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Found 23 results

  1. Leo_Apollo11

    "Discussion on AA mechanics"

    Hi all, Thus far I found this one as one of the most informative infos around regarding new AA... From Reddit: "Discussion on AA mechanics" : Just a few observations about current AA mechanics and skills. Feel free to contribute any knowledge you have gained playing. Relevant statistics : Short range AA, continuous only. Medium range, bulk of flak damage but has a large but mostly irrelevant continuous component. Long range, most just flak based with slightly fewer than medium range. Flak burst count, medium and long. The amount of flak bursts is extremely important and is part of the consideration for taking AFT or not. DPS of the flak also should be considered. EDIT : Hit chance. This is still alittle up in the air but anything above 80% chance seems to be more than sufficient to land flak. I personally feel like super accurate flak might be a detriment as its more easily baited out by carriers but below 80% is too inaccurate if you have fewer flak bursts. Edit again : size differences in the different AA ranges. Auras no longer overlap. If all your AA damage is on long range and enemy planes get below that range your AA dps will plummet. Hood and Hinden are 2 examples of ships that have this issue. Hindens long range aura only had a 1.2km margin of damage with a mediocre mid range aura. Continuous AA seems mostly irrelevant with flak burst provided the largest bulk of your AA performance. 500k module AA mod 1. This increases the amount of flak bursts by 2 and is a must have for every AA build. If you are not investing in AFT it is STILL worth taking as the base flak damage seems decent across the board for most ships. This is especially true on ships with very few flak bursts like Gearing. BFT affects continuous AA only. Not your flak burst. Which means its only worth taking on ships with high short and medium range AA. So stuff like Texas. AFT affects flak damage only, 15% is not a lot but it is worth taking on ships with large amounts of flak burst. 6+ medium and 4+ long range seems to be the amount that looks worth it. Having 2000+ at tier 10 on flak damage is also where I would say investment is worth it. Manual AA does not seem worth it on ANY ship AT ALL for 4 points. It only affects continuous AA when you use sectors and improves your sectors swap time by 20%. So once again since its only continuous AA, ships with good short and medium are the only ones that benefit from MAA. Even then I would not recommend spending 4 points on it. I would AT MOST spend 2 points. MAA seems to have swapped completely from effecting long range AA the most to ONLY short and medium which is quite the bad change in my opinion besides the fact that it is too expensive for the gain. The reduced sectors swapping is also mostly irrelevant as continuous AA is mostly underwhelming and preswapping sectors based on your angling and the position of the enemy vector is more than ample time to prepare even considering the poor performance of continuous AA. I find the current AA mechanics quite interesting and nuanced, but the system needs a LOT of work on a per ship and per skill basis, the fact that BFT and MAA have very limited use is quite depressing but the potential is there if the balancing is done well. Leo "Apollo11"
  2. Hi all, From Reddit: Apparently for NA the "Snowflakes" event hasn't finished and new CVs are able to get Steel/Coal ("PSA: CV Snowflakes Have Been Refreshed (get more steel/coal)"): This is really really weird... Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Hi all, From Reddit - "Ranked math: the role of luck (season 11)": Leo "Apollo11"
  4. Hi all, From Reddit: Anyone seen this 30 day long Doubloon (=3000) Personal Mission? Leo "Apollo11"
  5. Hi all, From Reddit: "Free Tachibana Lima code giveaways (for existing accounts) from mmobomb": Leo "Apollo11"
  6. Hi all, From Reddit: "Wargaming Response to Steel Concerns": Leo "Apollo11"
  7. TheLegendBegins

