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Found 8 results

  1. Kancolle_Kongou

    The USS Misurri (may have the release time)

    Not sure if someone has already made a post like this or if im posting it inn the right area (if wrong area WG plz move it the the right place and feel free to lock it down/delete it if this kind of post already is out there) so WG just made a post on the website "Mighty Mo`s Coming For Ships" and it talks about the USS Missuri and that its a mystery and thats it different from any way we have gotten ships before and that we should stuck up on Free EXP. Well i wanted to know more so i looked on the November calender and this is what i started looking at. So you know how We got Steven Seagal but all they said was 01 November - 14 December: Something Special It is still a day too soon to reveal this... But... Just wait and see, okay? How much are you into Martial arts? So i kept looking down the list and found 11-15 November: Weekend Special: Veteran's Day Can there be anything better to speed up your progression than daily doubles? Well... Maybe? Notice how they say "Well...Mabye?" Its 07.11 as im writing this and 11.11 isnt far away. This might be the time USS missuri will be released to be bought with Free EXP or have that amount of Free exp on you to complete a mission. im not 100% it just seems like this day might be it becasue its Veterans day and they said Well... mabye? tell me what you think.
  2. Flavio1997

    Pach 3.1.1

    As the title say, on the 22 of may the wg is going to release the 3.1.1 patch, i'm curious to know which features it will contains. I hope there will be A LOT of rebelance and also bugfixing, 'cause right now i can't play longer than 10 minutes without the game crash ( before the 3.1 I had just 1 in 1k of battles) and that's getting anooying. https://eu.wargaming.net/support/News/NewsItem/View/395/world-of-warships---0311-patch-release
  3. Does any1 has any news about Open Beta release date?
  4. Tuccy

    Update 0.7.2

    The Update 0.7.2 is coming this Thursday between 06:00 CET and 10:00 CET (05:00 UTC - 09:00 UTC). What does it bring? Let Dasha tell you: Full introduction of the French Battleships New Campaign: The Gold of France New PvE Operation: Hermes For full patch notes check our Portal article. Action Stations!
  5. Will we get info about the release date of WOWS if they are planned to release it??
  6. Hello, I made a video discussing things which I think should not be in a released game. I would like to hear what you guys think about it, here it is: Note that audio is cut off from the forum contests part due to a premiere bug. It has an annotation link to the follow up part. I think the interface options are incredibly important, particularly the lobby ones. Replays as well. AND DEFINITELY MOUSE INVERSION.
  7. Kokos78

    Bored of playing alone

    I've seen topics about the release without many nations/tech trees but in my opinion the worst is getting a ''full'' game without clans/team mechanics. I'm at work and didn't had time to search for topics just a fast flaming topic of my own. Sry
  8. AdmiralBiobrause

    Stalingrad Infothread

    Einen schön Adventssonntag an Euch! Ich habe in letzter Zeit mich im historischen Kontext mit dem neu kommenden Kreuzer Stalingrad befasst und bin sehr angetan von ihm! Im Zuge dessen wollte ich hier mal einen kleinen Thread aufmachen, um historische sowie Spiel interne Infos zu sammeln. Mich persönlich interessiert vor allem Infos zur Einführung des schweren Kreuzers (Ob man unbegrenzt Zeit hat für das Erspielen der drei Flaggen, unter welchen Möglichkeiten man das Schiff sonst erspielen kann, wann es überhaupt präsentiert wird, etc.) Freue mich auf einen informativen Thread! Ahoi Kapitäne!