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Found 102 results

  1. Hello Captains, Grab a beer and listen up! Are you living on the EU server but playing alone? Do you want to play with fun like-minded people? Do you want to see what the hype is about being in a clan? If you answer yes to any or none of these then keep reading! [ZUUL] Do NOT open the fridge is looking for fresh meat to grind! We have very few requirements/rules Family Comes First! No Minimum time online requirement! Willing and able to use a mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes we are a bit old schooled, if you need help setting TS up just let us know). We also have a Discord! That you are free to join and have a chat and a few games with us. https://discord.gg/YtryFf5 A basic understanding of the game (if you don't know anything we probably do so just ask). 25 years age requirement. Subject to review depending on the feeling for the individual, based on maturity etc.. A Bit about us We are one big family, we all look out for each other through thick and thin, if you need help or someone to talk to we are here. We currently have 25+ active members who play a multitude of games not just the world of warships so if one day you want to play something different feel free we might join you. Most of our members have been playing through Alpha and Beta and continue to play now with thousands of hours and games under our belts. We are very teamwork orientated and are nearly always playing in divisions. We often run inter-clan tournaments with prizes for the winners. We participate in clan battles and are always looking for new competitive players to join us in them. If you're interested in joining us please contact any of the following either in-game or on the forums. : [ZUUL]Jake_a_Saurus (Clan Recruiter) [ZUUL]InfinteViruse(Jr Clan Recruiter) [ZUUL]Longbow__ (Clan Commander) [ZUUL]_Paranoid_Monkey_ (Deputy Commander) You can also send a join request to our clan in-game, clan tag [ZULL], and clan name, (Do NOT open the fridge). Then come and join us for a few games. See you in Game Captains! Discord: https://discord.gg/YtryFf5
  2. It's true! Jump Drive Appreciation Society [NOG8S] is, in fact, recruiting! If you've played EVE Online before, the name may ring a bell. We're a smallish group originally from that game, but the corp died there and became a community stretching over multiple games. I'll hasten to add it's not a multigaming clan or some such though. We just play games together and boats happens to be one where we coalesce. Anyway, boats. The clan brawls piqued our interests and we've had exactly one night where all of our nerds could collectively be online at the same time with the right ships to play proper clan battles. As such, we're looking for cool dudes, dudettes and anything in between to play competitive boats with. What we offer you: The usual oil-based discounts and income boosts, Naval Battles, divisioning, the works. People to play boats and laugh with. Other games too if you ask nicely. This isn't limited to EU folks, as we also have people from North- and South America. I can't recall if we have anyone from other continents though. A chance to play in clan battles. We're sort of new to this as well so don't feel like you shouldn't apply just because you've never tried it before. You can't get experience in something if you don't try it, after all. What we ask of applicants: Have at least 50% winrate over all PVP matches. Have at least one T10 ship in your port. Preferably with some games under your belt with her. Have a working microphone, speak passable English, have Discord, and have some semblance of comms discipline (this means "leaving your microphone open all the time will get you sarcastic comments, so please use push-to-talk or a sensible voice activation level"). Be available in principle during at least one of the four weekly slots of CB. We play on the EU server in the EU timezones. Holidays, occasional schedule hiccups and other disruptions are acceptable, we just ask that you can actually do what we want you to do every once in a while. Be cool. Don't give love a bad name. Other things to take into consideration There is no activity requirement beyond being willing to play CB every so often. Even if one night doesn't work because we lack the manpower, your effort is appreciated. If the clan ends up full, I'll look to expand the base. Failing that, I'll start at the bottom of the activity list and work my way up. We don't aspire to be the top clan there ever was. Instead, we just want to do a little better each time. Don't expect clan training sessions from the get-go, those may or may not follow later. Recruitment process Join up on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/bgfafYv (note, due to the way our roles are set up, you may not be able to talk immediately. I'll do my best to fix that when I see you join). Poke one of our recruiters (Recruiter and up from the list). After ticking the boxes (the list under "What we ask of applicants"), they'll let you know to apply. From there, welcome to NOG8S! New folk typically make it just fine through the recruitment process. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments and I'll be happy to respond to them.
  3. Buongiorno players, il clan No cheats [NC] ,recluta giocatori italiani. In questo clan ovviamente, non sono ammessi utilizzi di cheats, approviamo modstation Wargaming e tolleriamo l' utilizzo delle mods consentite dalla WG, (vedi sessione forum sulle mode). Ovviamente non sono ammessi giocatori con le statistiche oscurate. Il clan NC è un clan italiano ed è composto da giocatori di molte nazioni e continenti ed aperto a tutte le nazioni. Il clan svolge attività di naval battle, Clan Battle e Ranked e allenamenti in training room con altri clan. Il Clan ha sempre 50 giocatori e le regole per farvi parte, a parte le sopracitate, le elenco in calce e le trovate sempre nella descrizione del clan su wows gioco: Discord obbligatorio, cuffie e mic attivi, account email verificato- WR minimo 45% e dedizione a clan battle e ranked. acquisizione rango interno clan: line officer>56days commissioned officer>100days recruiter>200days executive officer=clanbattle and discord active Discord Clan server: https://discord.gg/bTh9ByF Per quanto riguarda la nostra base, è ovviamente al completo, quindi, entrare nel nostro clan, vi consentirà i seguenti bonus, ( tutti sono il massimo che un clan vi possa dare): acciaio + 10% (top) carbone +10% (top) costi di battaglia per rifornimento -15% (top) costi acquisto nave -15% (top) XP per battaglia +5% (top) free XP per battaglia +25% (top) commander XP per battaglia +10% (top) Al momento abbiamo solo 10 giocatori italiani su 50. Vista la specifica richiesta di Rinodax , abbiamo deciso di aprire le nostre iscrizioni ad altri giocatori italiani, e apriamo il reclutamento. Non è per noi un problema "farmare" giovani reclute per permettere loro di raggiungere in breve tempo buoni livelli e finalmente divertirsi in una partita, senza essere totalmente e passivamente alla mercè dei giocatori del team avversario e proprio. Se i giocatori Italiani sono già di un buon livello, ovviamente meglio ! Come voice chat, abbiamo discord, un server del clan, aperto a tutti : https://discord.gg/bTh9ByF - contattate: 610_#0610 Noi siamo + di in un server discord di clan dove troverete + di 600 giocatori italiani di World of Warship. Una volta che diventerete players del clan NC, potrete vedere e girare tutte le stanze generali e trovare i compagni di gioco che desiderate, anche appartenenti ad altri clan che condividono con noi la shared clans. Le richieste di iscrizione saranno valutate dal recruiter " 610_ " discord: 610_#0610 e approvate da Rinodax o PFra. Per il momento un saluto e un arrivederci in NC Clan NC Clan total Random Battles 295.756 al 14-01-2020
  4. _Geronimmo_

