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Found 40 results

  1. Remove the report and karma system. Its broken (and useless) what you can do with it: • report other players for anything you want and lower their karma • report other players for anything you want and cause an automated chat ban for 3 days • make yourself feel better 7x a day by using your "power" to "influence" the game what you can not do with it: • enhance player's game experience • prevent people from being better/worse players than you • prevent people from being rude or stupid Remove this system of opression and stupidity and your karma shall rise.
  2. Meine Erfahrung mit dem Technischen Support von Wargaming Hallo liebe Mitspieler, ich möchte hiermit einmal eine vorsichtig gesagt suboptimale Erfahrung mit dem Technischen Support von Wargaming schildern. Ich denke, nur durch Öffentlichkeit und Druck durch den Kunden kann sich hier etwas ändern, und zwar zum Besseren. In einem Zufallsgefecht äußerte ein Spieler seinen Unmut über ein kürzlich erworbenes Schiff, in diesem Fall die Friesland. Er bemängelte die seiner Meinung nach unzureichende Bewaffnung, fehlende Torpedos, unzureichende Geschwindigkeit und Tarnung etc. Dann kündigte er an, den Rest des Spiels AFK zu gehen. Das Spiel war daraufhin sehr eng und wurde durch das Gegnerteam knapp gewonnen, der bezeichnete Spieler hat seine Ankündigung tatsächlich umgesetzt, sich am Kartenrand geparkt und war dann offensichtlich AFK. Neben dem üblichen Report im Spiel habe ich dann ein Ticket über den Wargaming Support erstellt, es gibt hier einen speziellen Bereich für diese Art: Nachdem ich das Ticket ausgefüllt und mitsamt Replay abgeschickt habe erhielt ich dann folgende Antwort: edited Leider hat sich damit jede durch andere Personen geteilte negative Meinung über den Support durch Wargaming bestätigt. In einem neuen Ticket habe ich daraufhin mein Feedback gegeben, mal sehen was da zurück kommt. Das Verhalten des entsprechenden Spielers ist eine Sache, die Reaktion des Support aber eine ganz andere. Bin mal gespannt auf "offizielle" Reaktionen und eure Bemerkungen. Mast- und Schotbruch!
  3. Largely there is no official support for the reporting system, if you’ve been unjustly reported, there is ZERO recourse from WG. But I understand this point-of-view from WG, they make games as a business and don’t deal with player beefs. The Karma/reporting system is a very simply way to allow people to vent, justly or unjustly and unfortunately it’s now almost always unjustly. WG I think it’s time for a change, please read and consider implementing. The Karma/reporting system is unfair (we all know it and [edited] about it), you make the slightest of slight mistakes, say the wrong thing in chat, be in the wrong position, have full HP at the end of battle….etc and its -1 (x3 if there is a division), everything is wrong with that, as there is ZERO appeal. Then you can carry a team, perform super-human feats and not get a single +1. There’s nothing wrong with that, a +1 should be well earned. Which brings me to another point. I remember seeing (a few months back) a Flambass video, it’s showed a 1500+ Karma. He’s not a bad player but does anyone think he would have such a high Karma, if he wasn’t famous as a CC? I bet many people just give a +1 just because they were in the same battle and won (perhaps thinking he made the difference). I for one don’t think so. But you prove me wrong, how many plebs (btw I mean ordinary players like me), out there have 1500+ karma? Remember though, the karma system is unfair, no justification is needed. So if you post your high Karma, don’t expect people to like it, they will respect it even less and most likely just -1 you, if they recognise you in battle. Its human nature, get over it. The Karma system is needed in some form or another, it feeds an automated system which does record large numbers of -1 against a players and flags that player for action; pink, orange, warnings and bans. So I’m not suggesting its abolishment but I do want to keep the system and make it more just. I think in most cases, in battle when a player reports another player unjustly, it is just that, one player, who is pissed about another player, whatever the reason. So let’s change the Karma system to acknowledge that. So if you report a player and you are the only person who reported them, the report is not recognised. If however someone else reports the same player, then the player receives a -2 (or more if there are more reports). Basically there is never a -1. This offers a kind of justification for the report, if two or more player report, there’s far more likely to be a just reason for the report. Players can’t be spiteful, despicable and expletive deleted (if you know what I mean). Regarding compliments, change nothing. I think this change alone with vastly improve the system and at the same time, provide a more just system. What’s more, the implementation effort for WG would be minimal. Regarding Karma system I have another idea. This idea will have some polarising views, no doubt. This idea assumes that the trolls in the game values karma, I think they do, those players think only about themselves. I think WG needs to do something more about bad language, abuse and troll like behaviour in game. The recent “disable all chat” feature is a step in the right direction but a little more is needed. We all know the Karma system is a simple number from 0 upwards. So, let Karma go negative and if you reach -50 you can only report or compliment once per day, for example. I think if you implemented both ideas, only truly deserving players would be penalised and trolls would be kicked where it hurts the most, their potty-mouthed vote. Thanks for reading this far, let the online vilification begin.
