp which are only usable for the yammies LU. (imo without any missions ever!) furtheron rb points needed to buy ships should be simply added by PLAYING A LINE I DID UNLOCK UP TO T10! NO RESET! got an elite fuso in port? nice, play it to earn points for new ijn ships. want the ohio? play usn lines, any tier. combine that with an rb point bonus for the 1st win a day each ship, or even apply the rb points only to this 1st win, and u achieve to have players on all tiers WITHOUT bumming em off.... 2cts, ur show to add: any progression of the missions yet ofc should be translated into a headstart for the certain upgrade on switch monetizing: daily boost for rb points gets doubled or trippled 4 dubs, voila. <-- on a furthernote i'd like to say that ofc nationbound rb pts not would be mandatory in this design. they just as well could be usable for all lines, but as for me it does fit the idea of research in a given nation/line way better.
  8. Hi all, WG's "Sub_Octavian" @Sub_Octavian posted clarification and changes regarding the "Unique Upgrades" and "Research Bureau"... Leo "Apollo11"
  9. WashingtonWaifu


    So SMOLENKS big hype dope ship pretty much out classes colbert. Because of smoke and hydro and torps. Colbert Has the French Rain gimmick. But. Since Smolensk will never face a nerf. Will probably get removed in the next couple updates. So that leaves Colbert for people like me that want a rapid fire ship. But it's locked behind the research Bureau. Which is petty much ptg to earn anything. Unless you're very skilled and have too much free time. And I know Ohio is more loved by people than Colbert, but I was just wondering. Is it worth the time grinding for a semi op hellfire ship or not?
  10. Jethro_Grey

    pls help, i am almost broke!

    I just rebought the Henri IV (one of the three lines i did reset for the RB) and now i'm down to 33mil credits. Practically broke. Granted, i bought 2-3 of each capatin from the armory for 4mil per captain, and grinded all other lines to TIX, but still. I shouldn't be broke! i do not deserve being broke!!! I guess the resource sink called Research Bureau is working as intended. Damn you WeeGee, for accomplishing what you aimed for...for once! (unlike CV REEEwork,...) *edit* ^^ Disclaimer: i could use my 1859 Zulu signals, 645 Wyvern (and a total of 1100 special signals with credits bonus), 272 Gamescom black camos, 1230 vbarious other camos with credit bonuses. But i'm too lazy to grind that $hit. ^^
  11. With the urge of WG to keep producing ships that increase in power via DPM, is it still fun to be in a tier 8 ship and encountering tier X OP ships? We already had ships you feared when being uptiered like the Yama and the Mino, but with the new tier X ships being released I absolutely DO NOT enjoy the game anymore when I up tiered. Encountering ships like the Kremlin, Smolensk, Stalingrad, Haregumo, Kleber, Yoshino, Colbert, Ohio, ships that outrange, outspot, outrun, outdamage you. The game really starts to suck big time being bottom tier and getting an arcade game experiences with the amount of daka daka or massive damage you take. And the matchmaking fix they did no long ago is simply not enough not to be annoyed. I know it's not good, but if I am in such a game, and the map is not good for cover, I try not to do it too conspicuous, but I yolo in so I can start another game without getting too many -1. Until 3-4 months ago, I loved the game, only game I played, I am now over 12.000 games but have recently installed EVE online and now I play 30% WOW and 70% Eve Online. I play for 3 containers so I get coal and my Clan gets 30 oil and I am done for the day. Sometimes I don't even make that anymore when I am uptiered too often. Of course, the weekend players and the Reseach Bureau (62.000 for the Ohio, seriously don't you know the effort that takes??) don't help.
  12. Captain_Breeze

    Ship slots get deleted after Reset of line.

