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Found 10 results

  1. Dirty_Dunc

    Chat Bans, Reporting

    Okay. I've just about had enough of the reporting system in this game. I am the first to admit I can rant and turn the air blue with the best of them, but this is beyond on a joke now. I really am trying to be considerate and not use expletives because, yes ....... there may well be children present ... pffff Having said that, I've have just received a chat ban and the only thing I was discussing were which caps to go for at the start of a match, no obscenities were used and now I have to wait until 6 okay tomoorw night before I can get banned again! Just because you don't necessarily agree with someone in chat doesn't mean you are being abusive for crying out loud !!! I've also been reported just sailing a Yamato .. on the basis that it's a Battleship and all players that sail them should be reported because they are 'noobs' and '[edited]' *edit
  2. OttoZander

    Karma, reporting, the whole Shebang.

    I am a man of principle. Always have been so and most likely always will be. So it truly drives me up the freaking wall when every 3rd match or so I receive several reports or even more, my record being 19 after I managed to anger three smoke-sitting Kutuzov's in a division. Sometimes it is simply because a team-mate of mine decided that the effort I have put in was not enough to carry us to victory, and he would proclaim that I am a "noob", I can accept that and I would not respond. In many more cases it is because I have angered a young chair admiral, or maybe he considered me a cheater and would fling 4 reports my way. In majority of cases though, it is simply because the other person is uneducated. Today, a member of a Polish clan that shall not be named has proclaimed that I am a Nazi [edited]after I had sunk him, and that he really cannot stand the Germans. I am not even German, just my in-game alias is. I took it jokingly as I was in a good mood, and so I've sent a kind-worded message to the leader of their clan, saying that some of your mates ought to calm down, to which he replied that perhaps I am a flee-ridden Jew instead. Two things. First. I can tolerate the competitive trash-talking, it is always fun to bash each others tactics on the battlefield, I am known for receiving chat-bans every weekend, and I mean every weekend. Just do not get carried away. Perhaps Wargaming's "Misbehaviour in chat" report function should be more fleshed out? I find it silly that I receive a chat-ban every other day for calling someone who torpedoed my ship while being on MY team a "thundercunt", and in most cases I've said it jokingly, while folks who type truly inappropriate content into that stupid little green window just walk away I would think that it requires a closer human inspection for keeping the uneducated from spreading their... "ideas", and also from keeping me chat-banned, being unable to talk in the group channels for saying "Oh come on", then some thundercunt launches 7 reports my way, and by the end of the game I cannot chat for another 24 hours. Not that I have said anything even remotely wrong, but the game sees that I have used the chat function, so there you go, pow, you shall be silent now. Second. You receive an immense amount of negative points just for upsetting a troll, and it should not be so, it is highly disappointing receiving 19 reports after sinking a division so splendidly. I know it is not important, they mean nothing and they are worthless, but like I said I am a man of principle, and I would hope that before karma has an impact on your game (as stated by WG that it will in the future) it will work better. Care to throw in your two cents? Feel free to do so. If not, call me a big crying baby and carry on.
  3. Hello I am keen to learn a little more about how the new "System for Prevention of Unsportsmanlike Conduct" will work. One of these elements in especially... "Fleeing the battle", can be ambiguous and could be very difficult to measure. The other two issues "Inactivity" and "Damage to Allies" are precise and are easily measurable. It is one thing and fine to say, if a player manoeuvres their ship in such a way as to keep bouncing the ship off the boundary for a significant period of time or to "park" in the corners and then follow that up with non action, is the measure, is great, as these actions are clearly deliberate infringements of trying to "flee the battle" and can be measured by the system. I see battle gameplay broken down into three distinct sections like we have in chess and shogi, opening, mid-game and end-game. Not everyone "get's" that! However if the system still relies upon our peers voting with the reporting system, how would this pan out for players who utilise quite valid tactics for their ships such as kiteing, using islands as shields (in particular CL's and DD's) or to spring surprise ambushes? Some cruisers are more effective in later mid-game to end-game providing they survive to reach that point. There appear to be many players out there who make poor judgement calls upon their teammates when it comes to reporting, as they aren't fully understanding the tactics of others. I can envisage lots of players who adopt various tactics in their game play being penalised unfairly because one player on the team triggers a report. Others could be "whacked" to play co-op battle by spiteful teammates. I don't want to see the game play succumbing to one tactic, ie: just moving forwards, meeting one's opponents head on and letting the numbers (the balance of hit points remaining) decide the winner. This tactic is effective once per battle and usually with BB's towards the endgame.
  4. DuckHuntPr0

