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Found 21 results

  1. UNOVI 2.0, Electric boogaloo. We consist mostly of former AONO players, along with talented individuals who came from various different clans. About us We have a relatively casual culture, with no strict requirements or protocols. Nonetheless, we are made up of various highly skilled players who play to win. We used to be regular top 10 finishers of the past clan battle seasons. With the return of the clan, we're changing our recruitment progress and standards , but look to upkeep our relaxing, yet active and competent atmosphere inside the clan. We do not usually participate in other competitive events, but members are always free to consult other clan members, if they want to try and assemble their own lineups. What we are looking for Good players. While we don’t have any real bars which one would need to cross, we do look for players with at least around great stats or better (58% WR and 1900PR, these are just guidelines not the rule). What we are more interested in is your real capability and ability to improve as a player. Some interest in clan battles and divisions play. So you should have some T10 ships you are good at. Previous CB experience is not necessarily required. We take good care of new players and provide fairly detailed shotcalling. People who can communicate and provide timely feedback. We're not looking for players who start dying or keep playing something that doesn't work for them without telling us. People who can take criticism. We dish out and we take, and it can feel harsh even though we try to keep it objective and constructive. Good personality. We are no angels either, but members got to know limits. We're not looking for toxicity, personal attacks, or drama. We are perfectly fine with players who cannot attend regularly. We are much more interested in your personal quality, than how much time you can spend with the game. But of course you should be somewhat interested in playing with us when you can. Recruitment Process If we see some promise from your application or stats, we will invite you to our Discord and play divisions with you at suitable time (we play mainly on evenings EU). It will help you to take initiative to play with other members yourself. After a couple days we should have enough opinions from members to make a choice. There is no hard and fast process, we just see whether we can play well with you and like you personally. If things go well, we will invite you and see whether we can deal with you in clan battles as well. Organisation Organisation and voice chat via Discord. You should have a decent microphone and stable connection. We organise our clan battles with a signup in Discord for each play day. We try to announce the final lineups as early as possible, to let you know if you're needed. If you signed up we just expect you to be ready on time. As long as you let us know, you can try to sign up even if you can't play the whole session. If something suddenly comes that prevents you from participating, try to let us know beforehand as soon as possible. People who really want to play clan battles usually can. If you're up to par you don't have to be afraid about getting sidelined or missing out on missions. You can join, even if clan battles aren't your primary interest, but you should at least be able to help out every now and then. For now we only organise one clan battle team at a time, but members are always free to organise another one on their own. Who to Contact? Clan leader, Xx_Schnubbi_xX (Discord: Schnubbi#5069) FoolsPryro (Me), either here or in Discord (FoolsPryro#9229) “Best ohio player EU™”,Mr_Hesus (Discord: Mr. Jesus™#2630). At your own risk tho, he big bully. Or any other recruiters who are on the list. You can also message ingame, but Discord is prefered over ingame, as ingame messages can vanish sometimes.  If you message us we're going to take a brief look and lead you on from there.
  2. ThisSheepGoesMoo

    [SH33P] WarSheeps Now Recruiting!

