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Found 245 results

  1. Moin zusammen, ich nenne mich Plueckbaer, komme aus dem Südosten von NRW und spiele World of Warships seit der Alpha. Seit einiger Zeit streame ich auch wieder. Ich bin sicherlich nicht der beste Spieler (obwohl ich mich in den letzten 2 Jahren stark verbessert habe), sondern eher ein "Normalo", und zeige daher auch alles aus der Sicht eines "normalen" Spielers. Grundsätzlich streame ich Gefechte aller Art, mit Ausnahme von Coop-Gefechten. Bei mir steht der Spaß am Spiel im Vordergrund, dennoch versuche ich auch, das eine oder andere zu den gefahrenen Schiffen oder aktuell laufenden Kampagnen, Feldzügen etc. zu erzählen. Mitgefahren werden darf grundsätzlich, einfach fragen, ich entscheide dann spontan, denn sowas ist natürlich auch ein wenig "tagesformabhängig". Fester Bestandteil ist mein Stream immer Montags abends um 20:00 Uhr für mindestens 2 Stunden - in der Regel aber länger. An den anderen Tagen streame ich so, wie es gerade passt. Lasst ein „Follow“ da, dann verpasst ihr nichts. Schaut doch einfach mal rein auf https://www.twitch.tv/plueckbaer Euer Plueckbaer
  2. Skyhunter123

    Ranked rewards for next season

    Just a quick question: Every time a new ranked season starts, you start the season at a different rank, depending on your rank from last season. So if I did well the last season, I might start the next season at rank 13 for example. Do I still get the rewards for all the ranks preceeding rank 13? Or am I simply not able to get these rewards?
  3. HMSbulwark


    Oleum means in latin - oil. We are a fun clan but also play competitively. Typhoon clan multiple times Depending on season we play, team battle, ranked, sprint ranked, divisions and clan battles. In team we use tactics to win our games and have fun. English speaking mainly but we have lots of other speaking languages within. We have players who have played 2k battles all the way up to 15k battles and we all learn of each other. If Interested join the discord here: https://discord.gg/vfPxGDm Speak to , Jeroen71 , Janneman77 , HMSbulwark , Archibaldusll Join Oleum today!
  4. Sei gegrüßt , wir vom Clan Deutsche Haihappen suchen freundliche und aktive neue Mitglieder. Wir sind meistens jeden Abend online und bereit mit DIR in einer Division zu fahren. Wir sind zurzeit 7 aktive Member auf TS (Adresse auf Anfrage)und zurzeit haben wir eine Spielerzahl von 23(von 35) 17 davon eigentlich sehr aktiv. Zurzeit suchen wir vor allem Leute die mit uns Zeit auf TS verbringen wollen und bereit sind mit uns an Clangefechten teilzunehmen. Wir haben eine Altersspanne von 16 bis 55 Jahren und kommen alle aus ganz Deutschland. Viel der aktiven(TS) Mitglieder haben mindesten ein T10 Schiff und wenn DU noch keins hat werden WIR dir gerne helfen eins zu erreichen. DU bist also mindestens 16 und hast mindestens ein Schiff auf T5 in deinem Hafen, dann melde DU dich bei UNS wenn du einen Clan mit netten und freundlichen Leuten suchst. Jeder mit angemessenem Verhalten und geistiger Reife ist willkommen. Wir warten also auf DEINE Anfrage und bis dahin: Lebe lang und in Frieden. Ingame Name: lolkobold, Graf_vorm_Fohre,NichtNasswerden,KptLtn_Canaris,DarfNichtLeerSein,Kennet25(TS addresse auf anfrage) Unsere Basis: Offiziersclub: 1/4 Trockendock: 4/6 Schiffswerft: 5/6 Forschungszentrum: 5/6 Designbüro: 4/6 Kohlehafen: 1/3 Stahlhafen: 0/3 Akademie: 5/5 PS. Zu Clangefechtszeiten besteht TS pflicht und tielnahme an Clangefechten ist auch erwünscht
  5. There is one thing I do not understand. Why do we have another Season of Ranked with Carriers. WG obviously knows something is wrong with the DD/Carrier-Interaction. Otherwise they would not publicize their plans to adjust those ships in several ways (changing the attack plane reticle, reducing air visibility of DDs, and so on...) If they know that they have to adjust those values (which is a fact) why would they introduce another competitive Season of ranked with Carriers? It makes no sense whatsoever to introduce a competitive Game Mode (or Season) if you know the Balance of whole Ship-Classes (not talking about individual ships here) is totally off! Now let's get started with OP Carriers or OP Ships in general. Someone with a WG Tag just noted that you would not ban individual ships from Game Modes (f.e. Ranked) and even asked why you would do such a thing... Well, the colleagues working at World of Tanks did JUST THAT. They banned several Reward Vehicles from Ranked Game Modes because they are too strong. So please do not tell us that this would not be an option.
  6. ItsJustAFleshWound