    Is it me or was it not mentioned in the Research Bureau rules that ship slots are deleted after a ship line is reset?
  13. So, I decided to try out the research bureau function, As I liked the thought of actively work through my favorit ships again, and gain some resources I can then use on a " if a cool one comes by at some point" special ship. I am currently replaying the japanese and US BB lines, having reached nagato and Iowa so far " I Have all of the bonuses!, super camos, flags and what not, on. And i'm a pretty average player, so the research goes relatively fast :) " When the research bureau was under development, people asked of what kind of reward should be given to re-researched ships, and it´s always gonna be a touchy subject if it comes to increased hp, shell damage etc. But right now, it does not give any reward other than the points for the first win tier 6+ I´ve always had an reward idea myself, regarding the research bureau. Ever since it was announced as a thing that was in the making. Bow side decoratives. How about, when you re-resetted a line, you would be able to decorate the side of the bow with an emblem or crest of sorts? We have numerous ships with either historical or just plain decorative bow emblems on them, and I think it looks really nice. And it is not impossible " I think" to implement this feature. " Fx. Tirpitz didn´t have one before, but has now." An example. Nagato, is a ship I am very fond of and feels super comfortable in. And I think it would be pretty cool to be able to decorate her bow, not only to show that, " Hey, this guy is either a very dedicated nagato player, or he has a ton of free xp to spare XD" but also to personalize it. As to say, this is MY ship. But what do you think? should one be rewarded more for resetting a line? Is the emblem idea good? should it require 2 resets? Should it only be for tier 6+? Should we have another ship-customization feature for resetting? Let me know what you think!
  14. Hi there, was just playing a ranked game with a fellow forumite, which we lost sadly. Anyways, i went out to smoke a cigarette and my nephew took the opportunity to free XP the russian CL line up to Moskva. Which is bad, as i was at the Chapayev, re-grinding the line for 20000 research points. It wouldn't have been that bad blowing out 500k Free XP ( which were reserved for the Friesland btw) if he'd bought and played the Donskoi and Moskva. Which he didn't. When he told me what he just did, i went pale, he panicked and resetted the line again. 20k RP gone (technically 14 k). FML. Pls WG, tell me you can revert that and restore my account at the point i was when i played the last game? Pls? Preferably without losing my flags, Signals, camos, ARP ships a.s.o. I contacted CS but it'll take a while before i get a reply. In order to not screw up even more, i'm gonna nstop playing WoWS for now, and switch to WoT, until i have a reply. Pls help! @MrConway @Crysantos @Tuccy
  15. For anyone interested in resetting: I've been pondering about the game and it's current state, which is borderline bored with everything but the core gameplay, and decided to reset as many tech trees as I can. I am just curious if a reset can breath new life into the game for me. I don't like ranked, am in an inactive clan and can't be arsed to grind much these days. So I thought to myself, what the heck, it can't get any worse then this. I also have plenty of premium ships, and think of this as setting up a second account but with benefits as I'm loaded with credits, freeXP and over 200 days of premium time. So, I just reset the first line, the IJN cruisers. I love the ship line, but hardly play the Zao, so I won't miss her. Looking forward to the mid tier games. I've decided not to freeXP my way through any ship in this line. That might not be the case with other lines (IJN BB's I'm looking at you). Short version; I'm having a great time actually EDIT: Just to be clear, for me, this is not about grinding my way towards the Colbert or Ohio. Also I just reset the IJN CV and both IJN DD lines too. Did you reset yet? What do you think about resetting all your trees to start the game fresh? My IJN reset so far EDIT - I'll keep progress and fun-o-meter updated here ------------------------------------------------------------- Cruiser line Hashidate was fun - 1 match to progress (won) Chikuma was hilarious - 1 match to progress (won) Tenryu was MEHBOTE - 5 matches to progress (4 lost) Kuma SEXBOTE - 3 matches to progress (1 lost, played 1 extra for funzies) Furutaka - A beast when upgraded (4 wins no losses, progressed) Aoba was not all bad - 15 matches to progress (too many tier VIII heavy matches) Myoko - awesome, it takes longer to get to the next tier but that's actually great, as I like this ship Mogami - totallly worth the reset - i forgot how awesome she is ------------------------------------------------------------- CV line Hosho - evil, sealclubbing 3.0 ------------------------------------------------------------- DD line Wakatake - done Isokaze- Great fun, but a bit of a clubber to be honest ------------------------------------------------------------- DD torpbote line Minekaze - nice, but just ok-ish, very team dependent Fubuki - in progress ------------------------------------------------------------- DD gunbote line Mutsuki - awesome fun! Hatsuharu - in progress
  16. How about it, WG, let's see a "reset EVERYTHING" to get double research points for all trees at once -challenge for people who have all the T10 tech tree ships? You have my permission, go for it.
  17. With the research bureau coming, what ship tree would be your favorite candidate to do all over again? For me, if I decide to do it, it would have to be a tree in which I had the most fun in. Im not a min max grinder. So, top of my head: KM battleships and UK destroyers. I just love the secondaries on the upper tiers, and the lower tier german battleships are actually quite good. The UK destroyers just feel pretty nice overall, i cant remember one uk DD that I didnt like so far up to tier IX.