  4. Reports are becoming a topic of controversy. They are intended to punish bad players, bots and flamers, but since they can use reports as well, good players will get their share of revenge reports. At the moment only chat reports do their job, other two are debatable. Do we know if bots are being banned? No, since there is no feedback. What happens when you report someone for "bad play"? Nothing. This is probably implemented so that you can feel better Luckily, there is a simple way to improve reports and prevent their abuse: Conditions must be met before report options are available OR Reports must be automatically checked before system approves them After enough reports are accumulated, there must be some sort of consequence Karma Conditions must be met before report options are available to players This is something that we, web developers, do all the time. We check for some sort of conditions before we allow changes in user interface. For instance, we check if user has entered correct e-mail before we allow him to register or log-in. Same thing can be applied here before report option even appear on right click. For inappropriate chat: Has this player wrote anything? If he hasn't wrote anything - chat report should be unavailable. Has player wrote some words that are in a "bad words list"? If no bad words have been entered - chat report should be unavailable Is this player spamming chat? If player has wrote less than [certain amount] of messages in a [certain time period] - chat report should be unavailable For bot / afk report: Has the game loaded for this player? If the game hasn't loaded, then it may not be the players fault. Report for AFK should be unavailable. Some sort of UI marker should show to players as well who is in game and who isn't. Has this player moved since the game has started? If he has moved, he is probably not a bot and report should be unavailable for this option. Has the game crashed for this player? If the game has crashed under any condition, then reports should be unavailable. It's not the players fault. For bad play: What is bad play? Judging by how 90% of the players are playing lately, especially during weekends, most of them should be reported. I would rename this to Griefing. Has this player damaged a team mate? This is easily checkable - if he hasn't used his weapons on a team mate, option should be unavailable. Is this player blocking a team mate? Also easily checkable. Allow this report option after certain amount of team damage Has this player killed a player from own team? Allow this option if team kill has happened. Has this player left match prematurely? If he has left, but he was alive - allow this report. Reports must be automatically checked before system approves them If there is no checking in user interface, because of possible game client performance, reports should be checked on server. System should remove karma points only if above conditions were met. Also, there shouldn't be any limitations on number of reports if report checking and their conditions are properly thought of and implemented. Consequences At the moment, we see consequences for team killers and those who were reported though chat reports. Wouldn't it be great if we receive a system message like: "Your report from [date] that player [nickname] was a bot proved to be correct. We have blocked his account. Thank you for improving community" What happens to team killers or griefers? Shouldn't they be punished more creatively in a way that would allow them to reflect or calm down? They should be limited to COOP for the duration of their punishment. That will allow them to chill out in a relaxing game mode. This way they won't rage or deliberately ruin matches as most of them do now. It is absolutely the worst possible option when those pink players enter ranked matches. That is instant loss almost always. What about bots? Simply - block their accounts for at least a week. Repeated offenders should face increased duration of account block. Karma Karma doesn't provide any benefits at the present time, but wouldn't it be nice if it did? Introduce Karma levels with benefits that could be reached on each level. For instance - small increase in income, small decrease in repairs, higher chance of getting a super container and so on. Small benefits as a result of being a normal human being This is an area that could improve community so much and would inspire players to play nice and help each others. Of course, as we have conditions for reports, developers could make similar conditions for compliments so that this system wouldn't be abused. What do you all think? Constructive feedback would be most welcome. Who knows, maybe some of this get through to WG.
  5. Moes_Gunstore

