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Found 21 results

  1. anonym_bg5iDZQhMWB9

    Cruiser usage

    Hey guys! I just started playing like 5 days ago and now got my baltimore. I get that it is a great ship but i really don´t know how to use it. BB´s are usually way out of range of my guns which got terrible range (14.4 km without the upgrade) and my armor doesn´t hold up to their guns which just straight up overmatch my armor and citadell me from every angle. Hiding behind islands doesn´t work either, there is always a little part of my ship that has to stuck out so that i can shoot and they always hit that and citadell me. The baltimore as well isn´t really maneuvarable enough to dodge incoming fire. Soo right now i really don´t know what to use this ship for. Before anything apart from the occasional DD gets in my range, i am dead, and then they all avoid my shots as for the high gun ark. Any advice? Maybe i just shouldnt try to shoot BBs at all? As said angling against them doesn´t do anything Thank you in advance fellow captains!
  2. Just got the khaba recently and i'm a bit sad about how it plays, especially coming from the Tashkent, which was a lot of fun to play. Khaba's problems are, in order of importance: Range, 13.5km is way too less torpedoes, 6km is way too short for a large, kiting DD. Rudder shift is too sluggish by default. why does it have the rudder shift of kronshtadt, moskva and the scharnhorst sisters? Smolensk has better rudder shift! The problem is, all of khaba's properties interact with each other to make it more difficult to play. If it must have 50mm plating that arms BB AP, then it has to be at medium-long range to avoid getting blapped really hard. This is especially true with the current proliferation of radar, smolensk, large caliber accurate BBs (kremlin, thunderer), 220mm and 305mm cruisers, stalingrad, italian cruisers and their SAP, and everybody's favourite, carriers. 13.5km is not viable. On top of this, it gets outspotted by every other DD in the game, and in some cases can be outspotted by cruisers too. Solution - give it Tashkent's range It's a large boat with large detection range and has gameplay that encourages kiting. So 6km torps are all but useless. You can't get too close because you will arm AP. You can't stealth torp because concealment is not going to ever be less than torp range. So you will mostly use it for kiting. Slower torpedoes are good for kiting because they will take time to reach max range, allowing the target to enter this radius. However, 6km is far too limited for this. 8km torpedoes like the kiev has, is a must. Ideally i'd like tashkent's torps on it, but i can settle for kiev. In fact, maybe it should get its 10km torps again? Solution - give it Kiev or Tashkent's 8km torps Finally, the rudder shift is way too slow for a DD. Using steering gears alone should bring it to 5s or less. that opens up the option to use the torpedo detection upgrade or concealment. Right now it has cruiser concealment and rudder shift, without the advantages of a cruiser. Solution - bring the rudder shift closer to Tashkent than Smolensk/Moskva/Donskoi Khabarovsk is the top ship of its line, it should by all accounts be the best ship in the line, and at par with other T10 ships. Currently, the Tashkent is simply better and more enjoyable to play, with easier matchmaking. Khaba has not only been power crept by French DDs, it also operates in a much more dangerous environment than a year ago. The russian DD line is fun and challenging to play, but khaba seems to be a step back there at the moment. Similar discussion on NA forums: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/211160-cant-believe-im-agreeing-khabarovsk-needs-its-range-back/
  3. FunkyDazMonkee

    Why short range on T9 Buffalo

    Hi, long time on/off player, first time post'er. My question is why the heck has a T9 with the same guns as the T8 balitmore have such a short range? Am i missing somthing? I mean i can understand longer reload for 'balance' but the range is stupid short. Dont get me wrong im a BB main so i make mistakes in CA but with the range being soooo limited when i make a mistake im in under 15km range and mostly against T10 so i go bye bye. Any one else have this problem, is this somthing that needs to be tweeked/eddited or can any one suggest somthing to help this crippled ship. Any help much appreciated Many thanks Cpt. Funky_DM
  4. Hi! Can anybody tell me what is the biggest secondary range in this game and which ship has it? In a competition we must collect the most of ribbons in T10, and somebody suggested me to collect them by secondaries...
  5. Hallo zusammen, gibt es irgendwo eine Gesamtübersicht (gerne als Tabelle) wo die Reichweiten der genannten Aufklärungsmodule sichtbar sind je Schiff? Bei der Onlinesuche habe ich zwar eine Seite gefunden, jedoch sind die Werte scheinbar verändert worden - zumindest stimmte diese nicht. Bei der Forumsuche bin ich nicht fündig geworden. Bevor ich mir diese jetzt selbst zusammenbastle, dachte ich mir, ich stelle diese Frage. Wenn ich eine solche (aktuelle) irgendwo übersehen habe. Mea Culpa. Danke Euch.
  6. Mangrey

