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Found 4 results

  1. SamuraiShakaViking

    Worldwide Global Server?

    theres a good topic on the world of tanks forum calling for a global server... especially with diminishing playerbase just an opinion for positive constructive discussion: isn't it about time to join the big leagues like other mmo's??? if other mmo's can, why cannot wg? re latency, lag and ping: other mmo's manage this with np steam manages this for decades already wg can always give the option to join a multi-regional server, while also keep the options for regional servers .. so the players can choose. wg have been advertising this since they commenced.... it should be easy; segregating regions and player populations is foolish , unfair, and self defeating for game growth and sustainability ... its ridiculous that we cannot play with friends worldwide, unless you dl different regional clients for each this is so out moded and impractical ? all players eg from Africa who do not have a server at all would support this. people who move and travel a lot for work or study etc. would support this players with friends around the world would support this. all my recruits and most friends that have tried wg have quit because it excludes some... we play mmo's on steam, no matter where, or what time zone... and the latency is actial'ly even better than the segregated wg regional server. wg its a globalized twentyfirst century world already other sustainable MMOs have used global servers or eg. the steam platform for years already the competition, wt, uses a cross platform server too ...) the naval battles across regions shows how easy this could be if other MMOs can, surely wg can manage it seemed it would be so easy to have one client and one portfolio , and then choose the global server but keep a regional server option
  2. Constructive simple discussion and checklist of the issues wg must / should consider now prioritise to fix, for the good survivability and sustainablility of the game and the good of the playerbase community. Imho following are obvious to consider: i cv re-rework upheaval, ..... i.i Bring back some skill and tactics or go on dumbing down to arcadey pac-man gamestyle. ii balance (ship and now plane classes, ammo types and characteristics eg ifhe, etc.) iii loss of players and lack of new recruits or decline of playerbase population iv ntc aka rb v dockyard vi regional segregation, and separation, bizarre for a modern worldwide MMO. Inability to play with global friends anytime anywhere, unlike most any other game. vii no global server option (nor single global account, as advertised and promised, like any other MMO , eg on steam). viii continually excluding continents, eg especially Africa ix submarines x simplifying so many in game currencies or 'tokens' xi matchmaking ..(?) xii UI improvements and QoL improvements, eg friends list xiii more maps xiv) more modes (?) xv) operations xvi) make great events like hunt for Bismarck, or the Dunkirk campaign permanent, and available to new players xvii) better tutorials xviii) ranked mode(s) xix) clans & clan wars xx) power creep, op / new premiums, modernise tired out dated lines. Please add to the checklist or constructive positive suggestions and comments to encourage improvements and change.
  3. LowSpeedHighDrag

    Wargaming.net Game Center Help

    Hello all & mods & WG sorcerers, Background: I have two different accounts for separate regions. If possible via Game Center (GC), I would like to be able use them both. So here is the question: Could I install two different instances (of different regions) to run within the same Game Center? If so, how? How could I delete/alter the current instance (shows as "World of Warships (3) Europe") to an NA version? Looking forward to any assistance. Regards, Lshd
  4. As the servers still have different events with different rewards ( and EU having the grind fests for basically the same rewards), i was thinking about how to fix this issue. Kandly kindly posted in a thread that they will look into things and try to find a solution, which is a start i guess. Now, another issue that bugged me is, the lack of commemorative flags for all the older premium ships. Every new ship that gets released has a nice special flag in the top bundle, yet the old ones do not. In most cases, i buy the top bundle as it usually comes with Dubloons which i need to buy the premium camos for silver ships. Heck, i even went so far to buy the top bundle of the Prinz Eugen, despite having bought the standalone ship during a previous sale. But i wanted the flag and i need the Dubloons. Now, if WG would release for instance the Tirpitz in a bundle with a special flag, i'd most likely say no thanks. PE was an exception, and i'm not too keen buying ships i already have again just for a flag. But there's a way to kill two birds with one stone. Have a bunch of events where players can earn them - across all regions. Now, we don't want endless grind fests with too high requirements, yet i don't expect them to be given away for free. I suggest making them the top reward in missions that run two weeks and have reasonable requirements. Another thing i'd like to see are flags that give a nice bonus to XP and Credits ( like the one NA got a while back). Now for this kind of flag one has to raise the requirements a bit. Something like this, with some adjustment to difficulty, could possibly be a nice test bed for future region-wide events: Stage 1: Task: Deal 500k damage over any number of battles with ships from TV to TII Reward: the usual stuff one gets Stage 2: Task: Set enemy ships on fire 5 times in a single battle Destroy, incapacitate 20 modules over any number of battles Cruisers from TV - TVII ... Stage 4: Task: in a Division where any of the members can complete any task and the total between all embers counts towards completion all members of the division have to complete the previous stages deal a total of 200k damage in a single battle set ships on fire 5 times spot 2 enemy ships Cruiser and DDs TV - TVII reward: any special camo ( i.e. Ocean soul ) Stage 5: Task: n a Division where any of the members can complete any task and the total between all embers counts towards completion all members of the division have to complete the previous stages deal a total of 300k damage in a single battle sink two ships set ships on fire 8 times spot 2 enemy ships accumulate 2 million potential damage between all members of the division Cruiser, DDs and BBs of TVI - TVIII reward: a flag that gives 5% bonus to xp and credits for all division members I am aware that the difficulty needs some tweaks and that not everyone needs/ want flags, yet i think it would be a nice change and with these events being server wide, nobody can complain to be left out.