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Found 9 results

  1. Ahoi! Sprint hat begonnen, und ich möchte euch mein Schiff und Taktik für diese Saison vorstellen. Ich habe erst 4 Spiele hinter mir, aber diese haben Spaß gemacht. Das Schiff ist die „Admiral Graf Spee“! Meine grundlegende Spielweise der Spee, eine Mischung aus Radarsupport und Torpedo DD. Taktik Wie starte ich? Zu Beginn wird der mittlere Cap angefahren. Je nach Karte sucht man sich eine Insel möglichst nah oder im Cap. Diese sollte Deckung gegen beide Flanken bieten. Ist der Feind bereits aufgeklärt, kann es auch reichen nur in eine Richtung Deckung zu haben. Das deutsche Unterseeradar ist mit seinen 5,5 km jetzt in der Lage 50-100% des Caps aufzuklären. Was mache ich hinter der Insel? Möglichkeit 1: Sterben Ist nicht zu empfehlen, und sollte nach Wahl vermieden werden. Möglichkeit 2: Warten Aufklärung ist nun die Aufgabe. Dank Hydro traut sich nur selten ein DD an den Cap. Aber noch wichtiger ist euer Flugzeug. Für 60 Sekunden kann der Gegner oft nicht feuern, ohne entdeckt zu werden. Der Schaden durch Aufklärung lag in den 4 Spielen Durchschnittlich bei etwas 20k. Das ist nicht viel, doch der Gegner hat es schwerer eine gute Position einzunehmen und das eigene Team kann meist entscheiden wann und wie es den Kampf führen möchte. Wann bewege ich mich? Möglichkeit 1: Überlegen Wenn 2 Caps gehalten werden und die Schiffszahl ausgeglichen ist, muss der Gegner sich bewegen, kein Grund seine Insel zu verlassen. Sollte der Gegner nicht Pushen, wird auf den Sieg gewartet. Wenn er kommt, so muss er sichtbar in ein Kreuzfeuer Fahren und mit einer Spee im Nahkampf zurechtkommen. Möglichkeit 2: Ausgeglichen Wenn 2 Caps gehalten werden, spielt es sich ähnlich wie 1. Wenn nicht, siehe 3. Möglichkeit 3: Unterlegen Wenn es soweit kommt, kann es nötig sein, den offenen Kampf zu suchen. Hierbei kommt es auf das eigene können an. Warum kann der Blödsinn Funktionieren? Der eigne Cap und Aufklärungsvorteil, zwingen den Gegner zum Angriff, was oft ein Nachteil ist. Warum die Spee? Contra: · Langsam, Schiff und Ruder · Nur 4 Torpedos pro Seite mit langer Nachladezeit · Hauptbatterie sehr unzuverlässig Pro: · Viele Trefferpunkte und Heilung · Guter Wendekreis · Göttliche Torpedowinkel · Schnelle Torpedos mit gutem Tarnwert auf 8 km · Deutsches Hydro · Flugzeug Skillung: Ich nutze Franz von Jütland mit 12 Punkten. Module: Diese sind eingebaut, aber nutzen würde ich, wenn möglich folgende. Flaggen: Immer alles drauf im Ranked. Worauf muss ich gefast sein? Diese Taktik setzt auf das können des eignen Teams. Dies ist so ungewöhnlich, dass euer Karma sicher sinken wird. Daher auch diese Vorstellung, denn ich wurde im Spiel folgendes gefragt: Und hier meine Antwort: Dies mein Freund nennt sich „Carry“. wegtreten!
  2. Themistocles_


    I start this post thinking about the past years when this game used to be more skill less chance.Now it seems that if you are lucky you will get maybe another descent player in ranked and perhaps 2-3 in random.Think about it.Containers,MM,Ranked,Clan battles(yes even that,bit less but still)
  3. TataLup

    Where are my stars ?