    Supertest Application

    Hallo Leute Ich fülle gerade die Supertest-Application aus. Wie sieht denn so ein Beispiel aus für einen Bug-Report aus? Danke schonmal!
  6. Genie_of_the_Lamp

    Abuse of chatban

    Well 'Here I give an example of having a few low profile players that cant obviously stand the way I play; while they themselves sthrow them for the Lions or the proverbal Lemmingtrain. They mostly die very quick. But as they are in a platoon with 3 players they have the power to punisch you and report you 3 times for chatcrime which I didnt do; I only refused to play as a fool like they do) (this occasional day they wanted me to cap a base in a Khabar in start of the match with many enbemies around it as indicated by the map and my RDF. (you even dont need radarships as enemy around it). I r4efused and I got a ban. Of course however I know from which monkeys I got them. So I give hereby the following warning to everyone. If I ddiscover during gameplay that I cant chat anymore I stop normal gameplay and I torp the hell out of those who did give it to me Okay?? Dont get angry you deserve it and I dont care going pink or whatever. whos messing with me will regret it.
  7. Ahoi , Es war ein Experiment, wir haben uns alle köstlich amüsiert, aber inzwischen sollte auch bei WG klar sein dass das Karma System in seiner jetzigen Form für den Podex ist und wenn überhaupt das Klima Ingame verschlechtert statt se zu verbessern. Reports werden sehr oft willkürlich rausgedrückt was aufgrund der Anonymität hierbei von den betroffenen netmal nachvollzogen werden kann. Vom WG Team überprüft es keiner ob sich jemand "im Chat schlecht verhalten hat" oder "unfaires verhalten" an den Tag legt". Es geht automatisiert und ungefiltert durch und mich persönlich nervt es seit einiger Zeit wirklich. Vor ich glaube inzwischen 1,5 Jahren wurde das Bewertungssystem für Beiträge im Forum mal entfernt mit der Begründung dass neue Leute nicht vom Posten abgeschreckt werden sollen ( Man kann hier mal Seite 1-2 lesen und für sich selbst abschätzen was das gebracht hat). Im Gegensatz zum Ingame System kann man im Forum ja alles in Ruhe durchlesen und dann eine Entscheidung treffen statt völlig emotional einen oder am besten gleich alle Reports rauszuhämmern wie es immer wieder passiert, es ergibt also keinen Sinn. Die Amis haben das Punktesystem übrigens weiterhin im Forum was die Abschaffung auf EU Seite noch mehr in Frage stellt. Daher habe ich mir hierzu einige Gedanken gemacht ob und wie man das ganze nachjustieren könnte, oft weil ich es woanders besser gelöst gesehen habe: Karmapunkte und Ihre Wertigkeit: - Im aktuellen System ist Karma meist nur ein reines Nebenprodukt zum Dampf ablassen. Man kann nicht unter 0 Fallen, hat zeitgleich aber auch nur bedingt etwas von positiven Werten da die Zahl an möglichen Reports bis 100 auf bis zu 11 ( das ganze eigene Team, ein Schelm wer böses dabei denkt^^) steigt. Eine Möglichkeit das System attraktiver zu machen wäre dem Spieler ingame und / oder im Forum zusätzliche Goodies zu geben. z.B. könnte der Name in einer besonderen Farbe je Milestone ( 25 , 50, 100 , 200, 500, 1000) gekennzeichnet werden, man könnte zusätzliche Flaggen für Schiffe ausgeben ( etwa im