    Stalingrad für jederman

    Nun, falls ihr es nicht mitbekommt, nach dem neuen Stalingradvideo Geht bei Reddit Ein wenig Spaß. Die wichtigen Kommentare in Kürze: [–]Sub_Octavian 63 points 2 hours ago Guys, We do know that not all of you play CB. We do work on design of high-tier activities that will allow you to get goodies like Stalingrad without direct CB engagements. We hear you, and love you. Don't rage over this one please:) It's just about the ship and its creation, not about the actual release and ways of distribution. Cheers:) [–]Sub_Octavian 26 points an hour ago I really cannot share the details, but the point is, we do want such goodies to be rewards for skilled / high-tier play, but not way too limited. Don't expect it to be an easy walk, but don't expect it to be only for top 0,5% unicums either. We will do our best to keep it reasonably balanced. [–]Sub_Octavian 17 points 1 hour ago Why so toxic? Who told you CB are not attractive? They are super successful. Who told you "just do some campaign"? That's TX premium, we're not going to distribute it as Shinonome Edit 2: [–]Saltzier 3 points 2 hours ago [–]Sub_Octavian 14 points 2 hours ago Including. TLDR: Jeder kann die Stalingrad ausserhalb der Clanwars mit noch nicht bekannten Mission/sonst was erspielen. Inwieweit das jetzt fair ist, kommentiere ich mal nicht Edit: Ich fand ein neues Topic angebracht, geht ja schließlich nicht um die Stalingrad-Statistiken/Werte wie in dem davor.
  8. Hi all, From Reddit (interesting side effect from "fix" regarding AP): On the PTS you can sink a Yamato solely by shooting a single secondary turret with Harugumo AP Leo "Apollo11"
  9. Hi all, From Reddit: "Live dispersion chart for every ship in the game"... Leo "Apollo11"
  10. Hi all, From Reddit: "T8-10: Changed Concealment Values Under Standardized Concealment Expert" Leo "Apollo11"
  11. Hi all, Someone calculated (thread on Reddit) the cost of fully upgrading the Clan Base with all new bells-and-whistles =782.300 Oil: And here is the spreadsheet itself: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ix8GH60J7cI0SUXiNqO6jqzOWmTXA8RkjeKUA2rvly8/edit#gid=0 This is tremendous amount of oil required and it would take months (if not years) even for big Clans to build everything... the small(er) clans will have very very hard time with this... Leo "Apollo11"
  12. Leo_Apollo11

    From Reddit - 1 Day Premium on EU

    Hi all, From Reddit - 1 Day Premium on EU: Leo "Apollo11"
  13. Hi all, From Reddit: "PSA: Buying premium ships on sale for cheap doubloons... it might be over" BTW, we already found about this week+ ago one when I asked (i.e. possibly this was not tied to v0.7.5 per se): Leo "Apollo11"
  14. OopsIPennedYouAgain

