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Found 5 results

  1. Edited 17/05/20 Looking for an active well organised clan? ideally you would be able to full fill our minimum requirements ... Are an active WoWs player ... Can be on discord and join in the banter ... Can play as part of a team ... Are willing to share experience and learn new ones ... We are a very active clan with members from all over Europe. Our captains enjoy playing in Divisions in every mode and also enjoy helping members grind ships to suitable tiers for the next battle! How to Apply: Join our Discord server and join the Application room, you will get a message telling you to DM our recruiters who will sort you out. Add in game contacts or message : Shockwave_67, Jayceedee or FoxQuetzal and let us know you want to join up. Our Discord server can be found at: https://discord.gg/AUk6zZe [Staff are usually on from 18.30gmt] PLEASE NOTE : We do have an age limit for members ~ Minimum 18yrs old (don't pretend to be 18 or over if your not, squeaky voices give it away!!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Members feedback: Quote: "After mixed experiences in previous clans, i decided to join HANDS. I'm very positively blown away on how calm and professional this clan is handled and how nice the atmosphere is. Real thought is put into clan battle organisation, training new players up to the clan standard, and rotating people in and out making sure everyone earns his steel and advances in the leagues. I'm very much enjoying clan battle sessions, i learn something in every battle. There is just enough of a debriefing to analyse and correct all the mistakes which were made so we don't repeat them, but never any time wasted for drama or fuss about it. I'm really happy i found this clan among the many clans out there, and i would greatly encourage anyone who is looking for a nice positive atmosphere and real cohesive teamwork in clan battles to join up. Honestly we could make do with 1 or 2 more members to fill the teams on some evenings, and that member could be you!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for taking the time to read and we look forward to hearing from you!
  2. Hallo verehrte Kapitäne, ich habe im September 2019 mit dem Streaming begonnen und habe es irgendwie sofort für mich entdeckt. Problematisch war am Anfang jedoch ein wenig fehlendes Equipment. Da ich dieses nun am Start habe und richtig Bock darauf habe würde ich gerne hier ein wenig Werbung bzw. auf mich Aufmerksam machen. Ich heiße Christoph, bin straffe 23 Jahre jung, wohne mit meiner Tochter & meiner Frau zusammen. Im Spiel trete ich mit dem Namen Goodrix auf & spiele es nun schon seit August 2018. Ich würde mich selber zu den Randoms mit seltenen Unicum Momenten bezeichnen. :D ( Seit dem Streaming sind die jedoch seltener geworden, werde noch ein wenig nervös :/ ) Aktuell bin ich im Spiel bei dem Fun Clan Kneipentruppe (KNTR). Meine aktuellen Streamingzeiten sind: Di. & Do. : 19:00 Uhr - 22:30 Uhr Fr. : 19:00 Uhr - Ende offen So. : 20:00 Uhr - 23:00 Uhr Des öfteren kommen auch weitere spontane Streams, die Uhrzeiten könnten variieren aufgrund von Familienleben. Im hauptsächlichen möchte ich gerne unterhalten, natürlich kommen auch des öfteren sachlich informative Sachen rüber, jedoch ist mein Verständnis zu dem Spiel auch noch nicht bei Maximum angekommen. Mich würde es freuen, wenn der eine oder andere sich mal auf meinen Channel verirrt und mir gerne auch Feedback bzw. konstruktive Kritik geben kann. Ich lerne gerne dazu =) Grüße Goodrix PS: Ich spiele des öfteren auch mal andere Spiele, sprich es wird nicht zu Monoton :)
  3. Hey folks, Of late, i've struggled with win rate. I can perform well in game, finish in the top half of the team or even top. I try to make sure I play for the team, spotting as a DD or CV, hunting DD's as a cruiser or providing heavy fire support as a BB. I had one game where we had 5 vs 1 ship, but lost despite me being vocal in game chat telling our DD's to stop farming damage and go and cap. We lost, it was a parody! I've held up a whole flank of attacking ships as 1 DD, just flooding it with torps, and spotting constantly, only for the other flank, with most of our ships on it, to melt away! I dont know if its me, or the match making, but I always end up on the loosing team. My damage output, experience and the like is improving all the time. But my win rate is terrible. I cant wait for ranked sprint actually, I played ranked and my win rate on that is over 50%, the teams actually play as a team. For instance in Randoms, you can have a player that finishes top, they should be the best player? But if they simply farm damage from whatever target they see, they are not focusing down the enemy ships that are an immediate threat. I've had games where i've had to leg it from one end of the map to the other then back again to stop an enemy capping the base. Now I have to take my fair share of the blame in some losses. I had a great game in my T61, caused a tone of damage, then fired at a low health DD, got spotted and a lucky hit on me detonated my magazine! I should have stayed stealth! I'm an average player, so not really going to carry a game much, but I'd have thought the laws of averages would give me a 50% win rate at least! I'll not even go into the crazy up tearing I get in my Kaga, although CV play win rate for me is around 52%, thats ok! I'd just like to get a feel for what peoples feelings are on randoms of late, whats the match making like, have you seen your win rate plummet? Stats in some sense shouldn't be to important, but people use them to judge a player and my say, ok, that player has a poor win rate, i'll not be able to rely on them for support, yet offering support might make the different!
  4. natswright