Stil von "renowned member of the Community") oder gar Monatsweise zusätzliche Container mit kleinen Belohnungen ausgeben (denke hier an Gimmicks wie z.B. Feuerwerk von Yamamoto auf knopfdruck aber als Consumeable) Ich persönlich hätte gern wahlweise nen kleines Flugzeug oder ein Herzchen am Nicknamen :P Das Reportsystem: - Zeitgleich müsste man aber die Art und Weise wie Reports eingehen deutlich entschärfen um hier Fairness reinzubringen. Was ich gesehen habe und für mein Empfinden sehr gut funktioniert ist eine Tribunalfunktion ähnlich LoL wo die Spieler chat reports etc. selbst bewerten können. Erst wenn es hier durchgewunken wird gibt es Punkteabzug. Dies ist in actionorientierten Spielen (meiner Meinung nach) sehr sinnvoll, da wie eingangs Erwähnt die meisten vollkommen Emotional stattfinden, das bringt das Genre einfach mit sich. Für mein persönliches Empfinden ist das Chatverhalten ingame auch deutlich toxischer als z.B. noch 2015, warum auch immer, ist aber eher OT. Es gibt aber Leute die einen für schlechtes Chatverhalten melden weil man auf der Karte einen Bereich pingt da dort ein DD ist und fragt ob ein US CL nen Radar benutzen kann (ist mir wirklich so passiert, es hiess dann ich soll mich um meinen Eigenen Mist kümmern ^^). Erneut könnte eine Tribunalfunktion hier die Sache deutlich entschärfen. - Ein weiterer Punkt der mir nicht gefällt ist Teamschaden. Das WG Team hat hier zwar schon etwas gutes getan indem es Brände und Flutungen durch friendly Fire unterbunden hat, was das System aber nicht sieht ist ob es durch Pappnasigkeit oder bewusst passiert was ich auch wieder sehr bedauerlich finde. Pappnasigkeit wäre für mich z.B. wenn jemand zu dicht am Teammate vorbeifährt und abdrückt, bewusst wenn eben bewusst auf ein Teammate, vorzugsweise DDs und CVs, geschossen wird weil jemand der Ansicht ist man spielt schlecht ( alles schon erlebt). Auch hier -> Tribunal. Chatlog und ein kleiner Schnipsel vom Replay / ein kurzes automatisch erstelltes vid in Länge 30-40sekunden sollten ausreichend sein. Ich bin überzeugt dass die Hardware des Rechenzentrums solch einen Prozess ohne groß zu zucken automatisiert stemmen kann, und die Daten könnten nach z.B: 30 tagen wieder gelöscht werden. Alles in allem sehe ich hier Verbesserungspotential da ich denke dass es wirklich einen positiven Impact auf die Spielerfahrung haben kann, es aber in seiner jetzigen Form das Gegenteil tut. ich finde es auch sehr chaotisch dass z.B. NA und EU mit Karma anders umgehen ( aufs Forum bezogen), was mir einfach nicht einleuchtet. Es gab in der Vergangenheit leider vermehrt Aktionen wo beide Regionen sich gegenseitig reingeritten haben (siehe auch Fochgate) Ich läster meistens selbst über das Karmasystem und sage "es ist eh wurscht", aber wenn ich mal wieder von einer Derpitz "no AA Support report CV" zu hören bekomme während ich mit 40+ Abschüssen und mit Abstand als erster rausgehe während der "melder" alleine in der Mitte von Nirgendwo auf Kreuzfahrt ist krieg ich jedesmal nen Zucken im Auge. Es versaut mir immer öfters die Lust am Spiel wenn solche Sachen passieren weshalb ich es ja auch ändern will. Und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass es nur mir so geht.
  8. Duncan_Carrier