    [TMNT] Nuclear Balkan Triangle

    TMNT traži aktivne igrače sa prostora ex-Yu. Ako želite da budete deo opuštene ali ipak takmičarske zajednice, javite se! TMNT is looking for active players from ex-Yu countries. Please contact us!
  5. Winjak

    [JRM] Recruiting

    Klan JRM regrutuje članove s prostora bivše Jugoslavije i Evrope koji su voljni za igru u klanskim kao i druženje. Poželjno je da posjedujete barem jedan tier X brod i aplikaciju za komuniciranje (Discord). Od statistike gledamo da članovi imaju iznad 25,000 dmg prosjećno i 50% win rate. Klan JRM regrutuje članove s prostora bivše Jugoslavije koji su voljni za igru u klanskim kao i druženje. Poželjno je da posjedujete barem jedan tier X brod i aplikaciju za komuniciranje (Discord). Od statistike gledamo da članovi imaju iznad 25,000 dmg prosjećno 50% win rate Da aplicirate u klan javite se regruterima ili igraču pod imenom "Winjak" u igri ili u privatnoj poruci na forumu.** JRM is recruiting members from former Jugoslavia and all of Europe.(especially Estonians - AwesomeZebra) We are looking for commanders who want to participate in clan battles and also just hang around. You must have higher than 50% winrate and average damage above 25k. It's also great if you have at least one Tier X ship and Discord application for communication." To apply for clan contact recruiters or player Winjak ingame or forum
  6. Hi Dutch Captains! Wanna have more fun in your game playing together with other Dutch WoWs players or just make use of the benefits of a strong naval base? Looking for a Dutch clan that honors the legacy of our most famous Admiral, Michiel Adriaansz. De Ruyter? Than join Sons Of De Ruyter [SODR]! Help us to make this clan strong so that others will learn who used to rule the seven seas! We are looking for active players, preferably with average stats but beginners are welcome too, as long as you are an active player. Purpose of this clan is to offer more opportunities to play in Divisions instead of solo, and together build a strong naval base so we can all benefit from that. If we have enough decent players, we can also participate in Clan Battles. Please send your applications to [SODR]. I am looking forward to it! Hoezee! PS: non Dutch players can apply too, but chatting in clan battles may become an issue...
  7. Wij zijn op zoek naar leden die nederlandstalig zijn. Onze clan bestaat 3 jaar. Je kan ons vinden op ons forum http://bnnf-clan.actieforum.com/ of in game(PC) BNNF. We zijn een leuke groep die graag af en toe samen speelt, zonder verplichtingen. Via onze forum delen we tips trics, of gewoon een fijne screenshot :) Dagelijks hebben we wel iemand die speelt, we zijn een kleine maar fijne groep die respect voor elkaar heeft en het belangrijkste: fun heeft! Heb je een headset? Je speelt graag WoW? Zend gerust een request! MrLyssens
  8. BOATY and BOA2Y are recruiting cannon fodder, and by that, we mean valued members of the clan... Boaty McBoatface has been around since clans were first introduced to the game three years ago, and this year we expanded to two clans with the uniquely named BOA2Y. About us: BOATY have a fully kitted out clan port including all coal and steel structures, and BOA2Y is well on the way! Collectively We have around 60 daily active players, 80 weekly active players and 45 who participate in Clan Battles. BOATY have made Typhoon this season, and BOA2Y is flying up the rankings in Storm league. A few members stream including me, although very few follow us... We play Clan Battles, Random Battles, Scenarios and even some very weird match-ups, historical battles and shenanigans in the training room in something known optimistically as "Herring's Daring's". We do get more serious during clan Battles season, however. Our age range is mostly 20's, 30’s all the way to ’60s which we’d like to think gives us a more mature edge, but the conversation in discord may indicate otherwise. Variety is the spice of life, although we primarily speak English we have players from across Europe: United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Portugal, France, Austria, Croatia, Poland, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Solvenia, Serbia and even the US and Australia. The fun comes first, of course, we want to win (oh so badly), but not at the expense of fun, fairness or politeness. About you: You have at least one tier 10 ship or are aiming to get one shortly, ideally a cruiser such as Des Moines, Hindenburg, Zao or Moskva or are looking to get one before the start of the next season of clan battles, and are happy to participate in Clan Battles. You can use Discord/In-game voice to chat and are willing to be social. You’re simply a lovely person. We have been trying to play music on our ship’s horns, if you can hit those high notes in ‘Lady in Red’ you’re a shoe in! BOATY Clan details here: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500143960,BOATY-Boaty-McBoatface/ BOA2Y Clan details here: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500177415,BOA2Y-Boatwo-McBoatface/ Discord Here: https://discord.gg/9qa3kKc PM me or jump onto Discord if my words have awoken the BOATY in you!
  9. arquata2019

