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Found 5 results

  1. lossi_2018

    OPERATION Raptor Rescue

    I wasn't expecting to return to the subject but since it'd taken 3 (unicums) plus meself to beat dis wit five stars after 8 attempts and several personal records that don't mean or pay crap, I would like to make some calm and collective observations for blokes derping in dis for first time. Dis Mission (operation) is called Raptor rescue. Raptor is the CV that gets repaired at start of game. So... in order to win ANYTHING and not LOSE dis, you have to Rescue the CV. In other words since instructions again are for more advanced users of the English tongue : you need to SAVE the Raptor (CV/ship that carries planes/aircraft) in order to WIN. SAVE THE CV TO WIN. And again in larger font for those who don't/can't read it. SAVE THE AIRPLANE CARRYING SHIP (CV) TO WIN. In order now to get more stars (WHICH YOU WILL LOSE IF THE CV DIES, so take note of that fellow captain) A very simple plan can be implemented depending of the ships the team has. One ship should (usually/I hope) can kill the pre WW1 cruiser, dd, CV that spawns at the lower part of the map. (Two at the most if they are fast, but that's almost too much.) Rest of the ships (a cruiser/dd must be present at all times near the friendly CV) should follow the slow moving CV in a protecting cordon. 2 dds will spawn near it but they are easy to dealt with. Again cruisers must be present to finish them off quickly. SHOOT the dds first as they can LAUNCH torps and TORPS CAN SINK THE FRIENDLY CV FAST! (duh) The bbs should not circumnavigate map hunting whatever catch their fancy but stay close to tank and eat some torps if necessary. It is a team friendly operation. Look at map. (it is that green square stuff at bottom right of your screen. RED means enemy ships and GREEN are friendlies) The CV will go a couple of routes with the upper being easier and the rare (not so always) lower corner spawn the most difficult to deal but... If the convoy (ships following in a protective cordon) stays near the CV (ideally in front of it) they can create a blocking fire wall to stop even dis. Again the CV must survive. Better to lose a ship or die than let it sink. If the team moves in a coherent manner the 2nd enemy CV will be intercepted and sunk easily. Firing at same targets help and while obvious it should be included in instructions. All dis and some I probably forgot must be in a easy to read text at start of mission and with Larger Fonts inside. While obvious and perhaps foolish, it isn't. People do not know what to do. We should help. I write almost as much as I'm shooting dis 'n dodge stuff wit my chin when needed. Bonus : If everything goes fine, you get to TORP the small paper ship spawning between the far corner islands and win a rare achievement. It is a good operation but can be frustrating as it needs above all else (unfortunately or perhaps fortunately) player skill.
  2. @Crysantos @MrConway @Tanatoy @YabbaCoe Well, after we had Narai operation completely bugged, it seems the Raptor Rescue follows the steps of bugginess. Luckily, for this operation Raptor is the most important ship and so far she does go where she is supposed to. However, many transport ships are wondering all around, the repair one (engineer or whatever it's called) was heading straight back to the spawn. I would really like to know what WG messed up this time and more importantly... WHY!?? I can provide a replay later but I'm sure other will do the same. So far Narai is still bugged. WG staff said it will be looked into it but that was over a week ago and still nothing. I guess the issue is with all operations now. Seems like nothing has been improved, it was just completely messed up making some operations much harder to complete and often impossible to complete with 5/5 stars. EDIT: Instead of a long replay, just a few screenshots for now... From the moment 'LIBERTY' starts turning, going around the island and then heading back to spawn. You will also be able to find 2 other transport ships completely stuck on the map during most of the battle. "CIMARRON" and "BOGUE" I believe the names are. Again... bugged as hell. AI terribly messy.
  3. Panocek

    Raptor Rescue bug

    So, I've took Old Lady for a spin into Raptor Rescue. Long story short, one of last two enemy ship encounters - Furutaka, out of blue activated giga heal, recovering about 5k hp per tick. Have anyone encountered such bug? I wonder if it has something to do with "Insert Coin" achievement (torping cartoony boat next to exit zone), as said Furutaka went super sayan just after achievement was announced in chat. Replay in attachment, 5:30 starts last battle, while Furutaka gets heal at 4:40. Use x64 client of 20191007_221234_PBSB002-Warspite-1941_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay
  4. Was it to make it easier or harder? Because I'm confused. There are a lot more ships to kill, alot more torpedoes to dodge which Raptor doesn't do at all. Don't get me wrong, more targets makes this Op more interesting but also yet more difficult for a random team and AFAIR it was supposed to get easier?
  5. ApothecaryTerry

    Raptor Rescue- Haoto

    Posting for everyone's info. I recently completed the Raptor Rescue scenario (that's not unusual obviously!) but the secondary objective for killing the carrier Haoto did NOT trigger even though it clearly died. Hopefully the files I've uploaded are visible- the replay clearly shows it (with about 12:40 left on the clock), there's a screenshot with the kill notification and then there's the missing star saying it never happened. The issue seems to be that the objective does not appear when the carrier spawns, it's a good while after that. Point being, if you kill the carrier too early you get nothing. I raised a support ticket to ask about this (had 5th star already, just making the team aware of the bug to be helpful) and was told that the carrier did not spawn. The notification on my screenshot does not exist, the carrier shown in the replay does not exist and I cannot possibly have spotted the carrier. Honestly, I don't care so much about that- what I do care about are 2 things: - 1stly the attitude of the support team- I was very friendly and polite the whole time, as I really am just trying to be helpful by raising this. Being told I'm wrong when clearly I'm not is unhelpful- one of the support guys even told me he agreed but his colleagues decided we're both wrong. - 2ndly I want the bug to be fixed, because bugs are bad, obviously. The final response I got on the ticket (which I can no longer reopen) is below. I'm posting this here to make other players aware to avoid having the same problem and, ideally, the mods/devs too so that the bug can get sorted. Because all I ever wanted was to help get it fixed. The CV's need to be spotted, before they are destroyed. While blind firing is acceptable, as in withering down the target, it should be registered by a spot before it is sunk. As for the target verification, there have been many incidents which lead to allied sinking: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_friendly_fire_incidents#World_War_II That's the 3rd time I was told it didn't happen. Fair play to the 1st line support guy who owned up to missing it 1st time. I feel obliged to mention that I work in 2nd line support myself, so know a little about how to deal with similar situations...this isn't it. Anyway got a bit ranty, not here to complain, even if the wiki link is a bit of a slap in the face- WG please fix the bug! Apothecary Terry P.S. Bit longer than I intended...oops. 20180324_182856_PFSC106-La-Galissonniere_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay