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Found 32 results

  1. GulvkluderGuld

    Kansas need downtiering

    Pardon the rant after after 6 losses all as #1 or at least top 3 on the team in Kansas and thinking. That thing either needs a 10s reload buff or a 10 knot speed buff - just to be competitive for its tier! Or maybe the solution is downtiering to tier 7. Afterall ships like Sinop, KGV and Nagato are straight up superior ships (if they were allowed the 32 mm bow). I lost games that i would literally have carried in any tier 8 ship able to do 25-30 knots or able to shoot three times in 1½ mins. The issue is, you cannot make plays, nor can it play defensively (Max range slava sniping dont work because of slow shells). Attack? Nope, the fight will be over before you arrive and HE spammers salivate over the 32 mm plating. Defend? Nope, since any tier 8-10 ship can dictate the terms of the engagement and run it down easily. Good luck fighting any tier 8 BB 1v1. And cruisers simply eat this thing alive (32 mm plating). Ambush playstyle? Might work once but err, how exactly does one ambush anything with an immobile rock? Undoubtedly someone will mention the 12 guns. Problem is, 40s reload it is supremely easy to angle against. If l kansas fires, cruisers farm away for 30s. Or wait for the shot while farming with limited guns, then take advantage. I find this thing very similar to IJN lolibotes: somewhat effective if red team play braindead and give broadside, but complete frustration if red team knows what wasd.exe is. I win 60% of my games in other boats with KDA of 1,5ish. With Kansas i struggle to make 48% wr and KDA is south of 0,8. Obviously tips are welcome, but tell mel, does anyone actually like this dead-on-arrival BB?
  2. Hiro_016