    Greetings - or as we like to say, BAAAAA!!! I am pleased to announce we are very close to reaching our capacity of 40 players! We are considering increasing the clan's capacity in the future, and encourage you to apply even if you're unsure if you'll be accepted. Please continue to contact myself or Elmetian if you are interested in joining us. About us: We are WarSheeps (yes you heard that right), a casual clan seeking friendly and competent English-speaking players from across the EU. We mostly play Random Battles in divisions, and compete in the new Naval Battles. We do not currently play Clan Battles, although if enough people are interested this can be arranged! Who we want: We will accept players with a 55% or higher Win Rate, although exceptions can be made for those who are clearly improving as a player. It is also preferable to have a microphone and Discord so that we can get to know each other better and communicate during battles (several of us use the Discord app on our phones, if you don't want to get a microphone). What we can offer you: + 5% XP per battle + 7% Coal received + 10% Commander XP per battle + 25% Free XP per battle on all ships − 12% Cost of post-battle servicing costs − 10% Cost of research on all ships How to join us: Simply request to join Warsheeps by searching for our clan in-game. Alternatively, feel free to direct message myself or Elmetian on the forums, or reply to this post if you have any questions. We also highly encourage you to come on our discord channel and get to know us when you do join - we won't bite, our teeth are designed to chew grass ;) Hope to hear from you! - ThisSheepGoesMoo
  3. [W-C] WAR CRIMINALS Are you one of those people who just don't give a flying skybuck about anything? Are you perhaps looking for a clan but you don't want to participate in anything clan related? Don't have anywhere to waste your oil? Perhaps you just want some piece of quiet but still enjoy the benefits of being in a clan? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER What do we offer? Absolutely nothing... ....Other than clan upgrade benefits ofcourse. No mandatory clan matches or activities, and no skill requirements. Want to play some divisions with other people in the clan? By all means go ahead. Oh you don't? Well I don't really care, go find your own fun then, it's not like it matters to us. Play whatever you want, whenever you want. Enjoy the game you want to. REQUIREMENTS Just play a game every now and then and contribute a little to the society by mining some oil every now and then. The more you contribute, the longer you can stay in the clan. If you want to join, apply here or better yet, just send an application in the game itself. CLAN BATTLES If you happen to want to play clan battles however, be sure to let us know, as we'd like to try them out in a semi-casual way. In case we gather enough players interested for casual clan battles here's a discord link: https://discord.gg/t2vMXFw
  4. [SCRUB] - The Scrubs If you have a window, we have someone to lick it. Who are we and what do we offer Mostly a group of friendly Scrubs. We like to play competitively but we're not crazy seriousface. If you like to just have fun, but still learn things from good players, this might be the clan for you. Or if you just want people to banter with. We love to play in divisions, obviously. Teambattles are also definately a thing that will be done and eventually Clan Wars (Soon™). Also as a bonus, look at our awesome clan logo. And don't get me started on the besterest clan name. In total we consist of three clans: [SCRUB], [SNUBS] and [5CRUB]. We have a general chat channel: "The Scrub Community". You are free to join it, just search amongst channels ingame. Be aware that the search engine is case sensitive and doesn't work that wel..... Requirements [SCRUB] Ideally you have: - A sense of humour - Decent stats (Say for example 55+% winrate, but totally more like 70+%) - A desire to play well but in a relaxed atmosphere - Can endure Banter, lots of banter - Speak/understand English - TS3 (obviously) - 18+ - Tier 8 sheep (Tier X+ is better) - Some time spend in either [SNUBS] or [5CRUB] - - Especially for @havaduck: you need to read the entire thread... Seems like a good psychology test to us.... Requirements [UNICS] (former [5crub]) Ideally you have: - A sense of humour - Decent stats (Say for example 55+% winrate, but totally more like 70+%) - A desire to play well but in a relaxed atmosphere - Can endure