    Recruitment Station

    If i am already recruited, can i recruit someone? If i am not recruited, but playing, can i recruit someone? and how to made a code for the invite? Thank you :)
  10. Hello everyone/captains, I'm Yo_MaPrey/Adrian (Executive Officer/CEO in LEG13) and I want you to pay a little attention to the below: We're new on market, we have this Clan from an old friend, we're some experienced guys with guts and we want to have a nice/social/active/competitive community. We are currently recruiting active people for Clan Battles, Divisions and Fun. #EU/Server. Mention: This clan offers you some discounts and benefits, but not fully equipped. (like 4/6 progress). DOES NOT MATTER WHERE YOU'RE FROM! :) We want from you the following: 1. You have to take part in Clan Battles and Naval Battles every time you are online. (Naval battle is a MUST / Clan battle is not a MUST - play if you want to and if you're eager to increase your experience and skills) 2. Have to use discord while in Clan Battles or a Division. (This is more than a MUST...is a MUST MUST :)) it is good if you're able to be on Discord when online..or on AFK on Discord) 3. Be positive, adaptive, social and OPEN MIND. 4. Have some Humour with you 5. Let's create something extraordinary. >:D< 6. You must have at least 1-2 Tier X ships. 7. not all the current members of the clan have those but this is MY VISION(not absurd): YOU>52% win rate | YOU > 1400 PR | YOU > 54k DMG | YOU > 1 TierX| Have experience and a lot of Clan Battle Seasons, we aim to still be competitive but we don't forget about having a good time with our m8s and captains. For more information, you can find me - in-game: Yo_MaPrey - on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VaaSiDaS - on Discord: Yo_MaPrey#0446 OR: you can pm here or comment below this topic. Kisses and have a nice day ahead! o7, Yo_MaPrey/Adrian
  11. What is [OLEUM]? [OLEUM] is a clan where the joy of playing is in the foreground. However, it is also our goal to successfully participate in clan battles and for this we need some more active players who seriously want to participate while having fun. What are the requirements to join us? Have Discord installed and have a headset/microphone Have at least two competetive tier X ships for clan battles 50% winrate overall 1200 average xp per battle Be online more than 2 times a week And last but not least: be kind and team oriented :) If some of your stats are worse but others are better than required you can compensate them so do not hesitate to write us, we are looking forward to your message :) What can [OLEUM] offer you? Access to all our clan bonuses (e.g. less repair costs, more experience per battle, more coal and less research costs for ships) Lot of fun Clan battles Nice and chilly atmosphere Interested in joining us? Cool, much appreciate it. Just contact me USSARLEIGHBURKE ingame or send an application which will be evaluated by our officers. Hope to see you soon, have fun :D
  12. We're looking for every Romanian captain that is interested in joining Discord, Divisions in-game, Training, Operations, Clan Battles and having a good time in our community. ROEL(this name will be changed) - a fresh start, new challenges, and objectives - IS RECRUITING! If you're interested, you can find me or my colleagues in-game: Yo_MaPrey (me), GudeGave, smartwo and Jolly_Rog3r or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VaaSiDaS o7 captains and I'm pretty confident with the interest :D. We all want players to play with and having respect and personality. :) Enjoy:
  13. o7 sacchi di carne! Siamo un Clan, ovviamente Italiano e fiero, al Servizio di Sua Maestà Pierpalle Scrotilio, Solo ed unico Sovrano. Abbiamo sede legale in Valle D'Aosta, al gigantesco Porto di Cervinia, con sbocco su Tirreno, Adriatico, Ionio e pure sul Mar Nero, mica pizza e fichi! Siamo un clan Casual-Core, dove le presenze ad ora contano quel che contano, quel che conta è giocare e fare gruppo, senza troppi vincoli e senza troppe richieste. Contribuire alle Battaglie Navale e al rifornimento di Petrolio. Al momento stiamo tutti vagabondando intorno al Tier VII quindi si offre una possibilità di crescita insieme. Abbiamo un discord "multigaming", in cui potrete spessissimo trovarci, link a pié di pagina. Vi si chiede solo un poco di buonsenso, nessuno vi kicka dopo 3 giorni, ma 2 mesi a giocare senza farsi mai sentire potremmo sentirci offesi, come il Rezzonico di Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo. Per il resto, la brevità di questa descrizione è ancora più sintetizzata così. Clan Friendly, casual-core, poco impegno, tanto divertimento, e PENETRARE DURO. SEMPRE DURO. Link discord: https://discord.gg/dJbZ5Cn Vi aspettiamo numerosi per penetrazioni in compagnia!
  14. Hi mates, we are an international clans of 50 members that start to use also team bravo like a competitive team: " HI mates, do you like to play clan battle game and get a lot of iron and gift for you ??? NC Clan team Bravo is recruiting now !!! answer to your toposgnotto (Topos#1560) and get your chanches ! NC Team Bravo NEED YOU !!!! https://discord.gg/6dsGR8G " Our base is full, and you can get all top clans bonus with us. The players of both teams (A-B) are interchangeable between them, if needed, but one permanent team player, (A-B), (if online), has always a sure slot in the game when his own team is playing. Waiting for you, regard , topos Discord NC server links: https://discord.gg/TpgGdhF
  15. Hello dear members of the World of Warships community ! We are a nice group of players that have been playing together for a good amout of time and recently seperated from our main clan VV to start a competitive team VIVIC we are now looking for some new faces within our community to bolster our strenght and numbers. We are mainly looking for players with some expierince behind them and a "Very Good" overall WR % and PR. We are very active in Clan Battles and managed to rank 36th on EU regarding Clan Battles with VV. For any further stats regarding the VIVIC clan feel free to check out the following link: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500193291,VIVIC-Virtus-Victoria/ Feel free to stop by our discord: https://discord.gg/xa4v3HD NOTE: that you will have restricted access upon joining the server and a moderator will have to give you more access to other channels. NOTE: Once joining VIVIC , Discord is mandotory as it is our main communication platform. Other ways to get in contact? - Reply to this post - Send me a PM on the Forums or Ingame I will get back to you as soon as possible. :) Hope you all have a good day, and see you on the high seas ! Good luck Commanders !
  16. Hello everyone, The Clan [BYOB] Bring your Own Booze is looking for new memebers, who are willing to take part in the upcoming Clan Battles Season. You: - Are at least +18. - Speak english - Have at least 1 TX CA - Have a good number of battles ( about 1500 or more) - Have an above average WR, +53% - [Really Important] Want to play clan battles - Use TS3 or Discord We are an open clan and mostly play for fun. We almost all the time at least one division running and like to communicate with each other. When it comes to Clan battles, we have our position in the Typhoon league (Last season due to 8v8 Format we couldn't play much). We don't expect you to always be there and there is nothing such training or so. The Stats of the clan are to be found on this link: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500144161,BYOB-Bring-your-own-Booze/ If you think you'd fit and you like to join us, please feel free to send me message (here or ingame, it dose not matter) or please leave a comment. To all of you have a happy Clan Battle Season 8. ParaLyser69
  17. О клановом сообществе: « BETEP » это русско-язычный, молодой, развивающийся Клан. Приглашаем всех игроков, кто понимает русский язык! Играйте в любое, удобное для вас время, на любом уровне, без обязательств! Строящаяся военная база Клана дает определенные бонусы игрокам нашего Клана. Для тех, кто хочет общаться голосовой связью, у нас есть свой канал в Discordе. Заявки писать в личный чат " KAPATOB " или в сам Клан " BETEP ". About the clan community: « BETEP » is a Russian-speaking, young, developing clan. We invite all players who understand the Russian language! Play at any time convenient for you at any level, without obligation! The clan’s military base under construction gives certain bonuses to the players of our clan. For those who want to communicate in voice, we have a channel in Discord. Write applications in the private chat “ KAPATOB ” or in the clan “ BETEP ”.
  18. _Intercept