    Report abuse and bot issues

    I played 2 game this early morning and already got 3 days chat ban... wow... and reason must be so stupid... yes i said stupid because I either get reported by a Yamato who was 'idiot' sailing, legit said for 'this team fill with 40% WR bot' or just plain reports from me simply just killing them... vid for Yamato: https://replayswows.com/replay/99477#stats all I said is "omg... move" follow by "i'm leaving this" OR i just get report by salty ppl who push on one side of the map and get crossfire by me in Shikishima. OR the game early which I said "omg this team fill with 40% WR bot" All of these doesn't matter which... for 3 days ban is seem pretty extreme to me. My real problem is not even that... you can't just have players get ban just because other player don't like them... is promote toxicity. Even if my ban is not from report which i highly doubt... since i have so many match were I legit just having war in the chat and i didn't get ban... let say it actually from me saying like "fking team fill with 40% bot" is ban still a fair punishment? To me this a lazy way to force player from speak up... I don't have any prove but I can't think of any benefit for player to code bot to play the game for them... especially bad one... you can't send money in this game anyway... no one gonna buy account with 400 PR stats. Again i don't have any prove for this but basic logic is still there... seem like WoWs just let these bot out just to make their playerbase seem bigger... Else these bot issues should have been fix long time ago... posting this properly eliminate my chance of me getting ST but i doubt i'll care about that anymore... no matter how much i love this game, is just hard when playerbase is not value. cause this issues is not just me that experience it... lot of ppl i knew having like 3 month chat ban... i dkn what they did but i know that these are good players... Also i won't submit a tickets... not sure why that are even open... i got like 20% issues solve success rate. They properly say "nah ah, sorry no can do"
  3. Tier 10 battles are too expensive - who can afford this? The other night in tier 10:
  4. As said a CC started calling me an idiot for rushing him in my Zao (and almost killing him) in his Benham. (he got away in his Benham with +/- 300HP) kinda childish him playing a totally OP Benham and torping the sh.t out of everyone and then getting angry when he gets yolo'd/rushed... I think a CC should not react in this way and give a better example. If i get reported i end up with a chatban for weeks (reports are easy to give and we all know its very hard to receive +1's).. So what happens to a CC when he is out of line? date 28 April 2020 10:50 Replay added [replay and chat log removed]
  5. This has got me annoyed! So I've just unlocked the Jutland after playing the Lightning DD. I went on WIKI beforehand and read it said that you need the 4 skill point (Inertia Fuse for HE shells) for the guns to work. So okay, maybe a bit of an "exaggeration I thought" posted on WIKI, seeing as no other British DD leading up to Jutland needs that skill, so it's not a skill you're going to do leading up to it in the DD's before it - not even with the Lightning because it isn't needed for the guns to work. So basically, you now expect the British who use British ships most to suddenly buy doubloons to change all captain skills after the Lightning - for the Jutland. Because I have played 4 matches in the Jutland so far without that 4 skill point (Inertia Fuse for HE shells) and hit ships in the upper parts (weakest parts) and I'm doing no damage. About 40 shots hit upper part of ships and only doing 400 damage, WTF? Tell you what, this is ridiculous and you obviously expect that people who play the British DD (mainly Brits) will fork out money on doubloons to redo all the skills again once you get to the Jutland. Because I can see after only 4 matches, without that skill (you wasn't kidding on WIKI about it) - a skill that was never needed for any DD before the Jutland. That the ship is basically totally f'ing USELESS firing it's guns! 4 matches and can't even do over 2k damage with guns using a 14 point captain with a crap loads of shots hitting ships upper parts of structures
  6. Last 3 battles my team's CV is hunting fire and torp hits while the enemy CV is doing its job and hunts our DDs. Within 3-4 minutes we are 1-2 DDs down and our CV is not killing, not spotting, just flying to some lonely BB trying to torp and burn him. For FCK sake WG, you know CV play is already terribly SHT and you increase that with your stupid British Cruiser directives that FCK up basic gameplay!! You really need a fresh wind in your organisation that comes up with good clean fun ideas instead of the crap you have been conjuring up in the past 1,5 year. You have paying customers out there... step the FCK up!! If you haven't noticed, the gameplay is going completely down the drain with the spam ships and hardly ANY game makes the 20 minutes full. A lot of games are decided by minute 6 and over by minute 12-14. Even the TOP players have loose streaks which would be IMPOSSIBLE 1,5 year ago. You are aware, I hope, the game is getting worse and worse and yes... worse!!???
  7. Hey folks, Of late, i've struggled with win rate. I can perform well in game, finish in the top half of the team or even top. I try to make sure I play for the team, spotting as a DD or CV, hunting DD's as a cruiser or providing heavy fire support as a BB. I had one game where we had 5 vs 1 ship, but lost despite me being vocal in game chat telling our DD's to stop farming damage and go and cap. We lost, it was a parody! I've held up a whole flank of attacking ships as 1 DD, just flooding it with torps, and spotting constantly, only for the other flank, with most of our ships on it, to melt away! I dont know if its me, or the match making, but I always end up on the loosing team. My damage output, experience and the like is improving all the time. But my win rate is terrible. I cant wait for ranked sprint actually, I played ranked and my win rate on that is over 50%, the teams actually play as a team. For instance in Randoms, you can have a player that finishes top, they should be the best player? But if they simply farm damage from whatever target they see, they are not focusing down the enemy ships that are an immediate threat. I've had games where i've had to leg it from one end of the map to the other then back again to stop an enemy capping the base. Now I have to take my fair share of the blame in some losses. I had a great game in my T61, caused a tone of damage, then fired at a low health DD, got spotted and a lucky hit on me detonated my magazine! I should have stayed stealth! I'm an average player, so not really going to carry a game much, but I'd have thought the laws of averages would give me a 50% win rate at least! I'll not even go into the crazy up tearing I get in my Kaga, although CV play win rate for me is around 52%, thats ok! I'd just like to get a feel for what peoples feelings are on randoms of late, whats the match making like, have you seen your win rate plummet? Stats in some sense shouldn't be to important, but people use them to judge a player and my say, ok, that player has a poor win rate, i'll not be able to rely on them for support, yet offering support might make the different!
  8. Obligatory reminder to WG that your GUI sucks so hard I can't even ... Division mate tells me to play one game by myself because he's got things to do for a small while. Mkay, so I ready my ship and click battle ... nothing happens. Not the usual "you're going into battle understaffed" countdown, just nothing. I click again ... nothing. I click multiple times again (because I'm seriously annoyed), nothing. Okay, so I think maybe the division system is *edit up again and won't let me queue into battle, nothing new and happens even with fully ready divisions (and you guys should really be ashamed that it's that bloody common, let alone making it worse with improvements no one asked for!). So I try to leave the division and see if it will let me into battle when queueing solo ... nothing happens. Can't unready my ship either. Entire port UI isn't reacting to inputs though it apparently does recognize that inputs are being made because I get the audio cues for selecting stuff! I want to stress the fact that several handful of seconds have passed at this point so it definately wasn't just the case of the usual port UI lag which ever now and then just completely freezes the GUI for a couple seconds until it hiccups into action again (oh look, it's not like got that stuff aswell). Well, just gotta kill the game, restart and that should fix it ... so I do that. Server temporarily unavailable ... *sigh*. Again, nothing uncommon (do you see a trend here WG? Because I do!), so I just click on log-in once more because it won't be long until my division mate comes back anyway and as usual it starts loading the game ... into a live match. Wat? So apparently the game did register me trying to get into battle and just acted as if nothing responded. I got lucky that I wanted to keep playing, because if I had just said "screw it, if the game ain't gonna work I'll do something else" I would've gotten a nice AFK penalty because the GUI just brainfarted and loaded me into a match anyway without giving any indication it would do so as opposed to all the telltale signs of it just being *edit and not working. So yeah, here's your reminder @MrConway, @Tuccy and @Crysantos to tell the developers responsible for the GUI to fix their crap. Or alternatively if you don't want me to play your game, just come out and say it upfront. /rant
  9. So the "X marks the spot" mod will be integrated into game within next patch. Even though an avarage potato is yet to realise what is that square thingy in a bottom-right corner i consider this addition as another nerf to any ship that relies on smoke to survive. Why don`t we just delete DD`s and/or give each and every ship a 12km radar and german hydro, so BBabies can go full-broadside with more comfort.
  10. anonym_2hneAFaIyP4T