    How do I counter CVs in ranked?

    Hello. I've been playing Lightning and Cossack in ranked, try to go to a cap but the anti fun air force are constantly spotting me and sh*tting on me with their rockets, which is not as bad with dodging but how do I remain unseen (the spotting mechanics are unbelievably crap) How do I counter this? I hate complaining about CVs because I know it's pointless, WeeGee are too busy drawing some new sekrit soviet designs, but seriously what is fair about having something be able to attack all corners of the map without risking it's hull and having tools to wreck everything. TLDR: How do I remain unseen from the anti fun air force (especially for ranked since there are less ships so they usually go for me) (Mods, please don't lock this, we know WG think CVs are a resounding success but they really aren't, and I actually included valid points as to how CVs are broken.)
  7. This is my first ranked season and I thought ranked are ranked for a reason, and in higher ranked battles the actual number of edited* players and bots are less in numbers, than in standard random battles, after reaching rank 2-3. I get it, most of the low rank battles are 1 afk player at least. (I really have no idea why aren't these edited* autobanned from ranked after the 2nd AFK. Even rank 2-3 is a complete hit or miss with the teams. Complete negligence of basic tactics, like if the team goes to C the 1 edited* cruiser goes to A all alone and get deleted by a DD. etc. Even 1 edited* can ruin your progress because 7v7 even 1 ship is a lot. Is ranked MM is done based on actual rank, or is it just whoever is around? If it's the same as standard matchmaking why call it ranked? Edit: Watch the language please
  8. Greetings commanders. I know theres a few out there already in regards to this ship, but they're all pretty old and I'm bored; so here we are. At the moment I have myself a 13 point Euro captain (approaching 14) and the setup is as follows: (1) PT - (2) LS - (3) BFT - (3) DE - (4) CE I do enjoy this build - I think she makes a good 1 v 1 DD hunter in ranked and random. As I approach my 14th point, I was thinking of ditching DE and taking PM and AR, they both seem to much more effective in terms of what I get out of the perks. But I do wonder if the 2% extra chance to start a fire is worth it vs the other yummy buffs. What are your thooughts on this chaps? (Extra credit to anyone who can pronouce this Michael Fassbender lookalikes name) Sincerely.
  9. Tetreg

