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Found 45 results

  1. CallmeMessi

    Time to scrap saving star in ranked

    Currently decided not to bother with rank battles as too many players are more concerned with saving a star then fight for the team. Tricks are, afk at the start for a minute or two, pretend to be afk during the game, DD's focused on playing away from caps (NOT SPOTTING) for the majority of the game, and when most of their team is dead will then go into the cap to kill and cap. BB's not taking positions to cover their teammates by hiding most of the game. Again when the game is lost will then emerge to kill damaged opponents. I have no problems with non-clan players not used to the maps but they must adapt to a team mentality when engaged in ranked. Capping at the start does not guarantee victory, If a DD is sunk at the start it does not mean the game is lost, harder yes, but at least the rest of the team knows where the enemy is. Clear communication, spotting, shooting accuracy and supporting your teammates earn the victory and star. Hence why it's time to ditch the star for the losing team. Having fun in randoms
  2. TetaNuss

    Pushing im Ranked

    Ahoi Kapitäne, ich möchte mal folgendes Szenario diskutieren: Zwei, oder mehr Leute, drücken sich gleichzeitig in ranked battles. Landen die Teilnehmer auf der gleichen Seite, wäre das mMn. wie das fungieren in einer Divi. Werden die betroffenen 'Reindrücker' gegeneinander geroutet, wird sich abgesprochen ... Eine Seite gewinnt den Strern, der Partner auf der anderen Seite wird 'auf Platz Eins gelostst' und verliert somit keinen Stern. Ich nenne solch ein Verhalten Betrug , wie seht ihr das?
  3. Honestly... You moved from a tier tier & 8 to tier 7 Now you have at all tier 6. guys you are destroying the game. I though you had it nailed at tier 7. and World of tank ( ranked battles are sullbhit at tier X only ..... now you do this, You release a few tier 7 premiums at the last ranked battled. we all slaved awat and got tier 7 ships to play and now we have to drop back down to tier 6. Please make your mind up. do you want to keep players and have us continue to spend money ???? please set your tier on ranked battles and leave it at that ........
  4. So here we go again.... The Season 7 of ranked is announced and about to start. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/smack-my-glitch-up/ (I am actually quiet excited and looking forward to this due to being Tier VI) As all can see the Rewards for the Rank 1 league look quiet familiar: For those with a bad memory: It is exactly the same as in Season 6..... My question here is does WG actualy want to make this interesting to play in the Superleague and a somewhat active queue for it? As far as I can renember the restriction to "only top 2 xp scorers" was meant to be an "emergency brake" Sorce: Yes i know it says "it may or may not change in the future", but WG must be blind if they didn't saw the empty queue after that change. So I ask again do they want/care for a lively Superleague (or whatever it is called)? And i can quiet lively renember the justified concerns of fellow forumities regarding the condition, because that one makes your team the biggest enemy. WG clearly had enough time to reconsider this (four whole months!) and still they copy and pasted the exact same mission. So sad so bad. I am very disappointed with this and will stop playing ranked the moment i reach Rank 1 in this season again........ Edit: Oh and I just add this for the WG apologist that will be arguing that I am just feel entitled to get more rewards: No I am not. Actualy the Random Containers are not really an incentive for me as I have enough credits and flags for now and I know my rotten luck so i will never hope for ships out of SCs What rubs me the wrong way is the poorly thought through mission condition and the low distribution of rewards (only 4 per Match and less worth out of it than actualy playing random) which makes the queue go deserted AND the fact that WGs is too afraid to simply come out and say the real truth behind this restriction being to reduce the amount of containers given out. (I know tinfoil territory but what other sound reason is there?) It would be fine if the rewards were worthwhile (meaning credits and xp) without or very reduced containers given out, with the explanaition that any more would make them less worth. (and they have to change the Mission to something more teamorientated ofc.) Edit2: Oh and to make my post actualy constructive (yes i know the Forum rules I only forget them somtimes ) here my proposal: -Just give a random container to everyone with at least 500 base exp, as this would solve the "leave game" abuse Or (If indeed too many containers given out is the Problem) - Make a Mission with the condition of 500 base xp which gives some xp and credits (to balance out the gain compared to normal random due to smaller teams and shorter games) and change the current container mission to give 4 containers to the top Players of the wining team.