    To all posters who want to rant...

    ...please do not do it here! There is a lot of rant's on this forum about XYZ ship being OP (Conq, Loyang etc), and ABC feature being abused/over-used (Hydro, Radar etc). Whilst I appreciate you find these a burden etc., plenty others (the silent majority ) seem to get on fine without ranting on the forums. In future, can you ask for help how to counter said OP ship or adapt to the new smoke changes, and those of us trying to learn would be able to pick up the gems without trawling through the slag-heap of non-value-adding trash-talk? disclaimer; My highest tier ship is a T5 DD so I know, I don't know the pain of radar and Hydro much... or anything about Conqueror yet... but hey, I'll need to know what to look for when I get there! Kudos all!
  11. Regardless of how this season turns out for me, I'm never doing ranked again under this current scoring model. If I get to rank 1 this season, I get my Flint. I'm just saying that so you know where I sit on this. I play DDs almost exclusively. And this season has taken last season's festival of dog[exp. deleted] play and made it worse. I didn't think it was possible, but this scoring model just encourages the most horrendously bad play I've ever seen. I can play my [edited]off in a game, score three caps and two DD kills, and I STILL get a loss - worse still, I STILL lose my star because some [exp. deleted] in a Kutuzov or perhaps an Amagi sat in back and just farmed fire damage the whole game - and the scoring model discounts caps and spotting, ranking them under damage done. So we get teams of damage farmers screaming about "spot spot spot", and when the DDs dumb enough to listen go in and try to do it, they get hung out to dry, because said campers are too far away to support against a DD effectively. Anyone in a DD who doesn't play the game of their life, regardless, isn't keeping a star on a loss - because there's no f'ing way to out-damage a farmer unless you get insanely lucky with a torp strike (and in high-level ranked, it is insanely lucky to manage a big strike). Well, Wargaming - here's a great big "Go [exp. deleted] yourself." It's you guys that are responsible for this [exp. deleted] playstyle. You've actively made it worse by giving out detection gear to every battleship (planes, hydro) and senselessly punishing secondaries to the battleships (which should come as no surprise, the top two battleships in ranked, go figure). I've never actively recommended against this game to people, but I think that it might be time to start, unless the scoring model changes - a LOT. I can hear someone now "Don't [edited] unless you've got a suggestion" - well, okay: Winning team: top five players get a star only if they score over 1,000 base xp. Bottom two gain no star. Bottom two lose a star if they score under 600. Losing team: top two players get a star only if they score over 750xp (or thereabouts). #3 loses no star, if score is 750+. Bottom four lose a star. XP corrections: Capping should count as it is now for the initial cap - and should tick 0.25% of its value for every second the cap is held for the player(s) who capped. So after 6.66 minutes of holding a cap, the initial capping team members should have accumulated the equivalent of another cap's worth of xps. If they only "helped" the cap, they should get the % award of this value as is appropriate for the "help". It's a risky move to take a cap, and this rewards players who can pull it off. Spotting: It's pretty damned rare for a ship to actually be in position to "spot" for another at this stage, particularly if the target has fired its guns. Instead of current mechanic, 'spotting' damage should be awarded to the ship closest to the target to the tune of 30% of the "damage done" equivalent when the shots are fired - meaning when someone gets credited with damage against a target, if the target is still visible edit: was visible at the time of firing to anyone on the team, the closest friendly at the time of firing gets 30% of the value. It also means the person awarded the damage gains only 80% of the value. This is an appropriate reward for risking more than the rest of the team. Of course, some tweaking to these suggestions would be necessary, I'm only tossing these out as points to consider. But something must change here. This has become a travesty. Ranked isn't about winning, it's about shielding your star by farming and then relying on your team to carry you up in wins. What you've created here encourages the absolute worst sort of play. Az
