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Found 5 results

  1. Dear WoWS/Wargaming people, i have been wondering for a while now, ever since the links on the site often link me to asia or us instead of eu (where i am at) without noticing, that the offers in premium shop are so very different. And not only those, but even more anoying,.. the missions and bonusses are also different. For US for example there are weekly weekend bonusses on certain countries being played or bought.. while on EU there is none of that.. why is this.. Do you allready earn enough from EU without that or dont you earn enough ? I think if there was a more similar treatment for all regions it could net you even more in the end. I found myself wanting to buy an offer that was on a different region more then once but since none existed anywhere remotely similar i decided against it. Same about playing the game more consistently.. if there is more incentive to play each weekend by filling special missions im sure people will.. and therefore spend more. so tldr: the main question is: why are there so many differences between region offers, missions and bonusses. kind regards, cpt. T
  2. Elnath1911

    Error trying to join a clan

    Greetings players from EU server :D I started playing this server since 1 month ago aproximately. Made some friends and try to join their clan... Now here's the thing. I'm from Argentina, so I have an advanced NA account (Not that it has enything to do with this issue I think) but... When I try to join this friends' clan, I keep getting this error message; HTTPS://NA.WARGAMING.NET/CLANS/GATEWAY/WOWS/AUTH/?SPA_ID=548690625&TOKEN=70911607 In addition to this, some friends say that I appear as ''Offline'' when they chat in-game with me. I submitted a ticket to WG explaining the issue, and offered me this solution: '' Please, try and enable the following process on your firewall/security application: WOWS_directory\cef\cef_browser_process.exe ''. Tried it, but keep getting the same message. Is there any other possible solution that I'm missing or don't know? Thank you for your help in advance o7
  3. KarmaQU_EU

    Adding to the WoWs experience

    A healthy MMO has more appealing aspects than just gameplay. A basic form is clans. However there can be more to community experience than just differently structured pvp, which clan battles are. More features aimed at fostering community cohesion as a whole are needed. Because of the currently limited population of WoWs, I believe that increasing community presence and activity will benefit the growth of the game. WoT already has a notable market presence due to several years of marketing, as well as solid internet culture presence, but it pales in comparison to other games on the market, for instance Dota or LoL. While some factors are game-design dependent, which is for another discussion, the structuring of the player experience goes beyond gameplay structure and mechanics, and is a tangible thing which can be influenced by design. Some games such as RPG style MMOs have such designs embedded in the gameplay, but WoWs does not currently have such features. Even in WoT, there is only a barebones clan competitive pvp based community structure which does not do much for community presence beyond gameplay aspects and gameplay rewards. There is simply too little design for human agency based interaction in addition to the alliances based on the gameplay. For instance, there is little communication in random battles. "I'll cover you" "We'll push this way" "Get ready for ..." "... incoming" "AA huddle" "I'll take point" rarely do these things happen, even less does actual commanding at the strategic level happen. It is a barebones gameplay experience where stats and numbers are pitted against each other in a tedious cycle of grinding. It is easy to think that 'this is how a ftp game model works' but I digress: I do not think this is how ideal game experiences in general works. A game based on barebones gameplay has less holding power and less growth opportunity. Thus shows the importance of going beyond just good mechanics and control structures. Chess has incredible mechanics ratings but very little generalist appeal. It takes more to create appeal to a game than just doing honest to god work like creating ship models and balancing stats and refining the 3D engine. In this topic we will focus on the appeal increasing opportunities able to be created via forums and news. Just some examples which express my thoughts: [1] Please see attached screen shot of the NA forums; as shown, the subsections are much more purpose and based, while using the forum structure to better fulfill diverse utilities catering to the different activities of the community. Some core interactions with the community have a dedicated section. This is better than the loose forum structure we are using now, where purposeful interaction based on human agency is difficult due to lack of space, topic-based input is rare because of disorganized structure, and archived content is close to meaningless because there is no follow-up. Overall forum activity lacks in productivity. Ultimately, forum activity should be as meaningful as gameplay is for the overall WoWs experience, and be a meaningful impact or inclusion for the gameplay itself. [2] The presentation some recent content could have been improved. The game website news page is a little cluttered and 'uneventful'. Content is presented in a big mess, thus unable to fulfill the most of their potential. For instance the HMS Vampire focus video was only used loosely in conjunction with extra content, such as on asia (http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/history-feature/naval-battles-indian-ocean-raid/), while on the EU was presented as was, belonging to no particular stream of content, unlike the bad advice which is at least a 'series', but is presented with all other content as well and not fully making use of its unique essence. Some presentation of content could have been unified based on exclusive features from the different regions, for instance pairing up 'bad advice' series with http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/pukapuka-fleet/ as they are of similar nature. Structuring presentation of such content for maximum community impact and making full use of what we have even if that means having to draw content across regions is necessary. Cross-market investigation such as other online game websites, or even cross industry inspiration from light culture magazines may help. Ultimately, linking extra media meaningfully with in-game gameplay would be ideal. [3] Haven't quite thought of a third point yet, so what does everyone here think about community experience in relation to overall game experience? How can WoWs be improved along this line of thought? I mean the ARP content was nice but it was presented in a very uneventful way, just barebones extra rewards missions and skins. The Jacuzzi mode was nice but it is a one-off, barely fitting in with the bare bones model of gameplay. WoWs does not fully take advantage of the creative nature of such content, severely reducing their actual impact. Truly linking extra content to gameplay meaningfully is something that even LoL or DoTA is trying (with lore, community stuff and whatnot) but cannot completely fulfill yet. Even amongst the actual RPGMMOs few have taken full advantage of extra content in all its forms and perspective. The company Blizzard is one good example. But then again there are just the nobrains CS type games which are still very workable as business models. In the end, am I trying too hard, am I thinking too much for this game? Thank you for reading thus far, I look forward to your input. There is no poll due to the imaginative depth of this topic, and cross-region forum links or archived links are welcome. Broadening perspectives is always welcomed.
  4. I am wondering how large the playerbase is in each of the four regions. Is there a statpage for that?
  5. mrater

    Problem z kluczem

    Tak jest napisane w tytule mam problem z kluczem. Przypadkowo zarejestrowałem swój e-mail na stronie rejonu amerykańskiego, przez co mój klucz nie jest dostępny w Europie i pisze mi, że kod jest nieprawidłowy. Z góry dzięki za pomoc.