    Infos aus dem letzten Q&A developer Stream

    Habs aus Reddit: ursrngliche Quelle des Q&A (Achtung, russisch) http://proships.ru/news/2016/01/14/sten090116/ Englische version: deutsche Version: F: Wie sehen die Pläne bezglich des Meta für dieses Jahr aus? A: Teamgefechte und eine Globale Map. F: Wird es möglich sein, dass sich die globale Map übergreifend auf alle 3 Spiele (Warships, Tanks und Warplanes) bezieht? A: In der ersten Phase der globalen Map planen wir mit zwei Bereichen - Warships und Tanks. Das soll nicht heißen, dass es strikt getrennt zugehen muss. Die Clans in beiden Spielen werden in der Lage sein miteinander zu interagieren, sprich Schiffe werden Einfluss auf die globale Map von Panzern haben und umgekehrt. Den Kommandanten der Clans wird ein neues Gebiet eröffnet - die Diplomatie - und dies nicht nur auf jedes Gebiet für sich (Panzer und Schiffe), sondern bezogen auf beides gleichzeitig. Dies wird jedoch nicht in naher Zukunft passieren. F: Werden Spieler auch in verschiedenen Teams operieren können? A: So wie es anscheinend geplant ist , soll dies möglich sein. Q: Was sagt ihr zu dem System, dass die Vergabe von Sternen im Ranked Modus von der erhaltenen Erfahrung abhängig zu Machen? Warum sehen die Entwickler nicht die Möglichkeit dieses System in einer Mini-Season zu testen? Plant Ihr gewisse spezielle Kampf-Faktoren für die gewerteten Gefechte einzuführen, welche besser deb Einfluss der Spieler auf das Gefecht widerspiegelt? Do you plan to introduce special rank fights factor that reflects the actual usefulness of the player in combat? A: [Request nelishenie best player of the losing team - the basic requirement of our publisher]. Aber das erhaltene Feedback spricht eine andere Sprache... Wir möchten nicht, dass die Vergabe von Sternen in den gewerteten Gefechten gerade von der Erfahrung abhängig ist, da dieses System nicht fehlerfrei ist. Es steht jedoch eine Idee zur Debatte, welche jedoch auch ein wenig kontrovers ist. Es handelt sich um eine Art Voting-System. Die genaue Beschreibung wird hier nicht hundertprozentig klar, daher warte ich lieber bis wir mehr Informationen bereitgestellt kriegen. [TL;DR, Possible voting system/integration with the karma system for keeping stars when you lose] F: Wie sieht der aktuelle Implementierungsstatus des Features (Voting-System) aus? A: Das Voting-System existiert bereits. Wenn wir uns mit der Entscheidung 100%ig sicher sind, wird die Implementierung schnell gehen. Behaltet jedoch im Hinterkopf, dass derzeit andere Sachen Priorität haben - Teamgefechte und die Globale Map. F: Wann kommt neuer PVE-Inhalt, zum Beispiel Forts? A: This deals with development department cards. Ich denke jeder wird davon in Kürze erfahren. F: Gibt es Pläne noch weitere Arpeggio-Schiffe einzuführen? A: Wir haben eine Anfrage nach Asien geschickt und warten nun auf eine Antwort. Ich denke, dass es sowieso geschehen wird, im Client sind ja schon die Namen etc weiterer Schiffe enthalten und der Kooperationsvertrag wird sich bestimmt über einen gewissen Content erstrecken. F: Ist in irgendeiner Weise geplant die Munition zu begrenzen? A: Nein, dies erscheint für uns als unrealistisch. But DD was only one chance to send torpedoes at a target, and it's tough. [N.B. EM = DD] F: Könnt ihr uns bitte die Mglichkeit geben mehrere Flaggen an unseren schiifen zu befestigen? A: Ja, wir arbeiten ddaran. F: Wird es eine Möglichkeit geben, dass man nach dem Untergang in einer freien Kamera das Match weiterhin verfolgen kann? A: Ja, wir arbeiten gerade an den finalen Details. (Wahrscheinlich, oder eher hoffentlich zusammen mit der Implementierung der Replays. Zu der sachen mit der Priorität muss ich jedoch sagen, dass schon witzig ist. Auf Twitter wurde doch erst vor einigen Tagen das neue grafische Model der Granaten präsentiert ;) Bedenkt: Google Translate wird mit Sicherheit jeder von euch kennen, daher kann man nicht alles wörtlich nehmen, einige Aussagen hab ich auch versucht besser zu formulieren. Ich hoffe deren Inhalt hat sich nicht allzu sehr verändert. Gruß WME Quelle vom Reddit-Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/40x4gv/interesting_details_about_clan_wars_revealed_in/
  15. Hello, so after I was actually testing some stuff and experimenting with camos+ papa etc I was disappointed. In general everyone would think: New Years camo (+200% Free xp, nothing else as a bonus) + Papa Papa Signal would be the best way to net in free xp/battle, but apparently it isnt. (Base[1x]+PapaPapa[3x])*(Base[1x]+EqualSpeedCharlieLondon[0.5x]+XPCamo[1x])=10x (Base[1x]+PapaPapa[3x]+NewYearsCamo[2x])*(Base[1x]+EqualSpeedCharlieLondon[0.5x])=9x I experienced the same result today. I got more out of my games with the normal camo (permaflage on tier X+ papa papa and signals) than with the new years and the same signals. If that is actually true, pls WG change it so it is actually worth using the new years camo. That it doesent even provide any other bonus should be enough for a tradeoff. I have so many of them but right now I dont even see the point of using them Redditlink
  16. Hi all, Interesting Graf Zeppelin thread at Reddit... Leo "Apollo11"
  17. Grrr accidental complete-spoiler post again. Would someone mind to please teach me how to properly use the [ spoiler ] [ / spoiler ] function without formatting the whole post into something I can't even edit? Update: Main idea posts here. Further Update: CV section refer to here:
  18. Hi all, From Reddit: Statistics on the EU server population Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Author claims that all info is derived from WG API.
  19. Hi all, From Reddit (by Evil4Zerggin): Santa container statistics Leo "Apollo11"
  20. FrankvC_Jr