    Stuck at rank 3

    I've playing ranked for the last couple of weeks and initially things went pretty smoothly in my fiji, and i got up to rank 3 after about 120 games. However I've been stuck between rank 3 and 4 for 4 days and 80 games now and I feel like I'm going a little bit mad. I've tried different ships e.g. jervis, nelson, sinop but nothing seems to get me out of the doldrums and I've even dipped back to rank 5 and am currently stuck at the bottom of 4. I've ranked out in 200 games the last few seasons but if it keeps going like this it could be 300 games! As far as I can observe it seems like some of this might be down to a preponderance of unicums in belfasts, and while I'm a somewhat above average player I cant deal with CREED etc. I was wondering if it worth biting the bullet and perhaps purchasing the atlanta for radar, since the teams with the most radar ships tend to be victorious in my experience. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. How to improve Ranked battles so at least its a little more fun than it is at this time. 1) Remove the ability to save a Star This will promote ALL the Team to play more as a Team and not to have people simply farming damage from distance. 2) Allow Divisions of 2 By allowing Divisions of a maximum of 2 you are allowing players to exhibit battle strategy instead of relying on others to HOPEFULLY commit with you.
  11. Tja, ich habe die Blyska bestimmt schon 200 Gefechte gefahren. bietet die Leningrad ein fitzelchen mehr? Ich bin wie so viele, auf der Suche nach dem Schiff, welches mir Rang 1 ermöglicht. Also nach dem Heiligen Gral. :) lohnt sich der Kauf für ein bischen mehr AP Leistung, etwas mehr Geschwindigkeit und etwas besseres Concelment? von den Stats wirkt sie schon sehr hüftsteif. Alter ist ja auch schon etwas ...
  12. Execute0rder66

    Game Frozen in Ranked

    Game is frozen and am still in the game right now. Neither team can move. We can use chat, shoot allied boats as shells pass through them. Best 20 minutes of our lives. Both team lose stars as well, will it be restored? Will there be any compensation for flags and camo ? Thanks.
  13. this_simple_username

    Pick for tier 7 ranked

    What are your top picks for the tier 7 ranked in May?
  14. Hi all, How is your Ranked Season 15 coming along? I played yesterday afternoon and today and managed to reach Rank #10 (i.e. my usual goal - I never go further).... It was hard struggle because I swear I never saw so many clueless players (the "Arms Race" appears to be big problem for many players oblivious to existence of BUFFs)... 17 games... 9 victories and 8 defeats (4 times top and not losing star)... BTW, 2M+ "Potential Damage" on average... I did tank for the team every game... I just wish that is rewarded more... Leo "Apollo11" P.S: Just 3 games with CVs... it was irrelevant to me (i.e. just nuisance even when enemy "Hakuryu" was expert & "Unicum" focusing me but I survived, killed 3 ships in that game and we won comfortably)...
  15. Nach den vielen Beschwerden, bin ich neugierig, wie für Euch "Ranked" aussehen sollte. Wir haben nur diese Option, uns Gehör zu verschaffen. Also bitte, wirklich nur Eure Wünschen und Vorstellungen. Ohne sich über andere auszukotzen.
  16. Im always having pretty good results on ranked battles, most of the time in top 3 and generally always doing more damage/kills. But always when im playing random battles, especially when playing with a friend, im feeling like I cant really have much of an impact and my winrate and general stats are way worse in random battles. What would you say where is it easier to have an impact on the outcome of the game, in random or ranked battles? What displays a players skill better, ranked or random battles stats ?
  17. Non la j'ai pas les mots... [édité]
  18. nambr9