Banter, lots of banter - Speak/understand English - TS3 (obviously) + Discord - 18+ - Tier 8 sheep (Tier X+ is better) Requirements [SNUBS] Ideally you have: - A sense of humour - Okish Stats I guess... - A desire to play well but in a relaxed atmosphere - Can endure Banter, lots of banter - Speak/understand English - TS3 (obviously) - 18+ (meh) Generally we look at it on a personal basis. Say your stats aren't the best, but you are willing to listen and learn? We might take you on anyways. We might also be taking a piss with some of these requirements. Just find out by contacting us. How to contact us Easy peasy that one. - Reply to this thread (and bump it up for free!). - Send a PM to me (Loran_Battle)or Reaper_JackGBR for [SNUBS] and [SCRUB]. - Send a PM to xXx_Blogis_xXx for [UNICS]. - Send a PM to Lameoll for [SNUBS]. (oh he will like me for that) Some minor Info on clan leadership Overall leadership + [SCRUB] Commander: BadGene616 Deputy Commanders: Loran_Battle + Live85 + Reaper_JackGBR [SNUBS] Commander: Derparooney (alt account of Loran_Battle) Deputy Commander: Lameoll [UNICS] Commander: xXx_Blogis_xXx Smooth sailing to all of ya!
  5. [MUMMY] We're MUMMY but you keep calling us daddy. Here at MUMMY, we're a rag-tag group of ego tripping almost unicums of all ages that mess around in divisions and clan battles. A lot of personalities and nationalities come together to get frustrated with RNG, teammates, and newly released belenced ships. We consist mainly of white flag wavers, potato farmers, tulip eaters, VW diesels, mountain bankers, pasta fiddlers, siesta takers, flat-packing Scandinavians, Zulus, and a very loud Italian cat. We don't shy away from some healthy banter, whether it be in our spam group on Whatsapp or our #banter channel on Discord. We get a bit more serious for competitive events such as clan battles, but in the end we're all here to have fun and have a laugh, Friday night drunk click-ins are a great example. What's the plan? MUMMY plays clan battles every season with enough success to earn some nice rewards to spend on over-powered premiums. With most players having played Clan Battles into Typhoon in previous seasons we are aiming for a similar or higher level again in upcoming seasons. Apart from CB we also sometimes dabble with competitions such as Shipstorm when enough members are interested. We organize semi-regular training sessions with other clans to practice team-play, crap-talk, and tactics outside of competitive events. Additionally, we have plenty of opportunities for those who would like to pursue a leading role in tactics or field commanding! Who's up for adoption? In general we do not care if you're a super unicum stet pedder or a green veteran. A couple of things are important to us however, namely that you: Have T10 ships with some experience and decent stats (Some ships count stronger than others). Are active on a weekly basis and want to play with other people. Speak English fluently. Do not mind banter and edgy jokes. Are somewhat mature. These requirements are not rock hard, unlike @van_fanel94 on a goat farm, so if you think you'll fit in feel free to contact us! Where to find us You can join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vxvqKaS) free of charge! While you're there feel free to join a creatively named division channel or post in the text channels. Shoot a message to any @Commanders or @Recruiter if you're interested in becoming a full member. Alternatively, you can send any of our Commanders or Recruiters a message in-game, keep in mind the messages in game tend to disappear randomly. Lastly, you can leave a comment on this thread explaining why you think you fit and we'll be sure to respond. Hope to see you among our ranks soon! Greetings, @JJWhite
  6. Note: We are recruiting for Clan Wars season 7 starting 23rd October 2019. Be quick if you want a place! We have recently spread our teams between 3 clans to provide some extra room for recruitment, meaning that in particular our two typhoon teams have some room to spare. We are currently fielding 3 clan battle teams and we are only recruiting talented, experienced players. Please DO NOT message us in game due to the fail UI that deletes messages before you can even see them. Send us a message on Discord or here on the forum. We are the Beasts of the Sea Founded May 2017, BOTS is a friendly, international gaming community spanning three clans, catering for casual/semi-hardcore players. We are thriving gaming community linked by