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Found 3 results

  1. Stop it WG! Tell your teams to take their fingers away from their keyboards and listen to the players for once. By touching that rectangle piece of plastic with things on it, you are causing more and more problems. You are crippling the game. Not only that but showing so little regard for the players of this game, most of them (was) loyal. Ok, first order of business is freeze all premium time. This is not the game most people brought Premium XP for, you have tipped it on it's head. DD players don't play DD's, CV players are playing WOWP (very bad version of it) and Cruisers are having an identity crisis, not knowing if they are AA cruisers or not . Battleships are slowing moving around the map like they have experienced the battle of Somme twice and are suffering some sort of mental trauma from it. Second is refund all premium CV's. People don't just want gold back and some don't wanna be trapped in the game. That is the decent thing to do (I will post you a directory of the meaning, Russian translated too) Gulio. DON'T MOVE PREMIUM SHIPS! You do that and people will think twice when buying any premium ship. People buy certain tier ship for a number of reasons. They simply might like tier 5 and wanna stay there? Again, people might not just wanna just have gold. I think a refund is completely right. We have alot of players in our clan on most nights and have done for a while. It's been DEAD since the rework. Those that are on take refuge in Ranked, but most of them are calling that Crap too. Your "hotfixing" looks like this: You see that brave chap attempting to escape the soon-to-be wreckage? This is quite an accurate depiction of the current state of affairs and that poor sod represents the players of this game. This is not overreacting or scaremongering, this is how it currently is. Fanboys/ Beta testers what-ever can keep their chirpy optimism but mine has evaporated to atoms. Nerfing ships like Alsare to fit a certain premium. Nerfing the Hindy because it was "user friendly". Nefing the pan-Asian. More and more stronger than the silver line ships. Now you clam you are moving ships because of "Balance" yet you haven't done a thing with ships like the Belfast all these years? Please. Not to mention the "those that do and those that don't" mentally in CB (Blancegrad). It's all come to a head now. I have always supported CV's in this game. Even with all the CV hater crap I/we have had to put up with, but enough is enough. Just take the whole class away now. It's like an old boxer being beat up by a bunch of young kids in the street with everyone watching them do it. I used to laugh when people were getting spanked by CV's because so many of you asked for a change and we warned you. But i cant anymore. Because having those cheap laughs feel shallow now and is causing damage to the game and clan. You didn't even test your Hotfix did you? Be honest...Was this the state of you office when the re-work went live: You are doing actions before you brain has had a chance to wake up. Your doing too much at once (hotfix). I know this ^^ picture trying to lighten the mood, but seriously WG, invite a few mixed players into you HQ and TALK TO THEM. No point what-so-ever having people test anything if you have your own agenda anyway. Even well know and mostly respected steamers are saying ships are OP before release and your STILL bringing them out in that state. On a positive note, selling cheap premium time before the rework was business geniuses (seen it coming a mile off). So....Stop what you are doing, send a message out saying that "CV's will be suspended until fixed and balanced". It is not on bring out Alphas like you did with this re-work. Just like you did with the GZ. Paying customers expect alot better, get a grip.
  2. After I made a huge error, misreading the ship replacement rules and thus wasting 98k free exp, I don't want to make another mistake with this. I have the Nobilium camo for the Lexington, but I don't have it unlocked. If I free exp to it and then refund it, I shouldn't get free exp back, but will the camouflage be refunded? @MrConway sorry to bother you, but do you know?
  3. DexterMaximus

    New consumer rights for the UK

    As of today we in the UK, now have newer and better rules.... https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-rights-for-consumers-when-buying-digital-content http://metro.co.uk/2015/10/01/new-law-means-30-day-refund-for-broken-video-games-5415914/ http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-10-01-new-consumer-rights-act-puts-gamers-in-the-driving-seat http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34403005 To be honest, WG actually have a pretty good record here! Before you all start going mad at the suggestion that WG do anything right, I want you to consider other games and firms... I have played ED (by FD), WT (By Gajin) BSGO (Bigpoint) and many many others.... I found that WG may have some issues, when it comes to prem time, and prem tanks it really is not that bad. However, there are many other games that have caused all manor of sh1t on release or after an update (The new batman game) But for all you forum lawyers, have a look and see what you think. Given the "non to specific wording" this could be a massive gun for the consumer, that could in theory give each and every one of you HUGE power over games! One example, if WG released a new tank (premium) and it was not as described any UK punter could claim the money back not only if bought via the prem shop, but also in game via gold (if said gold was bought for cash) This was hazy before but now it seems "clearer" (well a bit). I can not really think of any prem's that would actually fit (Maybe the panther 88), WG tend to keep anything you paid cash for at least as good as the day you bought it (Pretty much). But if you bought a plane in WT that was later nerfed, that is now a different story... at least it should be... What do you guys think.... (first posted in the general for tanks)