  12. (Hinweis für Allergiker: dieser Faden kann Spuren von Frust und Enttäuschung beinhalten.) Aus gegebem Anlaß möchte ich kurz meine Meinung über das Spiel bzw. seinen derzeitigen Zustand loswerden. Als ambinionierter Co-Op Spieler, der tatsächliches Teamspiel und Taktik über primitives 1:1 Gegnersetup stellt, ist man, zumindest so mein Eindruck, Spieler zweiter Klasse. Vermutlich, da man diesen weniger Consumables für Echtgeld reindrücken kann. Auch, daß das Hochgrinden der Techtrees und vor allem der Kapitäne deutlich langsamer ausfällt als im PVP macht es alles andere als besser. Immerhin habe ich es nach fast zwei Jahren geschafft, auf zumindest ein T10 Schiff zu kommen, und selbst da waren Free-XP Umwandlungen dabei. Ursprünglich hatte ich einen sehr guten Eindruck zum Halloween letztes Jahr, auch wenn es ein neumodisches Möchtegern-Fest der Murrikaner ist, das hierzulande nicht verankert ist, als endlich ein Modus nur für PVE rauskam, der endlich mal mehr war als die bisherigen nur-Spiegel-Gefechte. Die vier Ops die dann zwar leider deutlich später, aber immerhin noch kamen, waren von okay bis sehr gut, wobei die Rettung der Raptor und Aegis meine Favoriten waren. Als CV- und DD-Spieler hatte ich mich ja gefreut auf die T7-Ops. Immerhin sollte es ja sowieso das Jahr der CVs werden, und eine Saipan steht auch im Hafen! Aber selbst mit dieser mit ihren T9 Flugzeugen hat man überhaupt nichts zu melden. Wer hat denn das designt? In den letzten auf T6 ging es mit der Independance z.B. je nach Glück okay bis sehr gut. Man hatte zwar bisweilen auch mal Pech, wenn mal wieder drei Aobas und 'ne Myoko gespawnt sind. Dafür konnte man bei den Ishizuchis etc. um so härter punkten. Aber hier? DDs kann man mit US-CVs sowieso schlecht ins Ziel nehmen. Und selbst die BBs sind entweder von Schiffen mit DefAA im Konvoy, oder eben als Cluster, bei der es die Summe aller AA Werte macht. Und so bleibt mir nichts anderes, als mich zu fragen, wozu man überhaupt CVs mit in diese Ops mitnehmen kann. Und nebenbei angemerkt, warum kann man die wöchtentlichen Aufträge nicht mehr zumindest bis zur dritten Stufe als Co-Op-Spieler mehr machen? Und warum gibt es pro neuer Ops nur noch einmalig Dinge für jeden Stern anstatt wie damals pro Erfolg und Durchlauf? Und wenn ich schon vom Thema abschweife, wieso gibt es so viele, die auf die Lootbox-Lügenschiene reinfallen, beim Glücksspiel mitmachen, aber dennoch hinterher der Meinung sind, daß es sich gelohnt habe? Die einzigen, für die sich das gelohnt hat, war WG. Und noch ein Thema weiter: wieso darf man die Kampagnen nicht auch im Co-Op machen? Von den Ops will ich ja an der Stelle schon gar nicht reden! An dieser Stelle hoffe ich einfach inständig, daß sich die belgischen Bemühungen, dieser Abzocke einen Riegel vorzuschieben, fruchtbar sein werden. Zurück zum ursprünglichen Gedanken: diese neue Ops bringt mich nur in eine Laune, Urlaub in Weißrussland zu machen und eine definitiv problemlösende Diskussion zu führen. Es ist schon schade genug, daß der Co-Op-Aspekt dieses Spiels insgesamt ebenso wie der CV-Aspekt so stiefmütterlich behandelt wird. Meine Vermutung ist, daß man aus PVP Goyim einfach mehr Schekel rausholen kann. Immerhin steigen die Preise für alles, inklusive Dinge, die noch nicht einmal fertig sind. Schlußendlich komme ich zum Fazit, daß ich mittlerweile fast schon bereue, so viel Geld für virtuelle Güter ausgegeben zu haben. Damit bin ich genau genommen auch nicht besser als die anderen, die so dieses Gebilde am Laufen halten, am besten noch mit Consumables, so daß man pro Match bezahlt. Wobei es ja einige geben muß, die diese Riesen-Pakete im nennenswerten Umfang geholt haben, anders kann ich mir die Existenz etwaiger grenzdebiler 400€-Pakete nicht vorstellen. Für mich ist allerdings nun der Zeitpunkt zu kommen, die Reißleine zu ziehen. Es hat eine Weile lang Spaß gemacht, und nun geht's aus meiner Sicht wieder bergab. Und das möchte ich bei einem Spiel, das ich sehr gerne in guter Erinnerung behalten will, nicht selber miterleben müssen. Anbei noch etwas für die Folgeposts. Hoffe, daß ich als PVE Spieler auch etwas davon abbekomme, auch ohne Admirals-Paket #274 oder Dublonen-Aufladung via Groupon oder Tinder für satte 0,7% mehr. So long and thanks for all the fish!
  13. You know, since the patch Bogue (and all other USN carriers) lost their hability to change air setups. The most useful setup was the 2-0-1 AS setup. (Hell, the 1-1-0 was pretty useful too, those dive RNG dependant dive bombers are useless) which could totally nullify any other setup, both in Zuiho and others non-AS Bogues. That setup was the best to protect your team from the enemy carrier, and once you managed to shoot down all the enemy planes you could scout the enemy. Sure, you had only one dive bomber squad which could do barely any damage to enemy ships. But still, alot of battles were won thanks to this setup. Now, the Bogue with 1-1-1 setup it's worthless... Tier 5 fighters which can be easly defeated by Zuiho´s ones. In the past it was much easier. AS bogue could throw 12 - 14 fighters against his pitful 4 - 5 fighter planes. Please WG, return the AS Bogue setup back!!!! It's crap now!!! ... ... Now, by this time anyone would probably check