a common discord channel; we have over 200 players on the server! It is very rare that there are not divisions running between clan mates. We welcome players from all countries! Our community includes people from all over the world including Europe, Asia and even Africa. The BOTS community is also a weeb friendly zone. We have simple but clear requirements for joining: · You must be 18+ years old. · Be sociable, friendly and willing to division up. You should also be able to communicate in English (does not have to be perfect). · We expect you to have a microphone and use our Discord server for playing with others in the community. · We expect you to have a basic understanding of the game (we will look at your stats on wows-numbers; if your PR/WR are red/orange then you will need to improve before applying). · We require that you have at least one tier 10 ship (or close to it). · No Racism. · We will NOT tolerate abuse of clan members, but a bit of salt never hurt anyone. We do not have hidden requirements. We understand if you can’t play all the time or want to do your own thing occasionally. We do not have structured weekly events that we expect you to take part in. We are simply a pool of players that want to enjoy World of Warships when we are able; working together, socialising and improving the chance of winning a battle. Clan Wars and Recruitment We have around 200 players within the community and we run between 3 and 6 teams in clan wars. We are selective about new admissions based on the clan wars team you would like to represent. Besides the general expectations in the main body of text we expect clan wars players to be active and have at least 1000 games. We use https://wows-numbers.com for the figures stated below. Our original in game clan; BOTS is a semi-competitive clan, looking for more like minded clan wars players. To join BOTS you should be around the clan’s average stat level (1800pr+ 60% win rate 66k average damage) be able to function within a competitive environment, and understand and be able to talk English. If you don’t meet those requirements but think you are good enough please DM one of the commanders for a chat! We regularly fight in typhoon/hurricane leagues in each of the past seasons and don’t have mandatory training. We have a relaxed, but focused competitive environment and most of us have been playing since the game launched back in 2016/2017. As a clan we’ve taken part in LOTS & KOTS. We are currently looking for 3 to 4 new members that can comfortable play regularly used clan wars ships (Yamato, Stalingrad, Henri, Des Moines and Gearing) being able to play more than one clan wars ship will be a big advantage… We’ve recently compacted our roster to just the core clan wars team, and we are looking to improve and expand on top of that. Whilst we have a smaller roster this ensures that everybody gets a fair amount of game time in clan wars, whilst holding high standards and high ratings within the team. Outside of clan wars we have a large community of 100+ people that are around playing WoWs and other games, and there is always somebody to division up with. Our BOTZ clan has a strong team running in Typhoon (previously the B0TS alpha team). I am looking for a few talented clan wars players that can really make the difference in our BOTZ team. We are close to pushing into Hurricane so join up and be part of an improving team of friendly, high quality players. If you are interested in joining the BOTZ clan wars team, we have a minimum expectation that you have a 1600 personal rating. B0TS has a long established team that during season 6 spent most of the season in Typhoon. B0TS has a large pool of players, many have busy personal lives meaning they can't play every game so the team is slightly more 'casual' despite fielding very strong teams. If you are interested in joining the the B0TS clan wars team we have a minimum expectation that you have a 1400 personal rating and clan play at least one clan wars session per week. Interested? Come and have a chat with us on our discord server; https://discord.gg/cTUDXHX If you are interested in joining then make sure to send a PM to someone in the recruitment team listed below: Alternatively drop us a reply below or PM any members of the recruitment team. BOTS recruitment team: Conh, Deadly_if_swallowed and Arthur_von_Gombotz B0TS recruitment team: MiScx and bigbramble BOTZ Recruitment team: JP_Steel, Jidash, bigbramble Cheers, The Beasts of the Sea
  7. Get_Wrecked_Bro