    Last night I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. I did this because I watched a friend playing on his laptop and he was having issues in port ( as the carousel view being reset after each battle). I criticized him blaming him for not having made a clean installation for years. So returning to my PC, and having issues myself (planes forgetting the arrow key I am using to control both ships and planes - after changing cap by mouse), I decided to make a clean instal myself. This morning I re-did my personalized settings, and I played 2 co-op to check them. After that I played 2 ranked battles. First was a n-th defeat on a row, so I reached rank 12 +0 stars. Then I won (!?!). but where is the star ?
  4. So, the new T9 season is round the corner, what will you take out? I was thinking Sovyetsky Soyuz might be an option (played Sinop in sprint with decent sucess) 6vs6 seems unfriendly territory for cruisers but perhaps Alaska and Roon might work, perhaps even with IFHE?
  5. AwesomeBoat

    Ranked question

    Hi So currently we have the ranked sprint season and it's tier VII. My question: Are 'normal' ranked seasons always tier X or does it alternate through different tiers every season? Thanks
  6. Hey folks, Of late, i've struggled with win rate. I can perform well in game, finish in the top half of the team or even top. I try to make sure I play for the team, spotting as a DD or CV, hunting DD's as a cruiser or providing heavy fire support as a BB. I had one game where we had 5 vs 1 ship, but lost despite me being vocal in game chat telling our DD's to stop farming damage and go and cap. We lost, it was a parody! I've held up a whole flank of attacking ships as 1 DD, just flooding it with torps, and spotting constantly, only for the other flank, with most of our ships on it, to melt away! I dont know if its me, or the match making, but I always end up on the loosing team. My damage output, experience and the like is improving all the time. But my win rate is terrible. I cant wait for ranked sprint actually, I played ranked and my win rate on that is over 50%, the teams actually play as a team. For instance in Randoms, you can have a player that finishes top, they should be the best player? But if they simply farm damage from whatever target they see, they are not focusing down the enemy ships that are an immediate threat. I've had games where i've had to leg it from one end of the map to the other then back again to stop an enemy capping the base. Now I have to take my fair share of the blame in some losses. I had a great game in my T61, caused a tone of damage, then fired at a low health DD, got spotted and a lucky hit on me detonated my magazine! I should have stayed stealth! I'm an average player, so not really going to carry a game much, but I'd have thought the laws of averages would give me a 50% win rate at least! I'll not even go into the crazy up tearing I get in my Kaga, although CV play win rate for me is around 52%, thats ok! I'd just like to get a feel for what peoples feelings are on randoms of late, whats the match making like, have you seen your win rate plummet? Stats in some sense shouldn't be to important, but people use them to judge a player and my say, ok, that player has a poor win rate, i'll not be able to rely on them for support, yet offering support might make the different!
  7. Hi all, Comparison of "Rentals" to "Ordinary" ships in last Ranked Season #12 from MapeSyrup WoWs stats site! Info from Reddit: Source All credits to original author: "notafakeaccounnt" !!! http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/season/index.html EU server season 12: RU server season 12: SEA server season 12: NA server season 12: Leo "Apollo11"
  8. First off I´d like to say that Wows is a neat game, never have I spent so much money on a free game, heck I´ve never spent this much money on any other game, ever! However, it is strange to me that randoms are the primary mode of playing this game! Clan battles are for the ones who have been playing for a while and can pull out a fully kitted tier X Stalingrad with a high level captain (and have mates that can do the same. Co-op is uninteresting for most people who want a competitive experience and the ranked seasons are few and far in between. Many other competitive games have ranked matches as their primary mode and the player gets matched up with players at their level, ranking up and then get to face harder competition. My suspiscion here, as to why WG have decided to make ranked/clan battles such a rarity/not for the vast amount of players, is that is more lucrative for them having us play randoms. In ranked/clan battles people tend to stick to one ship that they are really familiar with and maybe not be so eager to grind/spend cash to try out more ships? Or is the player base just too small for such diversity and the fear is that queing up would take too long? Whatever the case is I think it is sad that WG forces you to play a 12v12 game with no real tactics and with people of all skill levels, experience and own missions rather than make for a great competive environment for everyone, like clan battles are. I´ve just tried clan matches for the first time and I am loving the 7v7 setup without the CVs, which truly makes for a tactical match that requires true teamwork and communication. I would love to see that option on all tiers for players of all skills and AT ALL TIME. pig, out.
  9. Tuccy

    Ranked Battles Season 9

    Captains, The Season 9 of Ranked Battles is coming soon - get ready and set up your ships! Start: April 27th, 7:00 UTC+2 End: June 4th, 7:00 UTC+2 Do you want to see more? Check out details in our portal announcement! Rules | Bonus Stars | Rewards | League of Sea Wolves | Ranked Ship Bundles What about trying the new season out? If you are interested, head to the Public Test for 0.7.4! Action Stations!