    SPARTAN Clan Recruiting!

    Hello I hope you are having a good day. We are looking for players to join our Spartan clan. We are very friendly and are looking for players to have fun with us and gain fantastic rewards in clan battles. You don't have to be skilled to join. I look forward to your reply Action Stations! Many thanks Intercept
  19. Hi all We are a South African based clan called Metal Fishes with ticker -MF-. If you are South African and play Skippies you can message me for clan details. We use Discord and play most evenings. Looking forward to hearing from you. Krad.
  20. [BNF] Belgian Naval Force We zijn een clan waar spelen, plezier, vriendschap en respect belangrijk zijn, Het is een spel dus het moet toch plezant blijven, speel je regelmatig, ben je sociaal en je hebt gevoel voor humor, dan is dit de perfecte clan voor jou. Clan voorwaarden: Je bent een vrij actieve speler, en wil graag mee spelen met de clan battles, of in divisie met leden. Indien je aan Clan Battles wil deelnemen graag minstens één tier 8 schip ( liefst minimum één tier 10 schip, niet verplicht ! ) Spreekt / begrijpt Nederlands ! Maakt gebruik van Discord en gebruikt de voorziene kanalen ! Je beschikt over een headset ! Buiten clan battles spelen wij dagelijks in divisie (voor plezier), dit staat vrij hier aan deel te nemen. Heb je interesse ? Kan jij je vinden in deze clan ? Dan ben je van harte welkom. Voor aamelding neem contact op via ons Discord kanaal --> https://discord.gg/By4bue5 Met vriendelijke groeten, [BNF] Belgian Naval Force belgiannavalforce@gmail.com
  21. J4ckCarter