    AFK players in RANKED

    Since I am not much of a ranked player I don't know all the rules behind this mode. Yesterday I've had multiple games with AFK players in our team. Mostly one, on few occasions two. They were AFK from the start to the end. Couple of those games we had to work really really hard for a victory. Now I wonder if this players get awarded with a star in case the team wins. I was told they are by several people on discord and twitch. Logical (and fair) would be that they do not get a star, since they contributed nothing and kinda screwed the team. I know disconnects can happen, so I am not proposing a punishment ... but rewarding them? Really? regards, no9
  19. Title says it all. In your infinite disgust, arogance and hatred towards your customers - player base you keep refusing again and again to nref the most overpowered ship that this game has ever seen Smolensk, as a result 1/3 of ships in ranked are Smolensks basically every game. Played 2 ranked games in both 5 Smolensks. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO FING UNDERSTAND THAT THAT SHIP IS BROKEN AND GAME BREAKING????????????????????????????????????????????? Why????????????????
  20. Bevor ich loschreibe möchte , merke ich an das dieser Fred schon zu gefühlt 100000 mal in der Frusttherapie auferzählt wurde . Das ändert aber nichts an der Tatsache das immer mehr Leute gefrustet sind und WG einfach eingreifen muss . Mittlerweile ist es einfach nur noch zum " Kotzen" mit was ich für Spieler zusammengewüfelt werde in Gewerten Gefechten / Sprint . Augenscheinlich sind natürlich Stats der erste Anhaltspunkt . Es gibt halt einige Stats wo ich grundsätzlich nicht so großen Wert lege , wiederum aber einige Stats die viel verraten . Mein Problem mit den gewerten Gefechten ist einfach das die Anforderungshürde zu extrem niedrig ist ( ein Schiff der jeweiligen Stufe ) , auf jegliches andere Sachen wie Stats , Anzahl der Gefechte , vielleicht die PR werden völlig ignoiert . Heute hatte ich das Vergnügen mit einem Spieler zu spielen , der ganze "2" Gefechte in Tier 6 gefahren ist und "0" in Tier 7 .... aber siehe da , 600 Gefechte in Tier 8 ( Tirpitz ) und so grandiose Stats wie "nur" 170 Kills , 19 % Zielgenauigkeit und ne Mittleren Schaden von knapp 19000 . Obwohl dieser Spieler sehr wenig in den Mid Tier Bereich an Erfahrung gesammelt hat , muss ich mit ihm zusammen spielen . Hat ja ne Tier 8 Schiff ... gekauft . Ein anderer Spieler hat wenigstens sich schon zu Tier 8 hochgespielt aber mit unterirdischen Wert : Achten wir mal nicht auf die Winrate sondern auf Werte wie Damage , PR und Erfahrung ( selbst ohne Premium geht da mehr ) . Geht man mal nur auf die gewerten Gefechte sieht das ganze so aus : PR von 39 ..... 39 ... bei knapp 600 Gefechten . Er bräuchte über 700 Punkte noch das er überhaupt Unterdurchschnittlich ist . Und das Highlight sind seine Stats aus der aktuellen Sprint Season 2 Kills in 79 Gefechten , Beitrag zur Eroberung 1 % .... Wow .... und ich muss mit sowas zusammen spielen . Da zählt in keinsterweise die Kuriose Aussage " Ich spiele aus Spaß " Solche Spieler haben in Ranked nichts verloren bzw. können nicht mal im Ansatz die nötige Erfahrung dafür vorzeigen . Nicht falsch verstehen für mich müssen meine