    [NOCAP] Recruiting!

    Aye, fellow sea captains! [NOCAP] is looking out for new members! First things first, we should introduce ourselves - Who are we? Our clan was created almost 200 days ago with having fun as our main goal. But many things changed and we decided to move into a more competitive environment. We're, right now, a group of people from all around Europe, that play almost every day, who are always willing to make divisions - What are our achievements so far? We've reached Hurricane League in last 2 CBs seasons and we ended up in Quarterfinals (5th - 8th bracket) in KotS 8 - What is our goal and plans for future? Our main goal is being one of the top clans of EU server; and as for the future, we have plans of participating in many upcoming CBs seasons and Community Based Tournaments - What can you expect from us Serious and experienced gameplay, while keeping it fun and entertaining Discord server with emotes! Participation in CBs (we have space for both fun & seriousness), trainings and tournaments - What do we expect from you (REQUIREMENTS)**: Around 2000 PR (WoWsNumbers stats) Regular activity in Discord (we want to get along with you!) English is a must Must have at least 5-10 T10s and experience with them **every request will be studied So if you're looking for a good, friendly clan to be part of, we're also looking for you! For further info, feel free to join our Discord server https://discord.gg/YreKkAx
  8. ChestHairSailor

    [SSA ]Silver Shells Academy

    discord - https://discord.gg/3zXyUsN We are looking for players for Clan Battles We Offer : -Non-Stop Bullying :) -Sexual Harassment -Racism -Sexism - king of the Sea Participation - clan battle Update: We need some plebs for CB :)
  9. What is [RYLNV]? [RYLNV] is a clan and gaming community of multi national like minded individuals who enjoy playing World of Warships (and also other games) and also enjoy having fun, Sounds like a Win - Win Right ? What are the requirements to join us? 18+ Only (We will not take in anyone under this age, sorry) English Speaking (do not worry if you think your English may be bad) Have Teamspeak installed and have a headset/microphone Have at least two competetive tier X ships for clan battles 50% winrate overall 1200 average xp per battle Be an active member through the week / weekends And last but not least have a sense of humour.............(this is a must) If you cannot fulfill the requirements above but can compensate do not hesitate to contact us, from time to time we can cater for most individuals. What can [RYLNV] offer you? Access to all our clan bonuses which are: Dry Dock : -10% to post battle service costs Research Center : +3% to XP on ships of all tiers Design Bereau : +20% Free XP per battle on ships of all tiers Coal Port : +7% Coal that you receive Shipbuilding Yard : -15% to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers Academy : +10% to Commander XP per battle Steel Port : +10% Steel that you receive Lot of fun Clan battles Group up on Divisions Nice and Chilled atmosphere Interested in joining us? Then either get back to ourselves on this thread or give one of us a message ingame ( Ice_Marine or Royal___Navy )
  10. Zwei Peanuts are recruiting! We are international semi-casual clan trying to improve our gameplay so we can play Clan Battles competitively. We are looking for sociable, friendly and mature people. We want to create a small, compact group of players who will play regularly and improve their skill as a group. Some guidelines of our requirements: have a understanding of the game, tactics, positioning and knowledge of ships and ship class roles. Be able to understand/speak english, 18+ years old, have a microphone, TeamSpeak/Discord is required for clan battles. We are looking for players that have ~3000 battles, winrate ~55%, PR ~1500, average damage ~50k, 3-4 tier X ships. (not carved in stone, if you are a solid team player - you are in.)
  11. SweneyB

    NUNC Recruiting

    Hallo commander NUNC is opzoek naar spelers die door de weeks redelijk actief zijn en die geintereseerd zijn mee te spelen tijdens clanwars seizoenen. In het algemeen zijn wij bij NUNC een rustige clan die bestaat uit mensen die graag na hun werk of school een potje willen spelen. Ben jij geintreseerd? Neem dan contact op via het forum of discord @7814 sweney Hello commander! NUNC is looking for active players that are active during weekdays and weekends and we expect you to participate during clanwars seasons. We are on average a very relaxed clan consisting out of people that like to play after their work or school. Are you interested? Please contact me on the forum or on discord #7814 sweney
  12. CptMinia

    [RBMF] Clan Recruitment.