    Win Rate - Improving it!

    I've been playing 3 months now, and am still mostly below average to average, with a few ship exceptions. As far as I can see from stats, win rate seems to very much affect your score. I can have some influence over that stat, but as an average player, I cannot carry a game, so consequently my win rate is low, 42% I had 10 straight defeats yesterday, and then 6 wins! I score some defeats had me as the best player on the team, but the win rate still takes a hit! Any hints and tips to improve win rate?
  5. Introduction: The idea behind this proposal is to improve and enhance the existing Random modes in order to provide more variety at a very low development cost for WG and with a hope of partially solving some MM and balancing issues. In the first phase, additional 4 new Random battles modes proposed are: - 7v7 Domination with 2 caps - 9v9 Domination with 3 caps - 7v7 Standard battle - 9v9 Standard battle In order to avoid splitting the playerbase, existing MM queues would be used with WG assigning likelihoods of entering any of the modes (e.g. 30% 12v12, 35% 7v7, 35% 9v9), which can be tweaked depending on popularity and availability of players Expected positive impact: - Much bigger variety of gameplay & tactical/strategic opportunities - Much more options for the MM algorithm to generate balanced teams and it would easily eliminate situations with 5 BBs or 5 DDs per side - Opportunity for players to experience the „Ranked“ 7v7 format without the stress & frustrations of the Ranked season. Similarly, ability to experience the „competitive“ 9v9 format without the stress of competitive environment or need to be in the clan - Bigger influence of a single player (or a division) on the match outcome - Promoting more aggressive (i.e. less campy) gameplay by having a reduced number of guns in the match compared to 12v12. - Promoting teamplay since less players per side require more teamwork to win - CA class would be more enjoyable to play in such formats Possible negative aspects: - Skill mismatch in divisions may lead to one-sided battles - XP and credits issues per match may occur unless WG adjusts earnings depending on the mode - Some damage farmers might be unhappy due to lower HP pools available for farming Development costs & efforts for WG: Imho the related efforts and costs are minimal. As seen on live server and PT as well (e.g. during 0.6.3 PT), the game MM already contains the code for the 7v7 and 9v9 match possibility. Some MM rules (on top of existing ones) should be introduced to make them more enjoyable and balanced such as: - No more than 1 CV and no more than 3 ships of any other class in 7v7 and 9v9 - Max 1 division per side in 7v7 and max 2 divisions per side in 9v9 - Possibly allow only one 2 player division in 7v7 (to limit the impact of divisions), which should be of course mirrored – i.e. both sides should have the same number of players in divisions. Players would of course be free to create more divisions during the match as per the existing functionality - Determine maps and their frequencies for the rotation Some personal observations: For me personally, this proposal was motivated by my deep unhappiness with the trend of increasingly camping meta especially noticeable in the last 3 months. Lets be honest, imho the biggest detriment to aggressive play (especially in case of CAs and DDs, but BBs as well) is that players leading the charge tend to be focused by 6 or more enemy guns when spotted. In other words, more often than not, aggressive play is punished (with too many guns focusing you a lot of shells are rather certain to hit and sink you quickly no matter the dodging skills) – which in the end just promotes camping. With smaller teams such situations will occur less often and dodging skills will play a more prominent role, which should reduce the fear of pushing for the objectives and hence make the gameplay more dynamic. Final remarks: This should be a discussion topic. Please keep the discussion free of insults, toxicity and personal attacks. Some light trolling in good humor is of course fine (I especially like good any funny memes ). I will try to include as much constructive points from the discussion in the original proposal, in order to have a more detailed and thorough proposal.