    [ABR]Clan recruiting

    Hi Folks, We at the [ABR] clan (Ambitious but rubbish) clan are looking for some members to join us to help build the clan out and compete in clan battles. The core of us are looking for like-minded individuals who are in the game for some fun but also want to be somewhat competitive (maybe Storm league :). If you are looking to be the best of the best and get really wound up about the game then we are not the clan for you but if you are looking to improve your skills in a good and friendly environment then we could be the clan. We are from the UK, Denmark, Switzerland and Finland in the main and are late 30s to late 40s in age. We are looking for: Players with PRs above 800 Win/loss ratios of better than 49% Players focused mainly on Ranked, Clan and Random battles (a large amount of Co-op battles will not count in your favour). Discord and microphone is a MUST. PM me if interested in applying. Jack.
  22. Hello, ERL clan [European Rascals League] is currently recruiting. The clan is international (with English as main language) so anyone is more than welcome!!! Our ideal player is one committed to the game who aspires to improve and is willing to share tips, opinions and in general the passion for this game. We are especially interested in players who want to participate in Clan Battles and other teamwork adventures that bring juicy rewards. We are in need of a few extra "brothers in arms" to consolidate our Dream-Team within the Clan since we understand people has a real life and can't be always available. We have Discord, but is NOT a requirement at the moment, so don't feel obligated to use it!!! Our base is already at an advanced stage with all the different XPs (regular, free and captain) maxed-out!! Plus both Post-Service and Buying discounts are available for all Tiers. And more... Check us out and please consider our invitation. Cheers!!
  23. [KMD] (Kriegsmarine Deutschland) Recruiting, A friendly helpful community (~ninety percent German clan, 18++) on EU server, looking for (not only German) players, especially who would like to participate in clan battles (during the EU time period 19:00-23:00). Besides that, we play together in division, random battles, scenario, events... We use Discord, and speaking English and German. (Must use Discord in Clan Battle for two-way communication.) Our naval base nearly completed: Continuously bonus for incoming steel, coal, credits, XP... We don't tolerate inappropriate behavior, shouting, raging, insulting teammates or enemies, in any way... No minimal requirement in total stats. But needed at least 2 tierX ship with competence! Hidden profiles not accepted! If you are interested, or your clan no longer active, or you just want to change because of a better atmosphere... PM me, on Discord or General_Burton @ https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/messenger/
  24. Hello dear members of the World of Warships community ! ( And everyone else that might be reading this post - we know you out there CIA ) We are a nice group of players that have been playing together for a good amout of time and are looking for some new faces within our VV community. We are mainly looking for players with some expierince behind them and a "Very Good" overall WR % and PR. We are very active in Clan Battles and ranked 36th on EU regarding Clan Battles. For any further stats regarding the clan feel free to check out the following link: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500168391,VV-Valour-and-Victory/ As i am honestly not somebody who checks the forums a lot, Best way to get in contact with us is looking us up ingame and sending us a message there, Or feel free to stop by our discord: https://discord.gg/dchQc9p NOTE: that you will have restricted access upon joining the server and a moderator will have to give you more access to other channels. NOTE: Once joining Valour and Victory , Discord is mandotory as it is our main communication platform. Hope you all have a good day, and see you on the high seas ! Good luck Commanders !
  25. [BEWBS] IS RECRUITING The EU clan lead by the one and only iEarlGrey has spaces available, any and all are welcome! Only requirements are a good level of spoken and written English, an understanding of good old British sarcasm, and an appreciation for a good old cup of tea! Preference will be given to those with a good number of T10 ships, and an interest in competing in team based tournaments such as Clan Wars and KOTS. Applications should be made here: https://discord.gg/nQBFk28, just PM any Mod or BEWBS Officer :) Let's show them what we're made of!