my stats to check how much seal club I did with an AS Bogue... Isn't it?? But when you do it you will find a weird surprise: My main ship it`s... THE ZUIHO!!! But... How home someone which mainly plays the Zuiho complains about the removal of the AS Bogue??... Sit down and let me tell you my story with a couple of beers (and yes, I have a quite few on me, if anyone ever meet me in combat probably knows my motto). I used to munch AS Bogues with my Zuiho, and I really enjoyed shooting down his planes. In fact I'm number 1 in average shoot down planes per battle of the EU (and I believe of all servers, and even in a single battle, with 57 back in the times when tier 4 and 5 carriers could do strafes) using a tactic which everybody (even today) believes it's stupid and noobish. It's the kind of thrill that probably Jerry gets when he owns Tom in those totally violent and "politically incorrect" cartoons from 40 and 50's. Everybody knows that an AS Bogue must own a Zuiho in any circunstance. (well, you got the point)... Nowadays I find way too easy to defeat a Bogue in my Zuiho. I don't get that Thrill anymore. That's why I ask the return of the AS Bogue. And probably anyone would think "wait... this dude enjoys seal clubbing. Now his seal clubbing it's much easier now, he shouldn't be greateful about the nerf?" And I can tell you: I'm not, because I already suffered this same situation back in World of tanks. Two years ago or so (I don't recall the version numbers) The Hellcat (American TD tier 6) was the king. Alot of players used it, specially in strongholds and tank companies. It was a very good TD. Until WG decided to nerf it because it was a "too good TD" (I don't recall exactly WHY they nerf it) and I really didn`t wanted them to nerft it despite the fact I never owned a Hellcat on my own and I enjoyed finding them on the enemy side. Why? Because my main tank was the MT-25 with the automatic SH 37mm cannon. Which was totally awesome against them. In 9 seconds or so I could deliver 30 shoots with an average damage of 45 per shoot. Even I managed to erase two almost full HP hellcats with a single clip. After the nerf alot of people complained and there were less hellcats. Eventually the MT-25 was nerfed as well, having it's 37mm cannon removed (despite the fact after 2000 battles I only meet three enemy MT-25 which used the same cannon, and everybody tought it was a shitty one) that nerf maded me almost quit World of tanks completely... My fear it's that alot of se... err, Bogue captain players would complain about how useless are their setup now vs Zuiho ones and then WG would decide to nerf the Zuiho, even in ways that people doesn't really expects to (but surely it will to me). So... This threat it's to support all those which misses the old AS Bogue setup and to stop these stupid answers of "you only liked that setup because you could ROLF stomp Zuihos with that". Well, here it's a Zuiho captain which really misses the old AS setup. In the end I will say it again: Return the old AS Setup!! (not only of the Bogue, but also of all carriers, hell, I even have a Lexington of my own which I used as AS setup as well).
  14. Before anythin else, I am a cruiser main. I don't like the slow pace of mammoths BBs, and DDs are a bit too fragile to my taste. CVs? don't fit in this game, i'd prefer subs instead. At the beginning i played cruisers in more than 40% of my games, but once you past tier 6, cruisers are a no-go, specially heavy ones (203 mm ones). Their guns don't improve too much; you must fire almost continuously to make some damage, so stealth is rarely useful; they don't have smoke and their armor is like wet paper. On the other side, BBs improve inmensely; their guns get bigger, they outrange every cruiser, armour almost impervious to AP hits from smaller caliber hits and you must rely on HE and fires to get some dmg. And even fires are almost useless against latest Battleships (British) with their OP healing. So time and again, when you play cruisers, you get games like this: A cruiser deleted in two salvos. It's the same if you are firing from max range, changing speed and course, because each hit is an almost a sure citadel. Can't even count the number of times i've been erased by a BB sitting more than 15km away, or the times i received a lone hit... and it's a citadel. To make things even worse, once you get past tier 4, you get matched almost 75% of games against superior tiers. My latest high tier games are a BB vs DD contest, with perhaps a couple cruisers or a CV to spot and harass, while battleships exchange shots at max range, rarely moving and in most cases just sitting there camping bow on. Pls WG, i know you're here to make money, and little things like your customers, or making all ships playable and enjoyable don't mind to you, but i believe you should think a bit in the long term.
  15. Dimitri_Petrenko_00

