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Found 4 results


    LOZ's Shiptoast Ratings

    By popular demand(?) I have decided to start a ratings system inspired by SkybuckFlying's Seal of Approval. In it I will rate shiptoast threads that pop up in the Off-topic section of the forums with a rating /10 and a brief sentence indicating the overall quality of the post. First off I will do my due dilligence and source my toast and dead fish pictures: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/plain-french-toast-isolated-on-white-238106779 https://www.iconfinder.com/icons/409781/dead_fish_food_icon Secondly I will admit that I am no graphic designer, and as such my rating stamps are, frankly, of VERY low quality compared to SkybuckFlying's. And now for the (current) list: ^This is a reference to a review Jim Sterling did of the above game; where unlike most reviewers who gave the game 9's and 10's, Jim gave it a 7, citing the mostly empty map and weapon degradation. This review prevented the game from getting a "perfect" meta critic rating and annoyed quite a lot of Zelda/Nintendo fanboys and has become a running gag for Jim. I thought I would carry on the tradition by at least paying homage to it, especially seeing as "Legend Of Zelda" is exactly what the first half of my nickname refers to. As you can see from the pictures currently available, I do not have a full list of these, yet. I am posting here now to see if anyone from the community can give me suggestions for rating tags: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. I am also open to suggestions to change existing rating tags.
  2. While I work on improving the algorithm. Here are the Clan Battles winrate. Have not included teams in lower leagues.
  3. This post is meant to answer questions regarding the number of "unwinnable games " in the neighbouring ranked thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/54013-big-ranked-battles-compilation-thread-so-we-dont-have-multiple-other-threads-discussing-the-same-thing/page__st__640#topmost which asked, which is equivalent to asking the skill ceiling of each ships which are used in ranked. Thus, I will try to compile the data of top player performance in different ships for ranked battles this season. The data is obtained from http://shipcomrade.com/ This data is compiled for players both on EU and NA server (not including others such as SEA and RU servers) that have reached rank 1, ordered by their winrate on the ships under evaluation. The battles from 15 top players will be picked, although less will be included if not enough players has reached rank one using the criteria above. (this is more because of practical reasons, since I input it manually) The rank 1 criteria is chosen to ensure that the ships have passed through all of the ranked bracket, with all of the different meta it implies. A minimum of 50 battles has to be played before the player is included in this list. In all cases, a cumulative number of more than 1000 battles is recorded for most ships (I will note when there is less data). And here it goes: DD Blyskawica leads the DD pack with WR% among top players of 66.3%, followed by the american gunboats Mahan (65.4%) and Sims (63.3%), respectively. The lowest performer in this class is the IJn DDs, with Hatsuharu and Mutsuki having WR% of 53.1 and 53.5 respectively. Thus, more guns are better than a mere spotting advantage. It is noted that Blyska and Sims have the highest winrate of all ships among top players in this rank season. CA Among the cruisers, the Myoko and its ARP clones (represented here by ARP Myoko, I'm not checking all of them) leads the way with 61.2% and 63.2% WR, respectively. The higher winrate on the ARP version might be due to the fact that most top players have access to the high point ARP captain obtainable by missions. The second place is, predictably, followed by Schors with the spammy russian guns with 58.7% WR. Atlanta seems to a a divisive ship; it could perform decently, but the record shows only a handful of players in both servers has the ability to unlock its potential. There are not enough data to conclude anything regarding Indianapolis and Pensacola with certainty, although the lack of data indicates that these ships are not played by good players for good reasons. BB Nagato is the better battleship in ranked, with 64.1% winrate compared to 60.7% obtained by Colorado. This might due to its higher speed and mobility, which helps relocating between different spots in the map once a flank is won. The BB experts might want to elaborate on this. CV Despite some opinion regarding premium ship(s), Hiryuu is still the better CV compared to Saipan, with WR of 63.8% and 59.7% respectively. As of this moment, there is no record of a person reaching rank 1 by playing Ranger more than 50 times. This mirrors the consensus of most dedicated CV players (despite some individual's insistence to the contrary) that ranger is unsuitable for ranked battles. Some of the questions you might ask regarding the data selection: why you include both NA and EU ? To increase the sample pool, and evaluate what is possible for the best of the best that used a certain ship for the 4th ranked season. Unlike previous seasons, the same star amount and mechanics are used in this season for both NA and EU server. It was also noted that not all players are recorded in this website, but it is reasonable to assume that the better players are has been checked (by themselves or other people) in this website. In this case, the winrate% ceiling will be revised upwards. This represents the lower limit of possible maximum winrate of each ship during optimal play in ranked battles. The player's name is included so that the readers can check for themselves the validity of each data entry, and so that some of these people might give some insight to others how to achieve such performance. why 50 battles? Most players are not dedicated, and used 3-5 type of ships during the ranked battles. it was found that 100 battles results in few samples, since many good players ranked out before they reach 250 battles or so. On the other hand, 20 battles is somewhat insignificant in terms of battle percentage played to reach rank 1. Thus, 50 battles is chosen as a filter for evaluation. Summary The chart above summarizes the performance of different ships in ranked battles for the top players, which in turn gives some indication of the skill ceiling of each ships. The # of stars per game is not taking into account the case of player getting into top of his team when losing, in which case he doesn't lost a star. Overall, the # of stars obtained should be higher, especially for DDs, and less so for CVs. It can be concluded that optimal play will enable the best ships of each class to reach winrate of over 60% in ranked, although obviously some ships (DDs) are better than others. The greyed out ships (Indianapolis, Pensacola, and Ranger) do not collect enough battles, although it is reasonable to assume that they are underperforming for this mode. I hope that this will be useful to answer the question asked in the beginning of the post, and it would be nice if some of the players above give some tips to us mere mortals.