    Hello fellow sailors! Introduction We are [RBMF], Rush B my friend! To put it short, we are just a few friendly english-speaking players who often division up and play some games and welcome any new additions willing to contribute to the banter. What are we looking for? We are looking for friendly players who are willing to share some of their time to play with us and join us every now and again in divisions or on discord to have a fun game and a good laugh! We are mostly just here for a bit of fun and banter but we do look forward to gaining enough players to be able to reliably compete in clan battles. Of course though, our main priority is just to meet friendly people, have a good laugh and play some games. Requirements Speak english, you don't have to be fluent as long as we can understand you. Dedicated to participating to the clan and being active. A minimum of 300 random battles. Should have some thick skin, our banter can involve offensive jokes. A sense of humour is preferred Applying If you believe you meet our requirements and want to join us then send me a PM. Regards, CptMinia
  13. English summary: Papat is a Finnish speaking clan for mature Finnish speaking gamers. The Papat WoWS clan is an extension of the bigger Papat Multigaming Community, which has hundreds of members playing a variety of games. If you don't speak Finnish, don't read further. GGs! Papat lyhyesti Olemme keski-iän partaalla oleva Suomea puhuva ryhmä "pappoja". Pelaamme mielellämme sekä yhdessä että erikseen. Emme ota pelaamista kovin vakavasti, sillä suuri osa meistä on perheellisiä & harrastaa muutakin kuin pelaamista. Huutelemme hävyttömyyksiä toisillemme TeamSpeakin kautta (koska Discord on aivan liian uutta teknologiaa papoille). Klaanissa on tällä hetkellä 25 pelaajaa, joista aktiivisia vajaa 20. Klaani on epävirallinen osa laajempaa Papat Multigaming Communityä, jossa on satoja jäseniä pelaamassa useita eri pelejä. Papat Multigaming Community on rekisteröity yhdistys, josta voit lukea lisää täältä. Klaaniin liittyminen ei edellytä yhdistykseen liittymistä. Mitä toivomme sinulta? Olet vähintään 18 vuotias. Puhut ja ymmärrät Suomea. Kestät hiukan rankempaakin läppää ja huumoria (ja osaat antaa takaisin samalla mitalla). Pelaat semi-aktiivisesti (yksin, divisioonissa tai klaanitaisteluissa). Poistamme epäaktiiviset pelaajat klaanista (yli 60pv), jotta mahdollisuutemme Naval Battlesissa ovat paremmat (pääset toki mukaan potkimisen jälkeenkin jos taas aktivoidut). Omaat vähintään yhden Tier 10 laivan, jotta voit osallistua klaanipeleihin. Suostut pelatessasi kommunikoimaan TeamSpeak palvelimellamme (vaikka pelaisitkin yksin). Osallistut klaanitaisteluihin silloin kun se on mahdollista (useat meistä ovat perheellisiä, eli ymmärrämme että aina ei vaan voi). Osallistut Naval Battlesiin kun pelaat viikonloppuisin (jokainen tsäänsi on mahdollisuus :P ). Omaat avoimen mielen & osaat noudattaa käskyjä klaanipeleissä vaikka ne sotisivat omia tapojasi vastaan. Et ole piilottanut statsejasi & statsisi ovat kohtalaiset (käymme hakemukset läpi tapauskohtaisesti). Et käytä huijausohjelmia. Mitä tarjoamme sinulle? TeamSpeak palvelimen & klaanille varatut kanavat. Discord palvelimen tiedotuksia & uutisvirtaa varten. Peliseuraa lähes joka päivä. Mahdollisuuden parantaa taitojasi ja oppimaan paremmaksi WoWS kapteeniksi. Osallistumismahdollisuuden klaanipeleihin. Klaanibonukset (päämajamme on hyvin päivitetty). Miten haen klaaniin? Lähetä viestiä pelin sisällä jollekin seuraavista (tai vaikka kaikille): GONA MacMoulinex needle Tai vaihtoehtoisesti liity Discord palvelimellemme ja huhuile siellä: https://discord.gg/qTxQsSf Käsittelemme jokaisen jäsenhakemuksen erikseen ja pidämme pienen haastattelun Discord tmv. kanavan kautta jos vaikutat hyvältä tyypiltä! Papat Multigaming Community ry - Slow Reaction Gaming Since 2005.
  14. Who are we? You don't know who we are? We are an English speaking clan of people from all over Europe whose main objective is to have fun together and be "casually competitive", meaning we are serious about clan battles but members are not forced to show up every single time. Who are we looking for? We want you to join the Navy! Our requirements and those of wartime recruitment posters are actually not that different: as long as you are willing to play with the rest of the clan, communicate via discord and show up for clan battles whenever you can everyone is welcome in our clan. Stats aren't too big of a deal, as long as winrate is around or above 50% and average damage around or above 35K. Wow you guys are totally amazing! How can I join your clan? We know you thought that, and we can't wait for you to tell us directly. All you have to do then is contact Rangermongio, Miloen or eliteandy in the game client and ask for an invite, or just apply directly from the Clan Search section in your port. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up so that you'll be here before the Pan-European navy is here and you'll be able to claim that you have your very own navy in the game!
  15. __RJ__

