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Found 8 results

  1. So i wanted to discuss the French tier X Battleship the Republique and why, in my opinion, it shjucks monkey balls. Lets start at the beginning, the early tiers of the French battleship line are all ships with loads of guns. I had no issues with the low tiers, in fact i found them quite enjoyable, especially the Lyon with its 16 guns. Now comes the Richelieu at tier VIII which i thought i was not going to like, but i was wrong. I managed to do fine with it and i really didn't have any issues with the ship. On to the Tier IX the Alsace, oh boy what a ship to behold. Lovely lovely ship, 12 guns, very fast with speed boost, turtleback armor making it harder on the enemies to citadel you and great secondaries to top it off. Yeah i really liked this ship and if the Republique was going to be anything like the Alsace then i would be very pleased. Unfortunately the Republique could not be more different. So lets start the rant, The Republique is supposed to be a "fast" battleship, this is supposed to be the gimmick of the French battleships or at the very least its promoted that way. Well it kind of is and it kind of isn't. The Republique is reasonably fast for a battleship when sailing in a straight line with speed boost active. However the ship loses a tremendous amount of speed when making even the slightest of turns. Any A or D buttonpress will set back your speed from 30+ knots to well under 25. I've had this ship speed dip to a sad 23 knots when making a half turn and that was with the speed boost active. Although statistically it doesn't look half bad the ship feels like it goes to a complete standstill when turning. Combined with the second largest turning radius only beaten by the G. Kurfurst, which is a floating city block, the ship feels extremely sluggish. Enough about speed, lets talk guns. The Republique is supposed to have awesome guns. Large caliber, good accuracy, great shell ballistics and a fast reload time. Well for some reason i cant get the guns to work. Either my game is bugged or i'am doing it wrong, or maybe it's just that this ship doesn't have great guns after all. So far i can make all the tier X battleships work in the game. I have no issues hitting ships or getting citadel hits. However, not with the Republique. Only if the enemy shows me that perfect broadside which becomes less of a common thing at the higher tiers, i manage to get those juicy citadels. I managed to score bounces on several different cruisers with angles that any other BB would penetrate, it has frustrated me so much that i have forced myself to load the HE almost all the time. On top of that it is supposed to have great accuracy, well for some reason i don't notice that at all, and before you all shout at me saying i can't shoot for shait, i have no struggles hitting targets with any of the other tier X BB's in the game. The reason why i find it difficult is likely due to the fact that this ship only has 8 guns, and when bow tanking you lose 50% of your firepower. Now to compensate for its lack of guns the Republique gets a "fast" reload time. Well... not so fast, just like the ship's speed the reload time is not as fast as you might think. With base upgrades its 21 seconds, that's only 5 seconds faster then most of the other tier X's, so in reality that might give you 1 extra volley in a 60 second shell-slinging contest with another BB. Also take in consideration that every other tier X is slugging 12 shells per volley while the Republique only throws 8. The only exception being the Yamato, but well yeah, its a Yamato, i'll give up 3 of my 12 guns any day of the week to get those 460mm guns. Adrenaline rush can help reduce the reload even more but this goes for the enemy as well. Sure you'll get like a 19s reload near the end of the game but the enemy has a 23s reload now so the difference is even smaller than before. The only thing that is really good about the Republique's guns is that with flags you get a 50% fire chance which makes this frenchie a great fire starter, although the fire chance is similar to that of the Conqueror, the Brit has 12 shells with 50% while the frenchie has to deal with 8. All in all the TL:DR version, I cant believe that the Alsace felt so much better in almost every way compared to the Republique. This is the first line in the game where the Tier X felt more like a downgrade, or rather a sidegrade instead of an upgrade to its tier IX counterpart. The guns, which should be the Republique's selling point, feel terrible and i much rather play with the guns of.... well any other tier X battleship really... ALL of them feel more useful. Republique: Pros: - Reasonably fast reload - Fast as long a you move in a straight line - Turtleback - Great firechance Cons: - Only 8 guns - Sluggish maneuverability - Lack of guns - Sensitive to HE - Not enough guns - Great accuracy my ASgard - Its missing at least 4 guns - Great penetration, pffft - It needs more guns - Huge turning circle - 404 GUNZ NOT FOUND
  2. TR__BURAKk