  5. Hello captains, As you know, ranked battles are coming soon and we will play with T6 Sh#ts, sorry ships. Which ships do you prefer? Why? In this topic, lets help to new ranked battle warriors. Give them some tips!
  6. B'jour, Un p'tit post pour parler exclusivement de la prochaine saison de Batailles Classées annoncée après le patch 0.6.1 et éviter de polluer le post des News. Ce que l'on sait pour l'instant : Batailles classées Elles sont de retour ! Peu après la mise à jour 0.6.1, ce sera le début de la 6e saison des batailles classées. Prenez les commandes de vos navires de rang VII préférés et faites chauffer les moteurs, mais n'oubliez pas les nouveaux venus, depuis la précédente saison, il y a encore plus de navires ! Mettez au point vos tactiques sur d'anciennes cartes qui ont fait leurs preuves en mode épicentre. En plus des récompenses généreuses pour le classement, pour le 5e pavillon noir les champions recevront un prix spécial. Les détails seront bientôt communiqués ! https://worldofwarships.eu/fr/news/public-test/public-test-061/ T7 Mode Epicentre inclus Après le patch 0.6.1 dont le test public vient d'être annoncé. La sixième saison commence 10 février à 7 h et se termine le 24 mars à 7 h (heure de Paris). Au cours de la sixième saison des batailles classées, vous gagnerez des étoiles de progression, qui vous permettront de gravir les 23 rangs du classement, lui-même divisé en 4 ligues. Tous les matchs de la ligue seront de rang VII. Les joueurs seront mis face à d'autres joueurs de la même ligue pour que les batailles soient aussi équilibrées que possible. Comme au cours des saisons précédentes, vos efforts sur le champ de bataille comme par les efforts de votre équipe influencent la progression dans les rangs. Gagnez une partie et vous obtenez une étoile, perdez une partie, et vous perdez une étoile (les joueurs qui ont atteint le premier rang peuvent bien sûr continuer à jouer jusqu'à la fin de la saison). Par contre, vos distinctions seront prises en compte, et une équipe inefficace ne vous tirera pas vers le bas. Soyez le meilleur de votre équipe et vous conserverez vos étoiles durement gagnées, même en perdant une partie. Récompenses à la clé Il y a des tonnes de trésors à gagner sur les hautes mers, dont ce qui suit : Nouvelles améliorations Pavillons de signalisation Camouflages Pavillons commémoratifs Crédits Doublons Pavillon noir à partir du rang 1 Et le meilleur pour la fin : le droit de vous vanter ! Mais il y a plus : atteignez le premier rang dans trois saisons non-consécutives des batailles classées et gagnez l'USS Flint, croiseur premium de rang VII. Il y a aussi une récompense ultime : l'USS Black, destroyer premium de rang IX, pour les joueurs ayant atteint le premier rang dans chacune des 5 saisons précédentes des batailles classées ! Autre chose sur la saison 6 ? Pour chaque rang atteint au cours de la saison 5, vous recevez une étoile pour la saison 6. Les rangs « sûrs » (dont vous ne pouvez pas tomber) sont les suivants : 22-17, 15, et 12. Pour chaque rang, il faut avoir remporté de 1 à 5 étoiles. Souvenez-vous toutefois, qu'en étant le meilleur joueur de l'équipe vaincue (en terme d'expérience gagnée), vous ne perdrez pas d'étoile. Les récompenses exactes pour l'obtention de chaque rang et le nombre exact d'étoiles peuvent être consultées en jeu dans la section des batailles classées. Le tableau de progression : (merci à Youti ! ) Rank League Title Ship Tier Stars Needed for Next Rank Safe Star / Rank Bonus Star Rank Reward* Rewarded upon first achieving said goals Post-Season Rewards 23 Delta League 7 1 Y / Y Y 22 Delta League 7 2 Y / Y Y 1,000,000 21 Delta League 7 2 Y / Y Y Battle Pack #3 x 5 20 Delta League 7 2 Y / Y Y Battle Pack #1 x 10 19 Delta League 7 2 N / Y Y Battle Pack #2 x10 18 Delta League 7 2 N / Y Y Eco Pack x 10 17 Delta League 7 2 N / Y Y Camouflage Pack #2 x 10 16 Delta League 7 2 Y 1 Day Premium Time 15 Charlie League 7 3 N / Y Y Charlie League Flag * Only available during this Season Flag of a Naval Fortress Commandant * Can be used indefinitely 14 Charlie League 7 3 Y Battle Pack #3 x 10 13 Charlie League 7 3 Y Battle Pack #1 x 15 12 Charlie League 7 3 N / Y Y Battle Pack #2 x 15 11 Charlie League 7 3 Y 250 10 Bravo League 7 4 Bravo League Flag * Only available during this Season 9 Bravo League 7 4 New Upgrade "Engine Boost Modification 1" x 1 8 Bravo League 7 4 New Upgrade "Smoke Generator Modification 1" x 1 7 Bravo League 7 4 New Upgrade "Spotting Aircraft Modification 1" x 1 6 Bravo League 7 4 New Upgrade "Damage Control Party Modification 1" x 1 5 Alpha League 7 6 Alpha League Flag * Only available during this Season 4 Alpha League 7 5 New Upgrade "Defensive AA Fire Modification 1" x 1 3 Alpha League 7 5 New Upgrade "Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1" x 1 2 Alpha League 7 5 New Upgrade "Surveillance Radar Modification 1" x 1 1 Alpha League 7 5 N / Y 2,500 Camouflauge "Type 3 - Rank" x 100 Rank 1 Special Reward 0 Super League 5 Super League Reward Table Le détail des packs de récompenses : Eco Pack: Signal Flag "Zulu" x 1 Signal Flag "Equal Speed Charlie London" x 1 Signal Flag "India Bravo Terrathree" x 1 Signal Flag "Papa Papa" x 1 Signal Flag "Zulu Hotel" x 1 Battle Pack #1: Signal Flag "Sierra Mike" x 1 Signal Flag "November Echo Setteseven" x 1 Signal Flag "Victor Lima" x 1 Signal Flag "India X-Ray" x 1 Signal Flag "Juliet Whiskey Unaone" x 1 Signal Flag "Mike Yankee Soxisix" x 1 Battle Pack #2: Signal Flag "India Delta" x 1 Signal Flag "India Yankee" x 1 Signal Flag "Juliet Yankee Bissotwo" x 1 Signal Flag "Juliet Charlie" x 1 Signal Flag "November Foxtrot" x 1 Signal Flag "Hotel Yankee" x 1 Battle Pack #3: Signal Flag "Sierra Mike" x 1 Signal Flag "November Echo Setteseven" x 1 Signal Flag "Victor Lima" x 1 Signal Flag "India X-Ray" x 1 Signal Flag "Juliet Whiskey Unaone" x 1 Signal Flag "India Delta" x 1 Signal Flag "India Yankee" x 1 Signal Flag "Juliet Yankee Bissotwo" x 1 Signal Flag "Juliet Charlie" x 1 Signal Flag "November Foxtrot" x 1 Camouflage Pack: Camouflage "Type 5" x 1 https://worldofwarships.eu/fr/news/common/ranked-battles-s6/ https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/ranked-battle-season6/ /discuss
  7. So, I'm at rank 10 so far and of course if I play the whole season using the 2-0-2 flight control then it's very unlikely to remain unquestioned during the start of every battle. My favorite was a destroyer player who kept bashing the whole team in the chat, especially me, and due to that he was too busy avoiding torpedoes and attacking the enemy Saipan who was in sight and ended up at the bottom, while I was the one who didn't lose a star. I'd say the kid's name, but I forgot it. I'm not saying anything new if I say it lacks damage potential and it's unable to carry a match that has taken an unfavorable turn, and that's the reason why it could be counted as a drawback for the team. What I'd point out is that we (more like you..) don't take into account the amount of 'damage not dealt by the enemy CV to our team". Well, we have the plane kills in the statistics, but they could be fighters, bombers which dropped their payload and bombers that didn't. It's is just interesting to think about. A lot of times I make the opponent CV end up in the bottom (worse part of the team, not actually the worst) of its team which means I denied large amount of damage from him, not only by shooting down his planes, but also because the opponent hesitates to make a move for the enemy when he know that there are US fighters squadrons waiting for him. Well, defeating a whole wave of Japanese fighters and bombers before the latter could deal serious damage to the allied fleet might take some semi-Korean microing skill, some luck and some strafing. But don't forget that the other ships have responsibility for coordinated team play, because sometimes playing CV is like tanking or healing in WoW, only you can be the one who screws up. Let us compare it to the other CVs The most common enemy: Hiryu 2-2-2 Could be deal with in the air. And equally skilled player could wrestle out air superiority against it. Hiryu players could deal tremendous amount of damage if left unchecked (see any related Youtube channel). The first wave of US fighters can hold of 2 waves of IJN planes if managed well, but after the second wave the Ranger will take so much casualties by then, that it have to refuel the fighter squadrons. In this case throwing away the fighters by sending them into enemy AA is not counted. This refueling section will leave the team vulnerable for the opponent CV since US planes have long servicing time, so don't forget to notify your team to be extra careful. After they're beck in the fight finish off the rest of the Japanese reserves. The Ranger has 50% more fighter reserves than a Hiryu therefore in long term the opponent will run out of planes sooner, but in Ranked even a 1 on 1 trade is too costly, and your teammates will pay for it. Ranger with strike loadout is breakfast, if you can strafe well, since simply engaging them won't be effective enough. I dislike these fighter lacking loadouts more than most of you might dislike the AS Ranger in Ranked battles. They can be good against unskilled CV players in randoms, but I'll note that in Youtube videos about strike carriers the opponent is either full tomato or in most case it's also a strike CV without fighters. Against 1-1-1 still nothing fancy, it's breakfast. The stock loadout or the Ranger good for everything but good at nothing. It's not as good as the Independence for its tier. Saipan 2-2 Challenging, since those planes are much faster, but the fighters are outperformed - outnumbered actually by the Ranger fighters 2 to 1. The TBs are hard to catch, so guard the ship that is most likely to be targeted. Countering and AS Ranger is like sending a thief to catch a thief, you take another AS CV. Any of the 3 will suffice, but note that the usefulness of the 2 CVs will be the same against the other ships, therefore from now on it's up to the other 6 ships to screw it up. While Hiryu and Saipan players are most likely to take the strike loadouts, but there's some chance for the AS to be used, even less for the latter. Fighting against any of these 2 takes the most skill, since 2 of their fighters could lock up all of yours, then the 3rd will strafe you. Note that these are generalising and the player skill is still the most determining factor. Using the AS Ranger. Playing the Ranger with AS is about making the opponent CV become at least as useless for the enemy team as you for yours. I noted the long servicing time of the USN planes. The DBs of the Ranger become ready a few seconds earlier compared to the fighters. You can use the extra few seconds to bring up 1 DB squadron then the 2 fighters, which I used to do, but I realised that the DBs will be chased away by the enemy fighters with much less servicing time, so take up the fighters first and use them as spotters, but try not to get them killed by AA, since they're too vital. What the Saipan with the 3-1 loadout can't do unlike you is that you can deal lots of fire damage by yourself. Attack a BB with 1 squadron and if you set him on fire and he extinguishes the flames you send in the other one - this might require some fighter support. But in any cases (playing any CV), it's good to notify your teammates that which one is ripe for some burning. The Ranger with this setup is also viable against cruisers, since they're not small enough like a DD. If it uses the skill consumable *khm* defensive AA then turn back and don't drop it. Use manual drop! Hints for any CV player. In the first few minutes of the battle you're unlikely to be able to find a proper target (I've seen some fails, so this has to be said). I believe everyone uses flags on their ships to boost their effectiveness, there's a flag for increased AA damage, also the captains of the enemy ships are likely to have lots of skill points that either could be or are actually spent to boost the AA capabilities of the ships, so it is imperative to hunt for lonely targets if possible, and you cannot always know what's in the smoke. Since I'm not selling BS, here are the statistics of mine compared to the average statistics of the EU server (source Warships.today) in Ranked battles WR dmg K/D avg kills and avg plane kills Saipan 53.50% 35,998 2.8 0.8 25.5 Hiryu 52,41% 40213 2.6 0,8 18,4 Ranger 45,52% 32596 1,3 0,5 17,3 Me 62.50% 41424 1,9 0,4 37,1 for 40 battles; WTR 1294, the server average is 884 Note the low plane kills for the Ranger. It is likely to be caused by using stock and strike loadouts, but these 2 setups should increase the average damage we'd think, but since these loadouts are this bad and can be dealt with easily as I said above, the actual damage might be low. TBH the stock setup is more used than the strike. The statistics of the USN CVs are interesting because of the huge differences in the loadouts, which might make them look like they're bad at everything. My lower kill ratio is accounted for being unable to do executing strikes since the 2-2 setup is about dealing fire damage mostly. Thank you for reading.
  8. XeroAlpha

    Sıralamalı Savaş [ 6. SEZON ]

    Bir diğer sıralamalı savaş sezonu gelmek üzere. Bilindiği üzere düşük kademeler 6, üst kademeler 7. kuşak gemilerle oynanabilir olacak. Bu konu altında gemi tavsiyeleri almak veya vermek isteyen, taktik sıkıntısı çeken veya paylaşmak isteyenler toplansın.
  9. So Season 6 Ranked Battles why is it so bad ? 1) Belfast - Totally OP for Tier. (But then its made this way, WG needs your money). Radar Constant Smoke and when coupled with other Cruisers Fiji OR another Belfast you have perpetual Smoke, Fire and death). 2) Constant Flame and Abuse. Always the first to die witl take great strides to blame others for their death. And this abuse is nothing short of criminal. Get cancer, hope your mum dies of cancer etc etc. This needs to be addressed by WG When someone dies cancel the ability to chat. It will end it. 3) Smoke - So much smoke you cant see ships and this is a ship fighting game ? 4) When playing ranked Battles make it a level playing field. BBs are getting owned because of the late of perks afforded by Gold ships. Tier 7 is the worse tier in my opinion as the differences between some ships are too great. This is supposed to be a game which you can test your netal at hone your skills and the bottom line have fun iwth. Its just a flamegame at the moment and this will inevitably come back to haunt WG. How about a Season where no radar, no smoke no rpf jno hydro a season where just guns torps and skill are tested ?
  10. Hi all, Is there a list of all rewards for every rank for new Ranking season #6? IIRC there was such list for last Ranking #5 and I will try to find it... Why am I asking for this? Because I saw this post in: "Ranked Battles Season 6" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/73674-ranked-battles-season-6 One of the primary reason why players played the Ranked were rewards (and especially signal flags)... now it appears that new season can bring just about 25% of signal flags compared to last season... Leo "Apollo11"
  11. Hallo Freunde der Weltmeere, hier möchte ich mich mal kurz vorstellen. The Grumpy Shark ist ein junger YT-Kanal.... der sich hauptsächlich mit Warfare/Kriegsspielen beschäftigt. World of Warships spiele ich seit der Closed-Beta und es macht immer sehr viel Spaß! Ein grandioses Spiel in meinen Augen! Wenn ihr Lust habt, dann schaut doch einfach mal auf meinem Kanal vorbei! Ich werde alle zukünftigen WoWs-Videos hier dann für euch posten =)
  12. Please leave any feedback you have on season 5 of the ranked battles here.
  13. Please report any errors and/or bugs you encounter while playing ranked battles here. As always, please provide as much information as possible.
  14. Captains, the title says it all, this thread is dedicated to your best battles in ranked! Show us your battle result screenshots!
  15. [All recent Ranked S5 topics have been merged - RogDodgeUK] Off to a good start. I was surprised that there was no DDs
  16. I am a little uncertain on what ship or why i should pick them. I just reached rank 15 and now i have to pick tier 8 ship to use. really uncertain what too use. so any suggestion? and pls write the reasoning.
  17. Well, I was thinking will I write this or not, but after today's battles, well, here I go. So, why and what to write, I was talking the other day with some of my friends (players of WoT/WoW) and Ranked battles are just bad game experience and very frustrating for us players. Let me elaborate that. First I would suggest some kind of entrance test or review to even start Ranked battles. Because players don't want to team up, they don't want to play as a team. Second, a player is good as his team, pro player with no team against noob players in a team, they will win. Ranked battles are not about player skills but team play skills and that is difficult in random matching. Third, what is about ranking? Are you serious? How can you rank us players on team play basis? It's not relevant, because read the second line. I can give my [edited]for a battle, finish second and I lose a star. You know who frustrating that is? And yes, ranked battles are great, I payed premium account, I want to play good, earn some XP and money. And this is the experience that I get. Now, even that I am huge fan of warships and the game, after this season, I don't think I want to continue playing, why should I? Why bother? You should really considerate to revisit your Ranked battles system. Because with every player that I spoke and he want's good team play, they are just frustrated. Ranked battles is all about team up, to chose target, coordinate, focus fire on 1 target, call for targets, and not great alone play. So now I write it, and you can hit me as hard as you can. GG&HF
  18. Das weiterkommen in gewerteten Gefechten hängt ja immer vom ganzen Team ab. Es ist auf Dauer sehr frustrierend, wenn man ständig verliert, weil man meistens in ein Team gesteckt wird welches aus Schwachköpfen, AFK oder Non-Teamplayern besteht. So kommt es schnell zum Frust wenn man am Ende einer Schlacht an 1. oder 2. Stelle steht, aber trotzdem einen Stern Abzug bekommt. Als Anregung hätte ich die Idee, dass die Top 3 Spieler eines Ranked-Battle-Gefechts keinen Stern abgezogen bekommen wenn das Team eine Schlacht verloren hat. Damit will ich nicht sagen das es nur schlechte Spieler gibt, aber so werden Herausragende Spieler indirekt belohnt und nicht bestraft nur weil vielleicht das Restliche Team "geschlafen" hat. Ich denke das würde die Ranked-Battles lukrativer machen und die Spieler mehr motivieren. Dies ist nur so ein Gedanke für eventuelle zukünftige Verbesserungen der Gewerteten Gefechte. Sicherlich lässt sich die Idee noch verfeinern bzw. ausbauen. Eure Erfahrung, Meinung und/oder Anregungen würden mich mal interessieren.
  19. Charger76

    Biggest tip for sucess in Ranked!

    Here is an AMAZING IDEA for sucess in ranked battles: SHOOT RADAR SHIPS FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FORTH, FIFTH, SIXTH. In fact, shoot them even if your wife is driving in one and you fear being consigned to the couch for the night. If you have any doubt about what to shoot, shoot the radar ships. I dont care if there is an Amagi side on begging for a slap, shoot the radar ship. If there is a Chapyev with a ridiculous 12Km radar then shoot him like he just molested your mother with a very large cucumber doused in Deep Heat. Thats it folks. Shoot the radar ships then your DD's can cap, they can lay smoke for you that is worth something and on top of all this, there will be one less ship setting you on fire all game. If a very mediocre player like me can work that out, why the hell is everyone struggling with it? If you are in a Battleship you have 30 seconds to reload. Look up from your guns, take in the sights and if you have even a remote chance of hitting a radar ship, do it!
  20. DirionScrab

    WHich teir 8 for ranked battles

    so I don't have a teir 8 yet as I haven't farmed the credits but I have 3 unlocked the Fubuki, Benson and New Orleans, I have the Colorado and nearly enough free xp for N Carolina If I have to choose 1 of those which should it be and why I have quite a few teir 7's unlocked but not brought once I have 1 teir 8 which should I go for next especially if i still have the free xp to spend? Unlikely at this stage but is there a premium it would be worth buying?
  21. diegomalito

    No special flag for ranked battles S5?

    One of the things i like to do in WOWs is collecting the special flags you could win for reaching a certain rank (rank 15 or 14 depending on the season) in ranked battles as it was the case for the Hawaii flag in the third season and the Port of Kure flag in the second. But where is the flag for season 5? They didn't mention anything about flags, except for the league flags, on the official website. Did they forget to make one? Are they stopping to give out flags? Is the flag for season 5 still a surprise? Does anyone know?
  22. Hey Im interested what ships will you guys bring to ranked 5. If you want list your ships and provide short explanation why. Also ships NOT to bring in ranked would be nice... Also provide your input... what can we expect... i think we will see loads of Bensons... This is my lineup. Its what I have at disposal, and I tried to have variety. TIER6 New Mexico (Its the only T6 BB I have. I think its solid, but I fear it will "lag" behind due to its slow speed). Cleveland (I have it maxed out on AA, about to give her DE. I think its the strongest t6 cruiser) Budyonni (fast fireing HE spammer. I have DE on it, gonna use it with hydro). Farragut (no-brainer. Best knife fighter at T6). TIER8 North Carolina (again the only T8 BB I have. Im kinda afraid of all the Tirpitzes and Bismarcks ... but we will see). Kutuzov (I will buy it today and will use my Budyonni and Shchors captains in it, since i wont have enough time to train the captain) Chapayev (radar and hydro ... a DD hunter and HE spammer) Benson (I dont think there is a better choice .. tho i feel Lo Yang with hydro would be better) I would not bring Mutsuki. Its just a horrible ship. Also I think Nurmberg is kinda weak for ranked. I have mixed feeling about Ognevoi... as a support ok, but for capping ... a nono. For T8 I wont comment as I am unsure.
  23. Why does a Level 11 ranked battle have level 12 13 14 and 15 players in it ? You battle your way up the ranks but it shows that you are playing with players that have not even reached the rank you are playing at. Can someone please explain?
  24. PoolSnoopy

    Ranked battle mode is useless

    How shall a modus where all of the winning team are promoted ever separate the good from the bad players? Right now you have the same 50:50 chance of getting a good team regardless of rank. It's a damn lottery if you progress to the next rank or not. The first 2-3 players of both teams should get a star. Then 1-2 in the middle don't lose a star and the bottom players lose a star. What's so difficult about making a RANKED system that at least kind of works?
  25. xenopathia

    Stuck in 10 - Ranked

    Was 1 star away from 9 but cant go forward Belov 10 is extremely easy. Above 10 is extremely difficult. I thought this phenomena required a topic of its own, since I hear about this so many times. What do you think captains?