    Nunca son suficientes

    No sabía dónde poner este hilo así que lo hago en esta sección y con tono humorístico: Básicamente es una propuesta de meter el Baden, gemelo del Bayern, como premium en tier VI; usando el método Arkansas Beta, se le pondría adaptar el casco A (el histórico) con algunos AA de 120mm pero con huecos de mejora similares a un barco 9-10! Otros dicen de ponerle la recarga histórica y equilibrarlo con 49k de vida, giro de timón del casco B del de rama y algo menos de ocultación (curiosamente el A Hull del Bayern tiene peor ocultación que el B). No sé si a todos les gustaría pero a mí me encanta . Os animo a poner aquí cualquier barco que se os ocurra y que, en vuestra opinión, merezca ser premium. Lo único que se pide para su candidatura es que digáis el tier y lo comparéis con algo ya conocido; yo tengo varios en los pañoles de municiones pero os dejo algo de margen .
  21. Tuccy

    WoWs Q&A With Sub_Octavian

    Captains, Our Developer Sub_Octavian is back on Reddit for another Q&A, head over there and ask the questions you really want an answer to!
  22. WoWs Q&A 15: Ask Almost Anything Q&A STATUS: July 31, ACTIVE Sub_Octavian Greetings! I hope you all have been doing well, getting your Jack Dunkirk captains, completing the collection and sometimes even saving poor guy Parks (which we thought of, but actually did not believe anyone would have the patience to do it). I am also sure that you have been discussing and thinkingover some WIP stuff, like RN BBs, smoke changes, upcoming clan content and much more. Well, I am here to provide you with the relevant information. Some things are too early to comment on, but I will do my best, so fire your questions and let's have fruitful and meaningful communication. As always, with your level of dedication, there will be more questions than I can take so I will be picking the most interesting and probably most popular - don't be shy and upvote the questions you like. If I miss anything (and I will inevitably will) - sorry in advance. Scout1Treia Where is the carrier rework that was promised before "any more premium carriers"? We've gotten Kaga, Enterprise, and Graf Zeppelin is just around the corner. Sub_Octavian I really doubt there was a promise not to release carriers before the rework. The point was we were not concentrating on new carriers because there were some major issues with them as a whole. This includes UI problems, in-class balance problems, lack of tutorial/learning curve problems. These things, along with others, lead us to very global and serious question "Are we sure that existing CV/AA concept should be just tuned and tweaked or we need a global overhaul? And if yes, should we try to introduce it in a couple of big updates or to make it gradual?". For now, we fixed the major part of existing UI problems, which was the main blocker for releasing new CV content. USN/IJN balancing is WIP and can be expected within several updates. Tutorials are being worked on, however, simpler stuff like movement and basic gameplay should be done first. As for global rework, this is a tricky one. Any major rework will be a stress for old players, so if we are going this way, we must be absolutely sure it is for good. Now, we don't have any concept that we like THAT better than the existing one, but we keep thinking about it. And in the meantime, we aim to make various smaller quality changes to the existing CV mechanics, in evolutionary, not revolutionary way. Stratmania There were a number if glaring balance problems since last year, mostly about how USN was terrible when compared to IJN due to inflexibility and inconsistency vs key targets like DDs. Instead, we got ammo buffs... which did not help much when it truly came to winning (it primarily benefited good players when whacking enemy planes since the "less skillful player base" normally lost his fighters before using even half the ammo). Sub_Octavian Well, lack of flexibility is the exact main target for upcoming USN CVs changes. The work is not over yet, unfortunately, this is why I am not telling CV UI is fine and should stay as it is. HelmutVillam Please clarify the positions of the tiers 7 and 8 RN BBs, and let me reiterate that putting such famous and anticipated ships as Nelson or 14" KGV behind a premium paywall will not go down well among the community. Why do we need Monarch at all, when we already have plenty