    report reason

    Is there any way of finding out why one is reported?, I personally would like to know if I was in the wrong or some one was miffed at me?
  9. Hello. Just a quick question. I have replay footage and screenshots of a player throwing a game. What is WG's email address for reporting such things? I have tried searching, but found nothing.
  10. Hello dear WOWS designers, I am a normal WOWs player, in the clan war today we met very serious Racial Discrimination. A player has given trash words about Chinese and African. It was really a serious situation. We all think we were insulted. I wonder if the players in EU server can say whatever they want, this game would be a trash can. Will you punish this behavior? Sincerely, Der_Himmel 1. Nov EDITED]
  11. B4karra

    Nadie quiere cambiar esto

    Ayer por la noche me dispongo a seguir subiendo esta rama tan pobre que necesita un buff. Entré en mi tier V, como no, en tier VII y nada más entrar en partida un usuario (intentaré moderarme lo máximo posible, que están últimamente algunas personas con el dedo muy rápido) "Again against tier 7. I will make holiday on an island bye bye" A lo que yo respondo: "How about you do your best, and maybe we win? They also have tier 5" El usuario (porque para ser jugador hay que jugar) siguió con su cry post en el chat diciendo no sé qué al equipo contrario. Lo peor de todo es que el equipo, ni siquiera se molestó en decirle nada, sencillamente sudó y fue a lo suyo. En otra época no lo hubiese dudado y ese tío estaba en el fondo, pero es que resulta que este mes me lo he tomado como propósito de enmienda y no pienso ni ragear ni decir nada a nadie, da igual lo mal que lo esté haciendo y lo mucho que nos esté p... provocando Aquí el señor echando la siesta. Y una prueba de su actitud durante toda la partida La partida estuvo más o menos equilibrada. Llegamos a estar 7vs7 y este usuario no se molestó en ayudar a los 2 BBs, ni tan siquiera se molestó en rematar a ese Nagato, tuvo que hacerlo el Colorado cuando el Nagato comenzó a abrir fuego contra él. En fin, lo peor de todo es que esto no sirve para nada. De nada sirve que yo suba esto al foro porque soporte (si es que alguien si quiera llegar a leerme, ya no pido ni que me contesten) pedirá la replay, una replay que está activa de forma oficiosa en el juego y que si las activas, desestabilizan el comportamiento del cliente (culpa de nuestros ordenadores). De nada sirve que yo pida que reporten a este usuario porque todavía me gano yo el reporte del equipo, o peor todavía, tener que aguantar los lloros de ese g... germano. ¿Tan difícil sería que los reportes por AFK y por teamkill nada tuviesen que ver con el karma? Reportes infinitos totalmente justificados y comprobables 100%. Y que comportasen alguna penalización de juego (1 partida sin jugar, incrementándose con la reincidencia, porque seguro que no es la primera vez que lo hace). Saludos y muy buen foro.
  12. Ein einfaches Moin an alle WoWS-Spieler, die ihren Weg ins Forum finden. Vor kurzem hat WG ja das Meldesystem (Reporting) mit dem Karma-Level ergänzt. Seit dieser Änderung fiel mir zunehmend auf, wie sehr teils Meldungen gemacht werden. Gerade weil man das so am Tagesende durchaus nachverfolgen kann. Besonders interessant dabei gestaltet sich der Umstand, dass gerade am Wochenende teils gemeldet wird was die Limitierung hergibt. Nicht jede Meldung ist grundlos, so weit sicher. Doch viele lassen einen dann doch staunen, gerade wenn sich die die Meldung machenden Spieler noch so richtig auskotzen. Da ist man eine unnütze Niete, ein Noob, ein Idiot und so manch anderes. Interessant wird es dann, wenn man versucht, so manchen Grund nachzuvollziehen. Kurz um: es klappt nicht. Da wird man mit Vorwarnung gemeldet. Man unterstütze das Team ja nicht, man mache nichts richtig und sollte sich doch lieber bitte gleich ganz entfernen. In der Endauswertung stehe ich in solchen Fällen dann oft unter den drei besten im Team, der Melder nicht selten im unteren Drittel des Teams. Das alleine ist noch kein schlüssiger Beleg. Doch hat so ein Melder dann häufig nicht einmal seine Statistik versteckt, was - und ich mache das selbst schon aus Freude am Wundern über andere - häufig dann belegt, dass der entsprechende Kollege(in) selbst wenig zustande bringt. Da bewertet ein Spieler mit einer WR von unter 50% andere Spieler als furchtbar schlecht. Da kann man sich über Stats natürlich streiten, eine geringere WR belegt genau eines: Der eine spielt besser, der andere schlechter. Und eine WR von z.B. 52% gegen 55% kann je nach Fortschritt und bevorzugter Stufe schon ein gigantischer Unterschied sein. Allgemein schleicht sich da gelegentlich das Gefühl ein, dass sozial wenig verträgliche Spieler das System missbrauchen, um ihre persönlichen Defizite auf andere zu wälzen. Wobei, eigentlich ist es kein Gefühl. Es ist eine Tatsache. Daher möchte ich an dieser Stelle einen Vorschlag machen, um das heuchlerische Treiben vom ein oder anderen Spieler einzuschränken und das Meldesystem effektiver und fairer zu gestalten: Aber einem gewissen Karma-Level (z.B. 10+) wird einem Spieler bescheid gegeben, wenn er gemeldet worden ist. Dabei wird konkret der Grund sowie der meldende Spieler genannt. Dem Gemeldeten wird allerdings die Möglichkeit auf eine "Gegenmeldung" genommen. Er kann den Melder also z.B. nicht nachträglich für "Stört mein Spiel" melden. Stattdessen kann er über eine eingeblendete Meldung ähnlich wie der gelegentlichen