    What is criteria for report?

    I have not played Warships for long. But i've seen some yell for "everyone report" a player (on my opposing team, most notably), who was unfortunatly afk. When i remarked that being away from keyboard is hardly a reportable offence, i was told by the "instigator" that he knew all the requirements for reporting a player...the AFK was even on his own team. What use is there, and what incentive, to punish players from having to leave control? I doubt there is any to begin with even....Yet this one's teammate told me that "bots are the same as afk".... If risking being report for having to use the toilet to take a sh*t, or answer the doorbell; How is that even an offence that could build up to a X days ban? There is nothing that puts me off more about WG games so much as seeing players virtually scream "ALL report <player>!!", when there seem to be no incentive for actual report...

    Reporting system - hit back

    I found that dead players in the battle have tendencies to complain on others ie "how useless they are". Of course they have really nothing to do except bullying and If you try to defend you are mostly reported then. I suggest that ANY report coming from players listed lower in final result of the battle will not be counted AND will even hit them back. I suppose this is the only way to make things just in the reporting system.
  6. Is it just me or are they trolling us? You can report someone for playing badly? But not for obviously harassing people or intentionally TKing? And what's the effect of giving someone a commendation? Anyone able to make some sense of the report function?
  7. Ohai fellow captains ! I started playing world of warship some time ago, and was trully astonished at the way players go at each other in-game. I have been playing online since 1998 (damn I feel old XD) and have gone through the twists and changes of online gaming and the way comunity's evolve. However up untill today I had never encountered a game in wich the comunity is so toxic to each other as this one. I have seen things in game that ...I do belive as players most of you have ... Anyway, after watching an episode of mingles with jingles about the comunity's and the way certain people behave online I thought I should start a thread here to get a feel on what others think about the subject and what could be done about it. I have seen threads pop here and there regarding the subject and most of them are regarding a specific behaviour or a specific player. I would like us to discuss it in general and not personalize it. As a player with a few games played over the years I belive the bets solution is alowing the players to take control of the situation and police themselfs (Clans/Guilds are a great way to do it), I also think that giving the option to exclude a player from the you're player poll is another (ignore/mute buton). What do you gusy think could/should be the way to make this game even beter?
  8. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    Sick of people reporting and swearing in chat

    Absolutely sick of people shouting in game "reported for bot" "reported for being a noob" etc etc, the list is endless. Most appear to have one thing in common, they come from the people that are sunk early on and it`s everyone else`s fault. We all have crapgames, make mistakes etc....even the best screw it up too. This reporting "thing" is an absolute shower of crap, means nothing and does nothing. It`s also becoming common for swearing in chat, usually aimed at those that have been reported for ridiculous reasons. Kids play this game, and lets not forget it is a game...these kids probably do hear worse on the streets and at school....but it does not excuse it. I`m playing less and less now because the toxicity in chat is so unpleasant and unnecessary. And before anyone replies with a grow up etc etc.... I`m 46 and done enough growing up ty.
  9. GuderianDK

    Reporting other players

    In game you can report other players for poor play or commend them for playing great. How is this transformed into usefull information for players? And how does a player see if he or she has reports or has been commended? And does that tally in your overall stats somehow? I would really like to know how it is utillized and implemented.