of ships with 2 armament choices of different calibers? Just balance KGV for tier 8 and give it both the 14" and 15" (or 16") options. On the same vein, why does every line need to be so unique to the point of being gimmicky and inconsistent? See RN CLs. I feel that if you pursue this strategy for too long, you will rapidly run out of ideas and harm the game balance. I do not mind if a line is a near copy of an existing one, the historical relevance and appearance of the ships alone is enough distinguishing features for me. I just want reliable and simple RN BBs with no fancy toys. Thanks for your time Sub_Octavian I cannot 100% confirm the final line-up for RN BB branch. However, I can say that Nelson being premium and King George going to T7, being replaced with Monarch, have major gameplay reasons: King George does not look good on T8 in terms of firepower, while it looks absolutely adequate for T7. Nelson is a fine ship for very good players, but being in the branch, it has all chances to become a breaking point, where the major part of the player base will stumble. Of course, we would like to have it in the branch as an iconic ship, but gameplay should come first. We do not expect Nelson to be a good source of income, because premium RN mid-tier BB niche is already occupied by Warspite and Hood, and the point here is not to earn extra money but to release a line which will have nice progression for all players. Who knows, maybe Nelson will remain premium, but with some other means of distribution...we'll see. While the final decisions are not made, I can say that after testing different load out of RN BB, we're slowly coming to the conclusion this branch may not need any "gimmicks" to be viable. We will be considering basic BB loadout for it, with only advanced heal being "consumable gimmick". Thank you too for good questions of immediate interest. To expand on this from the historical point of view: "Just balancing KGV for Tier VIII and give her both 14" and 15" options" would mean she won't be KGV as built anymore (as the 3x3 15" was alternative design to the 3x4 14", ie the KGV the Admiralty wanted and before being cut down to fit in the tonnage limit). So... Effectively what Monarch is. Now there would be few options (making the "real" KGV stock configuration, for example)... But their result would be nobody really playing the famous historical configuration (say what you will about "historical enthusiasts for sure would", when it comes to winning and progressing, players generally do not stay on Stock longer than they need to). So... What is more important for you? To play a King George V in the proper configuration... Or to have King George V as a name on Tier VIII? ;) As it works in the tree that can be constructed from the previews we released (mind you: nothing is final until the release - you can remember swaps in the RU or IJN DD lines even quite short time before release) you would get the "real" KGV on VII and the "ideal" KGV on VIII. stockyy1994_ What determines the Krupp value for AP shells? Also, why do British BB's have such low Krupp values? Sub_Octavian Roughly speaking, Krupp value is used in our ballistics model to have the desired armor penetration value for different shells on different distances. And the "desired penetration value" here is the value that is as close to IRL as possible, because this is one of the game aspects we seek to keep realistic. So, this is just a tool for achieving needed shell performance. SITH_ThrawnFett For your new development blog how much information are you planning on giving with it? Will it be showing only changes for the next patch, or will it be further down the line (like 2-3 or even 5)? Sub_Octavian I plan to talk about the changes starting from ST phase. Commenting on more distant things does not makes sense, as too many changes can be done even before ST. Do you have Questions for this Q&A then go: http://bit.ly/2RDDTWoWSQA WoWs Q&A 15: Ask Almost Anything • r/WorldOfWarships **Q&A STATUS: July 31, ACTIVE** Greetings! I hope you all have been doing well, getting your Jack Dunkirk captains, completing the collection...
  23. Hi all, From Reddit (by "AprilWhiteMouse" @LittleWhiteMouse): "Moskva's turning radius stat is wrong" Also lots on other interesting findings in that post (especially regarding the fact what is the best speed for tightest turning circle)! Leo "Apollo11"