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Found 3 results

  1. Jethro_Grey

    AL Premium crates drop chance

    So, i decided to try my luck with the AL crates as i really want the Roon psychopath captain. As mentioned in another thread, i bought three crates before and got Littorio once and Baltimore twice. Fine, whatever. Decided to give it another go and bought again three crates (one a couple of days ago which gave me Jean Bart - yay!) and two today which gave me...Jean Bart twice. I know it's RNG and "luck" and stuff, but c'mon! Getting the same captain over and over again is dumb! It's like buying three copies of the same movie. @MrConway @Crysantos could you pls check if there's a bug? Were there any reports of this happening in larger numbers? Or did i just rolled the **** price on the wheel of misfortune 2 times? Also, is there a way you can take two of these Jean Barts away and give me Roon and Enterprise instead? Pretty pls with Roons psychotic outburst of rage cherry on top!
  2. Well, WG put up the Indianapolis with a commemorative flag in the shop. When i heard the news i was actually really hyped, because a) it originally came without and b) it could indicate that all the premiums that were sold long ago and don't have a commemorative flag may get one. Being a sucker for commemorative flags and a collector, i couldn't await to buy me one despite having the Indianapolis rotting in my port for ages. So i flashed my card, went to shop, saw the price tag and was shocked. The only bundle that contains the flag comes with 10k Doubloons and other fluff, so basically a standard rip-off bundle, except for a ship i already have and a bad one at that. You know WG, if you'd add that flag to each and every bundle i would have boght it without a second hesitation, yet you chose to put it in the top bundle as you usually do with NEW premiums. And for a ship that has been out for ages now. I can understand that you wanna make a lot of cash with these "collector bundles" and i usually buy them being all shiny and new, but for ships that have been out for ages? Lol, no. Except players who don't have the ship yet, who would buy the top bundle just for the flag? Well, you don't have to guess: nobody. I am a die hard collector and i'm not touching that bundle with a ten foot pole. I also have a bad feeling that other ships may get the same treatment. I'd so like a Tirpitz commemorative flag, but knowing WG, it'll be locked behind a 100€ rip-off bundle paywall. Thanks, but no thanks.** **Originally, i planeed to close my little rant with something along the lines of "...shove it where the sun don't shine...", but i rather have this thread be open for a while, so more folks can post their opinion.
  3. Trigger_Happy_Dad

    7 reports in 1 game....for this?

    "Bees to honey" - 3 Cap Zonen - tier VIII - X Gefecht, me in the Tirpitz Ausgangs-Situation: We have 3 DDs (Tashkent, Udaloi, Shimakaze) + Yamato & Montana near C (and B), and only 1 DD (Shima) near A. I use the chat, trying to coordinate some teamwork: "Work together guys - good luck!" "We have more DDs near B and C, so B + C first"? "Capture Area B" "Capture Area C" Montana: "Use your brain" "Play smart" "Thank you" <-- Useless advice imho, if all 12 players from your team have a different plan in their brain they will scatter all over the map, unable to support each other, unable to overwhelm smaller enemy groups with brutal focus fire.... - after my initial request 30 seconds or so pass, no one answers in chat and our ships near A seem to want to go to western map edge while our Shima there is going directly to A to bring islands between him and his team-mates (he dies alone there a short while later, team cannot suppport him at that moment because islands are nlocking the lines of fire) and no one seems to go for B....so I use the chat gain and repeat my request: "Capture Area B" "Capture Area C" Montana: "Trigger" "stop spam" "do your job" <--- does this help to coordinate some teamwork? I don't think so. ich: "they have more DDs, we should work together on B and C..." - I explain why I repeated my request: "no one reacted so I repeated the request for teamwork" Montana: "Stop it" "just play the game" "thank you" me: "stop spamming chat with useless rant, thy" His "rant" doesn't help to coordinate some teamwork tactic at all. At least i TRY to coordinate some sort of teamwork, he doesn't. Don't you think this Montana player is very counter-productive and silly in his behaviour? He just could have hit "F4" (for example), afer my initial question, instead of not reacting and then using the chat to rant? After that "chat" I muted the Montana player and just played on, supporting my team as best as I could - we lost - but not because of me in my tier 8 BB in a game full of tier IX / X ships and 5 enemy DDs..... It didn't really help that our DDs died quickly at A / C either.... But I'm the one that has to be reported 7 x for a try to get some teamwork going? Like, seriously?