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Found 4 results

  1. Drunken_Jedi

    The Quest For 0 Karma

    So... I decided to get Enterprise tonight. she's a ship I've had my eye on for quite some time but could never justify the cost of getting outright. However, the Admiral bundle of the Giulio Cesare had a lot of doubloons in it... and value wise it actually saved me in the long run to get that and buy her for doubloons. I'm really liking her so far, although the strike reserves are utterly pitiful she does a good job maintaining air control over Shokaku... and God help an GZ Test ships that you find they're just irrelevant. In fact, my third game in... I'd already lost one karma point somewhere along the line this evening... I dropped an Izumo who was sort of isolated from the fleet. First torpedo to hit him.... BOOM. *Fun and Engaging mechanics ensued*. He didn't like that. A little later, strafed all three bomber formations with one fighter squadron and wiped the entire package out. Denied the GZ Test II on the enemy team from making a single drop. Ended the game with aprox 100k (averaging 112k atm). Get back to port, "you have been reported two times!". Karma is now 1. So Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm guessing one good Saipan or Kaga game should do the trick right? I'd like to add that I barely said anything in chat for both of those games, nothing offensive at all... not even close. I even said sorry to the Izumo because we all know how fun it is getting detonated. Anyone managed 0 karma yet? Also, your thoughts on Enterprise and which bombs you prefer? It's a hard toss up I've had very good damage results from them against BB's (which goes without saying) but I'm finding it quite difficult dropping DD's with that hideious torpedo pattern, which is where HE bombs might help a little more.
  2. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    This is for KINGS clan

  3. OttoZander

    Karma, reporting, the whole Shebang.

    I am a man of principle. Always have been so and most likely always will be. So it truly drives me up the freaking wall when every 3rd match or so I receive several reports or even more, my record being 19 after I managed to anger three smoke-sitting Kutuzov's in a division. Sometimes it is simply because a team-mate of mine decided that the effort I have put in was not enough to carry us to victory, and he would proclaim that I am a "noob", I can accept that and I would not respond. In many more cases it is because I have angered a young chair admiral, or maybe he considered me a cheater and would fling 4 reports my way. In majority of cases though, it is simply because the other person is uneducated. Today, a member of a Polish clan that shall not be named has proclaimed that I am a Nazi [edited]after I had sunk him, and that he really cannot stand the Germans. I am not even German, just my in-game alias is. I took it jokingly as I was in a good mood, and so I've sent a kind-worded message to the leader of their clan, saying that some of your mates ought to calm down, to which he replied that perhaps I am a flee-ridden Jew instead. Two things. First. I can tolerate the competitive trash-talking, it is always fun to bash each others tactics on the battlefield, I am known for receiving chat-bans every weekend, and I mean every weekend. Just do not get carried away. Perhaps Wargaming's "Misbehaviour in chat" report function should be more fleshed out? I find it silly that I receive a chat-ban every other day for calling someone who torpedoed my ship while being on MY team a "thundercunt", and in most cases I've said it jokingly, while folks who type truly inappropriate content into that stupid little green window just walk away I would think that it requires a closer human inspection for keeping the uneducated from spreading their... "ideas", and also from keeping me chat-banned, being unable to talk in the group channels for saying "Oh come on", then some thundercunt launches 7 reports my way, and by the end of the game I cannot chat for another 24 hours. Not that I have said anything even remotely wrong, but the game sees that I have used the chat function, so there you go, pow, you shall be silent now. Second. You receive an immense amount of negative points just for upsetting a troll, and it should not be so, it is highly disappointing receiving 19 reports after sinking a division so splendidly. I know it is not important, they mean nothing and they are worthless, but like I said I am a man of principle, and I would hope that before karma has an impact on your game (as stated by WG that it will in the future) it will work better. Care to throw in your two cents? Feel free to do so. If not, call me a big crying baby and carry on.
  4. AccidentalDischarge

    Reports should be increased

    Give us ability to report more players for their INABILITY to Play appropriate. Thanks.