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Found 3 results

  1. viceadmiral123

    Kaga appreciation thread

    During the doubloon discount recently I though about getting the certified OP Saipan, but chasing planes all game is not fun for me. Neither is sitting in smoke spamming HE with Belfast. So I went with the Kaga. Instant clubseal krakenfarmer potential after making a few drops with the TBs. t7 mm puts me in t5 games most of the time, hence the 80+% winrate I got so far. What I like: - converging cone 53kts 6 planes torpedo squadron, and you have two of them for crossdrops or DoT stack/one shot. This is why you play IJN carriers. This is why you play Kaga. Go after weak AA ships for most lulz. - dive bomber squadron that starts 2 fires without needing to manually target. What more could you ask for from IJN DBs. - usable secondaries and AA, good armor and HP, enough speed to keep up with the fleet. Hangar size seems OK considering the weak planes. The quirks: - low tier planes mean slower and less HP. Strafes will decimate your squads. Tier 8 and 9 anti-air is problematic and you will lose many planes, so save the kamikaze drops for the end of the game. - weak and slow fighters. You are not going to do much with them, but at least you have two squads. You can get clear skies in randoms, but overall you should rely on friendly AA in those engagements. This ship is just plain fun. Check out it's performance at wows stats & numbers. Some screens. Generic t5 sealclub. Games end too quickly to keep farming - ^ featuring secondary action vs Atlanta, because why waste planes when you have 200mm guns Some t9 sealclub with longer games for extra fun - Losses -
  2. Hi there! In 2 x of my recent matches enemy players reported me for God-knows-what after I've sunk them. And it worked: they got me banned from chat for 24 hours :/In one match I was in my Shimakaze DD; the enemy player was using a Fubuki. My concealment was 5.9 km; his was apparently larger, I was able to spot him from ca. 7 km away. He decided to hug the border and pop smoke. I had 15 x torpedos ready and spammed them into his smoke cloud... Of course resulting in 2 x hits and instant death of the Fubuki player. He then engaged in spamming insults into the chat window (to be honest: I replied the same way back and told that guy to STFU + LTP, since hiding in a smoke cloud with a Shimakaze so close really is a very very stupid idea ...) and then he and his division buddies reported me...obviously for killing him!? (which was my job since he was on the enemy team). After the match it said that I had been reported 4 x times.In another match I was in my Minotaur light cruiser; the enemy player in question was using a Des Moines heavy cruiser. My concealment was 8.9 km; I was able to invisi-fire at the Des Moines and destroy that ship. Same result: Player then reported me for totally made up reasons, but actually because I managed to sink him. After the match it said I had been reported 3 x times.Result of this was that yesterday morning I received a notification that I was "banned from chat due to complaints". The chat function has been deacticated for me in the last 24 hours. Picture: No big deal, I have survived that. I actually even had some very very good rounds even though I was absolutely unable to chat with my team (the function keys still worked though). But please ... May I suggest that this mechanism be looked at? It really should not be possible for a player to fraudulently report another player just because they managed to outplay the other and inflict massive damage or even sink him.There should be a mechanism in place that checks if the player using the "Report" function was sunk by the player they insist on reporting; if that is the case the report should be regarded as potentially fraudulent. There should be sanctions for fraudulent reports, if anything.
  3. zaramino

    Reporté ?

    Bonjour, Comment savoir si on a été reporté ? Je n'ai rien de spécial à me reprocher hein ! C'est juste pour savoir Bonne journée, nav'