Mitspieler im Team keine Overkill Player sein (bin ich ja selber nicht) . Ich brauche keine Mitspieler mit einer PR von 2500 + , die brauchen keine K/D Rate von 2,0 , kein Avg. damge von 130k + , und die müssen auch keine Megaerfahrung dazu haben von 16000 Matches . Aber es würde doch schon mal sinniger sein irgendwo in einem gewissen Bereich zu sein , wo sich alle wieder finden und wo alle einen ähnlichen Schnitt haben . Auch wenn das Beispiel blöd ist , nehme ich es trotzdem um einfach den Vergleich zu ziehen (Einfach weil Ranked besser sein kann ) Overwatch ... Ja ich weiß Egoshooter . Aber das Ranked System zeigt einfach wie grundsätzlich sowas funktionieren muss . Für alle die es nicht wissen - In Overwatch wird von den eigentlichen Ranked Games eine Art Bewertung gemacht - Die Bewertung läuft über 10 Spiele und das System rechnet meine Fähigkeit mit der jewiligen Klasse aus ( Tank , Support , Damage Dealer ) Also ob ich gut Heile , ob ich eine gute Quote in der Zielgenauigkeithabe , ob ich viel Damage Blocke - Nach den 10 Matches beurteilt mich das System in eine Kategorien ( Bronze , Silber , Gold , Platin etc. ) - und von da an kann ich mich hochspielen und werde mit gleichstarken Gegnern ( +/- natürlich ) gematcht - Wer schlecht spielt , spielt gegen Schlechte . Wer gut spielt steigt auf und spielt gegen bessere Spieler Man hat ja auch so ein ähnliches System , vereinfacht , in den Clan Battles . Dort gibt es auch Ligen , wo man sich hochspielt und man wird als Clan in der Orkan Liga kaum Bö. Clans treffen (wahrscheinlich gar nicht ) Warum auch nicht für die Ranked Matches ? Man hat ja schon von Hausaus weniger Spieler in den Gefecht die das Matchmaking vereinfachen und mir kann doch keiner sagen das es unwahrscheinlich ist kaum Spieler zu finden dann die ungefähr in meinen Statsbereich fahren (sind ja meist am Abend 25-30 k Spieler auf den Servern ) Aber ich seh das halt so ... Wer schlecht spielt soll gegen schlechte spielen und die wo besser spielt gegen gleich gute Spieler . Darum seh ich den Lösungsansatz in Ligen mit Statsbasierten MM oder Bewertungsrahmen Games . Vornehmlich in Ranked Matches . Zufallsgefechte und Coop natürlich ausgenommen . Als kleine P.S gebe ich noch an : Mir ist völlig klar das auch verlieren zum Spiel dazugehört . Manchmal verliert man aus eigner Dummheit , manchmal einfach weil das andere Team besser war . Aber könnte ich die Stats von vielen Spielern schon von vornerein betrachten wüsste ich schon dass das Match ab Sekunde 1 verloren ist . Und nicht weil es Pech war sondern weil viele Spieler die Erfahrung , das nötige Now How etc für die Ranked Matches nicht mitbringen . WG ... findet eine Lösung für die Ranked Games
  21. As the title is suggesting, for those who has ranked out, which ship was the ticket and how many battles did you have to do? I did this sprint in the Edinburgh with smoke, using radar was not worth the trade of spotting potential. Especially with the amount of CV's I saw in the lower bracket. This ship was extremely good against DD/CA/CV's, but struggled with BB's. My win percentage against anything that wasn't a BB was 95%. Share your experience here! What ship worked, and what didn't work out? Ok, no more writing, here you go:
  22. lossi_2018