Gefechtsbewertung sich dazu äußern, ob er die Meldung als reine Schikane empfindet. Hierdurch kann jedem Spieler ein Konformitätslevel zugeordnet werden, also wie ordentlich das Meldesystem genutzt wird. Ausschlaggebend wäre hier genau wie beim Meldesystem an sich die Anzahl an Feedbacks, die auf einen Missbrauch des Meldesystems schließen lassen. Als Folge wäre es von Seiten WGs möglich, entsprechenden Spielern die Anzahl an Meldungen pro Tag zu kürzen oder die Möglichkeit auch ganz zu nehmen. Wie gesagt, ich persönlich würde das als effektiven Weg sehen, das Spiel ruhiger und fairer zu gestalten. Da ich ein emotionaler Typ bin und auch mal verbal zurück feuere (und ja, manchmal beleidige) würde ich es in jedem Fall begrüßen, da mir dies auch nicht Freude macht. Vielleicht würde somit auch der ein oder andere Spieler auch beim Melden seinen Kopf eher einschalten. Und wenn nicht, war es das eben mit dem Privileg. In diesem Sinne ist positive wie auch negative Kritik willkommen. Nur bitte nach Möglichkeit sachlich argumentieren. MfG, bounty
  13. Soooo... This has been going on for a long time. And now I am using a MOD to disable in-game chat because of this. People are so toxic and blames me for the most part on the team's mistakes. Like I say push right side of an island when it's Standard battle. Players won't push and leave me alone. When I know we lose I don't say anything because they won't listen either way. After our team dies fast and it's less than half left.. I get ¨very nice f***ing plan Missouri, you are the most useless BB ever.¨ I hand out all my reports LITERALLY that one battle for that one player. I really want a better Reporting System.. Where we as a player have unlimited reports but can only report that one player max 4 times. It will make it MUCH easier to chat ban them for this toxicity, and make sure this behavior is no longer tolerated! This game was good at some point long ago, where the toxicity was fairly rare every day. I hope Wargaming can implement this really quick. Disabling my chat because of toxicity ruins the game, and my ability to help the team and what they need from me in chat.
  14. I am a man of principle. Always have been so and most likely always will be. So it truly drives me up the freaking wall when every 3rd match or so I receive several reports or even more, my record being 19 after I managed to anger three smoke-sitting Kutuzov's in a division. Sometimes it is simply because a team-mate of mine decided that the effort I have put in was not enough to carry us to victory, and he would proclaim that I am a "noob", I can accept that and I would not respond. In many more cases it is because I have angered a young chair admiral, or maybe he considered me a cheater and would fling 4 reports my way. In majority of cases though, it is simply because the other person is uneducated. Today, a member of a Polish clan that shall not be named has proclaimed that I am a Nazi [edited]after I had sunk him, and that he really cannot stand the Germans. I am not even German, just my in-game alias is. I took it jokingly as I was in a good mood, and so I've sent a kind-worded message to the leader of their clan, saying that some of your mates ought to calm down, to which he replied that perhaps I am a flee-ridden Jew instead. Two things. First. I can tolerate the competitive trash-talking, it is always fun to bash each others tactics on the battlefield, I am known for receiving chat-bans every weekend, and I mean every weekend. Just do not get carried away. Perhaps Wargaming's "Misbehaviour in chat" report function should be more fleshed out? I find it silly that I receive a chat-ban every other day for calling someone who torpedoed my ship while being on MY team a "thundercunt", and in most cases I've said it jokingly, while folks who type truly inappropriate content into that stupid little green window just walk away I would think that it requires a closer human inspection for keeping the uneducated from spreading their... "ideas", and also from keeping me chat-banned, being unable to talk in the group channels for saying "Oh come on", then some thundercunt launches 7 reports my way, and by the end of the game I cannot chat for another 24 hours. Not that I have said anything even remotely wrong, but the game sees that I have used the chat function, so there you go, pow, you shall be silent now. Second. You receive an immense amount of negative points just for upsetting a troll, and it should not be so, it is highly disappointing receiving 19 reports after sinking a division so splendidly. I know it is not important, they mean nothing and they are worthless, but like I said I am a man of principle, and I would hope that before karma has an impact on your game (as stated by WG that it will in the future) it will work better. Care to throw in your two cents? Feel free to do so. If not, call me a big crying baby and carry on.
  15. So, this happens to me now in basically every round multiple times. When you try to write something in chat and you are a fast typer, it can happen that the chat window gets stuck in an "activating/deactivating" loop. It keeps making a clicking sound and becomes entirely unresponsive while withering states rapidly. Ship becomes unresponsive too as the chat window thinks you want to write something but instantly switches away and back again. Can only be solved by mashing the esc key or alt-tabing out of a moment. Super annoying ..
  16. Antikythera