    [R0GUE] is recruiting

    We have 1 spots available in our 50 member clan, looking for active players with an interest in Clan Battles but also active players looking to progress to Tier X ships with some clan help. We are a mixed bunch of UK, Scandinavian, German, Swiss, Irish, French and other EU countries plus a US based player who plays on EU time. Very easy going, no minimum requirements of oil needed or minimum frag rates etc. We have discord we use for random div, clans and general text chat. Naval Base Perks if you join: +5% Steel +7% Coal -12% Post Battle Costs -14% to all ship tier Research Costs +20% Free XP on all ship tier levels +4% XP on all ship tier levels +10% to Commander XP We have 1 spots free in max size of 50. Message me in game or put in a request on here and i will get in touch.
  16. Are you our next recruit? Kongou`s Tea Time is a community clan, with members from all over Europe. Everyone is welcome (even those who do not drink tea)! The clan started in the early days of 2017, with a group of players from all over Europe. One day we figured out, why not start a clan? And that’s when it all started. We soon grew, and we currently have 40 players (04.04.2018). We are allied with three other clans (Pravda, AKI and FoF), and have plenty of people in our community that’s not a part of the clan (Over a 100 players). We also have trainings, and other social events from time to time. We use Discord as our main service for communication, and it works great! The community there is rather large and active, so there is always someone to play and chat with. Kantai Collection accounts are welcome, although it is not mandatory, of course ;) Our small and easy requirements: · Have Discord · Respect each other. It’s a multicultural community with different mindsets and backgrounds. · 16+ · Speak English, and take part in a normal conversation. · At least two tier Vs. · A desire to play well, but in a relaxed atmosphere. · Have a sense of humour, either good or bad (We cannot require good humour, as our admins humour sucks). These requirements may change without notice. If you are interested, PM me, contact me on Discord or post below. My Discord tag is Dewam#5317 The recruit process goes like this: 1. You contact Dewam on the forum, or directly on Discord (if you contact me on the forum, you will get directed to Discord anyways). 2. You join our server, and gain the "Undergoing Sea Trials" role. 3. You play some battles with the recruiter (thats what we like to call the Sea Trials). 4. If you fulfill the requirements, you will get added to the in-game clan, and gain the role "Seaman" (This role gives access to all the necessarry rooms on our server). 5. Profit? We look forward to see you! Welcome to Kongou`s Tea Time!
  17. Hello fellow captians, I'm spike_junior, the commander of Eerste Vlaamse Leger, this is a clan that searches for Dutch and Flemmish (dutch part of Belgium) speaking players. We are looking for Dutch and Belgian players that enjoy sailing their ships around in World Of Warships. You don't need to be a pro, me and my co-commanders give you a lot of chances to learn it. We expect you to have at least a t5 ship but the higher the better. We don't ask you to be online all the time, but hopping in regularly is advised. We do play in divisions and will be joining Clan Wars when we have enough players. We also use discord as communication device, easy to use. Once you are in the clan we will give you the details for our server. Interested? Give me or darkhunter97 a pm ingame. Greetings, Spike_junior Commander of 1STVL Sail your steel with fun and pride!
  18. [ICI] The Institute for Casual International Gamers Who are we? The Institute for Casual International Gamers (or ICI Gamers for short) is a multi-gaming community founded by a few friends several years back. We are looking for (active) players to fill our ranks and, at first, are looking to grow to a stable 10-15 member crew to start actively participating in Clan Battles. Furthermore it is important to note, once again, that we are multi-gaming community and that not all of our members play World of Warships.The only sort of "requirement" we have is that people come on Discord when they are playing games . If a member hasn't come onto Discord and has been inactive in-game for a period of 60 days we will kick him/her. What are we about? The thing about ICI Gamers is that we are definitely defined as a "fun" community as is. This doesn't mean that we don't want to do some of the more serious things like Clan Battles but we emphasize fun and just fun banter/chatting. The chatting part for us is more important than the actual activity in-game. We understand people might have a wife/kids/school/other obligations that prevent them from gaming 24/7 so this is definitely not a requirement. Having said that we like to get to know our members in somewhat more detail and we believe that talking to one another over voice comms like Discord is the way to go. In order to join us there are a few minimal requirements/things to note such as: *We use Discord (click here to join) *Captains must have a minimum overall WR of around 48% or higher (and be showing signs of wanting to improve) *Captains must have at least one Tier VI non-premium ship *Captains must be willing to use Discord when they want to division. Let's face it; The game is more fun when talking to your teammates instead of having a silent potato team. *Be polite/respectful towards other players within and, more importantly, outside our community. *You must be born before 31/12/1999 to join us *Preferably based in either GMT/GMT+1/GMT+2 timezone. Member capacity: 31/35 (NOTE: We are looking for active VOICE members!) What can we offer? Something that we don't lack is humor and a bit of light name calling. As we prioritize having fun (regardless of the game we play) we do like to laugh and just joke around often. There are definitely a few more "serious" gamers among us that like to let their rage blood pump high but this is generally only of short time. As stated earlier we are a multi-gaming community so we most of our members also play other games besides World of Warships (even though this game is the main focus for a few of us). In-game in World of Warships we currently offer the clan bonuses listed below. Current Clan Bonuses: Streamers in ICI Gamers: BDubzZz86's Twitch Stream Our hours of operations: When are we online? Well the most active periods on Discord are: Sunday - Thursday: 19:00 - 23:00 GMT+1 We're also, generally, online in the weekend but these times vary due to real life obligations (which is fine) So have you read all this and are still interested in joining? Feel free to drop a message here in this topic or send either me (BDubzZz86) or Linkaex a DM here on the forums! LAST UPDATE: 19-01-2018
  19. The_Giant_Lemon