    Free XP

    Dear WG, For a long time I was hoping for a '35 elite XP + 1 doubloon = 35 free XP' bonus, since I have been saving up for Mighty Mo for a long time now. I was hyped for today to get my doubloons so I could get Missouri for as cheap as possible. But then I wanted to start converting and I still saw that for elite ship experience, it was still only 25 free XP per doubloons. I was like: "Huh? Wasn't there supposed to be discount on free XP today?" And then I looked at the post again... "35 elite commander experience + 1 doubloon = 35 free XP". Honestly, that displeased me a LOT, since I don't have a 19 point captain. Why commander experience?! I have been stockpiling over 2.5 million elite experience on my premium and elite ships for a while, and now I have to delay me getting Missouri even more! Commander experience could've been better used for the commander himself, not for free XP. Thanks a lot for killing my mood.
  16. _Xaero_

    y u do dis MM

    Just to be safe, i'm not calling out anyone on this thread, just me scratching my head at how games are so utterly one sided it makes me wonder how the MM system works P: Print screen will show what I mean, just makes for utterly boring games for both sides, I rarely seem to be in the situation that the skill balance is fairly equal on both sides
  17. Nechrom

    The rare "rage-quit"

    So I'll start off with saying that I'm not someone who usually rage-quits or otherwise let bad battles get to me after I'm back in port. But this morning was really brutal. I'll try to keep it short and concise so I don't have to add a tl;dr. So I've been trying to get the last achievement for the 2nd anniversary (15k gun and 30k torp damage with IJN alt line DDs). It has been tough and to be honest I've not even been close. But it all came to a head when I was playing the Akizuki and had been doing well in a battle, up to the last minutes when the game freezes my computer completely. Takes no input at all, so power-button it is. Starting up the PC again and booting the game. Of course since WG don't think it's needed to cache battle results (like they do in WoT), I don't get to see how I did in that battle. Okay, jump into a new Akizuki battle. Not even 1 minute in enemy Hiryu's TBs beeline for me straight off the bat and easily cross-drops my "BB turning circle"-DD deleting me instantly. At this point I'm pretty close to the edge and starts raging at our Hiryu who is doing the good old "bunch ever squad up into a single tiny ball"-strategy on the other side of the map. With a sour taste in my mouth I do what I probably shouldn't do at that point and rage-queue up in the Kaga. First thing that happens: Stuck at the battle loading screen. Kill the process, restart the game and load into the battle without the initiative I should have. What do it see... *drumroll* ---- F***ING ENEMY AS RANGER. I do what I can, but that's not much when a strafe on his squads kills 2 planes and he never even tries to strafe, just clicks my squads and burns them down in <10 sec with no losses using 1/10 of his ammo. The icing on the crap-cake is seeing his massive score for killing 60+ planes while actually doing less damage than the handful of torp hits I managed to get through, with his uncontested DBs. That's what it takes for me to just give up and do something else. It happens so rarely that I can't even remember the last time it happened. Is this strange or pretty normal? Does anyone else have the same general threshold for giving up?
  18. AnotherDuck