    Help for Republique

    Hello friends, Yesterday I got Republique. My expectations were very high for this ship but I'm disappointed. I use secondary build at this ship but İ cant approching enemy ships because CVs burns me very easily and taking too much life. I am not very good player but when İ first recieve Yamato I said this super ship and i like it. Finally how should I play this ship? Thank you and sorry, my english is low
  3. Immoxb

    Which is better?

    Hey guys! I am currently choosing between the Republique and the Yamato. Since I have a hard time deciding, I saw my shot to start a thread and let you guys help me! So, what are you guys thoughts on the Yamato and Republique? Pros and cons? Their playstyle? I know myself I like agressive playstyle (Montana and G.Kurfürst are my current T10 BB's.) So let's get the discussion going
  4. Bonjour tout le monde, Je dépose ici trois vidéos d'une série que j'ai mise en place pour commenter certaines stratégies, étrangetés de batailles et autres parties juste amusantes à regarder. La série continuera avec d'autres navires, dépendant de la matière que j'aurais moissonnée ou que d'autres joueurs m'auront envoyée. Bon visionnage à ceux et celles que ça intéresse. 1. Deux épisodes des mésaventures du Conqueror. Une bataille au nombre incongru, puis une autre avec une quasi destruction qui occasionne une vengeance - et dans ce cas, c'est un plat qui se mange... grillé :) 2. Deux épisodes modestes sur le cuirassé République, les deux premiers, où on se demande si les Lemmings sont aussi bêtes qu'on le dit, et où une autre bataille nous montre un mouvement en pinces assez fascinant. 3. Et tout nouveau tout chaud, deux épisodes de la série sur le Cuirassé MONTANA, où un joueur nommé N7Falcon nous montre sa maîtrise du Montana en bataillées classées dans deux cas où des erreurs peuvent entraîner des victoires :) A bientôt pour de nouvelles vidéos :) ... ou pas Starkadd :D
  5. "Good accuracy makes landing consistent salvos quite easy" This is blatant misleading publicity Accurate? This can only be a bad joke. Consistent? This is true. You will consistently miss salvos. Richelieu is more accurate and consistent. Alsace is more accurate and consistent. Republique is not accurate. It's not consistent. You cannot go bow on like in both previous tiers. You have to give broadside to fire more than 4 shells. flanking would work with this ship but since you can't hit anything with it, it's basically useless. Correct Tiers: Tier X Alsace Tier IX Richelieu Tier VIII Republique By saying Republique is "accurate" and "consistent" you can only be making fun of us, right? From what i'm experiencing, with every type of tactic, it just feels MUCH inferior to Alsace and Richelieu. Am i missing something or this ship is a crap Tier X? OK I've learned to play it by now but it's not better (or worst) than Alsace, just different.
  6. RedLuzifer

    Republique, 308k DMG

    Republique, 308k DMG
  7. Bracciofortebraccio

    Corazzate tier 10 (anche per ranked)

    Buongiorno, per chi usa le corazzate nelle ranked, quale tier 10 preferisce? Lo chiedo perchè sono al rank 10, e devo decidere quale corazzata acquistare (usando buona parte della mia free Xp): Yamato o Montana? Con inglesi e tedesche sono indietro, non le posso sbloccare. Con le francesi sono addirittura alla Courbet... Però se queste sono migliori delle statunitensi o giapponesi, ditemelo, che non spreco frre Xp e resto rank 10 a guardare gli altri che scalano la classifica...
  8. Oderisson

    Republique armor weakness

    Does anyone knows if recent armor penetration change fixed republique problem of getting citadelled by cruisers at extreme ranges?