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Found 6 results

  1. At the moment we have a very few "Commonwealth" (in inverted commas as in reality it was mostly the then British Empire) ships, RAN and RCN. It was common practice for Royal Navy, RCN, RAN, RNZN officers to interchange or fill in to help with shared experience and training, it would be VERY nice if this could be reflected in the game and allow the Skippers to be used on both of the ship nations. A bit like ARP and HSF Skippers can. HSF Graf Spee and Harekaze can share Skippers and ARP Captains can be used on IJN ships. Any chance of this happening? It would be a simple improvement and make the Commonwealth ships more attractive to some of the player base.
  2. Dear WG, Could we please get more low-tier missions and campaigns? Most of them are for tiers VIII and up, which is very annoying for players like me - not having any high-ish tier ships despite the amount of gaming I've done (beta tester, FYI). If I compare to World of Tanks, where the player has way more opportunities at the lower tiers to battle, but reaching higher tier tanks is also faster there than in the World of Warships. This seems unbalanced to me. I know I could rush my ship research and just try to get the next ship as fast as I can, but I prefer getting used to my ships and actually playing with them - not just using them as stepping stones to higher tiers and forgetting them as soon as I get next one researched. There's a lot of thought about how to make tier I playable for new players (I find it better than WoT tier I), but then the game kinda forgets the low-tier players and focuses on higher tiers only. If it was as easy to hit those higher tiers as it was in WoT, I wouldn't mind. But it isn't, there's way more grinding to do so could you at least make it more enjoyable then? I don't know if I'm alone with my thoughts. How about other captains out there, are you with me or am I just blabbering for nothing? :-) Cheers, geekuma
  3. When some player uses Hydro for example, it would be good if his teammates can see that, maybe as a icon above player or as a info text in different text section.
  4. ...please do not do it here! There is a lot of rant's on this forum about XYZ ship being OP (Conq, Loyang etc), and ABC feature being abused/over-used (Hydro, Radar etc). Whilst I appreciate you find these a burden etc., plenty others (the silent majority ) seem to get on fine without ranting on the forums. In future, can you ask for help how to counter said OP ship or adapt to the new smoke changes, and those of us trying to learn would be able to pick up the gems without trawling through the slag-heap of non-value-adding trash-talk? disclaimer; My highest tier ship is a T5 DD so I know, I don't know the pain of radar and Hydro much... or anything about Conqueror yet... but hey, I'll need to know what to look for when I get there! Kudos all!
  5. HI, yesterday when playing div with friends we had an reoccuring issue. after the first coupple of battles when all the first wins that we wanted/"needed" we still wanted to play.... ....bot none of us wanted to decide which tier or ship. this is occuring quite frequently for us not because were bored but becasue we have so many ships. the idea here is to have a button that turns on/off a RNG so when you press battle you get a random ship from your port. this would be selected on indiuvidual basis but still work in division. (in case someone selected a ship tier is given if noone in div selected manually tier will be random) [edit] to work in division the thing would need to do a check that everyone has a ship of the randomly selected tier first. i and i hope many others would like to see this RSSS in game.
  6. walter3kurtz

    Interface QOL improvements

    Changes to make the game more accessible to new players: 1. Make alt-interface and detailed ribbons the default setting (why put new players at a disadvantage); 2. Make the minimap large by default (again, why put new players at a disadvantage); 3. Enable last seen positions and ship names on the minimap by default (same). Changes that improve the game for existing players: 1. Prevent players from entering battle without camo due to camo running out and pressing "battle on"; 2. Give the option to (un)equip a certain flag on all ships; 3. Improve the ship carousel by making the names of ships that have no captain more visible (the whole ship carousel thing annoys me but this probably the most) Feel free to add other simple suggestions but keep it simple. This improves the chance of a suggestion being implemented.