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Found 6 results

  1. This is an updated version of a previous chart I posted on Reddit 5 months ago: while the image above cannot be edited and'll be out of date in a while, here's a link to the original spreadsheet that I'll try to revise whenever possible. Main sources for ships and dates are here and here respectively. Here's an updated list of clarifications from the other post: A great Thank You goes to Phoenix_jz for allowing me to use his awesome thread and distribution method, as his historical knowledge is far above mine. If you are interested in these kind of things, you should definitely check it out (especially you have questions about the GK designation), and another great chart used for many designations was made by Trainspite on the NA forum, so please go through it as well. 37 ships (and 13 Submarines) are excluded from this chart, as either duplicates or simple reskins: Tachibana Lima, Marblehead Lima, Diana Lima, Kamikaze R, Fujin, Southern and Eastern Dragon, all Black Friday and Arpeggio ships, both WH40K ships, Alabama ST, HSF Admiral Graf Spee, V.I. Lenin, Wukong and Bajie; with the exception of the pan-asian ones, Lenin, WH40K and Graf Zeppelin B, all vessels supposedly entered service in real life. I didn't remove Iwaki Alpha or HSF Harekaze II as they are not duplicates, contrary to the Spee. For the Hakuryu criteria please check this chart by HarunaKai There's a reason both Belfast and Belfast '43 are in the list, even if the hull is basically cloned; many other older ships fall into the same category, just with unrelated names. These are Svetlana and Krasny Krym, Gangut and Okt. Revolutsya, Benson and Lo Yang, Boise and Nueve de Julio, Nürnberg and Adm. Makarov. Exactly the same ships, serving in different times. Odin classification, albeit dicey, is based on this great post by Son_Of_The_Empire, as for the USN and the complicated situation of Bayard. Regarding Florida, as pointed out by aforementioned Kingpin6100, Friedman states that North Carolina was laid down as Florida, even though the escalator clause was invoked and the ship was redesigned before her formal laying down. However, the change was not communicated to the builders until after the ship was laid down. Kansas, albeit a refitted South Dakota 1920 design, was nonetheless laid down and built to a degree, so I prioritized this fact over giving her a red tag. Minnesota, however, differs far too much from the original, including what WG used for the main guns. Even worse with Vermont, as the model is just loosely inspired to Tillman's Maximum Battleships concept (more precisely Tillman I, not IV, as you can read here and here. Monarch falls in the Modified-by-Lesta class as, quoting the "WoWs Wiki" page, "In World of Warships, Monarch is a very loose interpretation of Design 15C of 1935, one of the designs that was put forward alongside those that would later develop into the King George V-class battleships. It is arguable that Monarch doesn't represent design 15C at all due to the numerous major historical inaccuracies and differences from the actual design." More info in this thread. Huang He classification might seem arbitrary too: previously known as HMS Aurora and sunk in 1949 serving the PLAN, is nonetheless depicted in WoWs with a fantasy Soviet refit as the conversion project got cancelled. Now, for the controversial stuff: in the case of Kremlin, while 3 of the 14 pre-drafts contemplated 457mm guns for Project 24 in 1949, there's absolutely not a single chance the Soviet steel/naval industry could have been able to manufacture them (if I'm wrong, please tell me everything you know). And since even Stalin, of all people, basically looked at the proposal and said "what the [edited]are you smoking" at his designers, completely shutting down their deranged fantasies, this variant isn't worth any more than other idiotic plans like the Ferrati's 1915 D-series battleships (3x4 381mm guns on a 1914 hull). As this is already a third, upgraded version of this first chart, if anyone finds more inaccuracies or oversights (because there are some as it's obviously not perfect or definitive) about the aforementioned ships or the graph in general I'll be eager to read their opinions!
  2. When I started playing this game was January this year. I was amazed by the realistic feeling of the ships and theway they move, the inercias, and so on. I have been traveling for work for 10 days, didnt play since 18 July. Now I start playing again and I can feel that (You remember when ther was anniquilation post apocalipsy destroyers???) ... the motion on the game, the fake and false speed on the boats, the aiming, is juat like (sorry guys) ... a Cheap mobile game. You can see the water moving slower down the ship thanthe actual relative speed of the ship, and aiming is much worse tha before... because "I can turn my `GNEISENAU like if it is a Cruiser" I post this so somebody can tell me if this is just a feeling, a new aupdate trial... Because if this game is going to look like a cheap arcade, like any other ships game... I wantmy money back. Regards, and that to support for pointing me to this forum to be able to share my feeling, and disconfort.
  3. DutchDelightsNL

    HMAS Hobart

    We would like to say "hello there" Nine News Sydney @9NewsSyd Destroyer HMAS Hobart has taken up residence in Sydney Harbour.
  4. Martin_D_Roberts

    Game Vs Real Ship Specs

    I'm sure this has been covered before. So I apologise for not being good at finding things in the forum. I have read up on pretty much all the ships I have researched and bought in the game and every single one is different in the game. I have yet to find a ship who's game ship is the same spec as the actual. specifically armaments. some Battleships such as Kawachi game primary range 9km actual 22km !! can some one who has been involved in the game a whole lot longer than me explain why there is such disparity​? also the actual ships had torpedo tubes, but none in the game. I'm not being picky as I absolutely love this game albeit according to the ranking sites I'm classed as a bad player lol.
  5. mattheusbeast

    historical battles

    hello everyone, wouldn't it be really awsome if real battles, that actually existed are being roleplayed in the game, i know those battles weren't always balanced...but they can fix this with "noobie" bots, seems an awsome idea by me, pls reply and tell me your idea's!!!
  6. Captain_Riley

    Solomon Islands real world location

    I've been comparing the map of Solomon Islands to the Islands themselves on Google Maps and I haven't been able to find it. Did Wargaming actually use real maps or did they just slap something together and called it the Solomon Islands to mess with us?