    GAME DISCONNECTED IN THE MID OF A BATTLE (RANKED) TWICE IN AN HOUR. I LOST BOTH GAMES. IN THE 2nd I login back but the dd was gone and the points were at 950!!! THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE AFFECTING NORMAL PLAYERS! WE ALL KNOW THE PRIVILEGED 'UNICUMS" have ranked out already. IF THE MODE IS ABANDONED THE WG SHOULD JUST COME OUT AND SAY IT. PLZ fix this. This is the worst endorsement for your product in the middle of the holidays. PEOPLE ARE GETTING STARS THEY DON"T DESERVE! omg, I can't believe this hasn't been addressed already, IT"S BEEN ALMOST A DAY! EVERY FORUM IN THE NET IS TALKING ABOUT IT. JUST FIX IT or ROLL THE SERVER BACK! thanks, have a nice holiday
  23. Sturmsee

    The Truth About Ranked

    This Ranked season was the worst disaster I heard. Let me get this out first: I am NOT opposed to MM radar ship imbalance, not to SMOLs, nor CVs or to making whales happy at some cost to everyone else. This is also NOT about the last star and the behavior it incentivizes. All good. There is a lot to be said about all this. Not now. But WG whatever you did to Ranked, you should own up to it, let us know and then move on to a better future. I know some feel that it was always bad, I am not talking about the same bad possibly, and if you have decided to only play to 10 and then stop, you would obviously not have seen the C-beams, right, not this time. And if you remember the first Ranked season, you are also of no help because hopefully you are a sunicum. I am talking for the normal to good players. It’s possible that there is no fix. Maybe nobody understands the ML anymore that drives MM. But honesty about what happened might be the best way to, well, keep players in the game. Everyone I know is frustrated to the hilt about this Ranked season. There is always frustration with Ranked, of course. But it should be easy to see in your stats that I am right. Maybe if you look at it as "retention" its awesome that people are held within one rank zone forever. They keep grinding and the game alive. I sure payed real money to try to find different angles. But you lose them. If a poster here feels like piling on, and we are just all bad for whining, and have bad stats, hold it. No matter if you are so good at it, or just co-incidentally fit the luckier patterns MM rewards in your play style, or play at the right times of day: it’s not about you. I guarantee the confusion these weeks was common place. It was always toxic. It wasn’t senseless. And Gulv, this is not about WR. Particularly not about your WR. Try for once not to pull it there. I can explain WR to you another day. Ranked or not, most people can’t carry if the entire team tanks, even if they are decent players. My last 4 games in Ranked saw my team wiped out 1:7, 1:6, 1:7, 3:7. It was just a funny, fitting cap. Even if I was the worst player, this makes no sense. And I did, in all four, play with and for the team, with success on the wing we were, without outnumbering the reds. If you can't believe this, fine, don't, go away. It was just a fitting end to it. Nothing that I can do to end the losing streak. If it proves one thing for good: MM is not random. Of course it is not, because random would mean you would have different numbers of each ship type in every game. Of course you expect MM to NOT be random in that regard. It does not end there though. And how is it that the reds tend to have more radar ships more often? Really just an illusion? The problem very likely is that MM is ‘too clever’ but according to the stats seems to be doing a great job. It does not. At least not if making players happy is a goal. You are letting your AI crush a great game mode blinded by the numbers. I had streaks of 10 wins straight, statistically an impossibility if MM was in any way ‘fair.’ And streaks that long losing. The Ranked explainer video refers to losing streaks. It recommends to change the ship. Did work for me for 10 battles or so. The clip does not mention winning streaks. But why is this even a topic? By what logic do I fare better just by changing the ship? Could be benign. Could be a hint to why it’s so broken. Like not admitting some ships are OP and trying to find a clever way to prevent everyone using only that ship. This is just an example, I am not assuming this is the case. Just illustrating there could be good reasons. Or just forcing you to invest more in ships. I did. So this might cynically mean that 'it worked just fine.' But can you just say what the rules are? The feeling everyone seems to have is that the outcome of a match is predetermined going in. If it’s decided against your team, you will just not be able to score. I don’t quite agree, I think I can sense meanwhile where the occasions to turn the tide against the odds are. Before everyone and their dog start dying. But it only works when there is at least one more decent player in the team. I would not be surprised anymore if in fact there was a meta-RNG going on that decides which team will win on a much higher level than shots fired. One guy reported that of his 20 pals who always make it to #1, this time only one managed. Winning had become a complete gamble with no relation to your play left. But maybe we are all just stupid. Maybe sometimes MM switches to put you into an abysmal team and does that until you managed to preserve a star by scoring