    Naming and Shaming....

    it's been brought to my attention that calling people out on their Bad manners and Toxicity is against "forum rules"... Sorry for not trusting the very useful Automated ingame reporting system... which has about as much elaborate use as a chocolate teapot. what i have is Proof and elaboration... which is something the ingame system simply doesn't allow for. why not? surely you'd want proof or validation with your reports?
  17. Hi there! In 2 x of my recent matches enemy players reported me for God-knows-what after I've sunk them. And it worked: they got me banned from chat for 24 hours :/In one match I was in my Shimakaze DD; the enemy player was using a Fubuki. My concealment was 5.9 km; his was apparently larger, I was able to spot him from ca. 7 km away. He decided to hug the border and pop smoke. I had 15 x torpedos ready and spammed them into his smoke cloud... Of course resulting in 2 x hits and instant death of the Fubuki player. He then engaged in spamming insults into the chat window (to be honest: I replied the same way back and told that guy to STFU + LTP, since hiding in a smoke cloud with a Shimakaze so close really is a very very stupid idea ...) and then he and his division buddies reported me...obviously for killing him!? (which was my job since he was on the enemy team). After the match it said that I had been reported 4 x times.In another match I was in my Minotaur light cruiser; the enemy player in question was using a Des Moines heavy cruiser. My concealment was 8.9 km; I was able to invisi-fire at the Des Moines and destroy that ship. Same result: Player then reported me for totally made up reasons, but actually because I managed to sink him. After the match it said I had been reported 3 x times.Result of this was that yesterday morning I received a notification that I was "banned from chat due to complaints". The chat function has been deacticated for me in the last 24 hours. Picture: No big deal, I have survived that. I actually even had some very very good rounds even though I was absolutely unable to chat with my team (the function keys still worked though). But please ... May I suggest that this mechanism be looked at? It really should not be possible for a player to fraudulently report another player just because they managed to outplay the other and inflict massive damage or even sink him.There should be a mechanism in place that checks if the player using the "Report" function was sunk by the player they insist on reporting; if that is the case the report should be regarded as potentially fraudulent. There should be sanctions for fraudulent reports, if anything.
  18. Technically they're not bots (although they try to do the same "effortless XP grab" bots do) but then they're not playing poorly either as they're not playing at all. I think we need a separate afk report category.
  19. ChaosLHY

    Own BGM bug report

    When I start the game, my own bgm run normally. But when I click setting,the game will start to play another music. It will play 2 even 3 sound tracks at the same time. I don't know that just me got the problem or just a new bug which we did not discover.
  20. This is a very frustrating topic as is the team killing topic! I have seen a lot of players damage friendly ships and ruin the entire match for this reason... And most of these players are high ranks and players who have played A LOT! Now I'm pissed off that they get away with this behavior.. This should not be tolerated anymore. Give us the option of reporting these people in game instead of gathering footage, evidence and taking the time to fully punish them. These kinds of people should not be allowed to be in the community, when people get chat-banned from chat because of their toxicity.. Team Damage and Team Killing is the same behavior. Please do something about this Wargaming..
  21. xG4nd4lf