    Radio range for CVs

    Under the WW2 the radio range of the Carriers and Planes was short, I like to add this to the game, it is really a nerf but i wanr WG to fix AA on the same time to balance thinges out, No more AA shoting trouth Mountians and no more Dualpurpes cannons shoting Air and ships on the same time and lower the damn AA of all ships. Ill like to get Manual drop back to Tir 4-5 with the too The idea is simple Each CV have a radio range where the player can use ALT attacks indside but, out side it is is auto only, the range will ofc be a balance thing. Mang
  7. Ahoi hoi, da nun die 5. Saison der gewerten Gefechte zuende ist habe ich dazu eine kurze Frage. Ich hatte Rang 12 erreicht und nun wurden mit grade als ich das Spiel gestartet habe 11 Sterne gut geschrieben. Was bedeutet das für mich für die nächste Saison genau? Behalte ich Rang 12? Muss ich wieder von ganz unten anfangen und was haben diese 11 Sterne damit zu tun? Vielen Dank im voraus. lg A.S.
  8. Hey which is real common fire range of 127mm secondary dual propose naval guns WW2 common fire range for real? in game I think that its range is cuted by half
  9. F1ngl4s


    Can someone explain me why my torps are only 8 KM max range. Shouldn't be 10km according to wiki? Hatsuharu wiki: http://goo.gl/xasUOY
  10. thunder3oo

    Ishizuchi range&AA

    Hello. As usual, support guys sent me here (well, I can't understand why they don't communicate with the developers) But... anyway.I raise again the question about Ishizuchi primary guns range. Now with the german battleships in the game, there are more and more enemies who outgun the Ishizuchi. Getting closer to 12,9 KM means Ishizuchi get destroyed easily and pretty quickly, since her armor is weaker than her BB "sisters" of any nation, and her HP pool doesn't help much, as she gets on fire a little too easy, for example. Also, many CV players know that this ship has very weak AA, so they attack her first, most of the time. As she gets mixed with tiers 3-4-5 usually, she can't get much help from the team, since tiers 3-4-5 ships barely have AA to defend themselves.It was outgunned before, now it became even more outgunned. Try to think about enemy team having 2 CV's. Or... even better, 2 CV's, one or two Kaisers with their 26 sec reload time. What about 2 Konigs? See my point? So... a note to developers: take away those 25 seconds of reload if you must, but give us a little more range and some more AA. Since this is an arcade game, it can be done. Anything can be done. Also, there are some unused guns on the top of the main turrets, looks like they are standing there for nothing. Sorry, fellows, but what you call "balance" in this game... some of use call "chaos". In my opinion... Ishizuchi is not usable anymore. Please take this into account.Thank you.
  11. TheBigLanowski

    HOT FIX: Firingrange circle disappeared

    Hello fellow captains, since some more experiencing the bug there the range circle for the main guns disappear, I hope this hotfix will get pinned! It is not possible to activate them in the menu again but it is possible to do so by editing a file until WG is able to find the source that cause this problem and fix it. (Maybe if all your main guns get deactivated/destroyed at the same time?) HOW TO FIX! At least I found a solution for the problem! Open preferences.xml (with notepad) in the main WoWs folder and scroll down until you find <minimapOptions>. You can write true or false for the options you want or don't want, the range circles can be enabled/disabled here as well. Should look something like this: <minimapOptions> <visibilityRangeEnabled> true </visibilityRangeEnabled> <mgRangeEnabled> true </mgRangeEnabled> <taRangeEnabled> true </taRangeEnabled> <visibilityPlaneRangeEnabled> true </visibilityPlaneRangeEnabled> <lastVisEnabled> true </lastVisEnabled> <atbaRangeEnabled> false </atbaRangeEnabled> <aaRangeEnabled> false </aaRangeEnabled> </minimapOptions> Picture of the problem:
  12. Just recently i noticed this - for example: If you compared this module dont confuse it with the "upgrade" this is important, Japs BBs seems to benefit from this more than US BBs, why u ask me? If you compared between the BBs, Amagi benefits for using this module while Izumo gets just a little dispersion was well to benefit more from range. Although US seems to be countered by it, from North Carolina up their regular range allows us to chose between getting the tower/module or not, just to get that little range and get sht tons of dispersion. In my case i will not been using the tower since 21km is good enough for me since my perference distance is 15km bellow. So yeah if you think the using the module brings advandges, please point it out, so i can learn from it, if it does not bring any advandges into it, why does WG/Dev puted this module ingame since it only takes out the potential of the US bbs while it does not from Japs BBs? What i trying to say? Simple, why put something that cost good amount XP/credits into a boat with it does not benefit from it? Regarless i just happy that we aint forced to unlock or buy it, so cheers for that, but meeh... this seems like for my point of view on US BBs a useless module to get/use... Any ways if it brings any potential please tell me or redirect me towards the source, and thx for your usual attention.
  13. Hey I been wondering if the developers have even noticed / cared about what happened to Marblehead. AFT nerf has hit hard to many ships but i think Mablehead suffered the most of it. They buffed some ships like Albany and Kutuzov for the loss of range. But i think Marblehead needs 1-2km more range for the compensation. It will be spotted before it can shoot. Only way now to fix this issue is having Concealment Expert but i think its kinda harsh. Marblehead has always been in "not so good ship category" with alot of flaws. But dont get me wrong, I love this ship and thats why i made this thread because i care : )
  14. If you think you know all that is to know about Ishizuchi, you may be wrong. ,,Sailing in at tier IV, this battleship is often thought of as a proto-Kongo (a mean ship in its own right). The Ishizuchi is the perfect Premium ship to master the fundamentals of battleship captaining: big guns, heavy armor, and intimidation." (present description on Wargaming official page) Facts: Wargaming was lying months ago about this ship and is still lying rudely about it. Ishizuchi is NOT "a great choice" or a "perfect ship". Example: ,,the perfect Premium ship"... First lie - heavy armor. For tier IV, Ishizuchi has an extremely weak citadel (203 mm), less than any battleships on tier III-IV you can see at this moment in the game, and a pretty weak hull armor. Even tier III battleships have 305 mm citadels, like South Carolina and Kawachi. Kawachi as tier III has better armor than Ishizuchi (tier IV), both citadel and hull parts. Second lie - big guns, comparable punch. That's a shameless lie, designed to create the image of power and destruction. Power and destruction? Mmm... NO. It has 305 mm guns, which are horrible due to bad penetration, nasty accuracy and (again) horrible dispersion. Yes, this is the word that describes this ship. HORRIBLE. The penetration is so bad, that you're asking if they mistakenly put the 203 mm guns from Furutaka on Ishizuchi and called them "305mm". Along with bad armor, penetration and accuracy, comes the fact of small range, 12,9 km, one of the things that will drive a Ishizuchi owner mad, since there are ships like Myogi (6 guns, 365mm, more than 15 KM range) , Wyoming (12 guns, 305 mm, 14,1 KM range) and Phoenix (if I remember well - some 10 gunsx152 mm, 13,7 KM range that can be raised to some 16KM with one of the 4th skills of the captain), which can give a serious kick from greater distances. Wanna light the Ishizuchi on fire? NO PROBLEM. Third lie - intimidation. You cannot intimidate when you have a horrible ship. Everybody who knows "her", knows that she's the perfect target. Period. Now... what people don't know, is that Ishizuchi is getting TOO EASY on fire. I've used the ship too many times to be wrong about this. It doesn't matter if she's fast. Most of the time you'll encounter faster ships or ships that have both speed and greater range. Just imagine what's the outcome. Ship's on fire. You use the repair consumable. "Oh, no, now it's on fire again. But I just repaired it. Great, here comes a torp..." Well... that's the course of things with this ship. Beside that, there are other aspects. Anti-aircraft defense. VERY BAD, even if you have a skillful captain. The AA guns fire like the crew is drunk, sick, drugged... or something. Secondary guns have bad accuracy as well, and they have a bad range, even if you manage in the end to enable the 4th skill of range. So... defense? What defense? It's a joke. The entire ship is a joke. A bad joke. At least here (secondary guns) WG could have done something, but as far as I saw, they just take money and leave the player in possession of a ship that clearly is pretty unusable. And now comes the worst part: when players who enjoy playing low tiers enable the 4th skill of their St. Louis, Phoenix, Kuma, Tenryu (etc) and some long range guns destroyers... they have no trouble destroying Ishizuchi, spamming fire. In case of a dd that can shoot at more than 13 km away, when you sailing Ishizuchi with his 12,9 KM range, YOU DON'T EVEN SEE THE GUY WHO'S SHOOTING YOU, AND YOU CANNOT SHOOT BACK! Another thing. Like all these problems weren't enough, this is the only battleship who gets constant damages to the... rudder. Considering guns range, turret rotation speed, the deck "inclined" to catch fire, the bad armor and the bad AA guns, having a problem with the rudder is even worse. More than that, last updates seem to bring something very unpleasant. Almost full HP ships destroyed in a single salvo. That haven't happened before, and I played it many times before the updates. Imagine a battleship like Ishizuchi, 40000 and some HP... one blow (and that was angled, not a 90 degrees shot), and it's gone. Really, now. How to have fun with this ship? And Wargaming has and is doing nothing about it. Now... Some kid told me to enable the 4th skill. Where that kid failed - is that 4th skill of range works on guns up to 155 mm (in this case works just on the secondary useless guns, since the main guns have 305mm). Some accused me of asking for a "pay to win" ship. Nope. This is not the case. I just paid money to have fun. I have experience with this, and I don't have fun. Simple as that. And so on... Some people asked me why I haven't take the refund. Well, because it had a limit of 14 days, if i remember well (not nearly enough to properly test a ship), and implied some procedures that I do not agree with. More that that, I dislike very much to be lied, I dislike even more to be tricked. If someone who sells a thing (Wargaming in this case) say something about that thing, they should make sure the description FITS the product. Otherwise they must be accountable for the problem and change the product with a better one (since the buyer was lied), which in this case could be done. There's another option, one that is called "buffing". So far Wargaming has done NOTHING about it, not even when people start complaining about Ishizuchi. They did it for the ATAGO, but not for Ishizuchi, which means they don't respect their customers. So, you do something for those who paid more (Atago), but nothing for those who paid less (Ishizuchi). N.O.T.H.I.N.G. If in my first post about Ishizuchi I was using a lot of cuss words due a lot of anger, now I come with all arguments, after sailing Ishizuchi in many battles. I expect moderators to be fair, as they should always be. If you know what I am talking about, please use the poll. Let's demand the ship our money deserve. Thank you One annotation: As far as I see on their profiles, people like Phantombeast and Hellhound666 have never fought a single battle in Ishizuchi. I respectfully ask that people treat this poll in a serious manner, as we talk about WORKED money. Work, you what that is, I hope... These two negative votes don't count.
  15. Alpheus100

    Incorrect module value

    When hovering over the Type 4 mod 2 Fire Control System module for Kuma Cruiser the range after purchase was listed as 12.4 even though the current range was also listed as 12.4. This seemed to indicate that there is no reason to purchase this module. After purchasing the actual range increased to 13.6 (12.4 + 1.2, 10% increase) correctly.
  16. Hello developers. Thank you for your fantastic game. I am writing to you to suggest you to add on the game screen informations relative to the torpedoes capabilities for a ship: The number of turrets that launch torpedoes The number of torpedoes by turret The range of the torpedoes I made you a little picture example: As you can see from the above image, there are two new lines of additional informations for this destroyer (here the Derzki): 5 x 2: means that the Derzki has 5 turrets each launching 2 torpedoes. 3.0 km: the range of Derzki torpedoes. Since in World Of Warship it is often necessary to change of ship, thoses new informations on the screen will be very useful for everyone, and I sincerely think that they will be very appreciated by all the players. Hoping that my suggestion will catch your attention, Regards, BlueManCa.
  17. PlPPlN


    Hello everyone. Some of you may be reading this thinking 'yet another person complaining about the furutaka' YOU SIR ARE WRONG! So, pre patch it was a crock of crap. We all know that. Those that argued it wasnt clearly didnt play it. But after the patch it is fairly good. I am getting some nice citadel hits and finding my stride. However, I rarely get over 20 hits a game. This is down to the fairly slow firing nature of the guns and the traverse time of the turrets. I would like to suggest one improvement. 1km extra range. Considering the calibre and the rate of fire I can only see this being a one salvo against same tier ships. I believe this would completely level the playing fields as the guns while a larger calibre are also slow firing and dont do that much extra damage than a 152mm gun. So I am suggesting this extra 1km range. I would appreciate it if people kept it clean in the comments, nothing rude or derogatory. We dont need the wot community here too. Thaks
  18. As the title says? How can I calculate it? Is it a hard number? Is it percentage ? And how much? Does the number differ based on the diameter of your main guns? Wanna calculate me some potential invisisenjos
  19. Hey Forum I am a passionate carrier player myself and I thought, why not limiting the range at which Planes can do manual drops in a relative distance to the carrier? By that I mean that you can only order a manual drop (of torps or bombs) if the plane is within 20km of your carrier. If the plane is further out you can only order it to auto-drop its payload. Logical/Story-wise: It's a bit like with the radios in World of Tanks, since the plane is that far out, it might be out of radio range and you cannot give that exact orders anymore. Implementing this would mean that carriers cannot sit idle at the border of the map anymore and dominate the battlefield, they would have to go with the fleet or hide at a spot "within" the map to be effective. At those spots they would be a bit more vulnerable but would also provide more benefit to the team because the planes would be faster in resupplying. You could also implement another module for carriers, the radio or air-craft control module, thats up to you. This module could increase the range at which manual drops can be ordered. This change would not "[edited]" the low to medium skill carrier players because they do autodrops anyway regardless of the range, they wouldnt even notice it. But it would balance things a bit for the more skilled carrier players as they couldnt abuse the map and their infinite range anymore. What do you think? Cheers Noray
  20. When CTRL + mouse over an ammo type to get my gun range I sometimes get the range displayed to several decimal places and with no unit: eg. 9.8483 when I assume it ought to be 9.8km or 9.84km. No biggie but sure you want to iron these small creases out of such a great game. Edit: Got a screen grab. This was on the tier 4 IJN DD. As a Physics graduate it also makes me sad how ranges display to widely varying precisions. If you're going to say 9.84km then it should be 9.50km rather than 9.5km. Stop the discrimination against 0s - they are digits too
  21. OldChieftain

    Kitakami wallows like a pig

    This ship is totally unusable and worthless to the point selling it should constitute theft. Here's why... 1. range. It gets spotted a full 1k before it can even launch it's torp spread. it has anemic guns to compensate for the number of torps and they barely reach beyond surface detection. 2. maneuverability. This is the biggest flaw with this pig. It can't turn, so no ability to evade fire as you try and get to a useful torp range (or even max range ffs). once you do manage to get in range can you turn to get the torps into their firing arc? No. 3. fragility. this glass cannon explodes long before it can turn to fire it's torps and as it can't turn no zig zagging for any hope of dodging under 11km (cruiser on cruiser it shouldn't be destroyed in 2 salvoes which most cruisers can fire before you turn to fire torps). 4. concealment. none to speak of really. I understand it isn't a DD, but the game mechanics make it unusable without the ability to get into firing range with it's primary armament, torpedoes. with the number of planes in a game TB, DB, Fighters, Scouts. you can only rarely sneak through islands or bergs to get a salvo off. Far too rarely to make it viable. How to fix this? It needs a faster rudder shift (recommend 8 seconds), smaller turning circle, and a 10.5 percent drop in surface detectability. So until this is tweaked I recommend avoiding this plague ship.