best. To filter out bandwagon riders. Wouldn't that make a lot of sense? Again not saying this is so, just making the point there could be good and smart reasons to do things. Could even be smart to not tell people so they can't duck it somehow. But don't be too smart. Who is to take it seriously then. People whine about MM a lot. But after thousands of games you start to have a feel how a SHIMA should melt under your hits, or a BB should light up. When it just doesn’t happen and others in the same game report the same feel of impenetrable opponents — it sure feels like RNG is, let’s say, dynamic. There are games where you hit but just don’t score. And then its reversed and the reds fall apart. It’s too extreme to be fun because of course it taints your wins, too. There is hardly a way to prove any single notion of this. Also, I can imagine a situation where manipulating MM and RNG to keep newbies happy enough and prevent people from all sailing SMOLs might make perfect sense. Fair enough. But you completely f* it up. Whatever you tried, it did not work. From what I hear, you are losing more folks than you are successfully trapping in the grind. Once it becomes clear that it’s too badly rigged, there is little incentive left to play. People now give the tip to only play to level 10. I know how fast my clan mates have learned to give up on Ranked. I can imagine that it might be very hard to judge how well ML works and you might have created an off-kilter feedback loop, it is obvious, where. I know you do the survey. I just hope enough people will speak up and bring the prior degree of survivable radioactivity back to Ranked. Or if you keep it the way it is at least tell us what the rules are.
  24. So I've been meaning to make a post about ranked for quite a long time now but I never manage to find the time or be in the right mood for it. Then I saw this thread and I realised that I really want to try to contribute in a positive way to the discussion. This is mostly about ranked rather than the ranked sprints although some points apply there as well. I love ranked. Out of the 14 seasons we've had, I have ranked out in 11 of them and the only season I didn't rank out simply due to not enjoying it was the 11th one (with all the gimmicks and the zones with buffs). And my WR in ranked is well over 60% in most seasons, so I don't just grind out my ranks. (this is not to brag but rather to be transparent with where I am coming from and to highlight any biases I might have due to my own experience - I am not the best player by far but I can swing with the best of them in ranked) Having said that there are some things that are worth taking into consideration when doing ranked - these fall into two categories one is overview of ranked and second one is tips and tricks. These are in no particular order. A. Overview: 1) The only constant factor in ranked is you. This might upset a lot of people but it is an undeniable reality - the sooner you accept this, the sooner you can start improving and getting into the right mind-state. This means that while you might be tempted to blame your team, at the end of the day, your own performance is what helps you progress up the ranks because you will get roughly the same amount of bad teams as teams that will carry you. It evens out in the end, over a sufficient number of matches, so the question is how well you play in the matches where your input makes a difference. 2) Players at rank 5 and above tend to be better than below so it does get harder to progress. Don't use the performance you had below rank 5 to set your expectations because it's misleading and it will only affect your morale. Keep this in mind and try to be more conservative. Play safe and remember that any mistakes might get punished more severely. 3) The meta is usually different between below and above rank 5. You might need to change your ship and your play style dramatically in order to continue to progress. If you focused on damage up to rank 5, you might need to change to more utility above it (consider slotting RL or playing a radar cruiser for example, if playing a DD, look for more opportunities to use smoke to help allies etc.) 4) Don't be toxic. Treat each match on its own and don't let previous matches colour your outlook on your current team. Honestly, defeatism and toxicity will cost you more matches than you'd think. Be positive, tell people when they are playing well and if you find yourself running out of reports faster than compliments, you might want to adjust your behaviour a bit. After all, throwing out a compliment and typing "well played" takes a lot less effort than explaining to someone all the ways in which they suck. I know it's hard and I have been guilty of being less than constructive, on multiple occasions, myself but trust me, it makes you feel a bit better momentarily but it takes the fun out of playing for both you and your teammates and it can actively hurt your chances. 