    Cursed Ships

    Sometimes you have that one or a couple of ships that simply performs far below your average. It doesn't necessarily mean the ship is bad, but one way or another, you just don't gel with the ship. For me, that used to be Nagato, with a below-50% win rate. For the record, my total win rate is 56%, and in the last half year or so is about 60%, so I think I'm at least a decent player. However, now I have Chapayev. I have a lousy 40% win rate in that ship. I just can't get decent matches in that ship. Pretty much always get half my health deleted in one salvo no matter how much I kemp island or snipe. Sure, my individual stats, win rate aside, aren't that bad, but I just seem to lose all the time in that ship, and most of the time it doesn't feel as if I can affect the games at all. When I can, it's all about the radar, which to me just shows how crap radar is for the game. It's an overly powerful gimmick that creates far more problems than it solves. You end up with a crappy ship with a DD kill button to have some semblance of "balance". As a side note, my standard Myoko does rather poorly as well, despite that I do well (and more importantly, have fun) with the ARP variants. No idea why there either, even if the standard should be better, as she can use camo. Does anyone else have those outlying ships that don't fit your usual performance?
  19. I mean, what is this sh*t? 9/10 matches: The only or one of the few TVI cruisers in the match filled with 10 f*cking Bismarcks or Tirpitzes. All those retarded potatoes just keep sniping from 19km, and what the hell am I supposed to do with my 13.9km (!) range? If I even want to shoot at something I have to get so goddamn close that all Battleships and their mothers weill stop doing whatever they were doing and instantly delete me. What for? To bring my extremely mediocre dpm to bear? I know this ship works well close up but try closing in on a Bismarck or a Tirpitz... so much fun! They only way to have fun in this is to get into a T VI match, which happens pretty much never because of all this ****ing german BB proliferation. Or you have a match with T8 BBs and T6 cruisers - basically free food for the BB potatoes. I am really not having fun in this damn thing. Am I really supposed to play the Belfast/Fiji 24/7 if I want to have fun playing cruisers? Because that gets boring pretty fast. I am never getting a T6 premium ever again
  20. This was said many times by WG. Over and over and over again. And what do we get in last month? German BB weekend - an incentive to play BBs. (But alright that is a rotating thing). Hunt for Bismarck+Hood. An event, which massively increases the BB population in a bloody threeway. First there is the Hood itself, then there are tasks restricted to BB only and there is the tiny little problem of giving a free BB to anyone. YAY. And on top of that we have the Mikasa mission. Now Mikasa by itself is probably not going to rock the balance that much, although it's another BB that is being actively pushed out (!!!) but the problem is with the mission itself - the part where you have to do a 100K damage to Russian ships... Well we all know that this is a bad idea, since there won't be a Russian ship in sight in randoms (but hey it can be completed in coop where you can guarantee a RU ship by queuing in one). BUT the last part of the mission is BB RESTRICTED?! WHAT THE ACTUAL (I'll post the EDITED here but we all know what word is here). Do we seriously need even more encouragement to play the most overpopulated class? Does anyone at WG even consider this? Why are there 300 BBs in queue, while there are 2 CL few DDs and 1 lone CV? Shouldn't be WG giving out CVs and CL (or restricting the missions to THEM) to make the population more equal? Seriously I have never been so pissed off with the lack of direction for the playerbase. Even when the Tirpitz plague hit back when it was first sold, it was handled, but now? It just adds up more and more.
  21. ... And other flags that suits ones playstyle. FYI. We are not all rich in the EU. And I find it rascist if Im being looked at as a cow! One might think WG are some greedy bastards, but Im sure thats not the case.. .. just being lazy. maybe... muuuh muuuuh
  22. robihr