    Looking for a Clan

    Hi, I'm a British player looking for an active clan. Looking for divisions and clan battles. Please drop me a PM if your clan might be right for me. Thanks, Lemon
  20. Hi people, I'm looking for a new clan to join that's regularly active, I'm not the best WoW player and I'm still learning but with teammates and guidance I can get better :)
  21. Gneo_Cornelio_Scipio

    [-VIS-] Vis Unita Fortior - Reclutamento

    Salve a tutti comandanti, apre il reclutamento [-VIS-], clan dedito al competitivo e non solo, i requisiti richiesti per poterci entrare sono: - uso obbligatorio del Discord; - voglia di migliorare le proprie abilità; - attitudine al gioco di squadra; - numericamente vengono richiesti almeno 1000 partite e una base di PR (Personal Rating) di 1350 (dati wowsnumbers); - il possesso di almeno una nave Tier X. Detto ciò, precisiamo che ogni richiesta verrà valutata singolarmente, sta per iniziare il periodo di allenamenti con clan italiani ed esteri per prepararsi al meglio per i prossimi eventi in programma sul gioco (Clan Battles, KOTS etc), quindi se hai voglia di approcciarti al mondo del competitivo non esitare a contattarci. Il clan è nato da poco circa 3 mesi ma siamo già secondi in Italia e TOP 60 server EU(fonte wowsnumbers), oltre che top32 nella scorsa edizione del KOTSVIII. Per qualsiasi informazione contattare reclutatori/vicecomandanti: - MettewG4T; - Stefano95; - fede_scar; - JuniorSuiTubi. Il clan fa parte della community VIS che comprende, attualmente, i clan (per ordine alfabetico): - [-MIB-] Mad Italian Boys; - [BIG] Bastards Inside Gamers; - [HALON] Bromofluorocarburi. BUON GAME A TUTTI Comandanti!