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Found 2 results

  1. I've played a lot of all secondaryships and tested all kinds of builds with them. At least 300k xp in all of these....and this is the basic style I have developed while playing these ships. So here are some quick tips for the people who have no experience on secondary ships. PS. My honest opinion is that Kurfurst is by far the best of them for this purpose. Feel free to discuss. I am sure everyone has their own versions and builds.
  2. While trying to find at least something good about Republic that would justify playing her over other BBs I started thinking - my argument for Conqs heal being "completely fine" was that Conq has no armour compared to others AND lacks the HP, and I still think that it's fair that way. BUT now the Republic - exactly same lack of anything you could call armour, the same 32mm all over (on a much bigger target profile aswell), so you could say she's in the middle between Conq and other BBs. And yet, Republic has perfectly normal heal, as if that lack of armour meant nothing. I'm just not ok with that. Either armour (or rather lack of it) is a reason to improve the heal, in which case Republics one should be improved (not as far as Conqs, of course) or Conq gets its superheal just because it has less HP, and that one is a big no no - too strong of a compensation just for that little of a loss, and thus it should be reduced. Feel free to skip the rest of this What the heal should be instead? I'd say one of them needs it changed - but the destination probably can be identical for either one. Normal heal is 0.5% HP per s for 28s Superheal is 2% HP per s for 20s If we assume that SH indeed was a compensation for both - armour and health - you can scale those heals by simply doubling the % and taking off 4s for each of them (0.5*2*2 = 2% & 28-4-4 = 20s) This leaves a nice middle-ground of 0.5*2 = 1% & 28-4 = 24s heal. Of course, that's just a guess as to how that would look, game balance reasons would probably tweak that way off of what I got here, but one of them definitely needs to change