    Gemeldet wegen Irgendwas

    Hallo Leute, ich war gerade auf mit meinem Freund am zocken, er hatte die Wyoming und ich den Zerstörer Simson. Wir hatten eine Division erstellt für zwei Mann und dann meinten alle in der Lobby nur noch -Report! -Report Platoon A... und und und... Ist das nur Trollerei oder haben wir wirklich etwas falsch gemacht?
  22. We all know in next patch fail platoon thing will end.But there are still troll-platoons out there.They get into matches with same tier ships, when game started they do the most stupid thing you can do for that map from the start(ex. sailing into the middle channel in Two Brothers map with BBs). And then try to harass other players in chat.2 weeks ago i encountered a platoon doing this, everyone in our team reported them, we say enemy to report them too.That makes 21 reported messages.I'm pretty sure they do this often because today i come across same platoon twice doing same thing (one match was in my team and in the other i was in enemy team).They probably get 100 reports until today but they are still be able to play I know, WG probably disabled report system because they do the same in WoT because it's misused.Yes, toxic players use reporting system for no reason or a idiotic reason(like you killed me i report you).But i'm sure WG can see how much a player gets reported.And there is a difference between a person who is reported because he/she does bad things and a person who just encountered a toxic player.So why WG still doesn't cares about reports? People said that i can take the replay and send it as a ticket, but not all players record their battles. So what do you think?Should report system be activated again?
  23. zaramino

    Reporté ?

    Bonjour, Comment savoir si on a été reporté ? Je n'ai rien de spécial à me reprocher hein ! C'est juste pour savoir Bonne journée, nav'
  24. Hello WG and WoW players, I hope i opened this topic in the right place, please forgive me if i didn't. I decided to write this post because i am really fed up and very frustrated with how powerless and helpless i feel (and i assume many others) with dealing with players that are just behaving like assholes in game. I'm not talking about the occasional players that are just bad and cant keep their mouth from swearing a bit, I'm talking about those players that deliberately behaving like assholes. By assholes i mean, hiding behind some islands the whole battle and wait till others will die, or go and hide far away from battle in some remote corner, or just sit and do nothing at all, and if confronted by others to start and help the team, their only response is swear in the chat, and im not talking about "soft" swearing, i mean full x rated swearing.. that has no place in this game at all. Not to mention that by them hiding and coward, or sail far from any battle, just ruins the game for the other 11 players. Sometime that one ship makes the difference, and if he/she cant play as team or at least try to, for the rest is really frustrating. I cant count how many battles we lost just due to that one ship missing in battle. The most frustrating thing is that, we, the actual players that love this game, and some of us pay good money for it, have absolutely no power to stop players like that. The reporting system feels useless, and i personally reported numerous times players, that i kept seeing coming back. There is must be some sort of system that we can submit reports, with detailed screen shots, with maybe submitting replays, something to stop those people from ever participate in this game. They are just there to ruin the game for the rest, and they enjoy doing so. I really cant express how much this frustrated me, i love this game and love the community, and i invest good amount of money in this game, because i love it, but with everyday passes, i feel more and more frustrated, and frankly starting to lose my fun. These people are seen more often now then ever, and it seems no one is doing anything against it. I hope that WG people will see my point and will develop some sort of moderation with live people that can take and review battle replays and judge to see if anyone violate the spirit of this game. I hope severe punishment can be done - otherwise it will have no affect same as the friendly fire penalty has almost no affect now. I don't believe that the developers of WoW had in their vision having players like that playing the game, and i hope others from the community will jump in and express their opinion too on this subject. In summary - for me personally i don't know how much more of this i can take, i can understand new players, players that are not yet experienced, players that don't know the basics - that all ok, I am myself learning all the time, but players that behaving like bullies, assholes and selfish irritating persons, especially the ones that swear it out in chat - has no place in this game. At least either they or me will must go eventually, and i only hope that WG staff actually prefer players like me to stay, over the ones that ruin this game for the rest of us. There must be a better system to report and stop these people. Sorry for the length of this post MS
  25. Dear Community, Why we don't have a report of plays poorly for the team as well? My whole team in EU server went camping away! None of them responded for 'request support!' - 5 times, even SOS at least 5 times. They were camping 10 km in the corner behind me while I was playing with all the enemies. After 8 minutes were the first kill! I were with my New Mexico, which was not enought against Fuso, New Mexico, ARP Haruna and others as well. Plus a DD on me. My team was extremely crap! I won't report 1-by-1 each of them down plays poorly, but really all the others were just camping! Why can't we report that down? Other team wasn't really great as well, but a game going 8 minutes when all are 20 minutes and almost nothing happens! That's really poor! Thanks, Alamos80