    Sigh Missions

    i am writing this in hope that someone from WG EU will actually read this (and probably ignore like xx times before). there have been numerous topics about missions on this forum and how community doesnt like kill missions cause they promote bad play. but does anyone listen in WG EU? no, most probably not. every other week there are boot camp missions that promote RPS that is dead since alpha or beta, boot camp for kraken, kill xx nation ship (nachi is latest version of this mission) and now with battle of skerki bank... so i will ask what probably most of the forumites and players wonder... ARE YOU ****ING INSANE??? do you even play the game you are making? do you listen to your community when they say it is bad idea. i will clarify this. if WTR is to be believed i am almost unicum player and i find most of the missions absurdly stupid or hard or both. and i dont bother with most of them. so lets start with RPS kill missions. kill 25 BB in DD. if i am only playing DD for whole week this mission isnt hard to achieve, but do you know that i get least BB kills when i play DD? specially since i am lately playing only t8+ dd. and even when i aim for BB, CA or BB in most cases get the kill cause they have enough alpha damage to finish it off. most kills i get with DD are other DD and CA. with CA most kills i get are BB and other CA. and with BB i get everything i can do most damage to BB in DD, but in most cases i wont get the kill. best counter for any class is that class itself. if DD got kill 25 DD, BB got kill 25 BB there wouldnt be a problem. i dont even bother with this mission cause it is stupid and rewards are crappy. if i finish the mission it is ok, if not i dont care. on to the kraken mission. kraken mission isnt hard. i get few krakens per week. problem is the stages. finish this stage before you get to the other etc etc. if i am playing laid back i will get to the last stage with only day or two to get the kraken. and while playing first 2 stages i get numerous krakens. but they arent counted till i get to the third stage. so actually first 2 stages in weekly mission only exist to steal your time and you only have day or two to get kraken. and that is hard unless you play like retard and just aim to steal kills. kill xx nation ship. do you know how much crapyou have made with this mission. if it was normal nation that is populated highly on higher tiers, it wouldnt be much of a problem. but when you target nation that is relatively rare you raise a shitstorm. if there is russian ship in t8+ match nowadays, it usually dies in first 5 minutes cause whole team is targeting it. if it survives first 5 minutes, it is cause it is running away and kitting whole enemy team behind him. cause it is targeted by the whole enemy team, people dont want to play it anymore, thus making rare nation even more rare. not to mention tier requirement of t8+ ship. did you even check how many russian ships average player kills on t8+ in 2 months? and best for the last... battle of skerki bank... 125k damage and 4 kills? 7 citadels and 3 kills with top 3 in team? and only week to finish those. cause getting kills isnt hard enough, lets try to up the difficulty. getting 125k damage isnt hard. getting 4 kills isnt hard. getting both is very hard. it requires good skill and good luck. 7 citadels isnt hard. 3 kills isnt hard. both? very hard. both of those missions require either very good luck or epic battle. so twice in one week (well less cause you need to finish first 3 stages first). TLDR; stop putting kill missions ingame. kill missions in general promote selfish and stupid play. and dont let people who dont play WOWS to make the content of the missions. there are lots of alternatives to kill missions. achieve 2000 base xp. 2500 base xp. achieve 200%+ of average base team xp. do 125k damage, do 150k damage. do 200% ship damage. tank 3 million damage in a single battle. do 2 million damage in a week.
  23. Seinta

    How to high tier?

    Please, someone, explain to me how to deal with this insanity? Since I got the Udaloi, high tiers have been extremely frustrating. It has been a constant 1win-2 loss games with it. From the incompetent CVs to random "Heroes" solo rushing caps, to all of the team being too afraid to support their DDs. Just my last game: we had 2 DDs, both of us pushed to the caps, the enemy DDs contested them and while the rest of their team pushed, ours kept enough distance to get killed while being as useless as possible. The friendly DD died and I ran away and still it was somehow my fault that we lost all 3 caps. because I wasn't doing my job as a DD. I am an average player, but somehow I can perform better in the Udaloi compared to Tashkent and Kiev and yet I got 33% win rate in it. High tier have been very frustrating, but most of the times I get thrown into a majority tier 8 game, it's like a whole new game(most of the time) everyone charges head first and you get an awesome fight. I'm bitter!
  24. Everything about ranked battles, if you have something to say about it say it here.
  25. Ok, so this weekend's been pretty bad, feel free to share your absolute worst teams in this thread here, Pls do not rant excessivly at the bad players or you will probably get the thread locked.