5) Have patience and don't try to "win harder". This is my personal pet peeve with ranked. If you have a points and situational advantage, your only job is to wait. The goal is to win the game not do the most dmg. 6) Play to win, not to save a star. Don't try to use your teammates as cover while you try to farm dmg in order to attempt to save a star. If your BB is getting focused down and you're in a full health cruiser, open up with your own guns to try to draw some fire and share the damage. If you're in a DD, don't go on adventures around the map to try to get a dev strike on an enemy BB that's backing up while your team gets melted because of lack of spotting etc. Accept that you will lose stars and do your best to win every match 7) Win/loss streaks. Yes they do happen. you will lose 5 matches in a row and then win 8. Don't focus on them either way, if you can or at the very least try to remember the wins when you feel crushed by all the loses. Consider taking a break or changing tactics if loss streaks become too severe. If you're on a win streak, don't pat yourself on the back too hard. Try to asses your performance accurately. If there was nothing you can do to win, don't get upset. If you did nothing and still won, try to do better. 7) You might not be good enough to reach rank 1. This is hard to swallow for a lot of people but bare with me here. Yes, theoretically, you can reach rank one if you spam enough games but what I am referring to here is reaching rank 1, without losing your mind in the process. Aim for under 300 matches. If it doesn't happen in that amount of games, you might want to just give up and reassess your own performance and try to improve for the next season. The reality is that you are not entitled to rank 1 and you might simply need more practice and more information. Everyone can improve with a bit of effort. 8) You do not have to play ranked. Look, not everyone enjoys it. If you find yourself not having fun, just stop. This is a game after all. B. Tips and tricks: 1) Ranked gets easier as the season progresses. One of the most important aspects of your ranked strategy should be choosing the correct moment to go for rank 1. The start of the season is usually rough as a lot of the really good players will be going up the ranks. These might be people who have been playing clan battles or other competitive team modes constantly before the ranked season started so they are not only better than average but also get to practice the same game mode (clan battles and ranked tend to have a lot of similarities as far as ship numbers and maps). So basically consider waiting a week or two at the start of the season if it feels a bit too tough. As the best players rank out, it naturally becomes easier. 2) Talk to people. OK, I realise this seems facetious but it really is worth mentioning. Not only to your teammates during the match (which you definitely should do) but if you see someone performing very well, message them and ask them what build they are running on their ship etc. 3) Flags flags flags. There are some mandatory flags that you should run on each class: anti detonation on DDs, heal on cruisers and ramming on BBs. Everything else you can get on top of that will help out a bit but those three are essentially mandatory. If you cannot afford to get those, you cannot afford to play ranked. Just go get some credits and buy some before starting or save them up between seasons. 4) Queue shenanigans. Look, sometimes you have to look at what sort of ships are in queue and adapt. If you really want to play a ship without meaningful AA and you see 8 carries in the queue, you might want to reconsider. If you want to play a Khaba and you see that there are only 2 DDs in queue, you might struggle to cap so maybe change to a more traditional DD. Stuff like that. Don't get hung up on a single ship. If you only have one tier 10 ship, it might be difficult to reach rank 1. 5) Ships and specs. This is one of the most important aspects of ranked. Picking powerful ships with effective specs will make your experience much easier. A general rule is pick DDs that are either very good at killing other DDs or are very good at keeping other DDs spotted for their team to kill, pick cruisers with added utility (radar or smoke) and pick BBs that are either very accurate or have high survivability. You might really enjoy playing your secondaries specced Henri 4 but maybe keep that for randoms. I want to end this wall of text with an offer to help anyone who wants to enjoy ranked or who wants to get better at it. Send me a message with any questions (of any kind) or we can div up for more practical aspects. It's easy to get bogged down with negativity when playing this game mode but I still find it a very fun variation from randoms and clan battles and I really do enjoy it. Good luck!
  25. Fonfalks

    Contemplating ranked.

    Played ranked. Thought about it a bit and i am convinced now, that system should be changed in this way. 1)No CVs in 8v8. Yeah WG probably will not do this, because they can not admit how unbalanced, OP CVs are. 2)Star system - there should not be star saved for "best" player in losing team, because that has made many games counter productive. Many players seeing how team has lost 1 or 2 players, lose morale and just start blatantly try and farm damage in hopes they are on top in losing team and thus save their star. This leads to devastating consequences to whole team. System should be reworked so that top player on WINNING team gets to keep their star in next game if he loses. It makes much more sense, because it actually motivates people to play to win not to just damage farm, because if you farm damage and lose it is of no use. This can and should be implemented in next ranked season.